Tuesday, March 27, 2012


All of my posts lately have just been me me me..... what's been going on with ME. I haven't done a post lately on just things... life.... just general "stuff".

What does life mean to you? How do you see your life? Are you happy with it? Are you proud of your current life? Not your past.... we all have baggage... but currently are you living a life that is making yourself proud?

This one life that we live each and every day is our only chance. This is the only one we get. Why live it in misery? Why ruin it? Why not live your life to the fullest and be thankful for God blessing you with the chance to live? How many times a day do you complain? Just about anything.....

The weather? Be thankful that you are able to go outside and "feel" the weather.
Your shoes hurting your feet? Be thankful you can walk.
Being hungry and can't wait until lunch time?? Think of those that aren't blessed to be able to know they are going to get their next meal in X minutes.

There are so many things that people complain with each day. Working at a bank, I get to hear a lot..... and I don't understand it. Most of the time I tell them, "It could always be worse".... and that's the truth.

You know even when i was pregnant.... and with Karter I threw up almost every day until the day he was born and with Sophie my entire body ached like it had never ached with any other pregnancy, but I tried to not ever complain. I was thankful that God gave me the honor to be able to be pregnant and be able to carry this gift full term. I had no room to complain! I was just blessed to be able to feel what it was like to be pregnant.

Drugs??? Why ruin your life with drugs? Addictions are bad. I've never been addicted to drugs so I can't say first hand how it is or how to deal with it, but I do know life is too short to waste it away.

Your body is a temple of God. Treat it like one. Be proud and thankful of what God has given you. He has given you a chance to enjoy life. Tell people about Him and try your hardest to take as many people as you can to Heaven with you.

Don't live a life full of regrets and "should haves" and "what ifs".

Monday, March 26, 2012

Orange Beach Getaway

As you all know, thanks to my work, Kyle and I were able to get away for a few days. Most people would say it was needed and maybe it was, but I love my kiddos soooo much and enjoy their company.... so I get bored easy just sitting around. KC Says I'm not a good relaxer *L*!! It's just not in my bones (thanks Dad) to sit around and do nothing.

Anyway we had a wonderful time despite the messy weather the entire time. We did walk down to the beach once but it was FREEZING!!!! The wind was blowing and of course the sun wasn't out. Now had the sun been out, I told KC I would've been just fine laying on the beach the entire day *L*!! That's about the only time I can lay and do nothing.

Anyway.... you know me... I took lots of pictures of course. I took a picture of the beautiful dining area in the hotel. Our hotel was fabulous!!
I took this picture of the beach when I first got there Tuesday. It was pretty sunny that day, but I didn't get there until late.... so there was no time to go on the beach and I'm not one to go out there alone anyway. I don't trust easily :)!!!

KC joined me Wednesday. He had a taxi take him to the hotel from the airport :)!! He said the guy was super nice, but I felt so bad because all I could think were bad thoughts.... so I kept texting him asking him if he was alive? Was he okay? If I don't know you, I'm sorry but I just am not going to trust you.

Anyway..... he of course was jet lagged. So he slept a lot after he got in. On my lunch break I just sat on the balcony and took everything in :)!!

Our first night we ate supper at Cosmos. It was really good and a good environment!I had crab cakes. They were really good.

This was Thursday on my break. kyle was still a sleepy head *L*!! Can't you tell in his eyes?The meeting hostess' made sure we ate well. They had all sorts of fresh fruit for us to snack on!!! I LOVE fresh pineapple.
This was delish!! I usually do not like wraps, but this one was great. Looks good huh? This was our lunch Thursday.

Ohhhhh I guess I have it a little backwards.... this was our lunch the first meeting. Looks yummy huh?? It was!

So Thursday's weather was yuck.... so we just stayed on our balcony for hours. Kyle had his phone playlist playing and we were just able to talk and hang out.... and some how I talked him into painting my toenails *L*!Of course prankster Kyle had to "write" his name on my toes :)!! I wouldn't have expected anything else.

I actually think this picture was taken the day I got there. Looks too sunny???

Our last night there we went to Wentzell's to eat. They had a dozen raw oysters for $5 so KC was all over that!

Oh and they had this sign hanging up :)!! I had to take it to show the grandparents.
This was Friday Morning as we were leaving. Just yuck :(~
We could hardly wait to get home! The babies stayed with Kyle's mom.... so that worked out so well. The kids excitement when they see their Daddy for the first time after he comes home is priceless.

Karter couldn't get enough of him :)! There are videos at the end to show their excitement :)!!

Thankfully the grandparents would send us pictures just to let us know the kiddos were okay :)!! So here are some they sent....

:) Notice Heidi's hands.... doing the "I love you" sign!!

I know my voice is super annoying in the first video, but I missed my kids more than I can even describe. I've never been away from them..... they have spent the night away yes, but I see them the day they go and the next day. Never have I been 2 days without seeing them.

when it was time for Heidi to get out of school, we all packed up and went :)!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How do I Get There??

Okay.... I usually do NOT do this, but tonight I can't help but talk about it. I don't like mentioning things on my blog until AFTER they happen. Well, I am sure you can figure out for yourself why.

I am in Orange Beach for some "classes" for work. My sweet hubby will be flying in tomorrow and joining me, so it's like a mini "vacation" for us!!?!?!? I'm excited about that. We haven't been anywhere together since our first anniversary and this year will be year 8. This place is sooooo nice. I'm just not one to go alone on trips. I do NOT do well with directions... at all!!

So I keyed the address in my GPS App on my phone AND I printed off the directions that the hotel provided. Well I'm not used to going off anywhere... so I didn't think about comparing the directions with one another!?!?!? SOOO should have. What was supposed to be a 3 hour trip turned into a 4 1/2 hour trip. No joke!!

I had talked with a few people that have had to come to Orange Beach and they all basically told me the same directions.... so of course I'm going with that. The lesson I learned today is that my gps app really is smarter than I am :)!! It kept telling me to turn off at these weird places and I was too scared to do that because I know a gps can get you lost..... but I should have done what "she" told me. OR I should have just drove like I normally would if I were heading to Daphne (where we used to live) and I would have been A-OK!!! BUTTT I went through Mobile and now when you tell someone that doesn't do directions that you go through Mobile.... you also have to say... you go through Mobile and get off and go towards Daphne and turn off at Loxley. Had I of known that, I would have found my way with no problems.

Well my friend Whitney and her husband come here often, so I tried her and couldn't get her. I then called my mom because she's had to come here for meetings herself. Long story short, I ended up in MISSISSIPPI!! I was a nervous wreck.... you should have seen my straw I chewed up to pieces. Thankfully Whit got her hubby to call me and all he had to say was "Loxley" and I'm like yeah I know exactly where that is.

SOOO I finally made it here. Checking in and everything went smoothly. There's no room service :( bummer!! The places I have checked online that deliver didn't sound too good and I am too scared to get back on the road after I finally made it. So a nice $2 20oz Diet Coke will do for tonight.

My kiddos are safe and sound with grandparents and I miss them like crazy. It's wayyyyy too quiet in this hotel room. I mean like I need someone jumping on the bed, drawing all over the bed with markers (like they did when they stayed in their first hotel in Fairhope), etc. Definitely makes me appreciate the "noise" at my house a little more :)!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Karter is 35 Months

So it just hit me at church tonight that my little Kman will be 3 in exactly 1 month. That is so hard for me to believe. He has been a part of our lives for 35 months + 9 months in my tummy. That is crazy to me. Sometimes I feel like he has the "Middle Child" Syndrome. It breaks my heart some days because I can't fully devote the attention to Kman that I would like to.

He makes me smile every day. I love when we do have one on one time together and we can talk. He's fun to carry a conversation on with. I love the way he thinks... and the little things he says. Example: tonight my dad and Tyler walked over here after church. Well when Karter found out they were walking home, he told Dad he had a truck and, "you can take it if you want to". He said they didn't need to walk in the road :)!!

Anyway I'm sure on his birthday I'll tell all sorts of things about my handsome little fella. I did go back and pull a picture of me and him at his 1st birthday (Soph was in my belly and I had her 1 1/2 mos later) and me and him at his 2nd birthday. Gosh time flies!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Bit of This & That

I tell you... this new time change is going to get the best of us *L*! It's so hard to "re-train" the kids with the time change. I've had 3 rough nights with kiddos and so this morning I turned BOTH... yes BOTH alarms off and crawled back in the bed and woke up at 7:00!!! YIKES!!! My body was still on 6:00 time which was perfect. We were pushing it!! Thankfully KyKy stayed with us and he took Heidi to school :)!!

Anyway.... so much has gone on since I last blogged so I thought I'd fill you in... plus at the end there's some random pictures that I meant to put on here LONG time ago.

Okay... so most of you know that I LOVE sweets. Sweets are my big time weakness. Anyway mother made 2 delightful desserts this weekend.

Butterfinger Blondie

Creme Cheese Monkey Bread (I think that's the name of it):

My sweet snoozing boy...

We all love our new couch :)!! So comfy!

Friday night my mom cooked a delicious supper for us :)!! After supper, Heidi helped her and Jody make some delish Monkey Bread. SOOO good!!
Heidi also thought she had to play Beauty Shop :)!! She loves to play with hair... and I just didn't care Friday night what she wanted to do to it *L*!!

Finished Product....

Heidi spent the night with Mom Friday night. Heidi wanted to stay with her because the other Friday night she said she got to stay up "all night" playing games *L*!!

So anyway... before we left, I went ahead and bathed the babies. Heidi wanted them to "wash" her feet. Hmmmmm???/

Saturday morning I was able to get all caught up on laundry and of course just clean and straighten some. I have some videos to share with you from Saturday morning:
Saturday was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I mean GORGEOUS!!! So we stayed outside majority of the day. The kids had a ball. We pulled weeds out of the flower beds and they just played and played and played :)!

They were playing "Dog Show" so I had to get a couple videos of it.

Heidi moved one of our stones that we had in the flower bed and she found her favorite things... roly polies. :)!! She was so excited.

Good job girls :)!!

Dad and Yana brought a Boston Butt over for lunch Saturday. It was soooo good. We actually tested the table out for the first time :)!! Notice the towels in the chairs lol?? I have GOT to find me some fabric to recover those cussions.
Karter fell and hit his head hard on Heidi's foot while they were playing, so he needed a little Mommy attention at the moment :)!

Checking out the Roly Polies...

That afternoon we went to my Aunt Becky's house to grill out with the family. So nice to get together. Anyway, Kman wanted to take his jeep.... so I loaded it up and off we went on the truck :)!!

The next 2 were taken on the way home. Sophie and Karter Man fell fast asleep. She got a little restless when we got home, but went back to sleep pretty fast.

I sent this after we got home and situated to my mom. We like don't even rock to sleep anymore, we just snuggle on the c ouch :)!
Tonight the girls wanted to practice their hand stands, and back bends. Soph of course thinks she has to do whatever her Big Sissy does. Cute huh?

While we were doing Heidi's homework, I just happened to turn and look in the living room and she's just playing with all the barbies.

Okay so "commercial break": I fell asleep blogging last night and anyway... I have come to the conclusion that I can just forget sleep around here. Kman went home with mom last night... he wanted to so badly and she thought I might get some sleep. Boy was she wrong. I don't ever remember Jaycee keeping me up most of the night. I went to bed b/w 10:30 and 11:00 I guess it was and at 12:00 I woke to the sound of Jaycee barking like crazy!!! She kept on and on and on. SOOO I went outside to try to calm her and tell her to hush and that didn't work. She stopped for a few minutes. Long enough for me to get back in side and in the bed. When I got back in bed, she started back up... and I mean it was a loud "I'm very angry with a cat" kind of bark.... and that of course woke Sophie up. SOOOO I had to get Sophie and she's "awake" now so Soph and I turn the back spot light on and I go to feed Jaycee some "old" bread to see if that'll hush her.... not so much. Tyler's Dog, Charlie, was up by this point too and since Tyler wasn't here, he kept trying to get in my bed. Well I am sorry but I'm not a "dog" person and I'm sure not going to let one sleep with me. So I'd have to get up and take him in the other room and shut my door. Heidi woke up in her bed alone and scared, so she came in my bed. Longer story short, the last time I physically got up was at 3 this morning. I told my mom that I'm like the couple on the panther commercial, "I've learned that I don't need much sleep to function". haha!

Anyway back to the blog.... mom made Taco Soup Sunday for lunch and it was some kind of fine!! Thanks Mrs. H for the recipe :)!!! I've never had Taco Soup but I will def. have it again.Sunday afternoon Papa came over and hung out :)!! I got Kyle's mom to paint my nails and she painted moms too. Soph got Papa to paint her nails *L*!! One at a time... seriously... she'd get him to paint one and she'd go play in the sand. A little later she'd come back for the other. Dad said you do know they are going to be like sand paper *L*!!

We were at Kyle's parents eating Sunday night and Kman brought this to me and said, "Here Mommy I made you a note"..... so sweet!My sweet toothless girl....
This was one a couple weeks ago. I found that I had never posted them :)!! She seriously is the best friend a girl could have!!! Thanks for all you do for me Buck!!

Tyler picked Heidi up from school yesterday. I'm telling you these kids of mine love this boy. They have so much fun with him. Anyway, he texted me this picture of them while I was at work yesterday. I couldn't help but giggle.

Y'all know my little 1 year old "DiVa" is all about some shoes... well she wanted to try out Kmans rain boots.... it was too funny to not get a video of her walking in them.

Oh gosh this was Sunday afternoon too. My mom HATES for anyone to touch her hair. She doesn't ride with the windows down, etc. *L*... well Soph as you know is all about riding on your shoulders. She kept telling mom she wanted on hers. I started laughing so hard. And guess what... Mom let her. I told Sophie to grab hold of her hair and pull it like she does Papa's *L*!! That's why mom wouldn't let go of her hands... too funny!! I HAD to get a picture of this first time thing *LOL*!!

Sunday night at MeMe's the older girls wanted to do Just Dance on the Wii. Well right before we went home, Sophie grabbed herself a remote and she had her a good time dancing. I got some of it on video :)!

I also found these of Heidi going hunting with her Daddy back in January.

He said she went to sleep.... she said she was just "laying there" until they got some action.Cute Hunter :)!! I think she's like her Momma.... hunting really isn't her "thing".
I took this one night a couple weeks ago... Mom was asking me what we were doing and instead of texting it back I try to send pictures. I was showing her how calm supper was going *L*!
Sweet Mrs. Hightower shared some pictures with me of the class on the 100th Day of School and Dr. Suess' Birthday.

So anyway.... hopefully Tuesday will be a good day. Everyone put a smile on your face and tell someone you love them!! Remember to try to give at least 3 compliments every day!! I promise it'll make you feel better.