Monday, January 30, 2012

What's The Difference?

God never gives us trials that He doesn't also give us the strength to get through each and every one. He has a purpose for each of us which may be as simple as being in the right spot at the right time to be used by Him. Live your lives awaiting this moment when God's purpose is fullfilled in your life. John 3:16

I got the above picture and passage on email a few weeks ago and it really touched my heart. What is the difference? Everyone makes such a big deal about Tebow crying and being so open in his faith. Why? Because he's not afraid to share it and to show it? Think of all the millions of people he has reached. Maybe some of the ones that have laughed at him are some of the ones that have pulled their Bible out to look up the scripture he would have wrote on his face.

Check out this chart that I found interesting. Notice the increase in google searches for Tebow just in 2011??? He is reaching someone.

Why can't I be more like him? Why can't I walk around with John 3:16 on my face and not be ashamed? I commend him so much on all that he does for God. He is a true example of a child of God. He loves the Lord and is NOT afraid to get on bended knee in front of millions. He thanks God in the good times and the bad.

Most of you that know me know I'm not this huge football fan. I have never understood the game. Thankfully, Kyle has taught me some about it... so now I get more into it... as long as he's around :)!! Hard not to get in the football spirit when he's jumping up and down and yelling at the television. With that being said, I am a Tebow fan. I don't know Tebow and I don't know anything about him except one thing.... he is a Follower of Christ and absolutely doesn't mind sharing that. I just had to share this with you all :)!!!

Are you a Fan or A Follower of Jesus Christ??

**** PS: I am watching August Rush. It is very good right!! It would have to be for me to be up at 10:41 PM while everyone else is asleep. Kman was his usual night owl self and just dosed off about 30 minutes ago. Kyle was super sleepy, so I sent him on to bed with Bug. Kman is snoring away beside me on the couch. I actually cooked (started) supper tonight and Kyle finished it.... Mom and I started practicing for the 5K run that's in about 8 or 9 weeks. Couch to 5K week 1 day 1 complete :)!! Just have to keep practicing. My side hurt incredibly bad tonight, so I did more walking than running :( But will get there!! Put me some new running shoes in a shopping cart tonight... just have to show them to KC to see what he thinks. I'm excited :)!!!

So anyway... Great Monday.... looking forward to Tuesday!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let's Start A New Week...

Whew... Thank goodness for a Fresh Start to a New Week!!

As you know, last week we battled sickness.... it made its way through each child. Soph ran fever Sunday-Wednesday and Karter ran fever starting Thursday morning-Friday night. Heidi only ran fever once and that was Thursday night. My sweet husband is thankfully home and he kept Soph Monday-Friday, Added Karter to the mix Thursday & Friday and Heidi on Friday. Heidi was so upset that she didn't get to go to school Friday. She wanted to get an award the end of the year for Perfect Attendance so bad. That RSV is bad stuff, but we are soooo thankful it didn't lead to pneumonia in our children.

Anyway.... ole Kyro is learning.... he took several pictures for me on Friday. He got brave and let the kids play with Playdoh :)!! Our poor kids have been play doh deprived *haha*! Keeping the small children at church and letting them play with playdoh has made us not like it very much *L*!! It gets on the floor, stuck in shoes, etc..... but the kids have done so well with it at home.

Kman was so proud of his alligator that his daddy made him ;)!!
And his snake *L*!!

Bless him... of all the things to eat in the house, the kids wanted eggs, and eggs they got *L*!!

He has been so awesome this week. It's the last week of hunting season and he had sick children and did not complain not one bit. He made up for it Saturday *L*!! He hunted ALL DAY!!! I told him that it was torturous to me to not see him when he's home. I missed him like crazy.

But anyway.... I could tell Thursday night that he was getting a weeeee bit stressed. Just being cooped inside with sick children will eventually take its toll on you. SOOO we were invited to go bowling for a friend at Church's birthday. Heidi had already told us earlier in the week that she wanted to stay with MeMe so she could sleep late *S* (Bless her *haha*) and Since Kman still had fever Friday, mom kept him. So off to Enterprise we went with Little Tiny in tow!

Soph was "helping" Tad pick out a ball.

She needed a break *L*!!!

So Friday night we just had Soph.... anyway.... Kyle left the house at 330 am... and no joke, Sophie was bright eyed and busy tailed at 4 am. Since Kyle was already up, I had to take a picture of her (not the clearest I know) and send it to him. She kept singing "Ashes Ashes we all fall down"... over and over and over AND over.

Yes we let her sleep in her clothes. They were just put on her to go bowling in and she was asleep when we got home.

I took these pictures Saturday morning after it actually became daytime :)!

Cool Chica riding to the farm yesterday....
My favorite oldest daughter :)..... wrote this message for her Uncle KyKy :)!!

Last night, the babies slept AWFUL!!!!

After church, MeMe cooked Fried Oysters, chicken fingers, fries, hush puppies, onion rings, and had a yummy Candy Bar Cake for dessert :)!! We had a nice family afternoon!

HAHA See what I think Miley Grace and Karter cooked up??? *L*!
So anyway.... really hoping for a better week this week. So far so good :)!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Over The Past Few Days......

Whew... we have had some sick kiddos. Soph has been fever free all day today!!! YAY!! Today was Day4! Guess what?? Kman started running fever this morning... and he had one when I got off work today. Guess what happened tonight?? Heidi started running a low temp. Bless 'em! Poor Kyle. I think he's about had it *L*!! Being cooped up inside with sick kids for 4 straight days is no fun! I'm just so thankful that he's home to be able to do it. And I am thankful that he wouldn't think of it being any other way than him keeping them.... especially when he has been dying to go hunting.

Anyway.... hopefully all will be better soon! Hopefully!

Thought I would share some pictures from the last few days and end with some from today.

These were this past Sunday. Heidi wanted Papa to do the "string game" on her... where she lays on the floor, string is tight across the nose, and you try to sit up. Well she couldn't do it, so she wanted her Daddy to.... guess what... he did it and wore a string line almost all day *L*!

Heidi being silly....

Kyle gets on their level sometimes *L*!! They were screaming, so then he would to and then they would get louder. It was rather funny, so I tried to get a picture of it.

The past 2 days on my lunch break, I've gotten to enjoy my Sophie girl... well actually she was asleep Tuesday when I came home.

She was playing with my jewelry :)!

So..... KC washed our comforter, and couch cushions. Kman leaked out on one of them, so he just washed them all.... smells so good :)!! Anyway... here's his homemade clothes line *L*!!!

And our empty couch... it was so hard to not lay out on the couch Tuesday night.

AND Finally it was all put together yesterday afternoon :)!!

I had to take this picture. They were sleeping so good... look how Kman is all sideways up on Heidi!! Can you believe we only have a Queen?? YEP!! A queen!!! Sophie Girl enjoyed her some cookie dough with me the other night :)!! That baby girl knows she's not going to pass up much food!!

Beautiful girl this morning before school ;-)!!

Soph woke up bright and early this morning with me. So she hung out in the bathroom while I got ready. She loves my new mirror *L*!! So much she was stripping baahaaa.

So I thought I would show you how Kyle and I communicated today. We desperately needed to go to the grocery store, so I texted him a picture of the list :)! And yes my nails are purple :)!! I wanted something different and I really like it!
KC Took these of sweet Kman today.

So Soph thought she needed to run around diaper less tonight... she ran to the potty one time and almost made it. She tee-teed right beside it. Anyway, I told kyle if she gets potty trained before she's 2, we're going to have a hard time finding panties to fit her. Heidi went and got a pair of hers and of course they hit the floor.,.. so KC got a pair of Kman's and they held up much better :)!! She never did tee-tee in them :)!

Here's my sick baby boy.... When I got home he just wanted us to rock and rock.

Man on a mission *L*!! My remote battery to my car has been missing about a week. I thought I put it in a "safe" place to where we could go right to it.... well we can't find it anywhere.... so he was going through all the toys in the basket to see if it fell in there or if I accidentally put it in there..... BTW.... no such luck :(!

Anyway.... I really hope this sickness goes away soon. I can't stand for any of our kiddos to be sick :(!! No fun!! Heidi is so upset that she has to miss school tomorrow. She wanted to get perfect attendance.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!