Thursday, March 26, 2015

Staph (AGAIN) & Cellulitis

 Karter has Staph and Cellulitis.  He has had staff once or twice before.  I forget.  And it seems they always stem from his viral warts.  If one becomes visible he scratches it until it becomes infected. 

We went to the doctor a week ago today.  They were short staffed and the kids got.... c-R-a-Z-y while we waited!
Sophie had just gotten in trouble for something.  I forget what it was.

 When I was looking through pictures on my phone I found these that Heidi took....

 After the doctor we went and ate supper at the Mexican Restaurant.  Heidi makes good grades, but I had been telling her for a while if she would make a 100 on her reading test then we would go eat anywhere she wanted to.  So Mexican was her choice for the evening.
 After we ate, we headed home to play for a while before it got dark.  They took some eggs to our sweet back yard neighbors :)!! She sent me this pic of the egg deliverers:
Karter will be finished with his antibiotics tomorrow.  He got an oral antibiotic and a cream.  The oral smells exactly like sewer.  Thankfully he is nothing like his little sister.  He takes his medicine like a champ.  No fussing.  No complaining.  If Sophie had it I told Kyle they would have to give it to her through an I.V. haha! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Paleo..... Enjoying this Journey

 So far since doing Paleo and going to the gym 4-5 times a week I have lost 8 pounds.  I haven't been near as strict as I was the first 30 days, but I have still done really well.  I'm still only drinking water and occasionally a cappuccino (& I have had 2 Starbucks).Ohhhhh and I did find some Dark Chocolate Soy Almond Milk that is dairy and gluten free.  It is fabulous!! Only 50 calories per cup.  So I have had a cup of that sometimes before settling down at night.  It helps my sweet tooth :).

Anyway, here are some more pictures of my meals...
Paleo Pancakes are so good to me. 1 egg+1 banana+cinnamon+nutmeg and can have 1 tbsp organic honey to go on top like you would syrup.  Top with strawberries or blueberries. 

Salmon with spinach and onion

I love to grill chicken. 

I put chicken fingers and gluten free bbq sauce in the crockpot before church and we had it when we got home :)!  I had 1 chicken finger and sweet potato hash.

Turkey Burger and cucumber

I have had some pretty good workouts :)

This Salsa is great. It is only 10 calories per 2 tbsp.
I used it on a Paleo taco salad.  1 romaine lettuce leaf, ground turkey, goat cheese, and 2 tbsp salsa.

I have always been curious just how many calories you can burn while jumping on the trampoline, so I put my Polar on to see one afternoon while jumping with Sophie.

1 of my favorite school line snacks.  Apple and sunflower butter.

Killer cardio workout!

Paleo Pancake :)

This was a beautiful salad I made with spinach, 1 grilled chicken finger, ab 1/4 a tomato, goat cheese, & 2 tbsp Olive Garden salad dressing (30 calories). YUMMMO!

A school line snack :) about 10 carrots.

I baked some tilapia and okra.  So good!

I like to dip my fish in this sometimes.  1 tsp is 5 calories.

The tilapia and okra was so good that I made it 2 days in a row.

School line snack :)!! Fresh Pineapple! I ate about 1/2 of this container and saved the other half for the next day.

My goal has been to make it to 4 miles on the elliptical in 28 minutes.  I am so very close!

Another good cardio workout

My friend Kayla and I follow several people on Instagram that do paleo.  One (or several) of them recommended this sausage.  Y'all, it really is so good. 

Paleo Pancake and 1 Sausage

Another yummy salad with spinach, cucumber, goat cheese, chicken, and O.G. dressing.

For dinner Friday night I cooked me 1 chicken finger, sweet potato hash, and spinach with onions.  We had a birthday party to go to and I knew the kids would eat there so I wanted to make sure I ate before we went.

Saturday we went to the beach.  I had a cheat meal.  The grilled chicken and broccoli were divine!  The rice is not paleo friendly.  And then that evening we ate pizza and I got us a caramel apple & a Starbucks.

Since I did "so" bad Saturday, Sunday at lunch I only had asparagus and broccoli. 

I had an afternoon snack of a grilled peach, goat cheese, honey, and blueberries.
Yesterday morning was busy.  I went to the school to help Karter's class with a craft so I took a grapefruit with me to eat. 
My workout after I went to the school :).
This was this mornings work out.

And this mornings breakfast.  1 sausage and an omelet with red pepper, onion, spinach, & goat cheese.
Paleo is not difficult.  It really trains your mind to think healthier.  I have enjoyed how it makes me feel by doing it.  Full, but not bloated.  Plus being able to go to the gym helps me feel better.  I really miss it on the days I can't go.  

Sophie is our little eater.  She enjoys most all of the meals I cook.  The other two haven't enjoyed it as much as she has, but that's okay.  Maybe one day they will get there. For now, I still cook them something different :).

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mom: New Stint, More Chemo

 It has been a while since I have given an update on Mom and this journey.  

February 22nd Mom and I headed to Birmingham to stay the night because we had to be at UAB at 5AM sharp for her stint replacement.  She has to get her kidney checked and the stint replaced about every 8 weeks.  

We headed up and turns out some good friends were heading home so we met up for supper :)...
 We made it there bright and early.

She was prepped and ready to go before we knew it.....
 It doesn't take long to replace a stint.  We were out of there before lunch :) and stopped at our favorite spot.... Cracker Barrel..... :))))
 We made it home in time for me to get the kids with Kyle and head to dance :).....
This past Wednesday morning we headed north again :) for Treatment 5 Day 8. 
 Kayla got little bit for me from pre-school :)!  Kyle's Mom spent the night with us and took the kids to school for me & picked them up.  So thankful I have help so that I can be with Mom :)....

Our must have lobby picture :)
 She had her labs and was waiting for the results :).....

I walked over to Children's Hospital to see my friend, Christina, and her precious baby & Mom sent this :).
 MeMe sent me this picture of her little side kick :) before they got the big kids......

Please continue to pray for Mom :)!  She is allergic to carbo which is in the chemo that she gets on day 1.  She has to take a TON of steroids to help with it because she can't not take the chemo.  This chemo is nothing compared to the last chemo, but it still makes her feel rough and she gets really bad headaches from the chemo.  She is a trooper and is still working!!

She will get a scan after her next 2 treatments.  We can't help but be ready for the scan and at the same time a nervous wreck.  

We have to keep telling ourselves...... 

So please just continue to pray :)!!