Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scarecrows in the park, Rolling, Homecoming 2014

Kman loves helping his Daddy when he is home.

These 3 have always been close friends.
 Last week we visited the scarecrows in the park :)!!  We all look forward to this each year.

Kyle is such a big kid!! They were all competing to see who could swing the highest.
 We got started on supper when we got home.  The kids enjoyed helping their Daddy make biscuits.

 Homecomings in the south are a huge deal.  You can prepare yourself to see lots and lots of toilet paper filled yards.  It is usually the high schoolers that do the rolling, but this year when my friend, Julie, decided to roll us.... well it was on!! 

This was our yard when we got home from church Wednesday night.....

 ... Soooo... Thursday night we went rolling.  The kids had a blast.  Karter rode with Brayden and when Kayla sent me this picture I literally LOL'd.....
 The next day was Homecoming.  The kids got out of school early for the annual parade.  

While I was there making copies I got a picture of sweet Oki and Heidi :)...
 Before the parade Luke was teaching Karter and Sophie how to play dice....

 Friday at preschool they carved a "Jack-O-Lantern" for the letter J....

She has so much fun at preschool.
 ... and Saturday our guys went to The Tisdales for the Mens Supper.  They all gather, grill, watch football, do a Devotion, and hang out.  Karter had so much fun having a "Daddy/Son" afternoon/evening.  

While they were there, us girls hung out at Mamas.  We grilled and visited The Messers...

Kman and Brayden chillin' by the fire that evening.
Weekends seem to go by entirely too fast. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Little Friends Monster Bash

 Our Little Friends group had a super cute "Monster Bash" Saturday.  Our friend, Natalie, came up with the idea and I absolutely loved it.  The idea behind it was to let the girls know that Our God is bigger than any monster out there.  And not just the "boogy man" monster....  we all have monsters in our lives.... could be we are scared of spiders, bullies, doing bad on tests, or any other numerous thing, BUT when we turn to God, He helps us with all of our fears.

She gave them each this "Monster Mist" (aka water) to spray anytime they are feeling afraid...
 Anytime we have our Little Friends gatherings, we each contribute in some form or fashion.  My job in this one was to  make the monsters and the adoption certificates for them.  I really had so much fun doing them.  I have to admit it was very difficult to come up with 21 different ways to do a monster.  Each monster (as well as each certificate) was unique just as each of our girls.  No two were the same.

Friday night we skipped the football game, stayed home and grilled.  It gave me the chance to work on the monsters.  Both of our Moms ate with us.   They were both so helpful.  My Mom helped with supper, made a YUMMY red velvet cake and helped me with some Monsters.  Kman and Soph went home with Kyle's Mom so he could go hunting the next morning while Heidi and I went to the Monster Bash.  It really was a fun night.  Just staying home, hanging out with family, and enjoying the evening.  

Here was a picture I took before I assembled any of the monsters....
 Once I got their faces created, Heidi and I stuffed them all with bags and then I sealed them shut with the hot glue gun.
... and then they were complete.

The glue gun was NOT friendly to me. 

They were all ready for a sweet little Mommy to adopt them.
The one Heidi chose :)! 
 Natalie did a phenomenal job with all of the decor.  It was all so cute!

 The walk way to the party set up was cutely lined with monsters, sayings, and "spooky" music.

My sweet Angel....

Olaf and an angel

Made me smile so big on the inside watching them get so excited over the monsters.

 We always bring God into all of our gatherings.  Nothing is as important as He is and we always want the girls to know to rely on Him no matter what.  

This is a shot of Natalie telling them a couple of Bible stories.....

Then they played a fun game of "Guess who this friend is".  Each of us Moms gave Natalie 3 things about our daughter and the other girls had to guess who it was.  They had a lot of fun trying to guess who went with what characteristics.

The costumes were all absolutely adorable.  We had a robot, 2 witches, scarecrow, peacock, Princes Ana, genie, police woman, angel, Olaf, hippy chick, Asian girl, leopard, cat, candy corn, 50s girl, and a zombie ballerina. 

I love this picture!!  Looks like my Angel is flying :)!!  And the robot lost her head haha....

..... Another one of their party favors.... tic tacs......

I am so thankful for this group of Moms and their daughters.  These girls are making memories that will last a lifetime.