Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't people think???/

Okay so I know it seems like all I talk about are comments people make.... but that seems to be my day to day struggle. Whether it's about me being pregnant.... AGAIN or fat jokes or whatever.... I'm just emotional tired of the pregnant again comments.... and the fat ones... well.... I'll worry about my weight afterwards... I mean HELLO I didn't have a chance to lose it all after Karter before I was pregnant AGAIN!

So anyway.... first thing this morning a coworker and I walked to Ted's Pharmacy... well while we were in there we ran into a lady that we know. She said "Well I didn't know you were pregnant again"... "Yes Mam".... then of course it was when are you due?? How old is your son? You're going to have your hands full.... really??? Like I haven't thought of that??? And then the topper..... "Was it planned?????" I mean come on.... I have to start my day like that too?? I'm telling you it is constantly....

So then tonight after tumbling we went and ate at the Blue Flame with my mom and Jody. Well I went up to the counter to pay and the cashier said "How old is your son?" When I told her she leaned over the register and said "Haven't you heard of a TV?" OMG..... seriously???? I just smiled and said this child is a blessing from God. So what a wonderful way to end the night.... but it's not over yet. My mom was standing holding Heidi (she fell asleep there) and Kyle was with her holding Karter... and the lady they were talking to made almost the same comment.... of course they all start out as "I didn't know you were pregnant"... and then it leads to the other questions.... but she said "Well..... that's sweet".... so maybe it was a compliment?!?! I dunno... by that point I was just ready to COME HOME!!! I just can't believe people do not actually think about other people's feelings. Like Kyle said if it were just me and Heidi no one would say or think of anything.... but when Karter is with us is when we get the comments and stares. I don't get it. But like I told him.... all the guy does is plant the seed and that's it... the woman has to carry the child, take the pains and uncomfortableness, and these negative comments. Gosh it can pull someone's self esteem down.

Anyway on a lighter note..... MY BABY GIRL will be 4 years old on Saturday!! I can hardly believe it. So tonight when we got home.... Kyle put her on the couch and she slept while he was feeding Princess and riding the 4 wheeler. I put the clothes in the dryer and came in and unloaded the bags from the day and reloaded them for tomorrow and then got all of Heidi's party favors together for her party this weekend and then put all that away and tried to straighten some and put Heidi's comforter back on (I had to wash it).... while I was doing that Kyle had came in and was in the playroom putting Karter's new TODDLER bed together. Of course Karter was a big helper for both of us :) When he got through "helping" me he went to help Daddy. I can already tell he is such a boy.... so different than a little girl. But anyway... back to the bed.... we decided to put him in a toddler bed rather than buying another baby bed. The one he is currently in we will put Sophie in and it converts into a toddler bed when the time comes for her. So once again my little man is going to have to "grow up fast". Once we get everything together or somewhat in the process I'll post pictures. Maybe after the birthday party things will slow down ?!?!?!?? YEAH RIGHT (what's that??)

Good night to all!!! Heidi and I are going to Shelly Kate's dance recital tomorrow night while the boys hang out.... it'll be nice to have a "girls night" :)!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Past few days

We've had a busy past few days. Monday (26th) was Yana's birthday. We went to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Andalusia and had her a birthday supper! It was nice... just to be around family!! Here's some pictures to show from the evening..... Karter LOVED climbing up and down the stairs.... I was a tired pregnant woman after that :)!

Heidi's photography.... my crazy brother and daddy :)

Concentrating hard?!?!

We knew it would be late when we got in, so the kiddos went ahead and got a bath before we went.

Then last night I had to go to Elba to the beauty shop and my mom picked up the kids and cooked a YUMMY supper for us. Which speaking of supper.... Karter has been getting his belly full the past 2 days. I am so happy for that!! And his Acid Reflux seems to be almost gone now. THANK GOODNESS!!! I surely hope Sophie doesn't have that. Well Heidi wanted to spend the night with my mom.... I told her that was fine and my mom was going to bring her by the house this morning to get dressed and stuff since she didn't have any clothes out there. Well at almost 10:30 I get a phone call from my brother and they are almost at our house. She fell in the bath tub and hit her head.... and needed her Mommy :) So she ended up staying here. Such a sweet KyKy for bringing her!

Tonight we went to church and then the grocery store. But I have to tell a story that happened this afternoon. I got my feelings hurt yet AGAIN about being pregnant AGAIN (there's a shock). I called LBW to talk to the ultrasound department to see if they needed pregnant ladies to practice on. When I was pregnant with Karter they practiced the 4D ultrasound on me. Well anyway I called and the lady that answered the phone (I'm not going to say her name) told me who she was and I told her who I was and that I was seeing if they needed anyone and I told her how I had let them practice on me before. Her exact response was "YOU ARE PREGNANT AGAIN"? Wow that hurt my feelings so badly. She said it in one of those mean, sarcastic tones. I just politely replied "Yes Mam". We talked for about I don't know 2 or 3 minutes and she was rude throughout most of the conversation. So I don't know if I want to do it or not. They are needing some the first week of June. But just the way she talked to me and made me feel really bad for being pregnant.... AGAIN I just don't know that I want to let them practice on me. I guess I have some time to decide. And I could be sure for the third time that Sophie is "still a girl" haha! So anyway... that was my wonderful afternoon of daily downment of being pregnant again so soon.

I will say that on the way to church tonight I thought Heidi and Karter were in the back watching a Barbie Movie (poor Karter :) ) but out of the blue Heidi said "Momma does that seat belt hurt Sophie?" There's no telling how long she had been sitting there staring and wondering.... I love how their little minds work. And the questions that kids come up with are actually pretty smart thinking.

My dad is off the next few days so he is keeping the kids tomorrow and Friday. Heidi is very excited that she doesn't have to go to "school"!!! I think my dad is looking forward to it just as much as they are!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Roly Poly- suffocated / Lady Bug - stepped on

We had another busy weekend! Friday night we actually just "chilled" and hung out at the house. That was really nice. Saturday morning Kyle got up and went fishing with a buddy... and the kiddos and I went to Presley's birthday party. It was a lot of fun..... "Candy Shoppe" theme. Here's some pictures of K-man at Presley's party. I never could catch Heidi in a photo... she was too busy running around with all her friends!

That afternoon we had Miley Grace's (our niece) birthday party. It was at the Opp Lake and we were so worried about the weather. There was supposed to be a big storm coming in.... but thankfully it held off until after the party. This is the story where the title comes into play :) in case you were wondering. Heidi loves Roly Poly's. Well we found one at the house before the party and she held on to it for a while and then of course wanted to keep it. I found a plastic container to keep it in and even cut holes all throughout it..... I just knew he would "survive". Maybe he still would have?!?!? Possibly all the shaking cause the trauma?!?!? Anyway.... when we got to the party Heidi found a lady bug.... she loves lady bugs too!! Well she was playing with it for a while and while she had it we noticed that the roly poly died. She seemed sad about it which is why I am really surprised and what you are about to find out. Well apparently she let the lady bug down for a second and anyway another little girl at the party picked it up. Well of course that started a fuss. Heidi "had it first" the other little girl "had it first" so then somehow in the midst of it Heidi got the lady bug back and put it on the ground and STEPPED ON IT!!! OH MY GOSH!!! The only thing I like to see "squished" is spiders, roaches, and ants! It really broke my heart that she stepped on that beautiful lady bug. It made her sad everytime I talked about it. But I just could not believe that my Heidi did that. I mean I expect it out of Karter... boy thing.... but not Heidi. But I guess she meant if they were going to fuss over it that she would solve that problem!?!?! Here's some pictures from Miley Grace's party.

After the party we came home and "chilled" again and listened to it storm. It was really nice... just laying around for a change. We are usually going going going on the weekends.

Okay so then this morning.... Sunday morning.... we were getting ready for church. Well I was walking from the kitchen to our bedroom and man oh man I ran right into the door *hehe*!! I hit my arm pretty hard on the door knob.... of course Kyle laughed at me!! Well I went on and was getting ready and Heidi came in there and was asking me about "Kyle's" note (she still calls him Kyle). Well I didn't know what she was talking about and told her that he didn't write me notes.... well on the way out of our room this is what I found :)....

He thinks he is so funny!!! Well then he was not liking what I had for Karter to wear to church. I am sure lots of people will agree with him, but I think lots would agree with me too. I do not see anything wrong with what he wore. He is still a "baby".... he's 1 and not walking.... I think it is fine. Well Kyle thinks he looks like a girl.... I told him I wouldn't let my daughter wear it :)! Oh and he said "the curl has to go" talking about the back of his hair. He says it looks like a rat tail.... So I guess we'll be getting it cut soon :(! But anyway... here's a picture of Karter this morning.

Well then Heidi was fussing about her dress.... she doesn't like to wear hair-bows... or cutesy outfits... and apparently she doesn't like bows on her dresses. There's a pretty bow on the top front left (you can't see it in the picture)... but she said she doesn't like bows on her dresses... I asked her since when??? And she said a minute ago *hehe*!

When we got home from church we stayed outside until time to go back... it was so beautiful and nice. The kids had a ball and Kyle washed my car :)!

Heidi was too hot (surprise) so she got in the shade and played with her play dough. She said she made a turtle birds nest!! She had to take a picture of it.

I had nursery this morning at church and tonight we had nursery at 5:00 and we helped Kayla in the 1 year olds for 6:00 service... I'm pooped :)! But it's a good pooped. I love keeping those babies! Well tonight Heidi was on the couch with her Daddy and Mimi came in... we haven't seen her all day... and she was asking Heidi if we played outside and how she was mad because she wasn't here to play too.... well she told Heidi she had a surprise for her... she had water guns behind her back.... full of water :) And started squirting her... it was really funny. Heidi said she's never played with water guns... and I really don't remember her ever playing with them. Well here's a picture to end the night of Heidi and Mimi having a water fun fight.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Karter's 1 year old Checkup

I had to take Karter this afternoon for his 1 year old check up. Everything went great! Of course he screamed with the 3 shots, but that didn't last long. He weighed 20.7lbs was 30 inches long and had a head circumference of 19 inches. He is in the 25th% on his weight, 65th% on his height, and 90th% on his head.... so I guess he has the big head :)!

Well right when we got to the doctor's office Heidi couldn't find her right flip flop. I looked all in the car before we got out and I couldn't find it. So she had to go in the DR office with only 1 flip flop :)! Of course all I could think of was all the sick germs all over the floor (not that they are not everywhere... but you know). So I called Kids World because I thought maybe it fell out of the car when I was putting her in the car. that happens often... but I usually see it and grab them.... but I was hoping today I just overlooked it. Well it wasn't there!! We even went by there after the doctor visit to make double sure and didn't see it.... oh well.

I cooked Spaghetti for supper!! I LOVE spaghetti and so does Heidi and surprisingly Karter really enjoyed it. Tonight was also tumbling night. So Heidi went to tumbling and we ate when she got home. Then of course we had to go check on Princess... and get her out. Boy is she getting big! Crazy how fast they grow. Kyle worked on Clunker. He got a new starter and put it on... well turns out it's not the starter it's the cylenoid (sp?)... thankfully he had one from a boat he has worked on so he used that and apparently clunker is working now. Then he had to run his boat motor to make sure it is working because he is going fishing Saturday while we are at yes.... a birthday party :). We have 3 parties Saturday. We're only going to be able to make it to 2 because 2 of them are at the same time. But then I heard it's supposed to be really bad weather Saturday evening?

So anyway.... we have had a wonderful evening! The kiddos are in the bath tub right now and I'm actually blogging before bed!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

25 Things

My friend Meredith did a blog about 25 Interesting Facts... so I am about to do the same... it's a challenge and I'm up for it... here's 25 Interesting Facts about me that you may or may not know.

(1) My Spiritual Birthday is June 13, 1994
(2) I am TERRIFIED of spiders. I don't want to see them, think about seeing them, or feel them. I honestly check the covers before I get in the bed and under my pillow..... I CANNOT STAND them!
(3) I have wanted to be a Mommy for as long as I can remember and it is everything I wanted it to be and more.
(4) I have a degree in Marketing
(5) I used to do this weird thing all the time... whether it was on the computer or on a notepad I used to would write down names of fake people like they were married and then the number of kids they have and their kids names. The only catch is I couldn't use the same name twice... not even last name... it gets to be difficult. EX: James & Tori Spurlin 2 kids Jane, Tom
(6) Every Saturday night growing up at our Onycha house my dad and I used to lay on this huge blue pillow that he still has and turn all the lights out and watch on Nickelodeon "Are You Afraid of the Dark"
(7) My dream job is to be a stay at home mom
(8) I do not mind loading the dishwasher, but I can't stand unloading it.
(9) I'm a great multitasker
(10) I got married when I was 19
(11) I had my first child at 21 and by the age of 25 I am expecting my third.
(12) I LOVE CSI... pretty much all the CSI's out there.
(13) I could eat cereal for every meal
(14) I have this weird place on my thigh that looks like a birth mark, only it's lighter than the rest of my leg. But I remember very well getting sunburned at the beach when I was young and I pealed and that particular spot never did get back to normal.
(15) I'm a coupon freak!!!
(16) I spent 1 year at LBW, 9 months at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, and 2 years at Troy University to finally graduate!
(17) I was 40 weeks pregnant when I was taking my finals my last semester my senior year at Troy.
(18) My name is LaToyia and my mom says that she got that because she liked LaToya Jackson's name... the funny thing is my moms name is Janet... get it... Janet Jackson, LaToya Jackson *hehe*!
(19) I do not know how to sew a button on
(20) I enjoy doing laundry
(21) I'm not an animal person.... I'd be okay without a dog or a bunny :)
(22) I love to cook.... but I am limited because I am married to an extremely picky eater
(23) I did not like the name "Heidi" when Kyle told me that was what we were naming our first daughter. It didn't grow on me until she was born.
(24) I've always wanted lots of kids.... I just wanted them when I wanted them :) Selfish huh?
(25) I started college off by wanting to be a nurse..... drastic change in the end :)!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday Weekend

We had a wonderful BUSY weekend! Friday night Amanda, the kids, and I went to Enterprise to eat at Mellow Mushroom (I had promised Heidi pizza that night because she wanted it the night before... which was Karter's actual birthday and Prom), went to Wal-Mart to get the rest of Karter's party things, and then went to Lowe's.

Saturday morning was the BIG day! Karter's birthday party. Here's his invitation:

It was a wonderful party. We served hotdogs, had things for the kids to do for all the kiddos, and just had an overall great fellowship. His beautiful cake was made by Heather Evans from Gantt. I thought she did wonderful.

Here's me and the birthday boy!! You can tell I'm pregnant just by my face *hehe*!

The birthday boy!!! He does this weird thing with his mouth now... don't know what it is?

The goody bags :)!! I knew that we had invited anyone from 3 months to 5 years so I tried to keep the date range in mind when doing the bags. So I did suckers, marshmellow sticks (thought the little ones could at least suck on those), and bubbles.

Hank, Presley, and Heidi

Stella Kayte Carnley and Karter
They were loving the wagon ride... grinning from ear to ear and clapping

We had a great turn out!! Most all of our family was able to come.

Kyle was throwing Heidi and Presley over the top of the jumping thing. Mimi was getting really nervous, so she had him stop *hehe*! Which is probably a good thing considering Presley broke her collar bone not too long ago on the trampoline.

Do you think these two will be boyfriend and girlfriend one day?? Hmmmm I wonder!
Beautiful Kaidi and her mom Meredith

CrAzY Amanda.... Karter loves Amanda!

Time for cake!! We had a little drama with the cake. I was trying to help Karter blow his candle out and all that good stuff well he stuck his finger in the candle (just grazed it) and I was making sure his finger was okay and I thought I scared him because he started crying, well I blew the candle out (so I thought) apparently he leaned over and the candle blazed back up and burnt his hair. I didn't even realize until a few minutes later what had happened. His head was red after that and I was afraid it had burnt it, but it was gone Sunday. I guess it was just red from the heat? And you can see a little spot in his hairline where the candle got it and you can feel the peach fuzz! We couldn't let the party end without a little excitement.

Present time

Tired Baby Boy

So tired that he actually fell asleep standing in front of his car.... I laughed so hard!

Hank, Heidi, and Shelly Kate.... you can tell they were getting tired too!!

That was all of the party!! That afternoon Kyle, Heidi, Kyky (Tyler), Papa (my dad), and Popcorn (Brandon, Tylers best friend) decided to go to the Mallory Pond and take the paddle boat, kayak, fish, and let the dogs (Josh & Sadie) run and swim. Well they enjoyed the afternoon and then as they were leaving they had themselves some excitement. Heidi was already in the Clunker (Kyle's truck) buckled in her booster seat while the guys were getting the boat loaded. Well somehow the truck slipped and rolled back into the pond. THANKFULLY I was NOT there or I'd be having a heart attack. Heidi was screaming "Alligators Alligators gonna get me"... Kyle says that he got in to "save" her before she was in any kind of danger. Well the water got all the way up to his seats.... so wet that Heidi couldn't even ride back home with him. Oh and the dogs were still in the back of the truck too! It could have been really bad, but all the guys think it is the funniest thing ever... of course after they knew Heidi was okay. Apparently Kyle's truck is a "good" truck because he got in it and drove it out of the pond. Needless to say he won't let me sell it now... I've been trying since he got it! Here's some pictures to show of that afternoon.

Then Sunday afternoon we had Heidi's friend, Cuba's, birthday party. Here's some of their friends at the party. That's cuba to the right.

Then yesterday Kids World called me and Karter was running a 101 temperature. Thankfully my mom was going to Andalusia to the doctor anyway (she has Pleurisy by the way which they say is really painful) so she took Karter to the doctor. He just had a bunch of green gunk on his throat and it was infected.... all this allergy mess going around and he was wheezing. So he's now on breathing treatments twice a day (which I find ironic because this is his second time on them and Heidi has yet to have one), an antibiotic, and an allergy medicine. He weighed 19.15 lbs... I actually have to take him Thursday for his 1 year check up so I'll have all the "stats" then.

Okay.... so that's been our past few days.... a little hectic... but we wouldn't know it any other way!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blog update

I worked for a while last night on a blog titled "Karter's 1st Year".... his birthday was yesterday!!! I didn't realize how long it took to upload the pictures and then you have to maneuver them where you want them.... NOT an easy process or either I am making it harder than it should be... which is possible. So I will finish that blog this weekend.

Last night was the Opp Prom. My brother, Tyler, is a senior...... which is really hard to believe. He and Kyra looked absolutely stunning.

The prom was decorated so beautifully.... I wasn't able to get any good shots of it due to the darkness in the gym.... but oh the memories it brought back. I've never been one to miss high school, but I think I do miss prom... especially Kyle's senior prom and mine. I wish I had some pictures downloaded on this computer and I would attach those pictures. But anyway.... my old spanish teacher saw me and asked me how long it had been for me.... and I had to think about it for a second and I was like "Wow it's been 7 years"..... now that is hard to believe. I don't understand life and the fastness of it once you graduate high school. How and why does it do that??? Oh and of course there were several people there saying stuff to me like "You haven't learned what causes that" or just giving me that strange look like.... didn't you just have a baby?? The sad/funny thing is Tyler went to Andalusia's prom last year... so of course we went over there and took pictures and I was pregnant in those too!! It's NOT going to be an every year thing.... :) I PROMISE!!

Anyway.... maybe I can finish my Karter's 1st year blog soon!!! I'm sure I will shed a few tears in the process.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Karter's 1st Year

This 1st year for Karter has flown by. It is really hard for me to believe. I LOVE my Heidi bug but there is just something about that little boy that really grabs my heart tight. He's very special to me... maybe because he is my only son?? Anyway I thought I would share some pictures over the year..... starting with one that I believe was the night before I went in to have Karter. Heidi was 2 weeks shy of being 3 years old and she was VERY much aware of what was going on.

We welcomed Myles Karter Colquett (MKC III thanks to Kyle and his "initial" thing... and we had no choice but to call him by the "K" name.... due to Matthew Kyle and Myron Kent) on April 15, 2009 at 2:26pm. He was 5 days early and weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and was 21 inches long.

It was so amazing to me to welcome another human being into this world that Kyle and I created. It's still mind boggling sometimes. God is so good and I am so blessed to be able to be called "Mommy".
This was the day we came home.... Heidi could hardly wait for us to get home and the car ride from Dothan to Opp seemed to have been the longest one I have ever been on. I missed her terribly and was overly excited about the little brother I was bringing home to her.

Little did I know that 2 days later we would be put back in the hospital because of Karter's jaundice level. I forget his exact letter (which is why I should have been blogging :)) but I do remember being told it was dangerously low and we had to rush to the hospital right then. I was panicking and crying and wondering about Heidi.... I had sooo many different emotions going on. With Heidi I just had her, we brought her home, and she was fine.... so this was very new for me and very scary when I heard the word "dangerously low". Watching him be in this was not fun. It was heart wrenching at times because he would be crying wanting out and I couldn't get him out. I could only get him out to change his diaper and feed him. The good thing about it was his chord came off in 1 week.

His first bath at home.... he did not like it at all. His sister was very inquisitive about the whole thing.

Luke Jackson came to visit Karter when we got home from the hospital. He and Karter were only a few days apart via due date, but Luke decided to come March 21st. He was already a few weeks old in this picture while Karter was only 3 days old.

Heidi was always a big helper!! She was so proud to have a baby all to herself. One to call her own! She still tries to help now, but Karter is Mr Independent and doesn't usually want her to even think about touching him.

Karter is the first Colquett boy born to carry on the family name!! He has a lot to live up to :)

My tiny baby boy!!!

These were taken for his birth announcements.

Aww..... so sweet.... she was so in love with this baby!!!

This was our first trip back to church.... there's a funny story behind the outfit. Terrence and Langdon gave that to Karter as a "joke".... because it wasn't "boyish enough" for theirs.... well little did they know but I really liked it... so that's what Karter wore his first Sunday to church (outside the womb that is.... he had already been 9 months before he made his appearance).

VBS 2009..... colored iron on shirts to match!

Playing outside and riding the golf cart.... still hard for me to remember him being this little.

6 weeks old now :( Had to start day care. I let Heidi stay home with us those 6 weeks too... she would cry if I thought about taking her and my heart just wouldn't allow it. Plus I thought you know these 6 weeks will fly by (and they did) and I will never be able to get that time back. I am SOOO thankful that I kept her out with us. The money that I was still paying wasn't worth the time and memories I was able to make with them at home with me.

First time in a swimming pool.

Then he quickly began getting bigger. Heidi loved laying on the changing table with him. I think he enjoyed her company too!

Christmas 2009 8 months old

First trip to Chuckee Cheese

April 15, 2010
His birthday party at school.

This past year has been exciting, exhausting, breathtaking, overwhelming, and the list goes on and on and on. Being a mom of two kids was definitely a change... and challenging at times, but we have most definitely managed. Now it is hard for me to remember how "easy" it was with one child. And how boring it must have been for Heidi.... (so it seems)... it's like now she has someone to play with her in the bath tub... what did we do before Karter was here? Having them 3 years apart was perfect... I couldn't have asked for a better age difference. It is really hard to believe we have another year behind us.... and are about to welcome another baby girl. I'm sure I'll have lots to blog about in the months to come :)!!