Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter at MeMe's... What Live Animal Did They Get?

For some reason majority of my pictures that I took Tuesday night disappeared :(!!  Makes me so sad.  You know me... I took a gazillion & these are all that I was able to recover :(!

Anyway, we did MeMe's Easter Tuesday night and had a great time.  She got a platter from David's Catfish and it was so yummy.  After we ate, Uncle Kyle hid the eggs and the kids had so much fun finding them.  When they got finished, Karter said, "I wanna do that again". LOL.... so of course they got to do it again. 
 You probably remember, each Easter MeMe gives the children a live animal.  Thankfully this year was mild LOL...... (Sorry MeMe, but the Hamsters were definitely my least favorite).  She gave them each 2 gold fish and a super cute Tank.

These tanks are the neatest thing.  Each grandchild got a different tank.  You can order them from and you pick out the tank you want, the rock colors, and the bows.

 This is Heidi's & Sophie's...
 And Karter Man's......
 So far the fish are still alive :)!!  The tanks also let you record something in their ear.  Kyle recorded for the kiddos so they can play it everyday & still hear his voice when he is gone.  Watch the video :).... you can hear what he recorded. 

Of course he had to throw in, "Auburn Stinks" in the recording LOL!

Had to show you Babee's Chicken Coupe :).  She watched the kiddos for me yesterday while I ran some errands and when I came back they had the coupe almost all together.  The chickens are going to love it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter :)!!!  Remember..... as a neat thing I saw on Facebook, "SIlly rabbit.... Easter is for Jesus!!!"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Colquett 5 Visits the Zoo.....

 Y'all, we had an absolute blast yesterday at the Montgomery Zoo.  We had wanted to spend a few days at the beach during Heidi's Spring Break, but decided against it and thought the zoo would be super fun.  We have already been talking about our next trip back. 

This bear was the first thing we saw.  It was so funny to us to watch it all stretched out sleeping.

I had been telling Sophie that if she didn't start being nice that we were going to leave her with the Monkeys.  As you can tell from the video, she was not crazy about that idea.

We could not figure out what this animal was.  It looked like a rabbit, but yet didn't hop.  Heidi ran to the sign to try to tell us what they were.
And here was the sign.....

This was the reptile part.  They loved seeing all the snakes, lizards, frogs, etc.

Karter had so much fun.  He and Heidi would run 10 steps ahead of us LOL.  As you can tell, they were not busy at all.  It was very enjoyable without a ton of people there.
Hard to see, but there was a Jaguar at the glass in this picture.  The thing was they had caution tape up around it so that you couldn't get up close to it.  We had no idea why.
And next was feeding the Giraffe, Willie.  That was so neat.  We all enjoyed that.  Heidi and I have decided that we need a pet Giraffe.  How hard would it be?  Build a tall fence.  Provide grass, feed, and water.  Right??? It was the sweetest thing.

We also did the train ride.  Not the best ride.  It didn't really take you to see a lot of the animals, so the kids got pretty bored with it. 

HAHA Soph was her normal self.  She had us all stalled so she could open her piece of gum.
They even had a playground :)!  The kids loved it.

It was a great all around day :)!  Very cold, but we bundled up and still had fun. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Chicks, MeMe's Birthday, Wild Sophie

We had a great weekend :)!!  Heidi got out of school early on Friday to start Spring Break, we went to Lowe's and got the stuff to finish KMans room, Babee bought new chicks for her new chicken coupe :) (we're babysitting the chicks right now and the kids love it), we celebrated Kyle's moms birthday, enjoyed church yesterday, & ended with some friends over for Pizza last night.  I'd call that a successful weekend.  So of course I have lots of pictures to share with you.

First, had to share a video and some pics of Sophie.  She and my cousin, Drew, enjoy sending video text to one another.  She will watch his videos all day and just laugh and laugh.

 Heidi made these super cute bunnies Wednesday at church, so we examined them when we got home and made some Thursday for her to take to her class on Friday. 
 The girls wanted to stay with Babee Friday night, so Karter Man, Kyle, and I went to Lowe's and to Cheeburger Cheeburger.  It was really nice to have that one on one with Karter.  It was actually "too easy". 

 I even got to snuggle with him after we got home :) which is rare.  Usually Sophie is the "Mommy Hog".
 Saturday morning Kyle went Turkey Hunting, so I took advantage before the girls got home and played with my Silhouette :)!!  I have had it a couple months but just haven't taken the time to "get to know it".  Let me just tell you...... I absolutely LOVE it!!!  I loved my Cricut too, but once Sophie crashed the computer that had the Sure Cuts Alot on it, I didn't like it so much.
 I saw this neat painting on Pinterest that would be PERFECT for Kyle's mom.  We had been talking about what to get her for her birthday, and just couldn't really think of anything that she just really would like.  Once I saw this, I knew that she would love it.  Especially because I let the kids paint it.

 Sophie got a little carried away... hehe..... so we moved the painting before it was completely grey and let her paint the desk.
 And wah-lah...... I used my Silhouette to put the words on (used tape to do the border), and after the paint dried, I just pealed the letters up and her gift turned out just as I imagined.  Now keep in mind this saying doesn't just go for any grandmother, but for MeMe, it couldn't have been more perfect.  When her 5 grandchildren get together, it is seriously amazing to just watch and listen to their excitement.  They love going to MeMe's.
 And here are the super cute baby chicks.  I don't know if you all remember, but 2 years ago MeMe gave us 5 chickens and 3 ducks for Easter.  We really really enjoyed those pets.  BUT we had to get rid of the last chicken because Josh, our lab, had eaten the other 4 :))) & we released the ducks to save them. 

Babee is letting us keep them at the house until her chicken coupe comes in.  I love to watch the kids excitement each morning when they go check on them.

 Of course goofball Kyle had to put a chicken on my head and kept laughing and joking that it pooped on me.  No lie..... after he said that a couple times, it really did poop!! GAH-ROSS!!!!

 They are all females and so far their names are: Chirpy (really loud), Tiny, and Karter named his Ken LOL!!! I said... oh well..... boy named Sue.... girl named Ken :)!!!  The other 3 are nameless right now.  Kyle told them to name them..... Nugget, Finger, etc. LOL..... Heidi did NOT like that idea.
 Kman took some pics of Babee......

 This picture looks orange because of the light shining in the tote to keep them warm....
 For Kyle's moms birthday, we took her to Rancho.  She loves that place :)!! We had the best time. 

 She truly is the BEST Mother In Law ever.  I am so thankful for her.  One of a kind. 

 KyKy came over after we ate Mexican to meet the chicks :)!! 

 Heidi and KyKy will always share a special bond.  She loves him something terrible.  Definitely BFFs!!!

 We kept the 2 year olds yesterday at church.  I love to just watch them all interact.  Sophie's class was super full, so we got her and put her in our 2 year old class :).
 I did somehow manage to get a picture with each of my beautiful kids.  I cannot explain how thankful I am God blessed me with the 3 of them.  Although that youngest one tests me every day :-)!  I still love her to death.

 Jenna, Trinity, and Claire :).....
 We brought Kman in once class was almost over. 

 So last night we had The Tisdales over for Pizza after church.  We had a great time just laughing and chit chatting.  Heidi bug ended up crashing on the couch pretty early LOL.... and Brayden, Karter, and Sophie played up a storm.  Well once they left, I went to get Karter's pjs and could have SPIT FIRE at what I saw.  Sophie admitted it right away.  She had managed to destroy Karter's saying.  The thing is, I had just fixed the "r" in Hero from where she messed it up.  I WAS FURIOUS!!!
 Not only did she do that, but she also somehow pulled the boat paddle off his wall.  The blooming paddle was SCREWED in to it too!!! 
Like it was one of those moments where I'm just like..... WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH HER????? And I quickly go back to what Kyle would say when I would ask him...... we'll keep her and love her forever.  She is absolutely 1 of a kind!!!