Monday, April 29, 2013

My Facebook Fast

Many of you know I took a break from Facebook.  A 3 week break to be exact.  Kyle and I have talked about de-activating for some time now.  I have always been a fan for Facebook as far as being able to keep up with old friends and family.  What I don't like about Facebook is how it seems to sometimes bring un-intentional Drama and how people's feelings get hurt by other things they see on FB. 

For example, birthday parties and not being invited, comments made on posts, status updates and not knowing who they are aimed at, etc.  I liked it back when it was simple and the extent of the Drama was adding a favorite book to your list. 

It also bothers me really bad when some portray their lives as super perfect and happy go lucky all the time.  The thing is..... if I'm not happy with ole Kyro or we are having problems, you aren't going to see me posts pictures of us and put how much I love him. 

I enjoy seeing pictures of your kids, and praying for your Mama or Granny.  I like to "keep up" with everyone in that aspect.  I don't care to know any negative baggage that one has or how nothing seems to go right in some peoples lives.  Just leave all the negative to yourself.  The truth is, being around negativity brings me down.  I don't need to consume my life with negative things if I can help it.  Facebook I can help. 

I was also spending too much time on it.  Mostly out of habit.  If I was just sitting in the car somewhere, or whatever, I would scroll through Facebook.  Don't get me wrong, I never chose FB over my family or friends.... nothing like that, but I knew that I spent more time on it than I did with God.  That had to change. 

We were talking one night in our Women's Class at church about FB and how there are hardly any "true life" pictures.  Like your laundry piled up, kids fighting (although I have posted those), your crazy bed head with no make up, stuff like that.  Most post only the good stuff.  Anyway after our class I just really got convicted and deactivated that next morning.  I honestly cannot say I  missed it one bit.  I came close to missing it once.  I had remembered that I ordered some swimsuits several months ago for the kiddos and my only contact with who I ordered from was through Facebook.  Other than just being able to quickly send someone a message real fast, I missed nothing about it.  My friends would tell me if there was anything I just had to know that was posted, and if I had a prayer request, I would just mention it Sunday morning instead of posting it on our class page. 

World without Facebook was A-OK.  I re-activated last night.  I had several people ask me about it or tell me they missed Sophie stories.  My mom had numerous people ask her, Amanda had people ask her, & even Tyler had some ask him.  I had no clue I'd be missed :)!!  Must admit it felt good though hehe!  Although I re-activated, I still haven't re-downloaded it to my phone.  That really limits me to it, but yet I still have it if someone needed to get up with me or vice versa.

So my 3 week Facebook Fast was a HUGE success.  Opened my eyes big time. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Karter's 4th Birthday Party

Karter had a WONDERFUL 4th birthday part y!  He loves firemen/firetrucks, so he chose to have a fireman themed party.  It was perfect.  His face lit up the entire time. 

I had his party planned, invitations sent out, Chamber booked, Firestation booked, cake ordered, etc. and found out that Heidi's dance recital was the same night of his party.  Well I went into a slight panic mode.  I had to get my calendar back out & call the chamber to make sure we could re-schedule it for a day that Kyle was home.  The only date that was available before he left was Thursday night, April 25th. 

To be honest, it was great having it on a week night.  No one's weekend was messed up.  I didn't spend my Friday preparing, my Saturday setting up, and my Sunday afternoon cleaning.  Even I got to enjoy my weekend.  Not only that, it was easy peasy doing it at the Chamber and not our house.  May rent that more often. 

Once everyone ate (pizza was served) and had cake, we all went down for a firetruck tour :)!  Fireman Cory let Karter do the sirens and lights.  He was in a little 4 year old fireman Heaven.  That made his whole World. 

Enjoy the pictures......

I loved this part of his party.  I was trying to think of things the kids could do while we waited for everyone to get there and before the tour and my friend, Whitney, came up with this idea of doing everyone's hand prints.  I absolutely love it and will always cherrish it.  I already had the black board and I just painted the little firetruck (Engine #4 hehe) and we were good to go.
I've been seeing this at 1st birthday parties, but I thought why not start it and have it at all of their parties? Would be incredibly neat to look back on.  So I got me a board, chalk painted it, and vuah-lah!

They each got little fireman hats as they got there :)!! Also had coloring sheets to doodle on.

Y'all know I gotta have my sanitizer all dazzled up hehe!

Love this picture of Sophie and Grandmama.  Sophie Girl LOVES Grandmama.

Ashton and Caroline doing her prints and then look how precious Sara Catherine and her new American Girl Doll are :)!!

Great picture of Drew, Yana, and Mallory ........

This is a beautiful picture of Jamie Leigh, Momma, and Aunt Becky.... oh and Uncle Jimmy doing the bunny ears hehe.....


Tyler got several snap shots of Heidi Bug on her ipod.  She was "too cool" for some of the party LOL.

And then clean up time :)!  Brayden and Karter played.... well okay.... they all fussed (LOL) as we cleaned up. 

And you guessed it..... Heidi played on her ipod.  

I would say his party was a huge success.  He thought it was awesome so that's all that matters :)!! Very easy, very sterss free, and very fun party!