Monday, April 30, 2012

That Busy Weekend I Talked About :)!

I know you are tired of reading about this.... but I am working real hard on trying to figure out this new blog layout thing.... I'm just not one for change :)!!

Friday Night we had dance practice and afterwards Mom, Tyler, and the babies met us for supper and then we went for a WalMart trip :)!!

Saturday no joke.... we were outside by 8:00 and stayed outside all day pretty much until time to get ready for the recital.  I worked on a couple birthday party projects :) and the kids mostly played on their new Slip N Slide.  I saw one at WalMart that was 3 things wide... and thought that's perfect for my bunch because someone is always rolling over in the grass.

I did escape with Mom and Cindy and went to the Mill Cloth Sale and got some fabulous stuff to use for parties.  Not long after that we went to Heidi's friend, Presley's birthday party. 

We went to Presley's party early and stay about 1 1/2 hours... so that Heidi could get some much needed rest before her recital.  The recital went so well. :)!!! Everyone did a fabulous job.... it amazes me how talented those girls are.  My body never was made to flip and turn and twist *L*!  Anyway.... Heidi's head was hurting her really bad at the recital.  I knew before it started she was very quiet and just sitting in her chair, but I just thought she was tired.  After her Ballet/jazz performance she told me that her head was hurting "so bad Mommy.... it hurts when I run"... and she was crying :(!! Now my Heidi Bug is about as good as "they" (kids) come.  So I knew she was seriously hurting.  And the bad thing was.... her tap performance was next. 

Anyway she was a trooper and you would have never known she didn't feel well.  She got on that stage and smiled her heart out and had a good time.  After her part though, she fell apart.... it was really hurting.  So we left during intermission.  She wanted to try to go to the Mexican Restaraunt so we did, but she ended up throwing up everywhere in there.  YUCK!  So of course we left.... Karter stayed on with my dad and Yana, but me and the girls left and Heidi ended up getting sick on the way home too :(!!! 

She seemed fine all day yesterday.... so I really wonder if her head just hurt so bad that it made her sick.  Almost like a Migraine?!?!?

Anyway.... yesterday was great.  After church we ate lunch at Dads and the babies swam (Heidi swam at MeMe's.... her sweet cousins were there :) ) and mom and I went to a baby shower. 

So anyway... we have had a wonderful weekend.... they just seem to go quicker than they come.  Anyway.... of course I have pictures to show you from the weekend.... so enjoy :)

The babies slept with Tyler Saturday night.... and he took these snap shots yesterday morning :)!

Getting ready for the recital..... I love putting her makeup on
The finished product.... so beautiful!
This was her after we got home from the recital :(

She was trying out her new swimsuit..... so cute to me hehe :)!!

So Sophie Lynne decided to mess in her swimsuit.... of course I didn't have another one... (This was at the party).... so I put Heidi's cover up on her..... looks like a little Maxi dress :)!!

 The fun Slip N Slide :)!!

HAHA Soph had on this swimsuit originally, but her little hiney isn't big enough to keep the bottoms up....

 Soph thought she would help me "sort" my paint for my birthday projects lol!!

Oh and look.... had to get Kman new undies at Wally World, and Sophie wanted some Minnie Panties... She did good wearing them... so hopefully it won't be long and we'll say Bye Bye diapers!
HAHA I had to take a picture to show you Sophie's shirt.... soooo true *LOL*!! Just a "Little Bit" of Sweetness :)!

HAHA Tyler sent me this picture of the babies while we were at the cloth sale.... Soph conked out.

Okay I got the burlap Friday night and I am so proud of it :)!!  I needed some for Heidi's invitations, but then I saw the dark brown and orange and had to get it too :)!! And look at the cloth I got..... I am sooooo glad I bought that "Spool" (sp?) of cloth.... I got it to cover the building with. 

 haha that pic above cracks me up... that's why they love their KyKy.

Okay soooooo almost every morning while I'm putting on my earrings, Soph asks for some.  Well we've been planning on getting them done, just when we go there hasn't been anyone there to do it.  Well Friday night there was *L*!!  BUTTTTTT long story short.... my little fiesty one wouldn't even let the lady clean her ears..... so the lady said no way was she going to attempt to poke a hole in them.  So I guess Sophie may be 35 before she ever gets earrings *L*!
 So this is my sweet girls before Presley's party..... Sophie started off in her cover up (above) but on the way she got to coughing so bad that she spit up all sorts of red koolaid on it :/

 Okay.... have you ever been told that you can't feel your elbow?? Okay... wait... you can feel it and pinch it and squeeze it, etc... .but it doesn't hurt??? Well I was telling Heidi about it Friday on our way to dance and so she wnted to try to bite it.... well it HURT!!!  She got a hold of some extra skin that wasn't part of the elbow *L*!! And she just had to get a picture of it.

 Anyway.... leave you with 2 recital pictures to end it!!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  To the sweet lady that stopped me in WalMart to tell me how much you enjoy my blogs, you have no idea how much that meant to me. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

DaNcE wEeK

What a busy week we've had.  Been a great week, just busy because of dance recital practice.  I have some videos of the Finale.... are these girls not amazing??? Blows my mind!!

So last night my bestie Amanda came over to help me cover our dining room chairs.  It was a little more time consuming than we thought, but none the less.... we got two done before I called it quits :)!! I was a tired Mommy!

It's called Oil Fabric... or something to that effect.  I wanted something that would wipe off easy... and this will definitely do that :)!

Whew.... so Wednesday night I saw every hour but 12 and 4.  I went to bed right at 11, so that's my fault.... at 1 I heard Soph whining.... I went in there and she had somehow kicked the railing away and squeezed through it and the bed and fell off.  I decided to put her in the bed with us to make it "easy".  At 2 Kman comes to our bed and I put him in it.... well then he tells me he is wet....he had leaked out.  So we went and got him changed and came back to bed, but let's face it.... just  not enough room.... so at 3 he and I went to the couch... and that's when I finally fell asleep and woke up at 5 and came back to my bed so that I could get a few minutes rest... and then the alarm went off at 545 :)!! I really felt fine all day.... but I knew that once we started slowing down last night that I'd be a zombie.

Anyway.... Wednesday night was the "SHOW BEFORE THE SHOW" for the Dance Recital.  Everyone did GREAT!!! Heidi still has not got her standing backbend down though.... she is terrified for some reason to go back.... so we are still working on that.  Anyway us "carpool moms" started a tradition last year to go to David's Catfish to eat afterwards.  We had such a good time!! Lots of laughter!!! Such sweet memories we are making.  Anyway.... after dinner of course we had to get some pictures :)!

HAHA Heidi's silly face :)!

So Yesterday my sweet Momma got off early and wanted to get the kiddos from school and DC and take them to the park.  She sent me these pictures..... Soph's of course cracks me up.  She just looks soooooo mischievious in it *L*!! (Okay so I noticed they are once again out of order.... my apologies.... I'm still trying to figure this new thing out..... so sorry)
Amanda went with us Wednesday night :)!!  She wasn't going to be able to go watch Saturday.... so she wanted to come Wednesday so she wouldn't miss it :)!

I HATE Spiders with a passion, but these really are cute costumes.... and this dance is absolutely precious!!
Here's us Carpool Moms after eating at David's :)!! 

Alrighty.... here are the girls from the park yesterday :)!! I have a Miss Diva!!! She has to change clothes every afternoon that she gets home she thinks *L*!!  So they changed before going to the park.  And then Miss Mischievious.  Just look at that grin and those hands *L*!
Is not this fabric sooooooo pretty????

Okay so Beth that I work with is soooo good at doing her own hair.  Anyway... yesterday I went in and told her I wanted her to do something to mine like she does to hers.... and this is what she came up with.  It was so simple, yet soooo cute.  I had lots of compliments on it :)!!

This was the babies last night.  They were soooo sweet while we were working on the chairs.  They were "folding" bath cloths in this picture.  When Sophie sees me carrying a basket of clothes, she gets so excited and has to "help"! 

Anyway.... busy weekend ahead.  Dance practice, transforming boxes into Cars for Karter's birthday party, a birthday party, dance recital and then another birthday party and baby shower.  Whew! Tiring thinking about it all *L*! 

Oh and of course a WalMart trip somewhere in there. 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!