Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Disney Cruise 2015

 This post is FULL of pictures and moments captured on our amazing 3 day Disney Cruise Vacation.  Kyle's Mom decided she wanted us to do that for Christmas this year... we just did it a little early :).  I can honestly say it was absolutely one of the best vacations.  The Disney Cruise Lines really have got it going on.  They are so organized.  They have rules and they stick with them.

Before we left the girls and I got our nails and toes done :)...

 We checked them out of school a little early on Thursday and were on our way.....
 We spent the night in Ocala, Florida and got up bright and early Friday morning to head to Port Canaveral. 
 I forgot to mention Kyle, Sophie, and I had The Virus right before the cruise.  It started with Sophie and she had to miss school on Wednesday, then by Wednesday afternoon it had made its way to Kyle and me.  Anyway, when we got up to go Friday poor Soph had a little accident so I had to wash her shorts and hang them out the window to dry on the interstate.

We got there a good bit earlier than Cindy & Kyle's brothers family.  While we waited we went ahead and checked in and explored :).

 Characters were everywhere.... we would be walking and randomly see Goofy or Mickey or Donald or any one of the other many characters walk by. 

The picture gallery was incredible. 
 They had unlimited coke fountain drinks.  That was NICE! I just tell ya.

You can ask them to unlock the doors connecting the balconies, we loved having access to each others rooms that way rather than going through the hall.
 Before we left I did A LOT of pinterest searching.  It was nice reading other peoples experiences and feeling better prepared.  I ordered these cute door decorations from etsy :)....

 Oh and believe it or not we bought a selfie stick to take on the trip, but rarely used it.  I enjoyed disconnecting from my phone for the weekend and using my real camera.  I used my phone to look at the Disney App (it told us all of the activities for the day) and to do videos, but believe it or not I didn't charge it all weekend.  Which is pretty amazing.

They also had unlimited ice cream....

 Our rooms on the ship were very nice. 

Shelly Kate got a kick out of sitting by Uncle Kyle for dinner two nights.
 The kids got the characters to sign pillow cases instead of autograph books :)...

They loved looking out of the glass on the elevators.

 There was a different show each night and they were VERY good.  The first night they interviewed the kids before the show started.  That was pretty neat.

The ship was gorgeous during the day time, but at night it was even more gorgeous.

Of course each night when we got to the room, they had the beds ready to be settled in and different animals made from the towels.

 On Saturday we docked at Nassau, Bahamas.  We decided to stay on the ship that day and enjoy the pools and slide.
 That morning Kyle, Cindy, & I took our kids, Shelly Kate, & Miley Grace to meet Princess Sophia and to breakfast.

Karter didn't want his picture taken with her :)!
 After breakfast we headed to the pool.  The kids LOVED the Aqua Duck (I have to admit, so did we). The Aqua Duck was the slide that went around the top of the ship.  It was a clear tube so you could see people and wave.  Very neat.

 MeMe & Miley Grace
They LOVED this slide.  It was for 14 and under. 
 They also had a splash pad for kids 8 and under. 

 We let the girls get a braid in their hair :)...

And then Saturday night was Pirate Night :-)...... They left us bandannas and treat bags for the kids.  Heidi's was in Cindy's room :).
 The kids loved dancing with Chip N Dale.

They also loved filling their bags with candy.

The kiddos all doing a toast in their new skull cups :).
 I love these next couple of pictures of Kyle and his Mom laughing.

A little arm wrestling...

There were always Mickey Chocolates in the dessert each night :).

 Oh and our servers were awesome.  That is Ash in the top picture showing us a trick, and Kiat in the bottom picture doing a trick with Miley Grace.

 After supper Cindy, Kyle, and I took the kids to play put put golf before the show for the night started.  They had a ball!

 Saturday night the show was Villian Night.

 After the show we went to the top deck for another show and fireworks.  We were all exhausted, but the fireworks were worth staying up to watch.

 Jack Sparrow


This little pirate was so tired that she fell asleep before the fireworks started.
 The next morning we were docked at Disney's Island, Castaway Cay. 

Cindy, Kyle, and the kids :).

The boat was beautiful!!

Slides on the island :)

 The water was gorgeous!
 They also had a splash pad on the island that the kids enjoyed.

 Before we headed back to the boat (the kids were wanting to do the Aqua Duck and pool again) we enjoyed a very nice bbq lunch. 

Castaway Cay's post office. 
 We got back to the ship and boy oh boy was it hot!  The deck was so hot.  It felt like our feet were blistering. 

 Heidi and I walked to the restroom and the view of the island from the boat caught my attention.  It was GORGEOUS!

Heidi and Miley Grace

The boys having towel fights before getting ready for dinner.
 Before dinner Cindy & I took all the big girls to get "Bippity Boppitiy Boo'd".  They thought that was so neat.  Kyle took Karter to play put put golf again while we did that :).

 Hard to see, but their hair was full of glitter.

 The last night we ate dinner at The Animator Palate.  Each restaurant was great, but this was our favorite.  Very entertaining for the kids.

After dinner, we had another server take our picture with our servers. He was a hoot!  He took an upside down selfie with my camera :)!

 ........Sophie & Heidi selfies........

This little princess fell asleep during the show after dinner.  Sadly Ally Anna & Miley Grace started throwing up in the theater and later Shelly Kate did. 
 Yesterday morning we got off the ship pretty early and on the ride home Cindy wanted to take the girls to The American Girl store and then talked us into going to Downtown Disney to the Lego store for Karter :)! 

I highly recommend a Disney Cruise to anyone and everyone.  It was our first and most definitely NOT our last.  We loved everything about it.