Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

First of all THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has served in the armed forces and has fought for our country! Our country would not even almost be where it is today if it were not for each of you! THANK YOU!!!

Both kids are taking naps... we've been playing hard... so I thought I would take some time and blog :) Gives me an excuse to relax for a minute.

I LOVE long weekends!! I think all weekends need to be long ones. That would help slow up some time and maybe life wouldn't go by so fast?? Friday afternoon my dad picked the kiddos up from "school" and they went to Gantt so Kyle begged me to go fishing with him. Those of you that know me know I wouldn't be a good fishing buddy, but oh well... he kept saying he was very excited that I went. Here's a picture he took of me.... this was my 2nd and last casting of the real (isn't that "fish" lingo??)

After that cast he told me that I was getting the line all out of whack, so I decided to not try anymore or else I'd hear about it later when he was trying to fix it :) Or hear it from his dad. So I got my magazine and relaxed in my little seat and read it..... UNTIL all the flies starting swarming and I began to get very uncomfortable and hungry *haha*! Oh and it did start thundering.. so I guess that was a good excuse? We stayed out there until about 7:45... so that was pretty long. Here's a picture of Kyle and the one small fish (he told me I shouldn't have taken that picture) that he caught.

We left the pond and went to my dads to see the kiddos.... they had planned on spending the night, but I couldn't go without seeing them. {I think my font got bigger and I'm not sure why} . So we stayed over there until after 8:30 and by that time I was getting super hungry... I was happy going home and eating cereal since I could honestly eat that every meal and be just fine... but he wanted "food food" so we ordered a pizza. Yes I know.. really late to eat, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do :)! So we came home and ate a yummy pizza and watched tv.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early 6:20.... I don't know why it is that I can't sleep late when the kiddos aren't here, but when they are here I would love to!??!?! So I got on up and started washing clothes, ordered Sophie's wooden letters to go above her bed that matches Heidi's, ordered Sophie some hair pieces (the really big headbands and flowers like Mere has for Kaidi), and started working on the girls' room. About that time Kyle got up and ran to Ace and I started painting the kitchen and he started painting some doors that needed painting. Here's a before and after of the kitchen.

When the kids got here we just played and Cindy watched them (Karter took him a long nap at her house) while we finished painting and of course Heidi Leigh wanted to help paint, so I let her help me paint what she could reach. Later on Amanda came to visit... she and Heidi love to take cRaZy pictures.

Sunday we honestly did nothing but relax after church. It felt really good... I was sooo tired from doing all that Saturday... that I really needed that. Last night Jon Wesley, Leigh Ann and the girls came over and Kent grilled steaks... so we all hung out and all 3 of the girls ended up spending the night with Mimi and Spot (or Grumpy as Shelly Kate and Miley Grace call him).

So this afternoon Kyle grilled hamburgers (after he got home from fishing) and we got the little pool out and the slip n slide and they all had a ball. Karter was funny... he would get so mad at them. He wanted to sit in the pool alone and play with the water hose. Here are some pictures of the afternoon.... followed by a video.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation 2010


We had a very busy evening!! Tyler & Jamie's graduation ceremony was last night. It went great and very fast I might add. I took both kids because I wanted them to be in pictures after wards..... I love looking back at all my old pictures from graduation and seeing how much all the family has changed.

So anyway I picked the kiddos up from "school" about 5:15.. ran by Burger King to get them a quick supper... came home and fed them, gave them baths since I knew we'd be late getting home, got them ready and all the sippy's washed and dishes put up, then got me ready (Kyle was here getting ready himself :).... and he got K-man ready), had to blow dry sis' hair.... then we left here at 6:30 heading to the high school. When we got there the parking lot was almost completely full already. Tyler told us the doors didn't open until 6:30... so I guess everyone was outside just waiting for them to open?!?!? Anyway it was about 6:40 by time we got in the auditorium and available seats were few and far between. Thankfully my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Becky were already there & saved an entire row... But I had plans of saving my dads family seats too. Kyle walked around everywhere trying to find seats for them... and then thankfully we spotted my Uncle Tony & Aunt Charlotte and they were saving 6 seats... so it all worked out.

After graduation we took pictures and then everyone went to the Chinese restaurant and ate. Honestly, by the time I got home I was exhausted. I told Kyle while we were eating that I was going to lay down in the booth bench and he could wake me up when it was time to go :)

Anyway... here are some pictures of last night:

KyKy picking at Heidi Bug

Tyler and Mom

He was playing with her because she knocked his hat off.... that's why they love their KyKy

Heidi took the one above and below

Okay a little explaining to do with Heidi... she (Miss Personality I call her) did NOT want to take a picture and was being very ugly... not really sure what she and her daddy were doing here, but she straightened up after this picture :)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aches, exhaustion, pain= One of God's Blessings

God is so good! I have a friend that is pregnant and has been trying for a really long time. After talking with her tonight, I quickly realized how blessed I truly am... not lucky.... I don't believe in luck! People can say what they want to (trust me they still do almost daily) or think what they want to, but I am NOT going to let anyone still my joy and excitement of welcoming another life into this World. Sophie already has a purpose in life... and I am anxious to see what it is. I will love my children like no one else could and I will make sure that they know first Jesus loves them and second their Daddy and I do! We are going to have a FUN FUN life! And enjoy all the small things.

I had a wonderful QUICK doctor's visit this afternoon. I was in and out in 15 minutes and that included them taking my blood FOR THE LAST TIME :)!! I was super excited about that... I do NOT like having my blood drawn. My blood pressure was good... 110/60 and Sophie's heart beat was 150 bpm. She is still measuring the same so everything looks on going for July 5 still.

The neat thing about that date is that was mine and Kyle's "dating" anniversary... so July 5th, 2010 we would have been dating 10 years. Something huh?? Little did we know where we would be 10 years later.

My back has really been hurting me tonight... not sure why... I did have sweet company with me to Dothan... so we done some running around... maybe that's why?!? After the DR visit we went to Sam's to get Sophie a box of diapers. You can get the size 1-2 Pamper Swaddlers 246 ct (I think) for $37. That's pretty awesome... considering I pay $9.99 in the grocery store for about a 36 count pack. We also went through the car-wash right there by Sams... that's pretty neat I do say they did a great job. After Sams we went to the Mall to return the New Balance's Kyle got me for Mother's Day. They were too tight and the way my feet are right now swelling every other day I just want to wait to get new shoes. THEN we went to the Dollar Tree to try to find some Thank You notes for KyKy... no luck... then Bug wanted doughnuts... we were going to get them on our way in, but the hot sign wasn't on... so I drove all the way back across town to get doughnuts... and they were HOT! After a stop at the Dollar Tree in Enterprise (with still no luck for thank you notes) we went to my moms house to eat a YUMMY supper (grilled pork chops, sausage, potatoes, peas, cornbread, and stewed squash).... we are FINALLY home and I am give out.

Here's some pictures of my super cute company today :) She was going through my checks... she thought they were pretty :)!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Whew... Busy weekend brings a fast Monday

We had a fabulous SUPER busy weekend! I was off Friday for Class Day!! It went great.... we told Tyler he's going to have to loosen up though because he was way too serious :) Here are some pictures from Friday....

Of course my Miss Personality wouldn't get a picture taken with KyKy.

VERY proud of that Troy University FULL paid scholarship!! WAY TO GO TYLER!

Before and after Class Day I washed 7 loads of clothes trying to prepare for Sophie.... and worked on getting the room together... I still have lots to do, but I am getting somewhere at least. I had a really good helper to undo the diaper cake and put the diapers in the basket.

Friday afternoon/evening Kyle had the idea to let Heidi cut his hair because he is always too late to get home in time to get a hair cut and he needed one desperately. SO he called my dad and he brought his cutting set over... and he needed some trimming his self :)!

HAHA See the streaks still on Kyle from that fabulous spray on sunscreen we took to the beach??

She actually did a great job.... Kyle ended up finishing it, but Heidi did very well... she's concentrating mighty hard that's for sure.

All of Sophie's 0-6 month clothes... CrAzY! But the thing is... I was going through them and the memories were flooding my mind of when Heidi wore what outfit and who gave her what... I am getting very excited to dress Sophie up :)!

My Little Man in his new bed.... he really likes it.

Saturday afternoon we had Heidi's tumbling recital. She did GREAT!! I was expecting her to be shy and not do much, but she certainly surprised me.

Karter was entertaining himself and the crowd as Sissy performed.

After the tumbling recital we headed to my dads (While Kyle went to a friends wedding and then he came) for Tyler's graduation party... the kids had a ball in the pool... Karter loved it.

Oh and before I get to Sunday let me tell you about Saturday evening... we got home a little after 10 and Kyle unloaded the back of the car while I got the kids situated. Well apparently he didn't shut the back hatch because at 1:40 AM our door bell ran and it was a cop letting us know that the back hatch was open and that he looked in there but didn't see anything that looked like it was missing (How did he know what was in there???). Kyle went out and checked and shut it and nothing had been missing thankfully. But it did make me feel good to know that cops ride around our neighborhood that time of morning.

So yesterday morning at church they recognized the seniors.....

Yesterday afternoon they had Baccalaureate at the High School!

Our cousin Jamie and Tyler graduating together :)
Then this next picture was taken Sunday night in the nursery.... Stella Kayte and Karter