Friday, May 31, 2013

Y'all Didn't Tell Me I Forgot the Guardian Angel Story

 So it hit me this morning that I forgot to tell the guardian angel story that was part of my blog title yesterday.

Sunday night on our way to church, I noticed this Equinox following us pretty close, but didn't think a whole lot about it.  Well most of you know before you pull in to our church, you go around a sharp curve and then turn.  Well I went around the curve, but could not turn in because a car was coming in the opposite lane.  I steadily watched the car behind me and felt myself grip the steering wheel tighter and tighter.  The Equinox driver was looking down and did not see that I had stopped.  I had this other car coming at me from the other direction and the one behind me that was about to completely smash me, & there was nothing I could do.  I kept watching him and realizing what was about to unfold.  I had to think quick.  Or so I thought.  I moved over into the Barlette's drive that is across from our church and as I did, the car coming in the other lane passed by and the car behind me finally looked up and realized what was about to happen.  He SLAMMED on brakes.  When I say slammed, I mean tires screeching, smoke everywhere, marks left on the road, and of course he went over in the Barlette's too.  Thankfully the other car went by about the same time, so I quickly turned into church. 

The Equinox didn't stop, didn't wave to say I am sorry, nothing.  When I moved out of the way, he kept going.  That was a very scary feeling to see the wreck unfolding and not being able to control it.  There were people outside at church that saw and heard it all.  I had several people ask me throughout the night if that was me.  The entire time I was parking and walking in to church I just kept thanking God for protecting me and the children.  I am 100% certain our Guardian Angels were with us. 

 On another note, Kyro came home last night :)!! We picked him up and the kiddos couldn't be happier.  Heidi was at tumbling practice, so she wasn't with me when I got him.

 Karter was telling him about the Alabama shirt he had on :)!

We stopped by MeMe's before coming back into town.  The babies played and played and played.

 Hard to tell, but 90% of the time, Sophie wants to pick out her clothes..... so today's choice was a tshirt, see through pj skirt, and of course scraggly hair.
 There was one little boy that just could not get enough of his Daddy :)..... the sweetest thing ever.
 As I write this blog, Kman is still laying in the bed by Kyro.  I think it is safe to say he missed him pretty bad. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

BUSY Memorial Day Weekend, Guardian Angel, & More Than Eventful Day

I seriously have had an eventful day everyday causing me not to be able to blog LOL!  Once my day gets started, I just don't pause it to blog. 

Friday night we had Heidi's End of the Year Party :)!! They all had lots of fun.  Sophie fell asleep, so she stayed with Mom, but Kman went with us and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

The water was pretty cool.... so he would get out, wrap up, and go at it again.

Morgan did a great job decorating....

Kman spotted a Crane and that was pretty much the end of his swimming.  That baby boy loves a Crane.

Enjoying snow cones....
And then we tried to get a group picture..... on the slide.... LOL.... that was a bust!! They were too heavy haha!

Hard to believe these kiddos just finished 1st Grade.  Wow! Wow! Wow!
Kman and I being silly....
He was so cute walking around with his goggles on his head....
And y'all, I am in love with this picture of Heidi & Karter.....
So things have been so crazy that I haven't even blogged about the new kittens we got (or have I??) anyway.... we had 3.  Sissy, Bopsie, and Lovie. 

Sissy and Bopsie were the "Bobbed tailed" twins.  They LOVED to get in my car.  When I say in my car, I mean IN my car hood.

Got some snap shots of Tyler Saturday getting them out.....

Saturday afternoon we went to Crestview for my cousins little girls 1st Birthday party.  

The kiddos had a ball.  It was such a nice and relaxed party.

These pictures crack me up with Sophie's leg propped....

Aunt Ruby Nell and Soph......
We got home about 6ish or so Saturday night.  Not too shabby :)!! And had to get things together for Sunday.  We also had time to practice tie-dying for Heidi's party coming up.  That was lots of fun.

Look at our beautiful kiddods Sunday morning :)......
I love this one of the girls......
The only thing about the fun tie-dying was the babies somehow got into the left overs Sunday morning before church and had themselves all stained up.....

...... and the pool.......
Sunday afternoon we had one of Heidi's friends parties at the skating rink.  It's bad when you go so  much that the lady that hands the skates out knows which ones Sophie requests.  HAHA!  The Purple Princess.

Karter was too cute to me with his hat backwards, so I had to take some snap shots...

He has gotten to where he will get up there with the big kids too....

Sophie sat with us, but Kman wanted to sit "with the boys".  Bless him!! He didn't even know those boys, but he wanted to sit with them.

Love these of Caroline and Sophie cheesin'..... literally LOL!! Had a mouth full of cheese puffs.

Heidi Bug wanted me and her to match, be patriotic, and take our picture.  So that we did :)!! 
Sunday night after church we went to Andalusia and stayed with MeMe.  We had a great time.  Sleep was a little rare, but that was okay.  I don't require much sleep hehe!  Kman had completely soaked himself and the bed by midnight.  Then I was up and down with my stomach.  And then MeMe has this beautiful clock and it ticked all night LOL!  I told her I seriously felt like I was in the Peter Pan movie waiting for the Alligator to come.  Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock.... haha!  I wanted to record it, but was too tired to get my phone.  Bless her, I didn't mention that I was hearing it, but at 5:00 she came in there and turned it off.  She said she forgot to the night before LOL!  And then they were bright eyed and bushy tailed before 7.
Kman had to sleep in my shirt since he soaked his.  So he was Rockin' the Pocket Tee LOL! His Daddy will be proud. 

Then got one of Heidi and Soph.....

This was right before we headed to the pool...... They were so proud to dress in their flag suits.  We are so thankful for the Men and Women that served for our country.  Afterall, I have always said I had a whole knew respect for Army Wives.

Heidi bug LOVES to read.... our little Bookworm at the pool....
Leigh Ann, the girls, and one of Shelly Kate's friends joined us at the pool :)!!  We then went back to MeMe's and grilled hamburgers, had hamburger dip, and just really had a good time.  (Heidi wanted to put makeup on :) btw).  A little later MeMe asked H and SK if they wanted their birthday gifts :)!! She had to order them and they had just came in.  Of course they said yes LOL!  Their first pair of "Happy Birthday" Sorrelli earrings.  They are absolutely beautiful.

That evening we loaded up and went to the new park in Andalusia.  That park is AWESOME!  We had the best time. 

Before we left, Cindy wanted a group picture of us all on the rock climb.

Before we left, we looked over and Sophie had taken her skirt and panties off.  We asked her what was wrong (of course while laughing) and she said she "had sumfin in her butt" LOL..... aka sand.  So MeMe helped to empty the load of sand that was in her panties.

  Then I had to do it one last time before leaving...

We stayed at the park until 8 or after.  It was lots of fun.  We got home that night at like 915-930 I don't remember.  But we were give out!!

Tuesday morning we all woke up hungry, so I made Kelley Biscuits with Homemade sausage and gravy.  Yummy to my tummy!!!
We started getting ready to head to The Tisdales about 10:30 ish.... and of course the 2 kitten twin kitties got in my car again.  Could not find them anywhere!!  I was so scared to turn my car on because I still can remember my childhood cat, Amos, getting caught in the fan or engine one in my moms car.  We looked for 45 minutes.  I tried blowing the horn to scare them out, then turning my key over, but not enging and still nothing.  So I had no choice but to turn my car on.  Then as I was backing out, it said the passenger door was open, so I decided to check again while I shut that.  When I popped the hood, out came Sissy.  I knew since Sissy came out that Bopsie was in there too.  No sign of her.  I am hoping that she got out somewhere and is okay.  Either that or my car will be stinking soon. :/ ..... but I popped my hood everywhere we stopped just to make sure she wasn't trying to get out.

We finally made it to the Tisdales just in time to cook lunch.  We fixed fish sticks and macaroni :)!!

I had a MAJOR head ache from caffeine deprivation I am sure.... the kids started fussing and fighting so bad with Brayden that we left and headed to Babees.  Mommer to the rescue :).... she had a coca-cocla and headache medicine.  Bye bye head ache!
She had gotten their little pool out and already had it full of water, so they played in it for a little while :)....
Her new Chicken Pen.... we love it :)!!
Tuesday night I finally got to go to a painting class.  I have been deprived for WEEKS now.  I love to go when I can.  My "adult" time to clear my head.  Turns out it was also pot luck night.  So I made pigs n the blanket, and cookies with chocolate icing in the middle. 

They were poking fun at me at the paint class saying you can tell my mind is always in kid mode.  I was laughing because it is so true and I didn't even realize it. 

When I got to moms after class to get the babies (I had picked Heidi up from tumbling on my way), Sophie kept eye balling them and of course said, "I want some" and chowed down.  I couldn't help but giggle.

Mom had made some DELICIOUS Talapia, rice, steamed veggies, and sweet potatoe.  My mouth was watering LOL. 

Not long after we were there, the babies wanted to watch Scooby Doo, so I layed down with them and Kman was OUT minutes later.
Baahaaaa this one cracks me up.  I love little people, so don't get me wrong, but the way my arm was bent back, I looked like I was a little person.  And look at Sophie Girl posing.  Love it!
And then ole Charlie Warlie.... y'all know that I don't not like animals, I just like them from afar and don't like to see anything happen to them.  Well Charlie just bee bopped right on top of me and just sat there staring.  Like what now?? haha.... so Tyler had to get a picture.
Okay and then yesterday morning...... oh I guess I should say K & H stayed with Babee because I hada a dentist appt yesterday.  S wanted to come home with  me, so I was just going to take her with me or let her stay with Papa.  Well me and S were sleeping SOOO good and all of a sudden at like 640 or 645 our door bell rang.  It was Powersouth telling me they needed to to cut down a wild cherry tree and some of our pecan limbs that were in the way of their line of sight for the power line.  Of course I was like okay?? When?? He said in about 20 minutes.  Well alrighty then!!  Of course I was outside in my pjs (no bra), and bare foot.  It was TOO early and we were finally sleeping.  Wouldn't you know. 

So I came back in, got dressed.  Then had to go outside, lock the kittens in their cage because I had to let the dogs out.  I also had to un do the electric fence and all that jazz so they could get their (25,000 lb truck as the guy told me) in our back yard.  He was also telling me how it could mess up our yard and if it did then they would bring sand in and level it out and all.

This picture kind of has a glare, but their big truck was in the back yard....

Needless to say Sophie and I got lots of entertainment by 8:00 yesterday morning.

And after that, I sprayed everything and anything you could think of.  Every hole, every crack, every cabinet, around the windows, the doors, the vents, outside EVERYWHERE!!!! 
Hopefully no more insects inside for a while!!!  While I was busy spraying, I came in to Sophie rubbing the kitty (with my dish towel at that) and told me that she had put some lipstick on her LOL!!  Poor kitty.

 I did manage to go to the dentist.  Dad came over and off I went :)!! 

When I got back, the other 2 kiddos were home & somehow had misplaced the kittens.... IN THE HOUSE.  Dad said they checked every closet, drawer, etc.  I was certain after the lipstick incident and the fact that Sophie was trying to put Lovie in her purse before I left that she had them stuck somewhere.  We couldn't get them to meow.  So of course I was then thinking of gosh.... here I have sprayed this house DOWN with that insect stuff and the kitties have licked it and gone off to die.  This couldn't be!!!  After I was home for about 30 minutes or so, they just all of a sudden showed up and were playing.  They were napping GOOD under Kyle's dresser LOL!

Oh and I guess I should add the dogs had also ran away at this point..... but I was pretty sure they would eventually come back.  I went ahead and mowed their pen since they were away and got it all "prettied" up for them..... and at some point I was finally able to get a shower.  While washing my hair, I could feel something in there..... low and behold I pulled out a stick!! A stick!!! Like really??? Who has a stick in their hair?

Finally a little bit later Driller & Jaycee came home :)!!!

Of course they were give slam out from running around town, so I went in their pen to clean it out and clean their pool.  It took me a minute to get the pool up to wash it out and anyway it is because the biggest ant bed I have ever seen was like suctioned to it.  HUGE!!!  There were also 2 big spiders under it with eggs out the ying yang.... Kyle thinks they were black widows.

Of course I sprayed them really good and killed everything I could.  I sprayed the big tree in the dog pen, the house, etc.  I cleaned their dog house too of and since I was in there just went ahead and washed our house LOL!!  It's that hardy plank on the new addition, so it gets pretty dirty sometimes.
Pretty adventerous day to say the least..... I will end it with a video of Sophie entertaining me as usual :)!