Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever" Psalm 107:1

 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving WEEK!  The kiddos were out all week and I so enjoyed being "schedule" free so to speak. 

Before school got out, Soph had a Thanksgiving program.  It really was so cute.  They all did such a good job.

1st grade was able to watch the program.  I loved watching Karter smile at Sophie as she sang.
 We celebrated Thanksgiving with Kyle's family the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving day we had 2 of my families and then this past Saturday we had a 3rd for my family.  

Kyle requested a key lime cake and my little chef.... Sophie..... loves to help me in the kitchen.  She helped me make the cake and then we were doing the icing.... I put the powder sugar in and said, "Don't turn it on high".... HAHA!!!  You guessed it..... she turned it on high..... powdered sugar EVERYWHERE!
 Sadly, Kyle said Karter is too big (boo hoo) to wear a pumpkin shirt. 

 He is all boy.  He packed his footballs so that the boys could play.

 Thanksgiving evening we went to my Aunt Becky's for the Messer gathering :)! 

Love these 3!

A lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

 Just for fun.... here are some pictures from past Thanksgivings.  I have a love hate relationship with Timehop.  I love looking at old pictures, but I hate how fast time is going by.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Does Your Hair Say About YOU?

 I am sure that YOU just like me have never really thought much about what your hair really says about you?

I got to thinking about it now that Mom is bald for the second time.  She has zero hair and is just as beautiful.  All those years of her worrying about her hair, not wanting one single strand out of place... never really mattered.  She'll often say that she wishes she would have let the windows in the car down more or let us play with it when we would try.  When I was little I had to have mine perfect.  I didn't like bumps.  Now a days, I just do my best :-)!

Ever wondered what you would look like bald?  Would your smile still shine? Would people still see you as YOU and not just a baldy?  We focus so much on our looks and our hair style when all that matters is what's on the inside.  I have told Mom I was going to shave my head so that we could be twins, but she has begged me not to.

 Image result for inner beauty
 I love that quote.  I know SEVERAL people that have really nasty attitudes.  They rarely smile and their behavior and actions are not very kind.  I don't want people to say those things about me.  We need to live each and every day like it is our last and always strive to put a smile on someone's face.

We need to let our hair blow in the wind.

Mom wanted a new wig this time, so she and Tyler spent several hours in the wig store trying on different ones and playing with them.  To me it just shows you that no matter what your hair looks like, your inner beauty still shines outwardly. 

This was her wig from the 1st time. 
Some of my friends' husbands are very opinionated about their hair.  Sometimes I wish Kyle was, but he just always tells me I am beautiful no matter what my hair style is.  To me that helps me to be more of myself.  I don't feel like I have to keep it a certain way just to make him attracted to me.  He loves me for me and not because of how my hair is.  

So what does your hair say about you?
- Are you fun and adventurous and like to try new things (cough cough Kayla)?
- Do you mostly wear your hair in one style..... all the time?
- Do you like it short? Long?
- Do you try different colors? Cuts?

* Just remember, one day you may not have any hair.  Don't let it define who you are.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Moms Hospital Stay, My Children's Scare....

We took this in the beginning after Moms chemo had started & her hair was coming out. (It was actually Abby's engagement party).  It is one of my most favorite pictures.
 This past week when I left the flashers post about Mom, she was still in the hospital and not feeling well.  The kids were out of school Wednesday, so we went to visit.  She still was not well.......

 ...... Sophie did manage to get her to color with her :)! 

When Mom went for an xray, Sophie took over her bed.
 As you can see, Soph was all over the place......

 When the doctors at Flowers Hospital spoke with her doctors at UAB, they wanted her to be transferred there.  Not that she was any worse, she just wasn't any better and they needed her to be up there for several different reasons.  We were all okay with that.
 My heart literally felt like it was breaking in a million pieces when I knew she was going via ambulance and I wasn't able to go with her.  There really aren't any words to describe the feelings and emotions I was feeling.  Plus being strong because the kids were there.  We had no idea she would be transferred for sure on Wednesday or that she would go via ambulance.  The last time she was transferred we were able to drive her.  So you can only imagine the fear the kids had.

 These pictures melt my heart.....

 In these next two she is doing "I love you" which we sign often......

 This is when Karter and Sophie's flood gates opened.....

 ..... they were scared and didn't know what was really happening.  Although Aunt Donna (she was with us) & I would tell them that she was okay, just going to a different hospital, in their eyes this was very serious.  They love their grandparents so much and to watch Babee go off in an ambulance was very traumatic. My Uncle Bruce drove up and met her at UAB.

 I started off driving home, but I got a little emotional and was getting phone calls and texts messages, so Aunt Donna ended up driving so that I could do all that.  I was very thankful that she did because Mom ended up facetiming us to let the kids know she was okay. 

 Later on Wednesday night, Sophie and Karter got upset thinking about it...... I like to video these moments without them knowing it so that it can be a keep sake we can look back on.

 The next day couldn't get here fast enough.  IT WAS KYLE'S COMING HOME DAY!!!  This was a LONG hitch. 
Amanda and Soph sent this Thursday morning :).
 Amanda said Sophie got pretty upset at school Thursday morning for a good 10 minutes.  She said all she could do was hold her.  She knew in that exact moment the reason Sophie was in her class.  Not that any other teacher wouldn't have loved on her, but Amanda knew the trauma she went through the night before.  So she then called Heidi and Karter's teachers to check on them.  Thankfully they were okay.  But this is why I LOVE my best friend being Sophie's teacher. 

And finally.... shortly after school look who arrived......
This is a moment that never gets old.  The kids LOVE waiting for their Daddy outside and racing to see who gets the first kiss.
 As soon as he got home, it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I felt peace and a comfort that I needed.  It gets really hard juggling things (by things I am including my emotions) alone.  When he is home, everything seems to be in place.

Friday he and I were planning to go to Birmingham and the kids were going to stay with his Mom that night. 

Friday before school, we sent Babee this video.....

Her hair had been falling out for over a week & was getting to be more and more every day.  Her hospital bed and pillows were awful.  They were having to change them regularly.  She was VERY ready to shave it.

I love our family :)!
 We weren't at the hospital long before she was ready to shave it.  (I forgot to say that they took her g-tube out Thursday & that helped her feel a lot better).

Kyle had fun doing different styles.
 And then it was Tyler's turn to shave it with a razor :)....

 The last time she was bald it was summer, so wasn't as cool on her head.  This time is going to be very different. 
 Some sweet ladies knit scarves and take to the hospital for patients.  Her nurse had already given her one before she shaved her head, so Tyler just made it into a cap. 

After we shaved it, the nurse brought her several different caps....
 And PRAISE THE LORD she was released Saturday.  She was feeling much better.  She has to be on a liquid diet for at least 7 days.  Thankfully she is a big soup fan :).
 She was unable to get chemo in the hospital because with this treatment, you have to get it 6-7 days apart.  And after missing 2 this past time, she really needed all 3 days of the 2nd cycle.  So they decided to do them on Tuesdays this time to make sure she could get all 3.  If she were to get it on Saturday, then she would miss the week of Thanksgiving because their offices will be closed.  We were A-Okay with that, she needs all 3 treatments.

Yesterday after church we went to eat lunch at Aunt Becky's.  Sophie had fun playing with Mama's wig :).
 And I have to leave you with the sweetest picture.  Karter wanted to go to the alter to pray last night and asked his Daddy to go with him.  I had no idea Tammy was in the balcony and snapped this picture.  It completely melted my heart. 
When he came back he said he was praying for his Babee and the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes that we'll pack Wednesday night.  This little boy's heart is so pure. 

We are just thanking God that she was able to come home and this journey is continuing.  Thank you for all of your prayers and please continue.