Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our 1st Monster Truck Show

 Yesterday our family and The Tisdales headed to Montgomery to go to the Turkey Expo and to our first Monster Truck Show. 

At the turkey expo, a guy with the hunting channel took several pictures of the girls.  He asked our permission to put them on T.V.  Heidi was beside herself when she heard that :)!  Brayden will also be on T.V. doing his famous turkey call.  Pretty amazing how well that little 5 year old can do a turkey call.

When we left there we headed to eat and then went early to the show.  We got pit passes so we were able to go on the floor and meet the drivers and take pictures.

 .... why not a selfie session while we wait :).....

 It was INCREDIBLY loud(we had ear plugs & I bought Kman some headphones thankfully)!!!!
So neat watching them!
 I really am shocked that I got this on video...... happened to be videoing at just the right time....
 Thankfully the driver was okay. 

.... This is what I was hoping to get on video with the other one :).....
It was a fun day!  I think us parents enjoyed the show as much as the kids.  

We didn't get home until 11:00 last night, but were up and ready to go to church this morning :)! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Buttercups 1st Vet Visit, School Project, Jump Rope for Heart


I have been going to the gym 5 days a week and it seems that by the time I get home from the gym, eat breakfast, shower... then it is time to get Sophie and I have put blogging on the back burner.  

I do apologize.

So this one is a mixture of all sorts of things.

I will start this one off by showing you a picture of our favorite oldest daughter :)....

 Okay.  Don't Laugh!

We took Buttercup, Heidi's super cute rabbit, to the vet.

Her nails were so long and sharp and I just can't (didn't want to) cut them myself.
 About 3 different workers said........ a rabbit....... haha...... yes a rabbit :)!  They had only seen one before.  So Buttercup made two.  They were fascinated. 

She did great getting her pedicure :)!

 Kyle JR as he likes to be called :)!

Silly Sophie
 Heidi got a bird house for Valentine's Day and they have been wanting to paint it ever since.  I somehow talked Heidi into letting them paint 1 side of it :)!! They had a lot of fun.

Amanda and Tenley came over and played with Buttercup :)!
 Heidi had her very first school research project to do this week.  She was so excited about getting started on it and looked information up on it pretty much as soon as she got the paper on what to do.  I know that excitement won't last throughout the upcoming school years, but for now it was fun. 

 They also had Jump Rope for Heart this week at school.  She was very excited that her class raised the most money in her grade. 

 Yesterday was a very exciting day for us.  

Kyle got home!!!

The kids are always so excited when he comes home.  Karter just can't seem to get enough "boy time" when he gets here.  He snuggled up on the couch with his daddy and it was the sweetest thing.  

A picture was a must :)!
I promise I will try to do better about blogging.  Not for anyone else, but for me.  I do enjoy looking back on them :)! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentine's!!

 This year Karter loved writing his classmates names on his Valentine cards.

 Sophie on the other hand complained with all 27 of hers.... just as Karter did last year :)!
 I did cups for each one of their class mates with their name on them :)! 
 I knew their teachers get LOTS of chocolate, so I opted for a chocolate free Valentine for them :)!
 Sophie was with me when we got the cups, so she thought her teachers needed chocolate :)....

.....Before school....

Soph handing out her Valentine's.
 Kman and Soph stayed with MeMe Friday night so they spent most of Valentine's Day with her :)!  They had a wonderful time. Heidi went with the GA (Girls in Action) group from our church for an all day trip.  So I had the day to myself.  I went to the gym, tanned, the store, cleaned house, and then ironed until time to get Heidi.  I only slowed down to eat lunch. 
Presley & Heidi on the bus.
 That night Heidi had Presley and Oki over to spend the night.  They were really good and had a great time!
 ......These were my Valentine's :).....
 Now I have to tell you a funny story.... Kyle had told me to expect a couple packages in the mail for my Valentines gift.  Well Friday a package came and it was from "Sexy Sparkle". 

I immediately got real red faced and was like...... holy cow..... Kyle has never ordered anything like this... AND THE MAILMAN SAW IT..... oh geez!!! I came inside, didn't open the package.... just hid it in our room.  I knew if the kids saw it they would want to watch me open it.  And I did NOT want them to see what was from Sexy Sparkle. 

When Kyle called me, he told me to open it.  I told him I hid it and why I hid it and he burst out laughing.  When I opened it and found this......
a charm for my Pandora bracelet .... I felt like an IDIOT!!! We were both seriously rolling on the phone.  He could hardly wait to tell his fellow "oil" brothers.

To make matters even funnier the next day I got a package in the mail from "Pugster".  I told him I was getting mixed emotions hahahaha!  Sexy Sparkle to Pugster..... I don't know how he managed to find these places.  But he got me another beautiful charm because he said I say this all the time....
Although I would have loved for my Valentine to be here, that is just part of the oil field life.  He really put a lot of thought into those two charms and that meant so much to me. Valentine's was really great this year :)! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cast Free at Last!

Strutting her stuff with that free foot.
 I don't know who was more excited about yesterday being Cast Off Day.... me or Sophie. 

After preschool it seemed that she was asking me every 5 minutes if it was time yet.... was it time?  Momma let's go! 

Having the cast most definitely did not slow her down...... ANY!

 While I am getting ready she generally is spanking me on the butt, crawling all over the counter, pulling stuff out from everywhere, pretending to put on a "makeup show" (like you see on YouTube), or pulling all of my shoes out and trying them on.  She stuffed that cast down as far as she could in one of my boots :)!
 FINALLY! The time had come....... I took a before we went in picture :).....
 ...... she stayed busy in the waiting room.....
 ..... and of course just as busy in the room.......

 .... and then they took it off :)...... and she was happy happy!

..... the after math......
 It still looks rough, but he said that it healed very nicely.  The bump on her ankle is scar tissue.  I was/am very nervous about her re-injuring it as rough as she is, but he assured me that she should be fine and can do anything she wants to do.  They will do another x-ray in a month just to make sure.
She went to dance afterwards and then we went to Wal-Mart.  She said it hurt some while she was skipping, so she stopped :)!!  So as of now it is just sore.  She still walks pretty funny.  Like she still has the cast on.  But that shower last night without bagging her foot, making sure it couldn't get wet, putting the stool in tub, etc..... sure was nice.  And did I mention how heavy she was with that cast on? 

BTW.... yes she does have on a boot and ballet shoe (partially.... the back was off because of sore).  #1 Mom forgot her other boot. 

 Dad picked up the other two for me from school and sent me this picture :)......

So the cast is off and WE (absolutely we) have been set free!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Chemo 3 Day 8 and Cancer Freeze

 Some of you may have known, but I had no clue that February 4th is World Cancer Day.  What's ironic about that is exactly a year ago from February 4th was when we found out that Momma had a very aggressive Ovarian Cancer.  Here we are a year later and she is still fighting.  But God isn't finished with her yet. 

 It also turned out that on February 4th she was finally able to get the second part to her treatment.  She is supposed to get Gemzar, Carboplatin, & Avastin on "day 1" and then Gemzar on "day 8".  The first time she got day 1 she was in the hospital, so she didn't get day 8.  The second time her levels were too low so she wasn't able to get it.  So we were praising God that she was able to get day 8 on Chemo 3. 

Waiting room selfie :)
 She really has been doing so good.  She is fatigued and gets a pretty bad headache at night usually after day 1, but other than that she would much rather take this chemo than what she had to endure with the first diagnosis.

This past Saturday was The Annual Cancer Freeze 5k.  I was so very excited about it because every dime that they make goes back to cancer patients.  The Cancer Freeze organization surprised Mom when we had her bbq fund raiser and we have really been wanting to give back ever since. 

It is amazing how everyone comes together when you live in a small town.  I had a friend and her Crossfit friends that decided to do tshirts for everyone to wear at the race.  It blew all of our minds the number of people that bought a shirt that didn't even plan to race.  They just wanted one. 

Majority of our family and friends did the race.  It really was a lot of fun just being with everyone and seeing all of the families that are touched by this organization.  I have to say my Dad and Yana did the race and words cannot describe what that meant to me.  He and Mom have been divorced 22 years, but he and Yana pushed all of that to the side and enjoyed the day with the rest of us.

I have several random pictures from the day......

 All of Moms family that participated :)!! 

Although Kyle couldn't be there his Mom found his name on one of the picnic tables :)!!  We knew that was a God thing!

Mother in law, best friends mom, & Momma

Even Mollie Mae wore her #janetswarriors shirt.

Mom had 1 of the largest groups there.
 They had lots of fun things for the kids to do....

Kman and my Dad :)

They even had water sports... hence the "Cancer Freeze" :)!! Kids loved that.
This cancer journey will not bring us down.  It is only making all of us stronger and closer.  For that, I will forever be grateful. 

I love how strong my Mom is and no matter how she feels she keeps pushing through.  She is so brave.

We are all already looking forward to participating next year :)!!!