Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Day on the Job....... Success

Well I am happy to say that Day 1 on the job was a huge success :)! 

I stayed 1000000 times busier than at the bank.  Or I don't guess busier... because I worked pretty non stop at the bank, but this was definitely a more "physical" day.  Does that make sense LOL?  I only sat down to get Soph to sleep in other words.

You know I am a picture kind of girl..... Heidi actually took these 1st two benougst (sp?) me knowing, but thought I would show you "real life" haha!!  Soph had just gotten up and I was getting her some milk.

 Majority of the day was very rainy and stormy..... so it was an inside kind of day until later this evening.  The girls dressed Lola in her rain suit and had to go outside and let her get sprinkled on *L*!
 Of course Little Tiny had me to take a picture of her and her baby too *L*!!
 Sophie ate 2 bowls of fruit loops for breakfast.... that baby girl can EAT!!
 I seriously feel like I got a ton accomplished today.  Things I have quickly learned about becoming a SAHM:
(1) I can already tell that I am going to wonder how I got it all done when I worked a full time job.
(2) I haven't cooked hamburger  helper in a long time, but I learned that our family has outgrown 1 box.... if I cook it again and Kyle is home, I will have to cook 2 boxes :)!!

Anyway.... one of the things I got accomplished was I went through lots of Karter's clothes.  Organized those.... and of course had help from a special little girl.
 She had to wear her big brother's Spider Man shirt :)!
 YEE HAW..... Ride 'EM cowboy..... that's all he kept saying :)!! When I tried to get a video or picture, he flipped haha!! So this was as good as I could manage.
 And then...... some how Soph got one of Heidi's jewelry box drawers with her earrings in it and Heidi was having a fit to get it back.  I seriously never remember fighting as much with my brother in our entire lives than my kids have in their short 3 years.  Maybe it was the 7 year apart thing?!?!?
 Heidi managed to find some old pictures that she said I was "hiding"!!! HAHA!! They were some old pictures of me and her Daddy.... so she and Sophie enjoyed looking at them.  It was a good thing because I found lots of stuff for the yard sale in that cabinet. 

 And..... once again fighting..... Heidi was on the ipad because it was charging and they were fighting over the tulle that is stretched out between them.  I mean really????
 HAHA These two are sooooo partners in crime.  I'm trying to sit here and remember what they were doing, but whatever it was they thought was pretty hilarious.
 Baahaaaa I had to take this picture.... I didn't change out of my pj pants until this afternoon :)!!! So nice!
 For nap time they picked out "The Grinch" to watch..... is it bad that my 2 year old laughed hysterically at The Grinch??? No joke!!! She thought he was hilarious. 

Anyway... she was the only one that napped and while she napped, the other two decided they would glue paper to the fireplace.... yep.... paper.... and saw nothing wrong with it *L*!! So of course they had to clean it up and undoubtedly that got them in the cleaning mood, because Heidi then started dusting and Karter went around cleaning the windows and mirrors. 
 Oh haha and yes.... Heidi kept her gown on all day :)!
 OMG...... have to tell you this hilarious story.  I started cooking supper about 430 ish.... anyway....soph opened the door while I was cooking and started screaming... "SNAKEEE SNAKEEE.... MOMMA SNAKE".... like she was in a panic.  Of course that put me in a panic once it registered what she was saying, so I came running outside to find this tiny caterpilla *L*!  It was alive and moving around so I guess she freaked out when she saw it.  Baahaaa..... "SNAKE SNAKE"... I can still picture it.
 My sweet kiddos eating supper.  I just kept it simple.... hamburger helper, corn on the cob, and green beans.  I have to say they ate it up!! Heidi and Kman got 2 plate fulls and Soph... well she just ate hers and then worked on what they didn't eat on their 2nd go round *haha*!

 Soph was trying to do the double "I love you" sign like Heidi was.

 Ohhhhh anddddddd the only thing about me being at home..... I LOVE to bake.  Used to every time we had a holiday off from work, I always showed up the next day with something I had made.  Soooo that might become a problem with packing on the pounds *L*!!  Tonight I made a strawberry cheese
 My little eater and I thoroughly enjoyed it :)!!

My mom came by after work and it was right as I was finishing cleaning the kitchen :)!! She watched the kids so I could run tan (Kyle's Class Reunion coming up haha). 

Anyway I hadn't been home long when I took this video..... (we decided tonight that unless Sophie is asleep, it is almost impossible to be with her for 5 minutes without laughing).....
Tonight, My Dad and Yana walked over.  The kids enjoyed that....well Karter finally did.  He was so tired and Ill..... so he was mostly in one of those.... I want to be by myself moods.  But Soph definitely enjoyed Papa's playing.
HAHA OMG.... have to tell you.... I have shared how SLC insists on calling KyKy, "Tyler".... well we were outside getting some paint this evening and he drove up.... she said, "Look, there's Tyler" and paused for about 5 seconds... and as serious as she could be said, "He can hold me".... haha it was so funny to me how she said it and how her little 2 year old mind comes up with things.  Dad said it was as if she was just saying... in case I was tired of holding her, she was sure Tyler would give me a break *L*!!

Who knows??

Anyway.... Day 2 tomorrow.... already gonna be a busy one.  Got several planned errands to run :)!!!

Goodbye Bankers World.....

What a wonderful day I had yesterday.  My SIB family was so good to me.  They respected my "no party" wishes and still brought all sorts of yummy party food, but there was no stand around and give farewell speeches type of party.  I am such a cry baby and I knew I would be crying all day if they did that.  I do have two cards in my purse to read at some point when I am brave enough :)!

When I got back from lunch yesterday, they had a beautifully wrapped gift on my desk.  Inside of it was this lovely Bobcat Sorrelli set :)!! I absolutely LOVE it!  Will get so much use out of it during football season.

My mom, Heidi, and I headed to get a pedicure.... my feet were something TERRIBLE!! And the thing is I get a pedicure at least once a month and they still crack and hurt.  So needed to get the heels fixed and sorda a celebration of the "new" job :)!!

Heidi Leigh of course loves her a pedicure.  They all know her at the nail salon :)!
Well on our way over there it was STORMING!!! I mean STORMING!!  We were over half way there and it started hailing!!!  That was the first time I had ever been in the car with it hailing.  Baahaaaa my mom was hilarious!  She kept telling me, "GOOOO HURRY...... FIND SHELTER..... OMG.... TURN AROUND TURN AROUND!!! IS THERE A CHURCH SOMEWHERE CLOSE BY???? COULD BE A TORNADO.... GO GO GO ...." baahaaaa... I was laughing so hard.... we finally found shelter at a gas station.  We sat there for a while and then went out again.  I mean if it was just rain it would be fine right??? Well guess what.... it started hailing again, so we once again turned around to "run" from it.  Then it stopped..... I mean wait until you see my feet pics..... I was DESPERATE for a pedi! 

Long story short, we finally turned back around and got our pedicures despite the terrible weather. 

The first picture is a picture of us under the awning *L*!! The 2nd is the strange color that everything was on our way home.
 Okay I am soooo embarrassed to even show you, but look at my heels.  How awful?? And I get a pedi so often.  They will just crack and peel.  But the pedi man gave me some tips on how to hopefully keep them from doing that.

 This is a video Heidi took of the lightening.  It was non stop lightening.  I think the weather is supposed to be bad again today :/..... good thing I'm home with the kiddos :)!!!!  Let the new job begin!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Looking Back......

 Wow.... So tomorrow is my official "last day" at the bank.  It is a very bitter sweet day for me.  I feel like there will be tears, but at the same time, I am looking forward to what the future holds :)!!

I started bringing all of my things home last week.  I also went through my computer and made sure I had what all I needed to have and at the same time I found all of these old pictures :)!!!  I just have to share with you.  Gosh so much has gone on in the past 3 years. 

I'm not going to add captions to all of them.... but anyway, I hope you enjoy these as much as I did :)!

 Funny how little things trigger your memory..... every time I see this picture I think about that very night :)!!  We were on our way to eat Japanese and Heidi was so excited to be wearing her "high heels"!!

 Some of you may think this next picture is Sophie on the left, that is actually Miley Grace :)!
 This is actually Karter.... was not yet pregnant with Sophie.

So fun to look back on pictures.  Everyone changes so fast.  These pictures are no longer on my work computer :)!!  I'll have to look back on pictures from home now!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Of course I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.