Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend at Gantt

 This past Friday & Saturday we spent the day at Gantt with family and friends.  We had a blast. The weather was absolutely perfect.

Brayden and Karter on Kman's Kayak.

Chillin' and Snackin'

Oki, Kayla, & Brayden

Kman and Soph do it all together.

Kayla and Tad were loving it.

Chillin' at the pier


 Karter decided to learn how to knee board Saturday.  He did great.

Kayla and I tubed at the same time as Oki & Heidi.  It was so much fun.

 While Heidi was knee boarding Saturday evening Sophie and I did a selfie session :)!

Super fun weekend :)!!  Hope to have lots of those this summer.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mini Camping Vacation at St Andrews

 Monday morning we headed south to camp for a few days.  I can remember camping at St Andrews when I was little, so I was excited about making memories with my kids there.  

Most people take dogs camping..... we take a rabbit.

These two road a many miles on their bikes.  They loved going up and down the road and back and forth from our camper to the Messer's camper.

 Right after I took that picture of the girls, Heidi slipped and fell into the water.  She screamed bloody murder.  Scared me to death.  She landed on a bunch of barnacles and got cut up pretty bad.  Her hand, arm, knee, leg, stomach, & foot.

Hard to see all 4 here, but it's Hank, Heidi, Karter, and Sophie playing cars while we grilled supper.

I love us all just hanging out, talking, playing, and grilling. 

 Monday night the guys went floundering.  Unfortunately, they didn't get any flounder but caught a sting ray (that they cleaned and grilled *It was very good*), blow fish, and star fish.

bottom of the sting ray
 Saturday we went over to Shell Island.  We weren't able to stay there long before a storm threatened to roll in, but we still had fun the short time we were there.

They caught lots of hermit crabs, sand dollars, and fish

I took this of Sophie on the playground at the boat landing :).
Tyler snapped this of Mom, Sophie, and Me.
 While the men folk grilled supper Tuesday night, we rode bikes to the beach.  Much to our surprise there were a TON of surfers.  I have been to Panama City a gazillion times and never seen anything like it.  Very neat. 

 Just so happened on my timehop Tuesday was a picture of Tyler and Heidi 4 years ago.  They were sitting by each other talking, so I had to take a picture to compare :).... amazing how much she has changed in 4 short years.

Whew..... this girl is a hot mess!
He LOVED all the fish !

1 of his catches...
 Yesterday before we left we went to the beach for a bit.  It was beautiful. 

This poor fish was on the brink of death and washed ashore.
 Sadly our 3 day camping trip came to an end.  We got home last night just in time for church.  We had loads of fun and looking forward to a wonderful summer.