Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Emotional Rollercoaster

We had a really good morning. The kids were sleepy heads. I was able to get completely dressed, have the bags packs, and change purses before waking Heidi up. Once she got dressed Karter woke up. We started looking for Sophie's diaper bag because I took it today to get monogrammed. Well we looked and looked and Heidi would keep saying "Me think it's..... under my bed".... and it wouldn't be there... then she'd say it over again... until she got to Karter's closet. I told her that I really didn't think it would be in there, but low and behold... it was!! I got real excited and told her how proud I was :) SHE found Sophie's bag... and anyway just made a huge production out of it... she was so happy... giving me high fives and huge smiles :)! Then on the way to school we started praying... I'm trying to teach her that you can pray all throughout the day and not just at night. So she was saying her prayers on the way to school and she prayed for Sophie's diaper bag... that it wouldn't get lost again :)! I thought that was really sweet.

Well Heidi usually feels me full of orders each morning. This morning I parked in the wrong spot at Kids World... I need to park in the other spot so her shoes won't get wet when walking those few steps on the grass to get to the side walk :) and then she said for me to tell Babee (my mom) to pick her up. Babee works at OMS which is right down the street from Kids World so it is very convenient for her to pick them up and Heidi's gotten to where she loves to go with her to Beck Beck's (my aunt Becky's house) to feed the horses. So anyway she picked them up today and they went to the Complex. I had to run by the grocery store when i got off and when I got home I started a load of laundry, chicken boiling (I made homemade Chicken Quasadias (sp?) and chicken salad), and then layed on the couch until Kyky and Babee and the kids got here.

When they got here I went out side to greet them and Heidi was the first one out... so I loved on her and picked her up and then she got down to go see Josh. I then went and got my little man and loved on him. Well Heidi wanted him to get in his red car (it's one that he sits in and someone pushes it). She pushed him around... we went and checked the mail.... then she would start laughing and push him down the hill and I would run after him. She thought it was hilarious. Well she done it a couple times and Babee told her that Karter might flip over or something so she stopped. Well she decided to sit on the front of the car. So I pushed both of them like that for a little bit and it got heavy.... so she got off... well then she got back on and Karter started getting really mad not wanting her on there. So i told her to get off. She got off and we pushed some more... and then she started getting back on again but like climbing on it like facing Karter. Well somehow she slipped and fell and her neck hit his head. Of course he started crying and then she started crying... and the drama began! I got Karter out while at the same time telling her that that was why I told her not to get back on there. I knew that might happen. I handed Karter to my mom and then loved and checked on Heidi. Well while I was doing that my mom made the comment that Heidi was just trying to get my attention too.... well of course my over analyzing mind started turning after that. I told her that I always try my hardest to include Heidi and Karter in everything. My worst fear is for one of them to feel unloved by me or that I show favoritism. That's not what I want at all. So we came inside and I got some ice for Heidi (she loves to be pampered... and she has to have her diva moment for a little while) and she put the ice on her neck. Well after that (and I'm sure it is because I had all that on my mind) it seemed like everything was stressful. Karter was whining... Heidi was whining... I fixed Karter some supper... tried some new spaghetti O type things for toddlers... he didn't eat much of it (SURPRISE)... and at the same time I was trying to let her know I cared about her too... Finally Kyle got home and started helping.

Well I was really okay until they got in the bathtub and I was sitting in there with them. They were splashing like they do EVERY night and get the entire bathroom soaking wet. Well I'm constantly telling Heidi not to splash so hard because her's goes really high. Well finally tonight I said Heidi... you are 4 years old... she said "no me not" and I said well you are almost 4 and that means that you are a big girl and you splash really really high. Of course she said "Karter splashes high" *hehe*... but as soon as I said 4.... all emotions started setting in. I started bawling. My baby girl is almost 4... I don't know where time went. I would never EVER trade Karter or Sophie in or wish they weren't here, but I would LOVE to go back to where I just had only Heidi just one more day... that's all... one more day of just me and Heidi. I was able to be at home with her 7 months before I started work so we really had some bonding time. We've always been super close. Karter will be ONE in 2 weeks and I feel like I missed out on so much with him. And now Sophie is coming along... I just really feel overwhelmed tonight... it's all becoming a reality. I am about to be a mother of 3 and my life will never be the same. I miss the closeness that Heidi and I had... I'm afraid that she is going to feel like I have pushed her to the side because she has a baby brother and sister... I don't want that. I want her to feel special and feel like my Big Helper. I am very attached to my children and it is hard for me to do something with just one of them... and when I do of course the other one is constantly on my mind. I love Heidi and she knows that... right? I'm a good mom right?? I am sure I have my pregnancy hormones to thank for feeling like this anyway... but I can't stop thinking about it... I went outside to do laundry and was just crying folding clothes.... then I came back in and finished up my chicken salad and started crying making it.

Kyle keeps asking what is wrong, but I just really don't feel like talking about it out loud. It's easier to type. I can say a lot more typing... and I know I'll just start boo hooing all over again telling him and I don't want him to think I am silly. He already makes fun of me and says I cry over anything and over the silliest commercial that comes on TV. My argument is I just have a tender heart and things get to me easily. Right now Heidi is asking me"Mommy when it's day time do me have to go to school or church?" I told her both.. .and then she told me that she wants to spend the night at Babee's house. Really??? NOT very good timing on that one. I told her that she couldn't tomorrow night because it's late when we get out of church and she said "But me like her"... so of course I asked her if she still likes me and she nodded her head yes. Then again here I am feeling like I am just whining whining whining when my friend Meredith is here without her twins that would be almost 3. What do I have to whine about? I still have all my babies here with me and I am going to love them and love on them until it makes them sick. They are going to know WITHOUT a doubt that their mom loves them and wants what's best for them. I love being a mom!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Monday!

FINALLY!! A day with nothing planned! It was wonderful... absolutely wonderful! My mom picked the kids up from school... so I was able to come home, start some laundry, put the supper in the oven, and try on some clothes a friend of mine lent me. When the kids got here we ate Chicken Spaghetti.... oh so yummy!! Kyle's mom actually made it this weekend and I just reheated it. Karter actually ate it too. Anita (his teacher) told me that he ate really well today... THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!! I have really been worried about him and his eating habits. She said he loves hash rounds from Hardees... guess I'm going to have to try that. Maybe we can leave early in the morning to run by there?!?!?! We watched Dancing With the Stars.... on and off from eating and getting baths. Then my dad and Grandmama came over... it was so nice to see them! We don't get to see my dad much because of his work schedule. So that was a really nice short visit :)!

I think this is the shortest blog I have wrote in a while. I have to go try to find the kids birthday supplies... table clothes, plates, cups, napkins, goody bag fillers, etc. And I need to try to find Heidi some silver stylish flip flops... hmmmm... oh and order a personalized book.... being it's already 10:12pm... I'm thinking NONE of that will get accomplished tonight *hehe*!

GOOD NIGHT blogger family!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rattlesnake Rodeo Weekend

Gosh I can hardly believe the weekend is over already. It seems like Monday's come way too fast!!

Well Friday night Karter had a terrible night. I could just tell his stomach was hurting him. He was going to the bathroom, so I kept thinking it would get better. Well Saturday morning I had to be at the stadium at 8:45 to work the front gate.... Kyle kept texting me telling me that Karter just wasn't feeling well. He was whiny and kept having dirty diapers. Well when i got home from the rodeo I gave him some Peptobismol. Just a small dosage though... I was scared. Well Heidi was still at the rodeo because she went with my mom early that morning. About the time I got home and gave Karter the Pepto she called wanting to come home. So Karter and I loaded up and went and got her. He fell asleep on the way and took a long nap after we got home. He felt so much better after he woke up. He woke up and wouldn't eat any lunch. So we all piled in the suburban with Dale, Joanne, Nick, & Alyssa and went to the rodeo.

We weren't there long before Alyssa got sick and they all left. We didn't get to see them much this weekend at all it seems. They came back to our house for a while and then went back to their hotel. We stayed at the rodeo. I got me a funnel cake and tried to feed some to the kids, but neither one was fond of it. Then later that afternoon I tried to call my dads house to see if he would come get the kids. I found a great place to sit to watch Billy Currington and didn't want to lose the seat and I knew my dad had already called me twice asking if he needed to come get Karter. Well Tyler was there and said my dad had left and went to Andalusia and was going to stay there and eat at my aunt and uncle's house..... :( So I for sure wasn't going to call him and ask him to drive back to Opp. So we ended up calling Kyle's mom and she brought us jackets and blankets and got the kiddos. I got to keep my seats :) and Lindsay, Amanda, & Jonathan met us up there and we all watched the concert.

This morning we had to be at church earlier because I covered Valerie's Sunday School class for her. Dale & his bunch decided to meet us here after church to get their camera and Xbox 3 (Which we will not EVER own because Kyle and I would probably get a divorce because of that little machine *hehe*)! We tried to get them to go eat something with us, but they were ready to get on the road. They ended up staying for about I dont know.... 45 minutes or so. So all I got to see them was Friday night when we grilled, a couple hours on Saturday and those few minutes today. I just feel like they didn't have any fun :( I don't think Opp was as exciting as Orlando is. Why doesn't everyone else enjoy the Rattlesnake Rodeo as much as I do?? I LOVE to walk around... eat a funnel cake... get a huge thing of FRESH squeezed lemonade, push the stroller... let Heidi look at anything she wants to and just see all kinds of people. I'm just all about it!!

Then this afternoon... believe it or not Heidi and I actually took naps!! Those of you that know me know if I take a nap.... I am exhausted. I just do not nap! We slept for about 2 1/2 hours. It was so nice. I felt so much better when I woke up. Which is why I am able to blog tonight :)! Kyle and Karter woke us up in time to get ready for church. Speaking of church..... my brother.... God love him.... falls asleep during every service at church. So tonight Sophie was moving all around and I told him so he got to feel her move... which kept him "occupied" for a little bit! Oh and Dale really wanted to feel her move, but everytime he put his hand on my stomach she would stop moving. I guess she didn't like the heat of his hand. I hated that to... he really was interested in the whole pregnancy/movement thing.

Then tonight Jon Wesley, Leigh Ann, & the girls came over to Kent & Cindy's and we ate Tacos. The girls LOVE that time together... they play and play and play. Tonight they actually hunted Easter eggs and played Flower Girls with the.... whatever it's called that goes inside an Easter basket... my mind has gone blank... but they made a HUGE mess with that stuff. Oh and when they were over for Cindy's birthday Shelly Kate (she will be 5 May 7th) said "We saw where you were naming the baby Sophie on my mommy's comptuer.... but my mommy doesn't like that name".... it was so funny to me. The honesty of children! Leigh Ann said she never said that, but that it would definitely have to grow on her... I told her that was okay because it has to grow on Kyle too!

Anyway... Karter has had several dirty diapers tonight. But we're keeping him hydrated as best as we can.... so maybe he is okay?!?! Hopefully we'll have a good night!

Friday, March 26, 2010

What a week

Whew!! It's almost over. I don't like to "wish" my life away, but this week was so FULL of stuff to do every day that I do NOT want another week like this for a long time.

Wednesday was my mother in law, Cindy (Mimi)'s birthday. Kyle's brother, Jon Wesley, and his wife and two daughters came over and brought Fireman's Barbecue. It was DELICIOUS! That was my first time having it. And they brought an ice cream cake. We had a wonderful, relaxing evening.

Last night I went with two of my girlfriends, Amanda Wallace & April Johnson, to Dothan to see Chondra Pierce live and in person :)! She was good it just got to be really long. We left her show at 10:22 PM (It wasn't even over yet) and I pulled in my driveway at 11:48pm. I was give out. There's a guy named Bone that introduced her.... now he was hilarious! He actually played on My Name is Earl and was in the movie with Sandra Bullock, All About Steve. I think I could have listened to him all night.

Tonight our WONDERFUL friends (Dale, Joanne, and Joanne's daughter Alyssa and son Nick) came up from Orlando, Florida. We haven't seen them since October. Kyle actually met Dale when he lived down there and was going to MMI school. They worked at TM Ranch together and have amazingly stayed in touch. They are like two grown babies together. Just the excitement you can see on both of their faces is funny. They are all amazed with Opp. It's funny.... they all had to rush outside to see Josh (our lab) eat the left over supper. And they've never heard of Dale's Seasoning. Interesting huh? Well tomorrow they are going to get a fill of the 50th Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo! I'm anxious to see what they think about it. I also think Kyle is going to give them the GRAND tour of Opp!! We told them it wouldn't take but about 5 minutes *hehe*!

So for supper we had grilled steaks, baked potatoes, a fresh salad with all the fancy fixings and for dessert.... oh my.... homemade pound cake, homemade whipped cream, and fresh cut up strawberries that had been sitting in sugar!! It was soooooooo delicious even if I did make it :)!

But our friends have gone to their hotel and we are all winding down. Time to get some beauty sleep so I can get ready to be at the gates at the rodeo bright and early!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Gosh I am tired. Interesting day.

Anita (Karter's Kids World teacher) called me at about 10:45 and said Karter fell and hit his (mouth, but I thought she said head) and they couldn’t get it to stop bleeding. I grabbed my purse and ran out the door. It’s his mouth in front like above where his teeth would be and there’s a big cut and gum missing. By the time I got there she and Lori (his other teacher) had the bleeding stopped and he was sucking on ice. I didn’t know what to do… I called the DR office and there’s not a DR there on Tuesdays… I would have to go to Andalusia, so I told her I didn’t want to do that. So I took him to see the nurse at OMS and she thinks it is going to be fine. Just really sore. There’s a white spot shining through, but not sure if that’s just part of the gum or a tooth and the gum was kind of shaved off of it and that’s what is shining through. It’s not the bottom part of his gum… so if it’s a tooth it’s not the bottom of the tooth it’s the flat outside surface showing. But Karter doesn’t like for you to look at it so I really don’t know. He was so sweet and just loved all over me. I gave him some juice and he drank that on the way back to Kids World and was almost asleep. When I went by there during lunch he was happy as could be... just eating his snacks and playing. He still wouldn't let me really look at it tonight.

As soon as I picked them up today we headed to the Skating Rink for a cousins birthday party, Megan Pinson. Heidi did as I expected and was very clinging and shy until close to the end and then she wanted to skate. So I was holding her hand and constantly picking her up off the floor and holding Karter (when he wasn't in his walker). That gave me slap out.... and I'm not so sure if it wouldn't have given me out even if I wasn't pregnant. I did end up getting a bad headache while we were there... tension one starting in my neck.

Karter fell asleep on the way home, I feel like for the night. THANK THE LORD he slept all night last night!! So we all got a much needed good nights rest. Hopefully tonight will be the same. I came home and sat down for a little bit and then went to take my makeup and stuff off and got side tracked and started painting. SO now I am actually lying on the couch about to fall asleep.

I have such a wonderful husband! He's cleaning the playroom now and on his 2nd load of laundry... plus he swept the kitchen, put the dishes up, and cleaned 2 of our bathrooms while we were gone. I am so thankful that he helps me out! Took almost 3 kids *haha* but at least he's doing it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh What a Night

Wow we had a night! Karter hasn't slept well the past week. Out of one week he slept all night Saturday night because we played all day and he didn't nap at all that afternoon. Well last night he was up a lot and then once we got him situated finally at I don't even know what time, Bug got up because she had a tummy ache... and when you are pregnant, you already don't sleep well. Plus it takes me a long time to go back to sleep once I am awake. I sure hope tonight is a better one!

So my little non eater man at him some Chili tonight! Our wonderful friends, Jonathan and Amanda, cooked some Chili and brought it over and I made grill cheeses to go with it. Well I know that Chili wasn't the wisest thing to feed him, but hey when he won't usually eat anything... I was just happy to feed him something. He got full and played for a while... then I was cleaning out the fridge and he was acting like he wanted all the "old" food I was getting ready to feed Josh (our lab... that YES was already named when we got him), So I got out a biscuit that Kyle's dad had cooked for Heidi and he ate some of it... then I fed him some yogart. So hopefully he has gone to sleep on a full stomach!

Cleaning.... you know you have the best friend when she will come over and literally scrub your kitchen. Amanda cleaned my kitchen better than it has been in a long time... probably since her mom was over here and kept Karter when he was little *L*! Gosh I am so thankful!

Oh notice my new "face" on my blog :)??? My wonderful friend Meredith fixed it all up for me today. It needed a face-lift that I just couldn't figure out how to give it... so she helped out!

So overall our night was wonderful.... I was even able to wash 3 loads of clothes!

Life is wonderful and my eyes are so very tired!! I'm going to call it a night.

Oh... Sophie is wonderful :) I had to drink lots of caffeine this morning to get going so she was all hyped up and moving around!! I LOVE it!

Oh my gosh I almost forgot... I wrote all that last night and didn't even put the song that Keith sang... I found it on you tube and thought I could figure out how to save the video and upload it on here... but my computer illiterate self couldn't figure that out. So here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEqR2zlaDTs&feature=related . It's beautifuL!! Called "What Sin".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whirwind... get ready

Wow... my head is spinning... there are so many thoughts in my head just going round and round... I don't even know where to begin really. But I will start with one from this morning. A guy from our church, Keith Bell, sang a song with Juanice Dreading. Before he sang he gave a quick testimony. He said that years ago before his current wife he was in a really bad marriage. His wife became pregnant. He said they fussed and fussed and she later lost the baby. Months later she became pregnant again. He said there were drugs involved and arguing and his wife did not want the baby. She finally told him that if he didn't take her to the clinic then she would get someone else to. Of course at this time he just really started crying and there wasn't a dry eye in the building. He drove his wife to a clinic in Columbus and they terminated the pregnancy. He regrets it so very much. As he said, "It wasn't a choice.... it was a child". He looked over to our youth section and said "I am supposed to have a 15 year old sitting there. I often wonder... would I have a son who was muscular and into sports or would I have a beautiful daughter that was smart?" God can help you let go of your struggles. You just have to go to him with them. Keith said he wonders what he will say to that child when he sees him or her in Heaven... how will he explain why to his child?

That has been in my mind all day. If you know me at all, you know that I am very sensitive and my children are my life. I have a very tender heart when it comes to kids. You have Keith's situation and I am sure there are so many people out there who have been in his shoes. Then I have friends who have had miscarriages, friends who have had still borns, and recently I had a friend who lost her 2 year old twins. There is not a day goes by that I do not think about Meredith and Gregg. Because of their situation I have an entirely different outlook on life and my kids. We were at Brayden and Kenadi's birthday party in May and then in a July instant they were gone. Though I have never personally been through any of that, my heart still aches just as much for everyone I know that has gone through it. Even with this third pregnancy, I had a hard hard time excepting it and appreciating the gift of life. It took us a while to get pregnant with my handsome K-man and then out of no where when he was 5 months old I found out I was pregnant without us even trying and using birth control. I was so confused, humiliated, discouraged, depressed, unappreciative and the list just goes on and on. There were so many selfish thoughts that went through my head.... and of course lots and lots of tears that came out of my eyes. But it did not take me long to get my act together and realize how fortunate Kyle and I were. We have soooo much to be thankful for and there's so much for me to look forward to. It's going to be tough, but we can do it. The thought of something happening to Sophie makes me sick to my stomach. I am now so excited to meet her!

Wow... and then there's a lot going on this week alone. The only "free" night I have is Monday night. I am very much a planner... probably the biggest planner you'll know. I have to have structure. Well Heidi got invited to a birthday party Tuesday night... so we have that, then Wednesday night is church, then Thursday night I am going with some Ino Friends to Dothan to hear Sondra Pierce (that doesn't start until 7:30... and I am an early bird... that's my winding down time... and no telling what time I will get home... which that's the devil putting negative thoughts about it in my head) and then if this Friday is anything like this past Friday at work then it'll be CrAZy and we have company coming up from ORLANDO that we haven't seen since October (So excited to see them :) )... and then Saturday morning I have to get up to work at the Rattlesnake Rodeo. Just one thing after the other... and I am tired and stressed thinking about everything. Whoa Baby!

And then I keep thinking about the new baby. One week ago today she did not move at all for me to feel until late that afternoon. I was super scared. I would sit/lay real still just begging and praying for her to move and she wouldn't. I was to the point where I was ready to call someone... anyone to do an ultrasound on me to make sure everything was okay... and just in the right time she moved. Ever since then she has been moving a lot and I am sooooooo very thankful for that! I do not want to have that fear again. I know that probably sounds like I got over paranoid about that, but when you are carrying a baby you don't ever really not worry about him or her until you see their beautiful healthy face.

And there's so much more going on that I would be here for hours typing. This is exactly why I can't nap.... my mind doesn't shut off. Hard to believe I sleep at night... which i do wake up several times a night.... but there's never a break up there.

Oh and taking a double dose of iron has been okay. The first morning I got up at 3:30 and took it and did fine... next morning 530 and did fine. So now I just make sure I take it with food and it has been okay :)!!!! So thankful!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Test Results

What an afternoon. We came home and Kyle was already home. It's so nice when he gets off early. Karter apparently had an extremely bad afternoon because he was really fussy. He didn't want to get in his carseat, he didn't want to get in his high chair, he just didn't want to do anything. I really think he is teething. He's recently had his 1st two come through and i think there's more. Teething never did bother Heidi, so this is new for us. Anyway...I was finally able to get him in his high chair and he actually did eat some baby food and puffs. Some nights he'll eat and some nights he won't. He's the only baby I know that just doesn't want a bottle or food majority of the time. He's not even crazy about table food. It's the weirdest thing. We always fix him an 8 oz bottle at night before bed and sometimes he'll drink a couple oz and sometimes the whole thing... well guess how much is left tonight.... ALL 8!!

Anyway... I got off track. Kyle has really started helping me out a lot and I am so very appreciative of that. He cooked supper tonight and cleaned the kitchen :)! I on the other hand of course had the kids to play with and feed, etc. But I also had to do laundry. I was on the Rattlesnake Rodeo Pageant Committee and the pageant was this past weekend. It took up most of last week for me and Friday and Saturday... well come Sunday I was give slam out! So I did zero laundry!! I've already folded 2 loads tonight, and I have 1 in the dryer and 1 in the washer. Kyle's mom (Mimi) came up here (she lives down the hill from us) and played with the kids for a little while and helped with baths. Now I am in the recliner with Karter asleep in my arms and Heidi sitting beside me.

The nurse from Dr Cleveland's office called me today to give me my results for my sugar test. I passed the test... YAY!! BUT my iron is still low so I have to double up on my iron pills. That's no fun because they make me sick. I have to take it right before I go to bed so that i won't get sick... but now I have to take one in the morning and one at night. So I am dreading the start of that tomorrow. I guess that explains my extreme tiredness. But Maybe this will do the trick!

I am going to attempt to attach 2 videos of the kids. One is of Karter laughing and the other is Heidi spelling Alabama on the coaster. Her daddy was so proud! Meredith and Ashton are trying to teach me all about this blogging... but I'm a difficult learner!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sugar Day

Well I had to be in Dothan bright and early this morning at 8:15!! I had to do my sugar test. It was not bad. The worst part to me is the taking my blood. I see Dr Cleveland in Dothan and their office staff are so friendly and so full of Jesus and do not mind making it known!! I LOVE it there! they are super fast too I might add. I was finished with my appt, drinking the sugary fruit punch drink, waiting an hour, and letting the sweet (NOT) lady take my blood in an hour. The reason I say not is because she was filling in for the "normal" lab lady. She even told me that she didn't like working at that office because they were all too friendly. Something huh? She also told me I was too young to be having 3 kids. Does she think I do not know that? Sophie was certainly not in my plan... but I am okay with that now. I do not need any discouragement! She told me that there were three ways to solve that.... (1) Abstinence (2) him get fixed or (3) me get fixed.... My little devil that was sitting on my shoulder wanted to say OR (4) It's my business not yours..... BUT I didn't!

Anyway all was well with the baby. She had a heart rate of 152.... and it was very strong and very easy for the nurse to find. That makes for a good visit! It's always nerve racking when it takes the nurse a few minutes to find a heart beat. I met the new lady OB today and my next visit I will see Dr Gilchrist. Once you start "meeting" the other doctors, you know it's getting close. WOW... what in the world am I going to do with 3 kids under 4?? CRAZY!! At this moment Heidi and Karter are in the tub together and Karter is showing me his 2 new shiny teeth!! His sister in the mean time is constantly rubbing his head, making him a mow hawk and yelling "YAY KARTER"... I love being a mom!! And I will love it just as much when I have three in the bath tub.

I am back after breaking up a small fuss in the bathtub. Heidi was "swimming" and she accidentally bumped Karter and he scooted and his face hit the bubbles and it made him mad!! Oh the drama :)!

Anyway that about does it for my day of excitement. We are now all chillin' watching "19 Kids and Counting"! NOOOOO I am not trying to catch up with the Duggars!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't I need one?

It seems like almost everyone I knows has a blog and I keep up with all of theirs.... so I guess it is time that I got one. When I told Kyle, my husband, that I was going to create one... he of course asked me why... and I said well I think it is a good way to unwind and just kind of put all your feelings out there. Some things are easier to type rather than to talk about.

I have a 3 year old daughter, Heidi, and an 11 month old son, Karter, and I am pregnant with our 3rd child.... a girl... due July 5th.... hence the name "The Colquett 5". Kyle and I have a HARD time agreeing on baby names. He actually named Heidi, and with Karter we had to have his initials MKC and call him by the "K" name. He can't know anyone that has our children's names or we can't name them that. Well ever since we found out we were having a girl it has been a daily conversation at our house about what we were going to name her... we went through soooooooo many..... it was finally down to Hadley and Layla. Well i just really wasn't thinking either of them were the ONE..... but Saturday morning I was on the internet looking up celebrity baby names and I came across Ella Sofia.... and I was like that's it.... that's her name... Sophie Lynne. Kyle was actually at our local hardware store, but of course I had to call him to tell him that I had FINALLY named our baby girl. He isn't crazy about it, but I told him it would grow on him... since he named the other 2, it was only fair for me to name her.

I have to go tomorrow for my lovely sugar test!! I actually do not mind drinking the drink as much as them taking blood. I absolutely despise needles and giving blood... I would honestly rather give birth!

Anyway.... after I found out my little brother had a blog I decided I needed one!! THANKS KYKY!