Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's a Pretty Good Ole Life :)

Today was a very busy day at work... tomorrow will be even crazier!! The first & third of the month and holiday AND Friday all mixed together... YIKES!!!!

This evening was GREAT! Kyle worked in Andalusia today, so he got home pretty early and was able to go mow his Grandaddy's grass. Mom got the kiddos and then they got Tyler and headed to Jody's house to swim. We had a big birthday dinner for Mom's birthday. Her birthday is Saturday, but they are going on a Captain Anderson Dinner Cruise, so I won't be able to see her. We had grilled ribs, sausage, porkchops, corn on the cob, YUMMY potatoes, rolls, and salad. For dessert we had homemade peach ice cream.

Anyway.... here are some pictures of Sophie the other night "riding" the rope swing :

As soon as Kyle got home from his Grandad's (which wasn't long after I got home), we went to Jody's. Karter was so proud of his hair.... "KyKy" hair. Daycare got it to stay standing and he LOVED it :)!

Heidi does soooo well swimming under water.

Sophie Girl:

My handsome little man....

Is this picture not perfect timing? I love it!! It looks like they are walking on water.

Heidi getting ready to jump off. I was so proud of her!

Ole Dad-A-Roo doing some flips....

After supper we just all sat around a talked for a while.... Soph was getting SOOOO Sleepy :)!! Heidi and Karter wanted to spend the night with KyKy and Babee... well they came to get their clothes and the little guy didn't want to go :)!! He is going through an attachment issue phase. Heidi Leigh was ready to go *L*!!

Soph fell asleep probably 45 seconds after we started the car tonight and headed home. She was one tired little 1 year old.

I don't know if I have mentioned it on here, but for some reason I have really wanted a Lemon Tree. My oh so sweet Mother In Law bought me a Meyer Lemon Tree today. I need to find me a cute pot and stuff to put it in and replant it. AND when I get finish blogging I have to go google how to take care of it. But I am so very excited :)!!
Anyway.... very much looking forward to the long 4th weekend. Maybe a little R & R. Big plans Monday.... grilling and hanging out by the pool and Saturday evening some friends are coming over.

Life is really good.... oh and something for you to just think about.... Kyle and I were talking tonight about families. Let me start with the other Sunday in Sunday School I was telling them I thought there was a big difference in a house and a home. It doesn't matter how big or small your house is.... if it's not a home it doesn't matter. I know people that live in huge houses... that we very much need, but they have absolutely no love in it.... not a home. So anyway... we went by a house and we both know they have 2 kids. To me, you can go by a house and just by the outside of it you can tell a lot of things. You can tell whether their life is boring, interesting, exciting, if the kids play outside, etc.... this house is just dull and boring on the outside... and the grass was slightly tall... well that tells me that the kids do not play outside much... and since there were no toys outside I could easily tell they weren't out their much. You come by our house, our blinds are usually open and you most always see a kid or two running around out there *L*! Plus there are toys EVERYWHERE!! You might agree???? or not????

Great Evenings

We didn't go to church last night because Kyle had been showing signs of the virus & so did Karter. I tell ya...... Mr Virus needs to leave Opp!! He is no longer welcome :)!

As you all know, Tuesday night it came a good storm....... so we had to play inside. Our kids are so used to playing outside that they don't know much to do inside. Karter did manage to dump the basket of toys in the living room the "newness" of those kept them occupied for a while. Our grass is so pretty and green now because of all the rain and it actually needs mowing again.

Tuesday night my brother stayed all evening. The kiddos really enjoyed that. We played and played outside..... I had several issues with cooking that night *L* so I finally picked up the phone and ordered the family roasted chicken from Bentons :)!

Here are some pics from Tuesday:

*L* Heidi is all about posing....... notice that leg all bent haha.

Kyle cut some limbs down that were in the way of the rope swing.....

Sweet Sophie....

I was fixing H's necklaces. She wears 2 now..... One of them she had to have from Maurice's & I honestly thought it'd be a waste of money, but she has definitely proved me wrong.

I was thinking this could get interesting..... *L*!

Soph is so close to walking it's not even funny. She'll stand up in the middle of wherever she is... last night was on MeMe's new lounge chair.... and you know that's not very sturdy, but she stood up like it was nothing... (not holding on to anything that is).

Last night we played outside.... and if you ever come by our house and notice my naked son.... please don't call DHR *L*!! We have been working on potty training and he does pretty good.... but when we are outside, we let him go naked and he'll tell us he has to tee-tee, he'll stop, grab hold, aim.... and well... FIRE!! *L*!

Matching Girls.....

My 3 wonderful blessings :)

They got soooo dirty..... just good old fashion outside playing :)

BAAHAA.... another Heidi pose....

There has not been a day that has gone by that Kyro and the kids have missed riding the dirt mike (or motor bike as H said) since it has been here.

Karter is so funny.... he'll get in one of their "cars" and tell us BYE, if you ask him where he's going, he'll always say, "WalMart"!!!

Then later on last night, my dad and Yana came over with Sadie and 4 of her precious chocolate pups. It was sooooo cute watching Josh, Sade, and the 5 pups. Jaycee missed her Momma... she was following her everywhere (or missed the milk as Papa said). But it was the cutest thing. I didn't take any pictures because I knew it was dark and they wouldn't show up very well.

Anyway.... here are some Little Tiny videos for you to enjoy :)!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picture Post

I thought I would just do a picture post over the past few days.... because I just don't feel like I have anything to talk about :)!! So enjoy these million pictures!

This makes me so nervous, but Kyle and the kids love it.

Sophie stayed with my last Thursday because she threw up at daycare Wednesday. Needless to say.... i think she's as big of a Frosted Flake fan as I am :)!

okay.... Tyler calls me a big NERD because I sit after parties and save bags and tissue paper.... yes.... even the tissue paper.

my tiny might.... I tell her that she's a 1 year old trapped in a 6 month old body *L*!

Cotton Candy machine and Meredith and Kaidi checking out the ducks and chickens.

This one of Jaycee/Josh still cracks me up!

Maybe I finally have an Auburn child on my side??? Everytime the Auburn fight song would start playing, she would wave this pom pom :)!

My silly husband..... sooooo silly.

Cheesin Karter man!! Then it's.... "I wanna see" and I have to show him his picture.

HAHA Sophie was about to do her throw back in that first picture.... I don't even remember what she got mad at.

I don't remember what made Karter so upset, but something sure did *L*!!

Found out today that Heidi will have Mrs. Keena Hightower for Kindergarten!! We are oh so happy!! All of the teachers at OES are wonderful!! I am getting excited about it, but Heidi still doesn't want to talk about it *L*!!