Thursday, September 29, 2011

These Are The Good Days....

These days are sooooo nice lately! Kyle and I both love him being here. I know you have read that a gazillion times lately, but it's the truth. We have seen more of each other the past 6 days than we have in a long time. It's so weird having him here. Like and not having to wait for him to get home from work and wonder if he'll be working late, etc. Plus it's really nice having him here in the mornings. Our days have been so much brighter and happier. And we have gotten along soooo well! It has so far most definitely been a plus for us.

Yesterday mornings we had REALLY bad weather. Well much to your surprise, we really don't watch much on TV besides Disney.... so we hardly ever know the weather. Karter spent the night with my Dad and Yana Tuesday night... so Yana was going to take him to KW. Anyway... I took Sophie to KW first. I actually missed a call from Kyle while I was in there. He was trying to catch me before I took her and tell me to bring her back to him. I thought that was so thoughtful. So since I had already left to take Heidi to OES, he went and got Soph and Yana brought him Karter. They had a good day!! I got to play with them during my lunch :)!! And I had to cricut a sign for the bank's scarecrow... and of course I had LOTS of help *L*!!! Anyway... I was folding clothes or something and Karter got REALLLLLLLLLY quiet... Kyle went in the bathroom to check on him.... he was playing in some old play lipstick that I keep under there for us to write on the mirrors or something with. Of course he got the "Long lasting" BRIGHT red lipstick....

Needless to say it was still on when he went to KW today :)!! He got lots of laughs!!! HAHA! AND he had to wear it to church last night *L*! Thankfully the weather cleared up and he got brave and took the babies to the grocery store :)!! My friend, Ashton, messaged me and told me she saw them in there.... so of course I told her to send me a picture *haha*!! He looked like he had it all under control. Looks like they broke the pocket book though *haha*!!
The babies went to KW today. Kyle helped get the kids ready for school this morning and get everything together and saw us off and then went back to bed for a little while :)!! He's loving being home too!! And then he painted the outside of the house. It looks soooo good! I came and picked him up at lunch and we ran to Goody's real quick. He really wants some Sperries for some odd reason *L*!! But they didn't have any. And then we came home and enjoyed some lunch and I worked on some more Cricut projects. It's just nice being in each other's company and actually carrying on conversations.

We also realized today how much joy and excitement our children bring us. We would be bored out of our minds if it were just us. HAHA Our house would be clean though Kyle said *L*! God most definitely KNEW what He was doing when He gave us Heidi, Karter, and Sophie. So glad He picked us to be their parents ;)!!

Anyway.... gotta busy weekend planned... date night, little WalMart trip and two showers to go to.

Found these old videos of Heidi bug. Both of them of course were before Karter was even thought of. I Love the head bobbing one... and as I was watching the hair video, it made me realize and remember that she has ALWAYS liked doing hair. So neat looking back on old videos and pictures. Enjoy :)!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Lot Like Paradise....

I am absolutely LOVING Kyle being here. I knew this offshore thing would be worth it :)!! The evenings have been great. Not stressful at all! We have really been able to enjoy our time together.

Yesterday when I got home, he had the peas and corn already cooking. No lie... I cooked one time while he was gone. Anyways we had barbque pork chops (I put in the crock pot at lunch), corn on the cob, fresh peas, crescent rolls, and some cheesy potatoes :)!! Dad, Grandmama, and Yana hung out with us for a while. That was really nice company :)!! Everything just flows and isn't so rushed it seems.

Today at lunch I picked Kyle up and we ate at Papa G's :)!! It was a really nice lunch date. We laughed and laughed. I just really think we are going to enjoy every second that we get to spend together. I hope so anyway. And tonight was another enjoyable evening. Our nights just seem to be full of laughter and of course some crying.... Poor Kman is going through something I guess. He gets in trouble regularly.... just sometimes pure meanness! Like tonight.... he had a cup of Hawaiian Punch... and he wanted to pour it out SOOO bad. I told him several times that he better not.... well what does he end up doing?? Walked over to the basket of toys in the living room, looked at me, and poured it right in the back of one of his toy trucks! UGH! I popped that hiney and put him in time out. Later on after their baths, Soph was walking around in just a diaper (HAHA Because she slipped down on a chocolate milk shake in the kitchen.... it was sooo funny) and he walked up to her and just slapped her in the back. WHY ON EARTH would you do that? So he got in trouble again. Is it boy? Is it meanness? Is it the "2" year old? IDK.... Heidi for sure wasn't like this.... maybe it's a mixture?

Anyway.... here are some more pictures of "Wonder Boy" *L*!!

Yesterday the kids picked up pecans.... Heidi was "in charge" and gets the money from them.
Sophie LOVES to swing! She would swing and swing and swing if you'd let her. I can only swing so much until I get dizzy *L*!! Especially since KC swings us so high and fast that we start spinning.

I Love this picture.... Grandmama and Bug! One to cherish :)!!

Uncle Randy brought his Ranger over Sunday so Kyle could change the oil.... so he changed it yesterday and has been enjoying a few leisurely strolls :)!!

I think Kyle is enjoying his days too! He gets to do whatever he wants and he likes that :)!! He did yard work today. He's pretty tookie about the yard.... has to be cut a certain way, etc. Then he pressure washed the house... and got the babies from school (H had dance). He says he's painting the house tomorrow. We never did finish painting the new addition, so he wants to finish that. I didn't have to do a honey do list *L*!! He did a pretty good one himself.

We are just making sure that we make good use out of the time we do have together. After all, we only have 1/2 a year to see each other :(!! Makes it seem really sad thinking about it like that. So you have to enjoy the time you have.... if you don't that means something is wrong with your marriage.

Oh I have to tell this story about Karter before I go... this weekend he and Kyle were going back and forth... "Daddy"... "Karter".... "Daddy"..... "Karter".... "Daddy".... then Kyle mixed it up and said "Myles".... and no lie without missing a beat, Karter said, "Kyle" *LOL*!! Kyle thought it was the funniest thing he had heard in a while hehe! Karter is pretty funny and usually keeps us laughing!! Just like him pouring the drink in the back of the toy dump truck... it was so hard not to laugh... and I actually did when I turned my back to him and looked at KC.

Anyway.... I think I am about to head to DreamLand!! My eyes are getting HEAVY!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Famous In A Small Town....

Words cannot even begin to describe how thankful and excited I am that my hubby is home :)! When we saw his plane land Friday at the airport, we all lit up :)!! I even had those little butterflies in my tummy :)!! Although it was "ONLY" 38 days, for us, 38 days was a really long time. Especially for a first hitch. It most definitely brought us closer. Almost like we are in love all over again. *S*AWWWW I know!!! *haha*!

Here's his plane as it was heading to the terminal....

Karter thought it was the coolest thing ever to watch the planes and helicopters.

And there he is :)!! He started waving at us I think before he even stepped out of the door :)!! All of a sudden my heart felt at ease.... he made it home safely.

I Love this man so much!!! God SOOOOO knew what he was doing when he brought us together 11 years ago.

I of course had to hold Karter and Sophie, so I was unable to get the initial reaction on camera or video. I wish I could share that special moment. Just watching the kids faces light up as they saw him... and his face light up as he saw us..... one of those moments where you just really needed to be there.

I think you can tell Kyle's excitement here... and it looks like Karter is pinching him to see if he is real *L*!!

Karter and Sophie were very interested in the baggage claim :)!! Kyle was still excited though!!

"Tickle, Tickle, Tickle"
I didn't take KC a Dr Pepper to the airport because I knew it would be hot by the time I got there and plus I knew we were going to get some lunch after we got him, so I figured he'd get one there. Oopsie!!! We ate at Logan's Road House and guess what??? The only have Mr. Pibb :(!! So SAD!

As you can see, the babies still couldn't hardly keep their hands off him.

It sounded just like Sophie kept trying to say, "TOYIA" on the way home from Dothan. I tried to get it on video, but I couldn't. Kyle's the one that actually picked up on it.... anyway there's another video of her trying to do it at the end.

Mrs. Hightower added even more smiles to my day when she sent me this picture of Heidi on the Playground :)!!

She also sent me this precious picture of Heidi and some of her friends. From L-R: Liz Ann, Alli Grace, Heidi, Abby Grace, and Isabella.

Heidi went to school Friday. Mostly because I don't want her to get the idea that it is "okay" to just miss school anytime she wants. She was okay with not going and with her Daddy picking her up :)!! I told Kyle that it was like he was famous. We had the windows down as we went through the school line and several of the teachers were yelling at him..... "HEY KYLE" "WELCOME HOME" and of course sweet Mrs. Mikel....."Did you get your cheeks squeeze"? LOL!!! And then we got to Heidi. She isn't big on attention, so she got real clingy to Amanda :)!!! But you can tell by the look on her face that she was sooooo excited. She couldn't stop smiling. She has turned into a Daddy's Little Girl!

Karter ended up staying with Amanda at school and she brought him home later. When we got home, we just hung out and listened to Kyle's "Worldly Adventure". His plane ride from here to Korea was 16 hours, Korea to Africa was 19 hours, and Africa to here was 15 hours. That's a lot of flying!! He really enjoys his new job and we are really loving his time home.

Here's Soph playing "Night Night" *L*!! She's so sweet.... and oh so smart! (Just a side note... no joke... she isn't far from potty training.... I'm so happy!!! I just need one to be out of diapers).

:) Heidi didn't want to take her hands off of her daddy!! Poor Daddy was sooo jet lagged. One tired puppy!!

He brought back some money keep sakes from Africa and Korea for the kids to keep.

Friday night although KC was super tired, he made his little girl happy and we went to the ballgame!! GO BOBCATS!!

Sweet girls!! Aren't there outfits adorable?? Babee made those for them :)!!

Sophie is something else *L*!! Little Non Bashful thing.... and she LOVES to dance!!!

Oh my sweet dear ole Karter Man..... I heard him say "Uh Oh" while standing in front of me... well apparently just while we were at the game he decided to pee an entire gallon!!! So much that it overflowed his pull up and wet the bleachers in front of me. SOOO it was time for us to go! The 3rd quarter had just started.... so I guess the 3rd quarter is as far as we are going to get :)!!

Heidi Leigh stayed at the game with My Uncle Sonny & Aunt Mandy and they brought her home afterwards.

I just noticed this was stuck in here.... this was actually taken Friday morning... pretty durn sweet I might say.
Saturday morning I tried to keep the kids out and let Kyle sleep in. He slept until 10:30 and I think that was only because Heidi woke him up!!

We had him a "Welcome Home" mini party at his moms house. I was a little mean.... I made him a layered chocolate cake with Auburn colors on the inside. He didn't even eat any :(!!!

Look at the sweet kiddos eating :)!!! They had themselves a good weekend. And you can really tell how tired Kyle still is.

This was him during some of the football game.... after 1/2 time we came home to watch it and while Sophie and I were in her room hanging up clothes, Kyle was yelling at the TV and then it got really quiet... and I came to the living room and he was OUT!!! So he got another 2 hour nap.

Anyway.... Karter got REALLY quiet for a really long time... well thankfully MeMe picked up on it. Here's what the little guy was up to.... he had gone through all of MeMe's makeup... it was EVERYWHERE!!! I mean EVERYWHERE!! He had himself a good time!!!

This is mascara on his face.... Thankfully it came off *L*!! He didn't want me to take his picture *L*!!

Here's our Little Bama Girl. Yes as long as their Daddy is here I'm going to respect his wishes.... I am okay with them dressing Bama!!

HAHA And Poor Karter Man.... He is so funny to me. You can tell he is only around girls. This was is Superman outfit... aka "a dress". It was so funny.... Miley Grace came outside and said, "Karter don't got no shoes on" and Karter said lol, "I got my dress on"..... haha!! I busted out laughing. He's going to hate me one day when he sees these pictures *L*!

We tried really hard to get a picture of MeMe and her Grandkids.... that's near impossible to get everyone to look and smile *L*!! But here are a couple:

Sunday after church and after lunch, we went out to Jody's and the kids rode horses. They had a great time. Kyle, Sophie, and I rode the Gator while they rode horses.

Sophie isn't scared *L*!!

Sophie and I had to get a picture together :)!!

Off they go.....

I was so amazed at how little Sophie's legs looked... so I had to get a picture of them. Skinny Minny!

Karter "drove" us back!!!

Sophie Lynne was playing in the care before we left *L*!!

After we left, Heidi rode by herself!!! She is such a big girl!! Thanks Mom for taking a picture for me :)!!

Kyle had such a warm welcome home from everyone. He was missed by so many people!! Especially at church. What's not to miss :)?? I sure missed the stinker. I told him that it was like I didn't want to stop touching him or taking my eyes off of him. He's here. He's really here. It still gives me a whole new respect for Army Wives. I appreciate what y'all go through so your husbands can serve our country. But like a friend of mine whose husband is in the Army and away said, "It doesn't matter where they are or how long they are gone, we still miss them just the same". It couldn't have been summed up better. When you are in love, you are going to miss your significant other.

BAAAHAAAAHAAAA Commercial Break: As I am sitting here typing, I am laughing my head off. Heidi was asleep on the couch and she just rolled off *LOL* And then she jumped up not realizing where she was and crawled back on the couch and leaned over the end and layed her head on her Daddy's ice cream bowl and the end table *L* That sooo cracked me up.

Anyway... I am really glad Kyle is home and I am very much looking forward to these next weeks we all get to spend together. He seriously holds the key to my heart!

Anyway... enjoy the last 2 videos :)!!! Kman running in his "dress".