Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday afternoon at Gantt.....

It is really REALLY odd that I am blogging on a Sunday afternoon. To be honest, it is absolutely gorgeous outside and it feels really weird not being out there, but we are incredibly tired.... so we are just chillin'. As you all know, we function pretty well on little sleep, but sometimes you eventually just feel worn down. That's a whole new blog though :)!!!

Friday night we went to Andalusia and registered Heidi for dance. My mom kept Sophie for us... she didn't feel good at all :(!!! After we registered her for dance, we had a change of a meal choice for Friday night..... McDonalds. It was actually really nice. The kids loved it... and the Andalusia McD's is super nice. Anyway once we got finished with supper, we went to Wally World and bought school supplies. So much fun, but still so hard to believe. Tomorrow night is orientation.... the years have most definitely flown by. I never dreamed we'd be going to Kindergarten orientation so fast.

Anyway.... yesterday we just hung out at home until time to go to Brad and Maria Elmore's wedding. When we got to their reception, the air conditioner was out and it was soooo hot. Mr Fix It aka Kyle.... was able to get one unit working. Hey... it may not have been much, but one unit was better than none :)!!

When we left the reception, we went home... gathered the kiddos and all our lake gear and off to Gantt we went. Yana's twin sister, Sona, and her husband came up from Orlando and Sona's daughter, Shea, and her husband Allen, came down from D.C. We had a very nice visit :)!!

The kids LOVED the water....

My boys:

Heidi had to take the picture on the left :)!!! When we ate supper, we ate on the 2nd porch.... oh it was so nice and relaxing and the kids played with Sona on the grass. Very peaceful atmosphere!

Kyle had to check the Ki yak out of course.... but Karter Man was not near as thrilled :)!!

Papa and his grandbabies:

Kyle and I can't think of the "actual" name for this game... he called it Redneck Horseshoe... I'm not really sure what it's called, but it is fun. You have a rope with a golf ball on either end and you toss it and each level is worth a certain amount of points. Poor Karter got NAILED TWICE by his sister.... OUCHIE!

Beautiful Heidi:

Karter Man with a fishing pole:

Papa and the kiddos:

I told them it was picture time, but I don't think they wanted their picture taken *L*!! That's Sona on the left and Yana on the right.

My sweet girls:

Sophie joined the ladies on the swing :)!! And Shea!!

Not really sure what this face is, but you can see Heidi's new PINK feather really well in this picture :)!!

Karter Man was ALLLLLL about the boats at the lake... and he was even more intrigued by this remote control boat.

I spent a good deal of my childhood at Gantt. As I was laying in the lawn chair taking pictures, my mind was racing... reminiscing. Such good times. It's so peaceful on the lake. So relaxing! All you need is a boat, gas, pier, a good breakfast, and a house to go to the bathroom and you're set all day. Good Good times!

I love the next 3 pictures of Papa and Sophie :)!!

So my dad spotted this fish in the water and of course Kyle had to pick it up.... He had to "lip" it.

No worries.... he didn't actually eat or nor let it touch his mouth.... either way he didn't get any kisses *haha*!

Karter was sooooo fascinated by all the boats.... he was very much entertained.

This kid walks around all the time picking his nose.... such a boy! I think it is more of a habit.

My toes and Sophie's toes:

Kyle was chillaxing!!!

Me and my girls:

Great picture of Papa and Soph:

Heidi Leigh and Mommy:

Mr & Mrs Lunsford has a really sweet family that lives next door. Kyle was trying to help him fix his Sea-Doo without taking it to the shop, but they didn't have much luck after about an hour or so.

Not sure what bug is doing here?

Dad took the Kiyak across the lake....

Beautiful Gantt Lake....

Heidi wasn't scared to ride!!!

Aunt Sona and Sophie.... Sophie took a liking to her :)!

HAHA.... Soph kept putting her face against the screen and it was hilarious!! Heidi had to get a picture of it :)!!
Tonight we are going to go to Westview Baptist Church to hear Hillary Hall's testimony :)!! Oh and no more Izzy pics :( MeMe ended up realizing that an inside pup is a whole lot of work. Heidi said she was okay with it though *haha*.

Pretty busy week this week.... Orientation tomorrow night, taking supper to Gregg & Meredith Tuesday night, Church Wednesday night, and School starts Friday. Whoa Nelly!!!