Monday, February 25, 2013

Rodeo Fun, Yummy Dip Recipes, & Dread Locks....

I have had a day like I have not had in a LONG time!! It was crazy, nerve racking & rushed all in 1.  But that is another blog all in itself :).  I am just going to enjoy reminiscing on the wonderful weekend we had.  Blogging kind of helps me..... B-R-E-A-T-H-E!! :)!!! 

I forgot to put this on the last blog I did.  But they were all at the counter Thursday night doing "homework" :)!!!  They love watching what all  their Sissy has to do for school.
 Friday night we went to the Rodeo with my mom.  We had the best time.  We all LOVE going :)!!!  We ate Chinese (mmm mmm mmmmmm) before we went.  I have been wanting it for a while, so since the Rodeo was in Andalusia, we ate at their Chinese Restaurant.  After the rodeo, we went to Wal-Mart :).  It was after 10 and we still went.  It was fun LOL.  All the kiddos were awake too. 

Anyway..... got lots of pictures to share. 

This was before we went......
 It was a very rainy day/night... so that kept a lot of the crowd away :).  Made it even more enjoyable.

 Kman could not stop smiling.  He was so loving it.  He gave it a big thumbs up haha!
 We love our Babee :)......

 Okay so the whole afternoon and night (before this video) Sophie was all about riding horses and she was begging to ride Aunt Donna's horse at the rode.  My Aunt Donna is on the Drill Team, so we got to watch them perform :).  Well after the bunking broncos (I forget the proper name), she was terrified.  She would bury her head in my moms chest and say, "I dont wanna ride no horse".  It was so funny.

 In that picture, mom had just told her that it was over, so Soph would peak around to see.

 Heidi LOVED watching the clown and his "half time" skit with his doom buggy.  She laughed so hard.

 Kman was scared the clown would be too loud.

 My sweet little boy made another friend :).  Heidi said he once again just walked up to this little boy and said, "Hi.... my name is Karter".  Then he would tell me that he needed to go talk to his friend again, so that's how I got this picture :).
 After the rodeo and Walmart, Karter and Heidi stayed with Babee.  Sophie girl had me all to herself LOL.  She loved it.  This is her Saturday morning laughing.

 Our Sunday School class had a party Saturday night, so Soph and I got dressed and went to get stuff at the store to make the appetizers.  She had to put lipstick on.... by herself of course.
 Just so happen it was perfect timing because Mom texted me after we left the store and told me she had cooked breakfast.  We turned around real quick and headed to eat LOL :)!!!  When we got there, Heidi's hair was so cute.  KyKy fixed it for her of course.
 So I did the pepper jelly and cream cheese as one appetizer....
 and Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip as the other.
 The recipe for that is:
Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
3/4 cup powdered sugar
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup miniature chocolate chips
Graham cracker sticks or teddy grahams
In a small bowl, beat together cream cheese and butter until smooth. Add sugars and vanilla. Stir in chocolate chips. Refrigerate until ready to eat. Serve with graham cracker sticks or teddy grahams.

Like it's too good to stop eating.

We had a fabulous time at the party :)!!  Nice to get to hang out and fellowship.  Plus it was at Tad & Kayla's :)!!!  So the kids had a ball.

This was the girlies walking in to church Sunday morning.  I couldn't get one of my handsome little dude :(.  
 Sunday afternoon we were pretty lazy.  The kids made a tent in the living room and I was super lazy.  I haven't been resting well at night, so I was really tired Sunday and just laid on the couch and watched TV while the kiddos played. 

After church, we went to moms to eat a DELICIOUS supper :)!!  I miss getting to enjoy Momma's cookin' all the time.  Anyway, on the way out there both babies HAD to hold my hand :)!  Usually Sophie does, but for some reason Kman needed to too.  It was so sweet.  At the red light (I promise I was stopped and at the red light... since I had questions on my fb photo I thought some of you may wonder too), I snapped a picture.  These are the moments I want to cherish.
 Last night Heidi wanted us to braid her hair all over to make it curly. 
 It was so pretty.  I got this picture after school today, because I forgot to get one before school.
 This morning I went to put the clothes in the dryer and noticed small crystal like things.... UGH..... I finally realized what they were and then found the pullup!! 3RD TIME IN THE PAST WEEK that has happened.  No joke!! HOW....... do I keep overlooking them?
 Anyway, I have a lot of people that I love dearly that are going through struggles right now.  My heart has been very heavy for a while now.  I saw this saying on FB today and had to share it. 
Tomorrow is going to be a better day :)!!!!!! I just know it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

K&S Doing What They Do, Park Fun, DS Laughter, & More

 I couldn't really think of a title for this blog post.  Really it is just a lot of randomness, but I have used that title several times LOL. 

This week has been really good for us.  I like it when we get out of the house.  Sometimes you can just pick up so many toys, wash so many clothes, clean so many dishes, wash so many counters,keep up with all the ironing, until you go "SO" crazy. 

Monday night was an easy supper night :)!!  I cooked the kiddos' favorite..... spaghetti :)!!  Bless Heidi's soul, she ate 3 plate fulls.  She's a growing girl :)!!  Karter doesn't usually eat much, but when it comes to spaghetti, he'll usually eat up. And he did :)!!

For dessert, I fixed a recipe that I have been wanting to try: Pumpkin Ravioli with Caramel Whipped Cream topping.  They were really yummy.  I saw the recipe on the side of a Phillsbury can, and you can get the recipe from their website.
 I have no idea why glasses seem to fit toddlers better upside down, but they almost always put them on that way.  Sophie told me that she needed to put her glasses on to read :)... I had to capture this kodak moment.
 These two wrestle/fight all day everyday it seems.  Sometimes they are "love taps", but they almost always turn into screams. 

 They were taking turns with my diet coke and of course each ones turn took longer than the other thought it should...... ole Sophie Girl tried the ear twist to get it back.....
 HAHA and I could not help but share these pictures that I found on Heidi's DS.  Made me smile.  This first one is Tyler & the rest are of Heidi and her friends.

 My sweet friend, Meredith, asked us if we wanted to go to Dairy Queen and the park Wednesday and of course I did :)!!!  Another chance to escape everyday chores :)!!

The kiddos had a blast and Mere and I did too.

 This baby boy is so sweet.  He has such a tender and good heart.  That is until his sisters push him to the max.

 Kaidi was yelling for her Mom to come push her, but Mere was chasing Asher at the time and couldn't hear her, so Karter said, "I will push you" :)..... sweet moment.

 That night to church my little fireman said he needed to wear his fireman hat :)!!!  Thanks Aunt Mandy for the hand-me-down.  He LOVES it!!

 Okay and for a short commercial break..... I saw this saying on facebook and busted out laughing.  Is this not the way most of us feel from time to time????
 Kyle's mom kept the babies yesterday morning for me to go to the school to make copies.  It was a sad day because the big printer (super fast when you have to make 140 copies of each page) was messed up again :(.  I made copies until Cindy had to go to work and then the babies and I went back yesterday afternoon to finish. 
 They LOVED going to Sissy's school.  They always beg to go make copies with me and they finally got to :)!!  Love having a best friend as a teacher.  She came and got them out of the copy room and took them to play with her students.  It was good timing since it was centers time.

 Last night of course was tumbling :).  Babee stopped by before we went and Sophie talked her into helping her put on Heidi's old dance stuff.  She was so excited :)!!! She is so ready to go to dance.

 I have been pretty hard on Heidi about learning to do her backbend.  She is scared to death to do it because she has fallen and bumped her head so many times.  Well the other day I was listening to something and it was saying how to not be so hard on your kids about different things, but to just tell them to do the very best that they can.  SOOOO I as soon as I got Heidi from school, I grabbed her and hugged her tight and told her that I just want her to do her best in all that she does & that the day that she over comes this fear it is going to make me smile so big :)!! 

She has taken dance/tumbling since she was 3.... and goes twice a week, so to me she has had ample practice to tackle this back bend.  It had gotten to after each practice she would almost dread telling me that she didn't do it.  Or she would say, "we didn't get to practice our back bends" as soon as she got in the car.  I know she'll get it one day.  She is just built a lot like me and our bodies aren't as flexible as others.  Now Sophie, she'll be flipping and everything else in no time. 

Okay so enough about backbends.  I don't know how many of you have played Candy Crush, but I kept seeing it on Facebook and finally decided to give it a try.  It is VERY addicting.  I was stuck on this level (I think it was 33) for like 2 days.  You only have like 28 moves and the object on this one was to move all the ingredients to the bottom.  Well that would be easy enough if they gave you all of the ingredients at once, but nope.  They want you to put logic into it and crush a lot of the objects in a row to make several lines drop.  WHOOOOOOOP I finally passed it last night.
I hope you all have a great weekend :)!!! I have to get back to my job.  I have already been washing clothes and have to wash all the sheets since Sophie had an accident on them during the night LOL. 

OH I have to tell you before I go, last night we all (yes Kman too... except we called him Karter Tornado because it really wasn't his thing) played Barbies.  It was so much fun.  Heidi was telling me who everyone was and I was telling her all about me playing Barbies when I was her age.  She said, "Sophie is finally getting the hang of it."  :)))))  Small moments like that that I am trying to appreciate more and not worry so much about washing those dishes right this second or whatever.  It's a slow learn for me, but I am doing much better :).