Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools and Rattlesnake Rodeo

Well last night I was too tired to blog :(.... by the time we got home from church, settled in.... watched my 2 Wednesday night shows.... Criminal Minds & Law and Order... and Kyle had to use the computer for a while... and then I had to download a new print shop thing I got off eBay (of course *S*).... it was too late to blog....

So.... yesterday afternoon we took the kids to see the snakes... it's a good thing we did yesterday... (You'll find out why on down)

Look at this big blue eyes :)
A little blurry, but too cute not to share.

There was one snake that was really angry.... his rattler kept "buzzing" or whatever you call it *L*!

Karter was amazed..

HAHA So my mom was in a serious stare at the snaked with the kids and telling them how bad they are.... and Kyle got a little stick and rubbed it on her arm..... needless to say I'm surprised she didn't run all the way back to my house *L*.... and I literally almost pee'd in my pants it was so funny. As you can see, Kyle thought it was hilarious!!!

Heidi Leigh

Myles Karter

Karter was banging on the cage.... of course when Kyle gets up there, he bangs on it too forgetting that Karter did. I'm afraid if Karter is going to be like Kyle, I'm going to have my hands full....... huh MeMe??? haha

Babee and Heidi

So this afternoon we walked to see the snakes. I had told the kids last week that we would walk from our house to where the snakes are.... she was going to ride the pink car, but the battery was almost dead :( So I pushed Karter in the stroller and Kyle pulled the girls in the wagon. Oh and Josh went too :)

Look at my BIG GUY!!

Sophie Lynne

This child is DRAMA..... let me repeat..... DDDDDRRRRAAAMMMMMMMMMAAAA!!! No idea where she gets it from *L*!!! It's almost unbelievable how dramatic she is 80% of the time.

Getting ready to stroll....

It really was a beautiful day to be out walking.....

So we get all the way there.... and a lot of you know where we live and where the snakes are.... well as you can see..... THEY ARE GONE!!!!! I guess they were taken to the stadium today to get ready for the weekend. SOOOO we walked all that way to just turn around and head back home!!

My smily girl

Me and my girls4

So as you know tomorrow is April Fools Day.... well we always set our boss' up pretty good. The best one yet (and you're welcome to use this one *L*).... is I think it was about 3 years ago all the tellers met up at Subway in time for work and we had already taken turns "calling in" for various reasons. They were freaking out!! The only person that knew was Robin, which is my current boss. It was so funny. John, our CFO, was in a panic asking Robin if she knew how to run a teller drawer.... he never realized it was April 1st!! HAHA! BUT I'll wait and share what we did this year until afterwards. They always know to expect something but never know what.

BUT Cindy had a great idea to do these cupcakes that look like "real" food. She got it from one of the blogs I follow.... we had fun making them.... (Except of course drama chica named Heidi got mad at us) and I think it is a wonderful idea too!

Most of the ingredients....

Deep concentration....

Spaghetti Noodles

Peas and Carrots

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Mashed Potatoes, gravy, and butter

Although I always enjoy baking/cooking.... I enjoy rocking my children to sleep more!!! I didn't get to tonight :( Sophie stood it as long as she could.... and she just fell out in her Daddy's arms.... I guess he needs his turn too every now and then *L*!! But it sure makes me feel like I haven't held her much today.

Tomorrow night I have to work the gate at the rodeo. And then of course Saturday we're planning on going to it! I absolutely can't go to the rodeo without getting a funnel cake!! Even if I only eat 3 bites, it's just a tradition *L*!! Oh and we have a fun little project planned Saturday morning.... but it's a secret :)!! You'll find out one day what it is!!!

And guess what... Karter's party is one week from Saturday. I'm VERY excited... I just hope I have everything together.

Anyway.... have a fantabulous weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sophie's 9 month birthday

HAHA Yes that is a blue sippy.... she likes Karter's better than hers... just as Karter likes Heidi's better than his.... you know how it goes :)
My sweet Sophie Lynne is 9 months old already. WOW! That means no more bottles to wash in 3 months :)!! YAY!!! haha!

What's going on in Sophie's World at 9 months:
* She weighs 15 lbs
*She's made it back on the charts... she is now in the 5th% for weight. Dr E told me today that he will most likely put her on the formula for toddlers when she turns one instead of milk because of the calories.
*She's 27 1/4" long (average height and head circumference)
*She still wears a size 1-2 Pampers Swaddlers... and has been in some size 2 diapers... they are a little big, but I'm not going to buy anymore 1-2, so a 2 shall be it from now on.
*She still has fluid on both ears :(... the left one worse than the right :(
*She can crawl super fast
*She can pull up on pretty much anything
*She loves to "talk" and just yell out... just to let you know she is still here
*She still wears her pearl bracelet :)
*She really doesn't like to have the headband/flower/bow in her hair anymore :(
*I fix a 6 oz bottle each time, but like tonight, she only drank 3 oz. She rarely drinks an entire bottle, but I keep fixing 6 hoping that she will.
*She says "bye bye bye" and does her hand in a bye bye motion
*She eats oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt for breakfast, Kids World says she eats well for them... I send a veg and fruit for lunch, so I'm assuming she eats both of those for them., and most nights she'll eat at least 1 jar of baby food.... every blue moon she'll eat 2, but usually at least 1 1/4 of food... sometimes 1 1/2.
*She still loves her paci when she's upset or sleepy
*She sleeps ALL night... YAY!!!
*She loves her Mommy :) and her Mommy loves her!!

These were taken this morning at the doctor's office:

This baby girl lights my World up!! Soooo sweet.

I hate her ears still aren't back to normal, so I have to take her back in 3 weeks to get a check on them.

*** Valerie the blog facelift was for you... I hope that helped your problem.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday ALL Day!

For a Monday, today was wonderful.

Tonight we went and ate at Lindsay's house. The food was yummy and the kids had a ball!

Before we picked Heidi up from dance and headed to Lindsay's, Kyle, Karter, Sophie, and I hung out outside. I actually talked Karter into taking some pictures :)!! I ended up cutting me out of 2 of them.... was not liking them :)!!

I also sweet talked Kyle into working on a project of mine for Sophie's party :)!! Such a good husband!

Sophie girl waiting... ignore the tank in the background. Something Kyle brought home from work for he and his dad to "work" on.... they have a "portable grill" in mind!

Amanda and Jonathan also ate at Lindsay's.


Amanda told Karter he would ride her on the bike... so he didn't forget of course.... but Jonathan had to test it out first :)!

Sophie was practicing her ABC's *L*!

In between them watching the game Heidi was playing on Kyle's phone, Sophie was also "attacking" her.

Look at this huge smile....

Jonathan had to get him some practice in *L*!

Amanda had to get her picture taken with Soph's toes... although you can't even see them.

Sweet Daddy!!

Baby Karter *L* and Amanda.... oh payback is soooo coming back to her one day.

When we left Lindsay's, we went to Papa and Nana's to get the girls' birthday invitations.

Smiley Sophie

Papa loves his Sophie

Heidi sure was concentrating on the blocks....

Kyle of course took these pictures... so there's only a gazillion *L*!

I tried to upload a video of this in action, but it wouldn't work :(

Nana and Sophie....

Here are some pictures Kyle took on his phone if the hail.....

Here's more he took on his phone from Brayden's party Saturday:

Heidi and Presley

Birthday Boy's mom and Soph

Karter thoroughly enjoyed Brayden's Gato'

Karter was all about the gold fish in the vase..... haha
Kyle was afraid they were party favors *L*

And then just to leave on a funny note.... here's a text picture I got from my silly brother :) Makes me laugh out loud!

Well.... I sure am tired :) taking super to a friend tomorrow night that has a new baby. I think I am going to take the "gourmet" chicken noodle soup :)!

**The Rattlesnake Rodeo is this weekend.... in case you didn't know (& those of you that know me well know....) I LOVE to go to the ORR!! I like to just walk around and eat and watch things. I have always enjoyed it. I actually have to work at it Friday night.

Anyway.... good day so maybe that means for a good week :)!!