Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

 I know today is Wednesday, but yesterday Heidi got her hair cut.  She and Sophie both have been wanting a hair cut, so I finally made an appointment.  Heidi wanted hers to her shoulders, which would still be a good bit shorter than it was.  Long story short, we ended up getting there and she did Locks of Love.  It is MUCH shorter than we had prepared ourselves for.  BUT I just kept telling her at how she helped a child that doesn't have hair and hers will grow back.  Poor thing... she cried for a good hour to hour and a half after we left. 

Here was a picture of her at the end of school in May.  LONG absolutely BEAUTIFUL hair :)!!!  
 ..... and this was Monday at the beach.... she loved to do side braids....
 ...and in the chair Tuesday......
 .... and the pony......
 It is still a very cute hair cut.  She just wanted it to be much longer than it is.  She didn't want to see anybody yesterday, she said she was even wearing a hair piece (pony tail that we have) to church tonight so no one could tell.  I guess it just broke my heart because it broke her heart.  If I could glue each strand back on I probably would LOL!
 Babee was trying to console her and telling her how pretty it was and how it will grow back....
 HAHA Now this was funny to me and Kyle.... He had gone to get Karter from MeMe's and they went to get Chicken Wire to finish the Chicken Coop.  When they got back, Heidi was playing Barbies and wanted time to herself and Karter started watching the iPad.  He had been home probably 10-15 minutes before Heidi came out of her room.  When she came out, Karter's eyes got HUGE and he said, "HEIDI...... WHAT'D YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?"..... haha.... thankfully she had calmed down and she just laughed and said, "I feel bald". 
 Little Bit also got a TRIMMING LOL!  She did hers second, so I said no cut for her hehe.... just trimmed.  I don't think I could take 2 getting chopped. 
Anyway, maybe the title should be called Traumatic Transformation Tuesday LOL!  She is better with it today, but still very much missing her hair.  I blow dried it last night to try to style it to show her all the different ways to fix it.  Plus once she receives the certificate in the mail from Locks of Love receiving her hair, I think that will make it better too.  Not so sure she will ever get it cut again LOL!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sick Heidi, CLASS REUNION (oh my), Swim Fun

 What a last few days it has been :)!  Thursday night Heidi started complaining with a headache and her legs aching.  Next thing we knew her fever got to 101.8.  I wasn't sure if it was from getting sun earlier that day at Big Kahunas or what.  She ran fever during the night and still had one Friday, so Friday afternoon she and I headed to the doctor.  They pricked her finger :( and determined she had the fever virus.  Basically feels like a summer time flue she said.  Head ache, dizzy, fever, body aches.... poor Heidi bug :(!!

 She hasn't played much over the past couple days.  Mostly laid around and watched T.V. or played on her ipod. That is if she wasn't asleep. 

Friday after we got back home, Babee and Karter Man (he had been playing at her house all day) came over.  We spent the afternoon mostly outside, swinging and playing with the chicks.

Sophie Girl knows she likes to swing.  She has always amazed me at her interest and "dare-devilness" with the swing.  Higher the better of course.

 Sweet chickens.. they are really so funny to watch...
 This is Libby..... Kyle named her hehe.  The only black one we have and he said she needed a "normal" name.
 Baahaaaaa he was working on the steps for their ladder and was letting them practice.  Libby made her way down pretty good.  Two of the white ones went too fast haha... that's what that white blob is.  The practically flew off.
 We grilled chicken fingers a little later.  Heidi bug was snoozing away.  When she woke up, her fever had spiked to 103.3.  It was awful.  Her body felt like it was on fire.  Mom cooled her down with a bath cloth, but just look how pitiful.... sick baby girl....
 Snoozing in Mama's lap....

 Saturday morning Heidi still wasn't well.  She played Barbies for a while and we did yard work.  Fun Fun!  Had LOTS of trees that needed trimming.  See little Sophie helping us out??
 Kyro also cleaned my car Saturday morning.... for some reason little bit kept begging to take her picture in the booster seat?

 Wooooo-Whooooo!  We had my 10th Class Reunion to go to Saturday night.  We went on a fabulous Dinner Cruise (Solaris) in BayTowne (San Destin), so we knew we would be late getting home.  MeMe came over and stayed with the babies and spent the night and Heidi stayed with Babee because we knew she wouldn't be able to go to church this morning.

Here's a pic of me and my honey boo before we got on the road....

 Traffic was TERRIBLE!!! Absolutely TERRIBLE!  It was bumper to bumper across the toll bridge.  Y'all know me.... had to get pictures.  Pictures tell the story better :)))!!!!

 We finally made it to our destination about 6:00.  It had been rainy and was still sprinkling, but it was still beautiful at the same time.  Got a picture of this parrot to show the kiddos.....
 Good lookin' man I got :).....
 I was sending my parents pictures and mom said she needed a picture "of her other children"... so had to get one of this fine lookin' couple.....
 Which y'all..... omg... Amanda I can't help but tell this story, I don't even remember what someone said her dress looked like but she said, "At least that's better than Whataburger"..... I never saw Whataburger in that dress but now I just start laughing thinking about it.  That dress isn't Chevron... from now on it's the Whataburger Dress.
 10 year class reunion, but I can't help but have the kids on my mind 98.9% of the time.  I wish they were with me because Karter would have especially loved it and all the boats. 

I meant to take my "real camera" and forgot it at home :(!! But here are some pictures just around the deck of the boat...

 My beautiful friends.... Emily, Rebecca, & Andrea:
 My mouth is watering as I am about to write this.  Our supper was DELICIOUS!!!  To us anyway.  Or we were just hungry.  Enjoyed a filet with some type of gravy, shrimp, potatoes, and green beans. 
 Hard to see, but that's our big WELCOME sign :)!! 
 And this one is so hard to see, but I took a picture of the bridge we went under to show Karter.  I knew he would be so fascinated. 
 HAHAHAHA This makes me laugh thinking about it too.  Kyle was taking a picture of me and Amanda and anyway he took it and said, "This is the best picture ever" LOL... he had cut Amanda out.  Those 2 fight just like brother and sisters.  No joke! 
 LOVE my bestie!!!  These pictures truly describe us....

 And then there was Langdon.  He has grown like another 5 feet (JK).... so seriously is like forever tall.  He was one of my best guy friends in school.  He was his same ole loud & crazy self
 Mr & Mrs Colquett....

 I don't know about any of you, but before our 10 year reunion I just always wondered what it would be like.  I have to say this completely was beyond my expectations.  Amanda did a SUPERB job picking this out and getting the committee together and everything.  WONDERFUL IDEA!! Something different.  We got home at 12:56 A.M. to be exact.  Wanted to get back for Ino's Homecoming :)!! 

Karter had one of those mornings where he really wanted to wear his hat and tie.  Didn't matter what it looked like, he just wanted to wear it.  I thought it was precious.  Y'all know Picture Mom had to get a picture....

 After we ate lunch at church, we went swimming at Dad & Yana's.  Heidi bug was still at moms not feeling well. 
I am soooo proud of him for starting to be so brave.  Wonderful!!!

Hope you all have a good night :)!!