Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How is Christmas with The Colquett 5?

We look forward to Christmas every year at our house.  Just a fun time.  No matter what day we have it on.  This year Kyle came home from work the 26th.  So we had our family Christmas on the 27th.  Santa came the 26th night.  Heidi wrote him a letter and hand delivered it asking if he would wait to come to her house when her daddy was home.

We picked Kyle up about 430 on the 26th.  Most of you know that oil field guys are extremely tired the first couple days home.  We weren't home real long before KC was out like a light.

We did manage to sprinkle out the reindeer food first :)...

The kids & I had baked cookies earlier in the day...
It took the kids forever to go to sleep it seemed like.  But finally got 1 out....
2 out.....
& this one was still out.... haha....
Heidi was too excited, so she and I went to our bed :)!! And wouldn't you know... a little later Santa had came...

Santa had left the kids a letter on the actual Christmas Eve night when we stayed with my mom.  They were so excited when they saw that he remembered to come to our house later.

So Heidi wrote him back :)...
 Sophie and Karter were the first ones awake.  They apparently had checked everything out before waking us :)!!  They knew everything to tell Heidi when they made it to our room.

Heidi got those cool play glasses in her stocking :).
 Every Christmas is extra special to me.  We have all of our parents together to watch the kiddos open gifts and to eat breakfast :). 

Very fun game!
I made each of the kids a Shutterfly photo book of their birthdays.  They loved them :)!
 One of Karter's friends' had a football goal that someone had made him.  Kyle saw it and his mind was racing.  So he created this very neat soccer goal and football goal combo.

Papa giving Heidi a knuckle sandwich
Funny story to that video.... it was later in the day and I'm like.... KYLE.... we forgot a gift LOL!!  Completely forgot about that gift... so we shut our bedroom door and assembled it and the kiddos got a nice surprise. 
She just woke up from a long nap
 Since we did ours on Friday, we had all day to enjoy everything the kiddos got.

 Kyle and I had to race :)!! Looked to me like somebody had rigged my steering wheel hehe.

I think we all love Heidi's stilts.
 And Sophie loves loves loves her microphone :)!!
That night Mom came back over, brought supper and we all played Scrabble Junior :)!

Saturday morning we headed to MeMe's for Christmas and had a great time.

 When we left there, we headed home to unload and head to Dad and Yana's.....

Now y'all know he had to try out the helmet....

My cousin Drew sent me a snap chat that he was Gmama's favorite... so I had to send him one :)!

 Soph is still way too small for the Green Machine, so she got a neat balancing bike that is supposed to help them learn to ride a real bike.
 We got home Saturday night and crashed :)!  Got up bright and early to get ready to head to church for our LAST SUNDAY of 2013.  Whoa nelly!!
 I told them I wanted a picture of them on the last Sunday of the year.... and these were the two I got LOL!! Sophie just cannot help her self.
After church and lunch, we ran home to change and then headed back to Papa & Nana's to get the riding toys.  It was raining Saturday so we weren't able to get them.

 That video of Kyle crashing is hilarious to  me!
 1 of us would push her and she LOVED it!
 Sunday night we had the Messer Christmas :)!! We had a great time.  We drew names for the kiddos and the adults played Dirty Santa.

 Kyle and Walker hacked Abby's phone and no lie.... took 300 selfies.... I laughed so hard when I saw them, so I had to share a few....

So how is Christmas with the Colquett 5?  It is fabulous :)!! It is fun, exciting, exhausting, and our house is still a disaster.  Hard to believe 2013 is already to an end.... on to 2014.