Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!!!

I took the day off today to venture off with Santa to make sure Christmas was all taken care of :)!! We had the best day ever! Thankfully I bought all throughout the year, so it wasn't stressful at all and I really don't feel like we bought "wasteful" things. I am very pleased with our progress :)!! We only have 3 gifts left to buy. YAY!!

So this morning we took the babies and Heidi to school and then came back home to take the seats out of my car. We have never taken them out.... it looked so Gigantic with the seats missing *L*!!

We stopped by Huddle House and ate their "Famous Waffle".... baahaaaaa not so famous. It was plain jane and nothing fancy. For lunch we went to Olive Garden :)!! Today was the first time that I have ever been and not gotten Chicken Alfredo. I don't think I'll be venturing out anymore. I got the Lasagna and hated it :(!! So I ate like 3 bites maybe and just couldn't stand the smell of it anymore. It was so funny because we were sitting there and she brought our salad... I was trying to get a tomato out of it with the tongs and apparently got to digging too hard *L* and bumped the bowl which bumped Kyle's Dr Pepper and it went EVERYWHERE!!! We both just sat there and laughed.... we don't even have the kids and still mange to make a mess. BUT our waitress was so kind.... and we were served very fast.... so we left her a nice tip and I put a note that said, "Merry Christmas". It felt so good to do that. I have always wanted to do something nice for "a stranger". I have more ideas in mind that I'd like to do for people who don't get thanked enough.... and when I do that, I'll be sure to let you know :)!!

Here's a picture of Me and Santa:
We really had a good time together. We were able to go to each place we wanted to (except Hobby Lobby :( ). We ended the day with a trip to the marvelous Sams!! LOVE SAMS!!! We spent a good bit, but we always feel like we leave with a good bit to. We also got gas for $3.02/ga there!! WHOO HOO!!! $65 to fill it up (it was 3/4 empty).... that's a steal!

Anyway.... we got home and thankfully mom had the kids here and the babies were bathed and she had gotten them supper at Burger King :)! Sophie was very whiny she said.... I really think it's her gums. She has 4 teeth coming in at one time. Heidi had dance... so mom and the babies picked her up for us too :)!!

Anyway after a little while we were all talking and Heidi was saying that her friends, Sara Catherine and Katie have an elf and we were wondering where "Buddy" was. Well..... low and behold we talked about him and he showed up!! He brought a note and candy for each of the kids!!! Heidi's face was priceless. I wish I had it on camera. She was so excited.

Heidi decided to change his name to Jings. She asked "Buddy" if that was okay and he didn't say no *L*!! So Jings it is.

Wonder what all tricks Jings will pull this year??? It's always fun to find out!I have to end with a heart warmer story..... I rocked Sophie to sleep and Kman and Kyle were on the couch watching Toy Story 3 on the Ipad. Anyway... I got to the hall way to lay her down and I heard Kyle say, "I Love you Buddy" and Karter said, "I love you to". I actually stopped in my tracks and had this big grin on my face and I couldn't help but Thank God for the wonderful Dad that Kyle is. So many kids grow up and don't hear that from their Dads.... it did my heart good to randomly hear him say that :)!!! And the best part... he doesn't even know I heard it :)!! Life is good! God is even better!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Such A Fabulous Evening!!!

We had a really great evening. I love coming home in the evenings and get greeted by my sweet babies. Heidi met me outside at my car when i got home and then Karter came too :)!! I was soooo proud of him because he was still in his same jeans and undies that he was in when I took him to school :)!!! His face just lit up when I kept praising him :)!! He had a thing of tic tacs that his Daddy got him at the store. He was so proud.

Kyle is so wonderful. He went to the Cleaners for me, bought stamps for Christmas cards, was going to get a hair cut (but they were closed), and went to the store. He was going to pick up a Rotisserie (sp?) Chicken, but forgot! Oopsie!! So of course he was asking me if I was hungry, I told him I was okay... I could eat cereal :)!!! He of course was starving!! And when he starves and pokes his lip out.... I know that means Papa G's!! *L*!! So a Stan's Salad it was! The babies ate Spaghetti and Heidi & Kyle shared a pizza.

For some reason right after Karter and Sophie ate, they were ready to get a bath. Okay with me *L*!! No begging!!! Haha! While I bathed them (& Yes cleaned the tub once) Kyle cleaned the kitchen. He got in the cleaning mood..... he scrubbed the counters, did the dishes, swept and mopped all the floors, and picked up some.

After their bath, I was able to hot glue some things that I had been putting off. Bows, Flower Clips, etc.... but the main reason was to fix our tree skirt. We are in much need of a new one, but I'll just fix our old one for the time being *L*!

Of course I had some help :)!!! The cutest help ever I must say!!!

We also painted finger nails and toe nails tonight :)!!! Poor Karter... he wanted his painted so bad *L*!!

And then a little play time with Daddy *L*!! Macho Macho Man!!

It was just a very pleasant evening. But I tell you what.... That Sophie Lynne is a pistol ball! She is feisty as all get out! And sooooo bossy! I have never seen a 17 month old has independent and seriously... bossy.... as she is. I can't even explain! And she talks up a storm. She tries to say most anything you tell her and she says all sorts of full sentences. It's amazing!

I was telling them at work about her telling me to stop yesterday. She's going to be the kid that you spank and she turns around and tells you that it didn't hurt. Ya know?? I was decorating the tree and Kyle was decorating Karter's tree. Well Soph kept taking the ornaments off the tree and bouncing them and saying, "ball"... well I got on to her and she would then just hit the ornament. Well I finally told her that if she did it again I was going to spank. So of course she looks at me, smiles, and does it again. So of course I popped her. She cries for literally 2 seconds and looks at me with that Sassy look and points her finger and says, "STOP". Kyle BURST out laughing.... so of course I then lose it. She doesn't even come up to my knees and she is telling me what to do *L*!! GEEZ LOUISE!!! I think we have it in for us.

Here is a video of them while Kyle went after supper:

And last but not least.... my Heidi bug watching her Netflix movie before bed. I love my sweet family more than anything and nights like these make me that much more thankful for the time we have together.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It;s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I loved pulling up at lunch on Friday and the outside decorations were done. Kyle knows how much I love this time of year :)!! So he puts things up without me even asking.

They got the inside decorations out and put some of them up.. .and anyway he sent me this picture of Heidi while I was at work Friday :)!! Her stocking boot!

From my last post, you know that Kyle went to the 10:00 black Friday sale at WalMart to get his Xbox with Kinect and a few games. Anyway... Friday night, Tyler, Amy, and my Dad came over and enjoyed some time on it :)!! Great exercise by the way.

Here are a couple pictures of them doing the Dance 2:

Of course Heidi asked to spend the night at Papa's so that she could be with KyKy and Amy! She hung out with them all day Saturday too :)!!! She does love her Uncle!!

Kman has been into the "helping me cook" stage lately. Maybe it's a phase??? Or maybe he really is going to have an interest in it??? I wouldn't mind some help on the cooking side :)!! Anyway... he "cooked his eggs" Saturday morning. He thought he was BIG stuff!!

Sophie on the other hand ate until her little heart was content *L*!! She had 1/2 piece of cake, 3 Gogurts, cereal, and some of Kyle's waffle. Now that's a breakfast *L*!!
Our tree is pre-lit... which I love the fact that someone made that invention :)!! Unfortunately, we had one branch that had every light blown on it. Kyle changed all of the bulbs and it still didn't work, so we went to Walmart last night and going a pack of lights to wrap around it. Can't tell the difference :)!! Anyway... he was taking the tree apart to work on it and Karter was so worried.... he kept saying, "OH NOOOOO Daddy broke the tree". *L*!!

Yesterday afternoon we had the Wyatt Thanksgiving at my Uncle Victor and Aunt Kathy's house. We always have a good time at family events, but this year was the slimmest my dad said he has seen it since he was a kid. Now that's sad. I mean most families only get together 3 times a year: Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.... so try to make it those 3 times. I couldn't imagine going a year or longer without seeing my Grandmother. Anyway.... I could stay on that soap box for a while... but I'll move on :)!!! We still had a great time with our small crowd.

The kiddos enjoyed riding down the hill:

Look at this cute face *L*!!

They both enjoyed running and jumping into Papa's arms like they do on Dirty Dancing *L*!! Soph didn't want to participate for some reason.

Dad and Yana brought Woofle (sp?) Ball... so it was fun hitting the balls. I was actually a little sore today and I know that's what it was from.

Today was a sad day for the big kids :( KyKy had to go back to school. They have enjoyed this week soooooo much!!! Of course they had to go eat with he and Babee after church. Tyler has learned to send me pictures all along of them :)!!! They were dancing at the red light and he took a picture to send :)!!

SOOOO this afternoon we managed to completely finish the Christmas Decor!!! I am so excited. I love this time of year.

Heidi put the tree up in their bedroom. cute huh?

Anyway.... Sophie helped some. She just about couldn't help because she was wanting to eat everything she could.

It gave my two sweet boys out :)!!! It rained majority of the afternoon, so mix the tiredness, rain, and darkness.... you have good sleeping weather.

This is my most FAVORITE Christmas decoration I have and I will never throw it away. I will ALWAYS cherish this painting. She painted this last year at their friend Christmas party. It is so special to me.

Tonight after church we ate supper at MeMe's. We had a wide variety of food *L*!! Anyway... Soph was sneaking in some of Heidi's drink when she turned her head *L*!! She is definitely one of a kind.
Shelly K, Miley Grace, & Heidi being silly girls:

The finished product.... I want to find me some polka dotted ornaments.

Sophie loves to touch them when she knows she isn't supposed to *L*!!
I am getting anxious about Cyber Monday. Wonder what deals I'll find?

I am soooo sleepy though. Good night my blog friends.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!!! GOBBLE GOBBLE

Well guess what folks.... Thanksgiving 2011 is officially over!! A lot of you will be shopping tomorrow... BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Not I!!! I'll be working. Kyle and I did the black Friday thing a couple years ago and I said I would not do that again. It was a mad house and I didn't save a penny. It is too much for me!! Not my thing!! Kyle was at WalMart tonight before 8:30 to get in line for the Xbox/Kinect. He got it!!! He said it was a lot of fun!!! HA!!

The thing that excites me about Black Friday.... it's the start of Christmas for me :)!!! I LOVE the month of December and the end of November!!! Christmas decorations, Christmas Movies, Christmas Music, Lots of family time. I Love love love love love Christmas.

Anyway.... Sorry I got off on that *hehe*! Today has been a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. Although we ran like crazy - Opp - Gantt - back to Opp - we still had a very enjoyable day with our families.

Last night we went to my moms house for Dinner and to make Thanksgiving )Turkey) cookies with the kiddos. That really was a lot of fun. KyKy is home and we really are just enjoying our time together. I love holidays because it brings everyone together.

In case you didn't know this little secret about KyKy, he knows how to play the piano!! YEP!! He can play "How Beautiful" (used at a lot of weddings) so pretty that it brings tears to my eyes. VERY talented is he!!

I am so glad that mom came up with the idea to do the cookies. The kids really enjoyed it.

Karter was more interested in coloring at first... but then he finally joined in on the fun :)!!

Aren't they cute???

I LOVE this picture of us *haha*!
And then he decided to decorate his own turkey....
He's so crazy!

Anyway.... Here's Heidi bug this morning.... She is so pretty to me :)!!

Karter Man was my little Chef this morning. He helped me make our sweet potato dumplings. They were so yummy!! Thanks Mrs. Terry for the recipe!!

We started the day off with lunch at MeMe's!!! I was so proud of the girls' outfits this year. MeMe got them these precious shirts and I got their tutu's made by Lyndsay at Ella's TuTu's!

Sophie girl knows she loves to eat!!!!

And my beautiful Heidi!!!

This afternoon we went to Yana's parent's place at Gantt. That's always fun because there is going to be some kind of game going on (usually 4 square, but this year it was woofle (sp?) ball). Of course Kyle was all into that.

HAHA This picture of Heidi cracks me up!! I think I was trying to talk Karter into getting on the swing with them and she was doing the motions like she doesn't think he's going to join them *L*!

It's so hard to get a picture with all 3 of them. But I like the ones we got. Thanks KyKy and Amy!

Yes, beautiful Amy joined us for Thanksgiving this year!! And she is actually experiencing her 1st Black Friday American Style :)!!!

So right in the middle of the game, Karter man runs out in the middle of them playing (not a care in the World) and just pulled his pants down and pee'd!! *L*!! It was HILARIOUS!!! By the way, he has been completely potty trained for almost a week now. We are so excited and he is doing soooo well. I am beyond proud of him. Once he made his mind up, that was all it took. I guess tomorrow will officially be a week. The main thing that did it for him was he got money when he would go. We gave him money, his Sissy (which I thought was really sweet), and his Papa. I would go to for that *L*!!
I am sure most of you write your name on your cups so you can always know which one is yours... well I had to take a picture of Heidi's to show you:

This little guy is SOOOOOO handsome to me!!!

*L* Karter was trying to get under the little statue's umbrella.

Of course I wanted family pictures made. I am going to be sure that as long as I am living, we will always have pictures to look back on.

And then Kyle and I did a couple silly pictures. I love him with all my heart and sole :)!! And I am very thankful that God blessed me with a Godly man, wonderful husband, and an amazing Daddy!! He truly is ONE OF A KIND!!!

Right before we left Gantt, Kyle and Heidi were looking at the WalMart sale paper *L*!

Anyway we left Gantt and then headed to my Aunt Becky's house. We had a wonderful thanksgiving supper there. And I tell you what.... My Momma made some MEAN desserts!!! MM MMMMM Good! She made Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, a 9 layer chocolate cake, and some oatmeal, cranberry, and white chocolate cookies filled with creme.

As soon as we got there, Kyle had to go mess with Abby *L* He sat right in her lap.... you just can't see her in the picture.
Beautiful Babee and Karter Man:

Hayston and Karter playing... they are 12 days apart (Hayston being the oldest)

They could have done this all night long:

Poor Sophie... she kept bringing me the blanket and telling me she was going night night and wanted me to cover her up *L*!

Hank, Heidi, and Brayden played on the porch a lot of the night. Oh and guess what... Hank pulled his tooth while we were there. Pretty cool!

Needless to say, when we got home and everyone changed, the kids all crawled in my lap and crashed. It was such a nice feeling. It was hard for me to figure out how to get out of the chair *L*! But we managed.

So I put Sophie to bed first.... and had to stand Heidi up. She was so funny because she was so asleep that she couldn't figure out where she was. Stuff like that cracks me up *haha*! Anyway... when I came back to the living room, she had crawled up in Karter's lap basically. Too sweet to not get a picture. It's hard to tell, but her left hand is on his chest. Awww!

And last but not least.... Little Tiny Thursday morning while I was getting ready. She is very much in this mommy phase where she just about can't be separated from me. Fun Fun times!! *l*!

Oh and Kyle fixed some yummy deer meat (so he says... and the piece I tried was good). I am just NOT a fan of deer meat. It's like i told Kyle... it's the whole processing thing that gets me. If he were to kill the Thanksgiving Turkey, I wouldn't eat that either. Nor if he killed a cow would I eat the burger or steak from it. I just can't handle that. Weird I know... oh well.

Very much ready for the weekend!! We have the Wyatt's Thanksgiving Saturday. And of course any weekend is good because we are all together. And if you are shopping and reading this... probably standing in line because that would be the only time you would have probably.... have fun.... and I hope you get a lot of deals!!!