Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Since we've been home.....

Whoa Baby!!! I think that's a good choice for words to start this blog. Things are most definitely busier since we have been home.

We had our first "outing" this morning. Had to take Sophie for her newborn check up. I did pretty good getting them ready... I had all the kiddos dressed and then thankfully Kyle's mom came in and she watched the kids while I got ready... so that was a huge help... and of course I had to get a picture of us on our first "outing".

****I am sure you are curious how I am able to do this blog in the first place :) But we took Karter to Kids World while we went to Andalusia to the DR (which is a joke in itself.... no lie from the time we got there to the time we left was 1 hr 55 minutes. That is really ridiculous!). I just didn't think I could (or wanted) to handle all 3 right off alone. So coming back I called KW and Karter was snoozing, so I'm going to let him get his nap before getting him. Sophie is still snoozing in her carseat and the Big Sis is on the sleep about to doze off.... so after doing some chores around the house I thought I would actually sit down and chill****

My sweet bug being silly before we left

I know this is blurry, but Heidi sat in the back with my camera taking pictures as we were pulling off.

Sophie got a very good report. She still weighs 7 lbs 15 oz (which was her discharge weight). Dr E of course was curious about her spitting up. I told him that she had been spitting up some... several were really bad spit ups, but then just some small "normal" ones. He is extremely concerned about the GERD with Karter's history. He said that it wouldn't upset him if I went ahead and added 2 tsp of cereal per 3 oz of formula to see if that would go ahead and help her. He said I should be feeding her 2 oz every 3-4 hours which is what they told us in Dothan... but I told him that she acts like she is starving usually after only 2 hours. So he told me I could try 3 oz every 3-4hrs but just to be very careful because of Karter's history and he is so afraid that Sophie will follow in his footsteps (I really hope not). So I think I might try 3 oz sometime today. Heidi took some pictures in the DRs office....

She was telling me how to pose in all of them *haha*!

My beautiful Baby Girl

We were so ready to leave the hospital Monday. I missed my other two kiddos so very badly. So here are some pictures of us getting ready to leave the hospital....

I was about to put on her pretty dress to come home in. It's the same dress Heidi wore home from the hospital.

Sophie was getting discharged officially.... taking the ankle monitor off.

Waiting to be discharged drags on.... the time all of a sudden stands still.

First time getting in the carseat. She rode so well.... didn't hear a peep out of her the entire trip to Opp.

On our way in we stopped by Grandaddy Colquett's to let him meet Sophie and so we could take a picture or two.

Leaving Grandaddy's House

Sweet Amanda doing laundry for me :)

HAHA This was hilarious to me and my mom. Kyle decided to put Karter in this tote and do some things outside.... well Karter really enjoyed it. It was funny because Karter would lean way over and hold on to Kyle's shirt to see whatever he was doing. And when Kyle would lean over Karter would stretch his neck to see.

Luke Jackson and Karter

Heidi is SUCH a big helper.... seriously. I am so glad I have her.

I am so thankful because Sophie will let me lay her anywhere. I layed her in her bed so that I could show my K-man attention. I am trying really hard to balance attention between each child and not make any of them feel like I have pushed them to the side. So while Heidi was still asleep, Karter and I were able to do our normal morning routine. I changed his diaper, we brushed our teeth together... and just did everything we normally do. He has done okay with the adjustment.... he wants his mommy bad... and I of course want him too... so I am usually toting both of them around the house... or holding Soph in my arms and Karter by the hand. I told Kyle that I am by no means wishing him to grow up, but i really need him to start walking. He is 14 1/2 months now and it's time to walk! He could if he wanted to, but he would just rather not. So that's my goal over the next few weeks is to get him to walking.

Yesterday morning when Heidi woke up I was holding Sophie and feeding Karter and Heidi went and sat in the recliner and said "Mommy do you want me to hold Sophie and let you feed Karter?" I thought that was the sweetest thing... so of course I took advantage! She has been a HUGE help!

Checking on Sophie in her bassinet
Yes this is me all bare.... no makeup!! Who needs makeup while staying home?? HAHA! Sophie was about to get her first "bath".

Just like any other newborn she did NOT like it!!

Karter enjoyed splashing in her water.

She was much better when it was over and she was in my arms!

It looks like she was giving me sugars!!

All clean... and smelled oh so good.

So that's pretty well how things have been going. I think the 4 of us will be okay these next 6 weeks. It'll definitely be a challenge and I'll have to figure out a routine... but it's nothing I can't handle.... just have to laugh and go on. Oh and she done really good last night. She only got up twice... so that was wonderful... maybe we'll keep that pattern :)!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here are some pictures to compare with. For some reason when I go to my pictures on my computer I can see all of Heidi's, but when I pull them up on the blog side I can only see about 15 :( But in this first set it's Sophie, Karter, Heidi. I think Sophie looks A LOT like Heidi!

Sophie and then with Karter

Sophie then Karter

Sophie then Karter

Sophie then Karter

Sophie, Karter, Heidi

Sophie then Heidi