Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Adventure Land - Sunday School Social

A couple Saturday evenings ago we had our quarterly Sunday School Social at Adventure Land :)!  We had so much fun and it was such a great place for the family.  Kyle has already said we will be back because of how reasonable it was for all of us.
Rylee, Presley, Heidi, and Saban all in line for the Go Cart Ride :)!
 Sadly Little Tiny was just too short to ride the Go Carts so sweet Mrs. Terri "babysat" her while we rode :)!  I think she taught Mrs. Terri a thing or two about Tad Poles and Fish *L*!
 Baahaaa silly Karter Man in the go cart line....

 I LOVE the look of excitement on Kman's face.  He had a BLAST!!!

 Heidi and Presley were so cute with this motorcycle game.  They were very much into it.

 Look at the deep concentration.....

Of course I had to get a video of them to share LOL!

We did play it safe and not do goofy golf :)!  We thought with The Colquett 5 and golf clubs...... yea well..... not a good combination :)!

So next up..... bumper boats.  Most of you that know my husband knows that his ultimate goal is to soak everyone and anyone he comes in contact with..... doesn't even matter if he knows you!!!!

 Sooooo yep...... I got SOAKED!!!!But it really was a lot of fun :)!

 And........... well......... we got to looking for Little Miss..... and it didn't take me long to locate the Little Monkey swinging from one of the games....

 She absolutely keeps us on our toes.  Usually with a smile on our face.

Somehow all of the "chickens" that wouldn't ride the boats managed to give away their tokens to most of my family.  So Kyle, Karter, and Heidi got to ride them and get soaked AGAIN!
 Heidi rode with April and of course April kept her laughing.
 Even the preacher went.....

 HAHA The Colquett Boys were attacking April and Heidi.

This video cracks me up.... I couldn't help but get a video of our SS Teacher's squeal *LOL*!! It was soooooo stinking funny.  He would randomly scream out the entire time they rode.

And here he is after.......... not a dry spot!
 I can still see him asking, "Do they not provide towels????????"  BAAHAAA to Brother Garry's reply, "This is not Shipwreck Island" baaaahaaaa!
We have another Social coming up in October and we are already looking forward to it.  Nice time of fun and fellowship :)!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Enjoying Our Time....

 You know, each day is a new day.  A new beginning.  Our way of thinking is.... each day you are together, is a gift.  Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy it :)!  We have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our time together since I have not been working.  This was our first hitch of him being home and us being together.  I cannot explain how nice it was :)!  We truely get along so well and have so much fun together.... and laugh..... boy do we laugh. 

So anyway this morning we went and voted :)!! Papa came by to see us about the time we were leaving, so he just came on with us :)!!  We are loving Papa's new job too so he can spend time with us.  Very thankful! 

Well he was going to sit in the car with the babies because he had already voted and that way KC and I could run in and vote and be right out.  (BTW this was our first time ever getting to vote together.... pretty nice) Once we were going to sit to vote, we looked over and there was Papa, Karter Man, and Soph..... Dad had to prove to them that we weren't going to see "BOATS"..... they kept thinking we were going to get a boat.... not VOTE *lol*!! 

This afternoon we worked on yard sale stuff.  It was SOOOOO blooming hot.  I was pouring sweat.... haha hard to believe... but yes I was SWEATING!!! 

Here are some pictures of Kyro and the babies while I worked on yard sale stuff....

 After we got Heidi home from school, me and KC were just sitting on the couch and he said.... "Let's go to look for a King size Bed".  I agree with him 100% that we need a bigger bed especially since for some reason majority of nights they end up in our bed, but y'all know.... I am just not a Spur of the moment type person.  BUTTTTT being the good wife that I am (haha) I changed clothes and off we went.

We hadn't been there long and we quickly remembered WHY we weren't going to go to a furniture store with the kids again.  Mostly..... yep you guessed it.... SOPHIE LYNNE!!  We had gone to look at matresses and I turned around and Soph was just all lounged back. 
 Not long after that I had stepped in another area and was talking to a sales rep when I started hearing, "Mommy..... Sophie peed Sophie peed..... SOPHIE PEED ON THE COUCH".... Thankfully Kyle was in there with them and apparently Soph had got on a couch and was sitting and just peed all over it.  Of course he got on to her and threatened her life to doing it again.  She played the "I'm sowry Daddy" trick.

We got all that cleared up and just to be very honesty with you, there was NO furniture worth purchasing for me today.  I just had to get the kids and get out of there :)!!

So we left there and went to Sonic.  The kids love Sonic... and well we do too *L*!!!!  It allows us to "eat out" without "getting out" haha.  Soph wanted Heidi to sit in her lap :)!!
Once we left Sonic, we headed to see MeMe at work.  Wouldn't you know once we got there Soph looked at me and said, "Mommy I pooped and tee teed".  I seriously do not know what to do with this girl.  She is so ready to potty train.  She knows the feel for it because she will do it all day one day and then not the next.  It just does not bother her to have on wet or messy panties or pull up.  She could care less.  We NEVER went through all of this trouble with Heidi nor Karter. 

I was telling my family tonight that with Heidi and you know I don't remember doing Karter either, but I would never dream of putting them in the water hose to rinse them off.  (COMMERCIAL BREAK: Soph is sitting next to me and she said "Look there's Heidi.  Sitting in my lap.  Getting a hamburger.  Look at my foot." And she is just giggling away.).  Well, Sophie gets rinsed by the water hose almost daily.  Sometimes more than once a day.  It is so much easier with her.  She just goes over to it and stands there.  Then I don't go through a million wipes and being all grossed out. 

You know how they say, "You don't know any 5 year olds going to Kindergarten in a diaper".... well I seriously think Soph would.  Just because it wouldn't bother her one bit.  I am sure she won't *L*, but the way her conscious is, I seriously wouldn't put it past her :)!! 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Class Reunion, New Dishwasher, & Pizza Party Weekend

Well...... before I get into our busy weekend I thought I would share some pics from Last Thursday.  It was Heidi's 1st Dance Day of the new year :)!  I am sad that the only class she could take is tumbling/jazz combo.  There wasn't enough people signed up to do tap :(!!  So this year will be much different for us.  We can't even do the group carpool because they are all in Mini Starz (cheer) and Heidi isn't, so they have to carpool to that.  It is going to be so strange to us with dance this time.  At least she will see all of her dance buddies in the class though.
Anyway since dance is Thursday evenings, I decided I would cook supper before we went so that we wouldn't have to eat so late getting back.  I cooked a yummy Wild Rice Casserole, corn on the cob, and the kids most favorite green beans.  They enjoyed this very much :)!

While Heidi was in class, we ran to JCP to get Kyro a new belt for his class reunion.  He spotted these Twinkle Toe shoes for Little Tiny and of course she and he both thought she had to have them. 
After we got Heidi Bug, we met MeMe at DQ for icecream :)!!!  It was a nice outing for sure.

Check out this of so handsome little man :)!!!  I could squeeze him all day...... if only he would let me.
LOL And after the messy TV fiasco, we actually really do like it on the mantle :)!!! Of course KC says we need a much bigger one, so I guess that will be in the near future *L*!!
It's so comfy laying on the couch all of us together and watching a great movie.  Heidi fell asleep by her Daddy on the couch and the babies took turns falling asleep on me :)!! I love it of course.

Karter was a night owl..... and as you know, it gets really hard for me to "hang" with him some nights *hehe*!!  But I watched "Little Bit of Heaven" (has Kate Hudson in it) and Oh my stars..... I boo hoo'd like a little baby.  That was a great movie!!!!
HAHA Daddiro stayed awake as long as he could.  He left early Thursday morning and went Mullet Fishing, so he was good and tired by that evening.
Okay..... so like we did last year, we gave Mrs. Taylor a gift at the end of the 1st week of school.  Here's what pinterest and I came up with this year :)!!

Heidi had a fabulous first week and I am so thankful.  She is funny to me though, After school one day she said "Mom...... I really want to just wear "normal" clothes.  You know.... like shorts or jeans and just a shirt.... I get so hot" LOL!!! SOOOO Friday she wore "normal" clothes.  By normal, she just means not like the cutesy outfits that I like her to wear.  Although, she doesn't know it yet, but she is still going to wear them *hehe*!

My sweet friend Kayla and her hubby are building a beautiful house.  Well they sold their trailor, so I went Friday morning to help her clean it so that it could  be moved today.  KC called me while I was there and told me that our dishwasher had completely bit the dust and we would need a new one.  So that night we were planning on going to Enterprise anyway so we would just run by Lowe's and pick one up. 

Now before you look at this next picture, just remember the "TV" pictures that I posted of what I came home to last week..... this is what I came home to Friday...... WHOA NELLY!
So Friday night we went to Lowe's, got a dishwasher, and everything is back together.  But we were talking and it finally feels like things are getting accomplished around here since we are both here to work on them.  Kind of nice *wink wink*!!

Saturday morning we headed back to Enterprise to go to Heidi's friend, Sara Catherine's, birthday party at Mellow Mushroom.  It was such a neat party and very neat idea.  Each of the kids made their own pizzas :)!! How awesome is that?? Here are some pictures of the process.......

While the pizzas were baking, the kids got a tour of the kitchen in Mellow Mushroom. 

And at last they got to enjoy their creation :)!
Baaaahaaaaa Kyle tricked Heidi into sniffing the flower on the cupcake.  Of course he smashed it in her face!!!

After the party, we headed to Dothan to look for some more things for the living room.  No such luck :(!!! But MeMe did surprise Heidi and her cousin Shelly Kate with a One Direction shirt.  Heidi was SOOOOOOOOOO excited.  Of course she had to change clothes in the car *LOL*!!

On our way home from Dothan, my mom texted me (she kept the babies) and I could just tell by her texts that she was laughing and anyway she said that Karter was holding the cat and Sophie wanted her.  Well I am sure you all know by now that if Sophie wants something, she's going to figure out how to get it..... so she grabbed the cats tail and pulled it.  Kman finally let go of the cat and then Sophie decided to hang on to the tail and just swing the cat round and roung!!! OMG!!!!  So this is a picture mom sent after wards of Karter rubbing the kitty and telling it that it's alright.  He was probably apologizing for his little sister's actions.  Baahaaaa this so reminds me.... you know that song Stupid Cat???? OMG I'm going to have to look it up and put it on here in case you haven't heard it.... that is soooooooo SOPHIE!!!
Well Saturday night was Kyle's 10 year class reunion :)!!!  He was really excited about it.  Unfortunately not many classmates showed up, but we had a great time with everyone that went. 

Kyle found this picture one day last week of us at his graduation and anyway he brought it to me in the bathroom while I was getting ready and hung it on his side of the vanity mirror and said wow..... and here we are 10 years later *L*!! Sweet Sweet!
He was so looking forward to this reunion that we both got whole new wardrobes :)!  So last week in Dothan I found my dress finally and anyway.... this was his idea of carrying it out of the store as I was finishing paying hehe.
And then as we were looking for shoes he was such a good sport.... LOL!!!  We couldn't decide on which ones would go, so he told me to get both!!! Man of my heart hehe!
So anyway..... here we are.... it started at 630, but he wanted us ready by 6 so we could take pictures LOL!  It felt like prom. 

So we had a fabulous weekend . It was very busy, but that was okay. 

Now with this Hurricane making it's way to the gulf we felt we should go to the store and stock our pantry LOL!!! SOOOO ADIOS!!