Sunday, October 31, 2010

2 kitties and a puppy

Well for some reason it won't let me finish uploading my pictures.... I guess I have too many on here?!?! so I'll add more from the weekend on the next post.

Friday night I cooked a YUMMY supper.... Peppered steak... rice... etc... I mean it was really good! That's the first time I have ever cooked it... and I can tell you it will not be the last. Anyway Amanda and Jonathan ate with us. Well they all talked me into doing something that is soooo out of my character. Those of you that know me, know that I am very much a planner and I just don't do "spontaneous" stuff. I'm sorry... but I'm not adventurous. Starting about 7:45 all three of the other adults in the room began begging... BEGGING... me to go with them to Andalusia to Dairy Queen. Of course I am already in my sweats and a tshirt... which is my favorite go to "outfit" when I have NOTHING else to do!

Finally at 8:00 I said okay. I've never seen two grown men so happy. They told us to drive.... haha we think it's so they could sit in the back and watch Elf :)! We really had a good time. Since we were already over there, we went to WalMart to get formula and gas. Here are some pictures of us going that night.... Amanda goes pIcTURE crazy when she comes to my house.

Saturday morning was beautiful! Heidi wanted her picture taken holding Sophie. :) she's such a big helper!

We had a costume party to go to at 10:00 and Fall Festival at 1:00.

Kyle caught a baby lizard... Heidi loved it. I couldn't get a clear picture of it though. She put it in a container with holes in the top... but somehow her daddy and KyKy talked her into "releasing" it at church.

My Big kitty:

My little Kitty :)

And my Puppy Dog...

They really enjoyed themselves at the Fall Festival. It was from 1-3.. and then Trunk or Treat was at 3. Two hours seems to fly by once you get started with all the games and activities.

This was an obstacle course... Karter and Heidi both liked the tunnel.

Sophie and Jake.... 2 weeks apart (He being the oldest & 5 lbs heavier)

They have had this "competition" thing there as long as I can remember.... I've been pregnant the past two years.. so i couldn't do it *L*! But the race was ON this year. I won one time and Kyle the other.

My pretty kitty :)

Maybe tonight I can have time to find Heidi's first Halloween and then theirs from last year...

KyKy spent the night with us Saturday night. Heidi loved it! Of course she slept in her own bed with him :) So here's my handsome boy and beautiful daughter before church yesterday morning.... oh and handsome brother :)

Yesterday afternoon the kids enjoyed hitting a pinata at Meme's house!

Then Kyle of course had to do "SOMETHING" haha!! he was proud of himself for balancing this!

At church last night............

Enjoy the laughter and rolling over video :) That's my aunt donna she's laughing at!