Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Looking Back..... On Me :)!!

 When we were taking out the table we had in the foyer to put the new dresser in, I was cleaning out the drawers and found these old pictures of me :)!  It was so neat to go through them and just .... remember when....

Okay so in the preschool picture above, I am the 3rd from the left sitting down.

The one below, I am the 2nd row, farthest to the right in the pink. 
 I have always loved this picture... and check out the big bangs LOL!! The styles change don't they? I am the one standing on the left.
 I am wearing one of Mama's homemade "Bubble suits" in this picture.  Middle row, 3rd from left.
 I was in gosh numerous pageants growing up :)!! If Mom heard of a pageant, I was in it.  I think I enjoyed doing them until I was older. 

So this is the picture I was telling y'all about several weeks ago when I put the picture of Heidi in my dress.  The one above is me wearing the dress at 6 years old and the one below is Heidi wearing the dress at 6.  How neat? :) 

My mom actually made this dress.  So it is extra special.


 Isn't it fun to just look back on old photos? That is why I take so many. 

 Not sure how this one got in the mix, but it did.  Okay I had just announced that we were expecting in this picture.  So I guess I was about 9 weeks pregnant here.  Karter man was just a "whittle baby".   I can remember feeling so stressed and overwhelmed that night because everyone was congratulating me.  I wish so badly I could go back and do it all over again and not feel so ashamed and embarrassed. 
The ladies were talking in our DT Class on Sunday nights at how you know the saying that "God doesn't give you more than you can handle"..... well that's untrue.  God DOES give us more than we can handle so that we will learn to rely on Him.  Sad how too often our "humaness" tries to handle things.  I am so beyond thankful for our precious little family. 

Kmans Room, Peppy Rally, & Tumble Show

I wanted to go ahead and show you my inspiration for Karter's room.  His room isn't completely like I want it yet, so I haven't got a picture of the final product :)!! But it'll come.
I found these next to picture on no other than pinterest and fell in love.  Karter LOVES boats and water and fishing... so why not do a nautical themed room? 
These curtains are AMAZING to me and I really want none other than THESE curtains LOL!  I have yet to find "these" curtains.  Most everyone either takes white curtains and paints them or takes the fabric and makes their own curtains.  Soooo I am in the process of doing that. 
And this is where I got the big stripe idea from :)!! Only thing..... I wish or stripe was thicker.  Oh well, still looks fine.
I was really sad to see the animals go :(..... we did that before we even had Karter.  This was originally their playroom.
Of course we had helpers......

Sweet handprints LOL!! That then was the cause of the paint in Sophie's hair for gosh 3 weeks?? Until finally mom got it out with goo gone.

And wah-Lah....  The stripe was hard to do (per Kyle LOL) because of our textured wall.
But I love it :)!
Hopefully the next step is new carpet.... one room at a time LOL!

Anyway.... I know that was way over due, but didn't want to forget to share it.

Sooooo Karter Man was so excited that Papa was home this past Friday so that he could stay with him instead of going to the Pep Rally... or "peppy rally" as Sophie calls it.  The noise just really bothers him.

He was able to stay with Papa and help him work on the lawn mower :)!

Checking the tires....
He needed some "guy time"... being cooped up with 3 girls for 3 weeks is rough stuff LOL!
Sophie thought we needed a picture :)!! This was actually before the "peppy rally".
Sweet Pres went with us to the pep rally and these girls had a ball :)!  Soph loved being with them although she never would sit in Presley's lap hehe.
Of course we went to cheer on our Bobcats Friday night.  During football season and Friday nights, that's usually where you can find us.  The kiddos love it.

Ole wild woman.....She thought she needed a different view of the game baahaa....
Karter Man and Brayden


HAHA Brayden loves to cheer with Sophie's pom poms....

After a fun filled Friday night, we woke up Saturday and went to Opp Fest.  It was soooooooo cold!  I guess winter is approaching... and this family loves us some summertime heat.... so coldness is NOT for us :)!

Anyway.... the kiddos thought they just really needed some turtles.  So what does Babee do?? Of course gets them turtles.  Thankfully I talked her into only 2 turtles instead of 3 :)!
And not many feet from the turtle stand and we "drained" the water not once, but twice.  I am sure those poor turtles were seeing their destiny fastly approaching, but so far they are still alive and kicking.

Meet Sophie's turtle, "Sophie".

Heidi went through several different names for hers.... but right now it is "Tiny".
After Opp Fest we ate lunch with Papa and Nana :) And then supper with Babee.  Delicious homemade soup!!  Mama's cookin' is always so yummy to me.

So  here are the kiddos and their "Art Studio" in Babee's tub :)!!
Sunday we just kind of took it easy and Popster hung my chalk board frame for me :)!

Yesterday morning Dad helped me get Mr Tin Man's costume in line. 

Of course Little Tiny had to try it on :)!

AND.......... we got the treats all situated for Heidi's school party tomorrow :)!  It feels so good to have them done in advance and not have to stress about it tonight.
Soph fell asleep at Papa's, so me and Kman came on home and it's amazing how accomplished I felt :)!!  I was able to spray paint his halloween costume, and an old lamp I bought at a yard sale. 

And get started on recovering his lamp.  I have it all complete and in his room, just so he can have light, but I am not completely finished with it :)!! Gonna add some rope to it I think.

Such a busy busy week....... last night was also Parent Night at tumbling.  I was soooooo proud of Heidi Bug.  She did wonderful :)!! 

The only thing is she cannot get her backbend and it bothers her so bad.  She "Got" it at dance a month or two ago and then she had two massive falls on her head and now she is terrified to go back :(.  But she really wants to get over that, so she started asking us to pray for her backbend at night.  Sweet child!  I love the innocense and "realness" of a child's prayer.

She can of course do a backbend from the floor with no problem.

I was sooo proud of her.  She is constantly tumbling at home or anywhere we go.  So getting to watch her show everyone else her "stuff" brought a smile to my face :)! 
My little bro watched the babies for me to go, and he sent me this picture.  He bundeled the babies up and took them on a golf cart ride. 
Today we have sweet Kaidi playing with us and this afternoon we'll get Hankster to play too.  Fun Fun stuff :)! 

Hope you have a wonderful day.  SMILE!!!