Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sophie Lynne- 6 months old

It is hard to believe that this precious little girl has been with our family for HALF A YEAR now! Gosh! I took her yesterday for her 6month check up..... here's what is going on in her life:

*She weighs 13.6 pounds
*25 1/4 inches long (so she is very petite based on her height and weight)
*Head circumference is 16 1/4"
*Was drinking a 6oz bottle, but since the rsv she only drinks about 3-4oz
*Was eating 1/2 a jar of veggies and 1/2 jar of fruit at a time, but since the rsv she doesn't want any baby food.
*Still spits up a pretty good bit
*On Enfamil A.R. formula
*Started sitting up really well a few days shy of her 6 month birthday
*Scoots where she wants to go
*Wears 3-6 month clothes unless it's a whole piece, then she wears a 9 month just to make sure it is long enough. Majority of her pants are way too big. I have a hard time getting jeans to fit. She wore a 3 month pair she got for Christmas on Sunday and they slid off her.
*Still wears the Pampers size 1-2
*Majority of the shoes Heidi was wearing at this time are too big for her
*Likes to chew on things
*Likes to take her paci in and out of her mouth and figure out how to twist and turn it until she gets it back just right
*LOVES to watch Heidi and Karter. It seems that she sometimes is harder to entertain if they are not around.
*Loves her Mommy
*Sits in a rear facing infant seat still with one headrest in it
*Still loves to get a bath
*All around a very happy, pleasant baby. I tell her she's a Pistol Ball because she can get VERY mad VERY fast.

I took these pictures yesterday at the DR office while we were waiting for Dr E to come in.

Waiting for the nurse to come give her the lovely shots :(! She was actually taking the "liquid shot" in these pictures.... before she got the 3 actual shots.

Okay I tell Heidi and Sophie all the time that a lot of the time when I look at Sophie I feel like I am going back in time and seeing Heidi as an infant all over again... it's a very strange feeling!

Anyway..... she wore pajamas last night that I knew I had pictures of Heidi wearing too. Well these are the only pictures I could find of Heidi wearing them.... and she doesn't look like Sophie to me in them. But thought I would share anyway. Plus.... Sophie is 6 months old in these pictures, and Heidi was 9 months in hers. Heidi seemed to be more fuller than Soph... oh and Heidi was in the hospital having her first set of tubes. She had her tear duct surgery 2 weeks prior to this. Anyway enjoy.... Sophie is on the left in all of them and Heidi on the right.

**Both are cotton tops :)

Yes Lola made the picture too :)

What a wonderful sight to wake up to every morning :)!

I thank God for this "unwanted gift".... the gift that I wanted and didn't know I wanted. I often wonder what life would be like without her. Of course I can't imagine. I wonder too that if she weren't here with us, would I long for her?? Would I want another child? I can play the what if game all day long.... but all that I KNOW is that I love this little miracle of a surprise and I DON'T want to picture my life without her.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

It's hard to believe that another Christmas has come and gone. I don't know why time goes by so fast when you're and adult, but when you're a kid it seems like Christmas will never get here.

Kyle and I were talking about how different Christmas was this year. Not sure what made it feel so off.... several things were different this year.... so maybe it was just a mixture. Plus as you know our children had been/were sick. Heidi started running a fever Thursday night.... and hers lasted about 3 days too.

Kyle really missed his granddaddy this Christmas. He even wore his Granddaddy's shirt to church Sunday morning.

Anyway..... here are some pictures taken over the holiday.

Kyle got us a new camera..... so he was playing with it.

We went to Mr and Mrs Lunsford's (Yana's mom and dad)house Thursday night to eat. Heidi's fever started there.

Sophie loves Grandmama :)

Dancing Santa.... Karter was all about it.

This was Christmas Eve.... Kyle's parents gave the kids a trampoline.... Heidi still didn't feel good.

Kyle's mom painted this Santa last year and I think it is beautiful!!! So I had to share it.

We had a ROUGH ROUGH night Christmas Eve.... Sophie was up every hour.... so I felt like MUD!!! Karter woke up at 4.... so Kyle put him in the bed with he and Heidi and I stayed in the living room with Sophie and she and I finally got on the couch at 4. It was hard to enjoy Christmas Day because of how tired we were. Not really sure what was wrong with Soph.... she was screaming bloody murder.... like I almost took her to the ER.

The two things Heidi asked for were a big Barbie house and a Dolphin pillow pet.

Heidi would keep asking us who this or that was from... and I would say Mommy and Daddy and she would run give both of us a BIG hug :)

HAHA This is Hannah Montana and Lola!!! There are more pictures of them a little bit down... just a different version :)!

Mama and Daddy cooked our traditional Christmas breakfast!! It was SOOOOO yummy! And it is really nice that we can all come together on Christmas. It means a lot to me!

Different version of Hannah and Lola :)

Karter was giving Papa sugar!!

Heidi wrote this on one of Dad and Yana's presents.... Papa and Nana (reading down) Josh (backwards J), Santa, Rudolph, Heidi, Sophie (backwards S), Karter

Heidi really wanted white boots too for Christmas... I couldn't find any... but Yana did :)!! She LOVES them!

Karter was testing his new tooth brush

Guess who's in the box??? Heidi!

Sunday we went to Moms and cooked all afternoon because we had her family Christmas that afternoon at my Aunt Donna's.

My children.... so thankful for them!! the girls match :)

Hank and Heidi

Each year someone different gets this pretty... (HA) nightie... and bra. Uncle Sonny was the lucky winner this year!

I had the day off yesterday.... it was really nice.... I TRIED to straighten up some *L*!!! Then I took supper to some friends in Enterprise that had a baby a week ago.... and then we went to the Messer's to eat supper!

The Messer's got Kinnect for Christmas.... it's super cool. So Kyle, Sonny, and Walker competed with the Sports part.... VERY Humorous!! Then they got out the dancing one.... Kyle took pictures of them dancing... and he said he did some videos, but I thought I would spare those :)! BLACK MAIL *HEHE*!

Kyle was doing his Victory lap!

Sophie enjoyed watching them so much that she fell asleep.

This is Walker... he is having surgery today. The same surgery his brother had..... where they break their jaw and move it out some.... PAINFUL!!

Anyway..... I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!