Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

 Christmas this year was GREAT!!  Only thing that was missing was Kyle.  We'll have Christmas when he gets home.  Mom was feeling good and it was such a blessing to have Christmas with her and us all to be able to enjoy it.

This year for Christmas Mom wanted to give the kids a certain amount of money and us all go to Toys R Us.... let them take their time and pick out whatever they wanted within their budget.  We were supposed to do it the Saturday before she was admitted in the hospital, but she wasn't well enough to do that, so we went Christmas Eve. 

Before we left, the girls wanted to hold our elves.  Heidi wrote them a note asking them if they could hold them Christmas Eve.  The elves wrote back and told them that would be A-Okay.  

They loved it!

 We stopped for lunch before going to Toys R Us.

 On the way home we stopped at Chill Yogurt :).  Sophie told me I had to get a picture of her....
 ..... and then Karter said it was his turn.....

Karter has been "dreaming" of this Rhino Fire he said :).
 When we got back, Kyle's Mom was there.  I was so glad she wanted to spend the night with us.  She brought stuff to make soup, so we ate soup, exchanged gifts, and opened all the stuff the kids got from Toys R Us.

 He kept wanting me to take pictures to send to his Daddy :)!

 This year I took the kids to the Dollar Tree to buy gifts for each other.  They each had their own money and I thought it would be a good way to teach them about giving.  They wanted to not only buy for each other, but several others too.  They had the BEST time.  I gave them each their own basket, and we made it a big secret ordeal and they had to avoid each other on the aisles.  I LOVED watching and seeing them pick out the perfect gift for whomever.  It was funny..... they each picked out Kleenexes for Mama.  Heidi bought Tyler a cup, Sophie got him razors, and Karter got him a tool because he said he needed a tool.  They were all perfect and meaningful.  

 For the first time since Kyle has been working offshore we decided to let Santa come on time.  The kids normally write Santa a letter asking him to come early or late depending on Kyle's schedule.  We wanted to give "normalcy" a try this year, but it just wasn't for us.  It made us all miss Kyle that much more.  So from now on if he misses Christmas, we will write Santa a letter.  Even the kiddos agree!

 We were getting family photos and then....... Karter tooted..... lol......

Sophie said to leave Santa some candy too.
 Santa left the kids a letter.....

Karter was getting ready to attack Papa and Nana when they walked in.

Christmas breakfast is a tradition :)!

Soph loves rubbing Mama's head.
 A little after noon we went to Dad and Yana's :)... we had a yummy lunch and then enjoyed opening gifts.

They got these crazy straw making things in their stockings.

They were thanking Heidi for the gift she gave them :)!
 She picked out tape for Dad to keep in his toolbox & storage containers for Nana.  Sophie bought Papa deodorant and Nana a brush she said so she will have no more tangles.  Karter got them a gift together.... it was a thing to pick stuff up with.  They were all so thoughtful. 

Sophie had to change clothes as soon as she opened her new dress and boots.

Karter tried to skate with Sophie's new skates.

Kman and Nana playing with his new marble maze.

I loved what Heidi wrote on Sophie's new craft station board.  I had to take a picture :)!
 We hadn't been at Dad & Yana's very long and Karter tripped and fell on their drive way.  He got himself a nice goose egg. 

 It's amazing how fast these 3 have grown......

 On the way home we were looking at how beautiful the moon was.  I then remembered that it was the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977.  The next one won't be until 2034.  It was gorgeous.
 When we got home my trio enjoyed playing in the tub with their new science lab bath stuff. 
 We rode bikes yesterday morning to Amanda's, and then yesterday afternoon we rode them to my Dads house.  I love us being able to get out and have family bike rides.  We have been doing it since the babies were actually babies and rode in the seats behind us and Heidi toddlered around on her little bike.

Heidi's drawing yesterday :)!
 When Sophie picked out this craft table at Toys R Us, I knew she would love it.  It will be money well spent.

I hope you all have had a good Christmas.