Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Typical Monday for The Colquett's

 Mondays are generally very busy for us.  Thankfully dance for both girls is on Monday, so we get it all over with in one day.

Yesterday happened to be parent day at dance :)!! I love being able to watch what the girls do during class.   And it was neat to watch how different Heidi and Sophie are.  Heidi is more shy and reserved.  You can tell in her stance and performance.  Sophie it all about it.  They always do a cute little dance to "Ghost Busters".... (Heidi did when she was Sophie's age too).  Well, you know how the song goes.... "Who ya gonna call".... and you shout.... "GHOST BUSTERS".... yeah well.... They went to each girl and she responded that way.  When she got to Sophie, Sophie yelled, "MY MOMMY"!!! HAHA! I would expect nothing less.

When dance was over we went to enjoy the evening at The Tisdales.  Kayla and I have been wanting to do a Pinterest Meal, so last night we were planning on it and decided to do crock pot Chicken~N~Dumplings instead.  They were very good thanks to my friend, Valerie, for the idea and recipe.

Okay, that was my day in a nut shell.  So enjoy the pictures :)!!

This week is the letter "H".... Kman took a picture of Heidi yesterday :)!

 And just check out my little handsomeness.  I look at these and can't help but get a little emotional.  I know how fast time is going to go when he starts school.  I remember when Heidi was just 4.  Now she is 7.  So I know that is going to be Karter soon. 
These 2 are my favorites :)!!
 For whatever reason, I ALWAYS burn toast.  I can never get it just right.  The dial and I do not get along.  I either do it too long, or not long enough and then have to do it again and end up burning it.  I used to burn it at least once a week at the bank.  They would all laugh because as soon as you walked in, you could smell it and knew it was me.  Yesterday when I burnt it, I had to take a picture and send to my old co-workers and let them know that I have not changed LOL!!

Sweet dance girls :)!!

 Learning coordination...

She had just gotten a skittle :)

Got to work on getting her head off the ground.
 Of course she was all about this mask dance haha! Some of the girls wouldn't wear them because they were "scary".

Cute little bird bath

Bear Crawl :)


Kman and Heidi watching her
 And then it was Heidi's turn :).....

 Shelly Kate is in class with her :)!! They were partners for the situps :)!!

Karter was a good sport through Sophie's, but he had just about had all the dancing he could take by the second hour.

Sweet cousins

On the way to Kayla's, Heidi had my camera and was trying to get a picture of the "perfect" sunset.  I think she did a good job :).

The girls have not held Mollie Mae yet :)!! They enjoyed getting to last night :)!!  Sophie couldn't get enough. 

Little Momma for sure!

Heidi was still taking pictures on the way home :)!!

Before Sophie crashed.

She got me twirling my hair LOL!

So here we are on to Tuesday :)!!  Love spending all day with my children :)!!  Very thankful! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Too Much Fun in a Few Days :)

 So y'all know our chickens are just as much family as any of our other pets.  They are always making me laugh.  Y'all know my sappy story about getting rid of the roosters and getting more hens.  Well ever since they had to catch them to see, they are being "hard headed" and won't come to me like they used to.  Or didn't.  They have the past two days and I love it.  Anyway, last Wednesday night before church I was hoping they were back in the pen and asleep for the night.  Not quite!  I could not find Libby & Ginger anywhere.  FINALLY after walking and calling they made a noise... and I found them asleep on top of the boat.  Silly birds!  So I had to carry them to their pen. 

They even like the cat food hahahaha!
Thursday he took a JACK HAMMER :) (Friday he wore a Jersey)
COMMERCIAL BREAK: I am in  my bed writing this and as I was typing, I saw a big spider crawling across my bed.  Holy smokes! My heart is still beating 90 to nothing.  I cannot help but wonder where it came in at and if there are more.  I jumped up.  Couldn't find any thing to smash it with.  Dropped the computer on the floor.  The actually "computer" part on the bottom popped off.  BUT I grabbed my flip flop and smushed it.  Thankfully the computer works and I didn't damage it and I feel like little legs are crawling all over me.  WHOA NELLY! Might not sleep a wink. UGH!  What if I had of been asleep?  Or had the lamp off?  eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk

ANYWHO..... I FINALLY dressed up Sophie's lamp.  I am soooo tickled over the finished product.  I just took some lace and hot glued it around the shade.
Friday afternoon we went to see the Scarecrows in the park with The Carnley bunch :)! 

This is still the funniest thing to me.  See the duck string Sophie is pulling?  Stella Kayte was looking at it saying how she used to have one like that.  Well Valerie said "yea she did.  It was monogrammed... I took it to the Christian Center".... BAAAHAAA..... then the duck turned and low and behold.... it was hers!!!  How funny is that???

Sophie said this one looked like Babee hehe!!  Ole Dolly!

Dirt Angel fun!!

 Friday night we ate supper at Moms and the girls ended up spending the night.  Kman was my little snuggle buddy :)!!  We slept so good.  We got up Saturday morning and headed to Opp Fest & Met the Tisdale's.   

Babee and the girls got there a little later :).....

I used all my cash on the inflatables and after standing in 2 different lines to get lunch and them not taking debit cards, we left and went to Burger King.  Sophie's imagination is constantly running!  She loves to watch rodeos on TV, so she easily sees something as a horse.  She was embarrassing Heidi so bad.

I really, really wanted to take the kids to a pumpkin patch Saturday afternoon.  Most of them close before Halloween, so I knew that was my only chance.  Everyone was busy, so I put my brave face on and took them by myself.  We went to a new one this year and will definitely go again.  As I was getting the kiddos out of the car, Heidi spotted Amanda and her mom pulling up.  Next thing we knew they told us their entire church was there.  What were the odds?  Such a nice surprise :)!!
There really is no telling how many times they did this slide.

Pigs and bunny rabbits.... right up the girls' allies. 

Pony Rides....

Cloud jumping I think it is called....

Cow Train....

Heidi's favorite was playing in all the corn :)...

Hay ride.... Kman didn't want his picture, so I was tickling him to try to get him to look.

The amount of activities for the kids to do was unbelievable.  Best part was paying 1 price and them doing it all.  Where we used to go you had to pay for each activity.  We could have stayed here all day.  It was really a lot of fun.
Before we left we had to do the corn maze.  MISTAKE!!  Us and everybody else and their brother was in it and we were all lost.  We walked so much through it that my feet really started hurting.  Sophie's too so I had to carry her the last part. 

Let me translate the video: "We not get out of here..... we should not come in here". 

When we left the Pumpkin Patch we met mom in Dothan and ate supper.  And then I braved a Target trip with the three amigos. 

This Momma definitely deserved a Starbucks :)!! Plus I needed the energy to drive back home. 
Like all the cups haha?  I cannot stand wasting drink.  Karter drinks so much that he could care less if it is flat.  So I usually just put them in the fridge and then give them to him the next day.  I have to be resourceful haha!

The kids were so good this afternoon.  They played and played and played.  All afternoon!! They were so good that I didn't even make them take naps :)!!  Oh and played outside that is.  We had such a good day.  Tonight at church I didn't realize Sophie was going to have to come to "big church" with us until her teacher brought her before service started.  Karter usually does a pretty good job at sitting still during service, but not so much tonight.  He and Sophie got the spray when we got home because they were so distracting for me and everyone around them.  Anyway, Karter made a balloon person in class.  Well Sophie noticed it about 1/2 way through the service.  I had just gotten out of my mouth, "do not pop it".  What does she do??? POPS IT!!!  Popping a balloon unexpectedly in a church in 2013 is not a good thing.  Heidi started laughing.  Scared those around us.  And I was wanting to crawl in the floor.  Sounded like gun fire.  NEVER EVER NEVER EVER EVER dull with her around.  EVER! 

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend :)!!!