Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy 10 Months to Soph!

Well Sophie got a good birthday present :) TUBES!!! Really... it's a good thing!!!

She is going to feel so much better.

We had to be at the Surgery Center in Enterprise at 6:00 this morning. That was awfully early :)!
They had just put her bracelet on.....

She's registered and ready.

It was a very quick procedure. The Anesthesiologist said that it only takes 10-15 seconds to put her to sleep and then a total of 3 minutes for the procedure. Each ear averages about 1 1/2 minutes. Dr McQueen said that Sophie's left ear was awful and that no medicine in this World would have fixed it.... so he was really glad that he went ahead and done the procedure. The only bad thing is that ear has been bleeding and draining.... which is normal, just yucky.

KyKy was trying to get her calm before we left.... she was still so droggy from being put to sleep.

And then this was her and KyKy after we got in Opp... she was enjoying sitting in his lap while I went in to get Sophie's prescription filled.

After Larry's we headed over to T & C to get fabric for Heidi's birthday outfit :) We got there about 10 minutes before they opened.... so we had to wait in the car.... as you can tell she is all smiles though :)!!

Here's her poor ear :(!!! The other ear looks normal, but this one was rather bloody all day.

Yesterday was Sophie's 10 month birthday. Hard to believe she is already 10 months old.

What's going on in Sophie's World:

* Stands up on anything & stands alone often
* Takes about an hour to drink a 6 oz bottle & still spits a lot of that up
* Eats yogurt, oatmeal, or cereal for breakfast
* Eats a vegetable & fruit for lunch and usually won't eat a whole jar of anything for supper
*Still has 0 teeth and I don't see any signs of any
* Says & waves "Bye Bye" and "Hi"
* Gives high fives
* She weighed 15.2 last week
* Loves her sippy cup
* Still hates to ride in her carseat multiple times a day
* Wears a size 2 diaper (which by the way she is like an Octopus changing)
*She still has the most bubbly personality, but can throw her a fit in a heart beat.... she gets her heart broken a lot

She kept standing up and throwing the paper out haha.

Anyway.... she's going to go to daycare tomorrow. She should be fine. She did really good today. She just took some longer than usual naps.... which worked out good because Tyler and I were able to get a lot done for Heidi's party. Anyway.... hard to believe that tomorrow is Thursday already!! Whoa Nelly!!

PS: Remember to pray for everyone affected by all of the bad weather. We all know several people in Tuscaloosa and you all are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disney On Ice

Saturday My mom, Tyler, Hank, Heidi, Karter, and I loaded up and headed to Mobile to see Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate

It was one of the best Disney On Ice shows we've seen.

I hope you don't get bored with all of the pictures.... I love Disney... and I get carried away *L*! But for those of you that have never watched a show, maybe you can pretend you were there with these pictures and videos.

Friday night Hank, Heidi, and Karter stayed at my moms house and were so excited about our little trip the next day.

We had to make a pit stop *L*!! Me and my sweet kiddos..... we had a wonderful day... although we really missed Miss Sophie.

My little man.... he honestly was the best rider. Hank and Heidi aggravated each other almost the entire way *L*!! The Big Trucks we were passing kept Karter entertained!!

The kiddos walking in..... right after this picture Hank ran smack dab into the mirror on that car in front of them!! After we knew he was okay and his glasses were okay, it was pretty funny!!

Look how close our seats were..... awesome seats!!!

And let the show begin.....

Karter stayed glued the entire time....

Two peas in a pod....

See that little popcorn bucket???? $10!!! Yep!!! TEN BUCKS for that bucket of popcorn.... free refill at least :)!

This pig was hilarious.... I wish I had of gotten a video of it.

It's over.... they had soooo much fun.

Beautiful Heidi.....

Of course Karter didn't want to take a picture.....

HAHA okay so H & H were "balancing" walking around this thing.... so of course Kman wanted to follow them.... well all of a sudden we heard him scream and looked over there and he had fall off and one of the limbs had him hanging by his shirt.... LOL!!! It was super funny...... he was okay, no scratches.... but boy did it tick him off!

And we tried to get another family picture.... Hank was the photographer and Heidi was "making Karter laugh".... yeah that didn't work so well!!!!

After leaving we headed across the water to Daphne. I couldn't be that close to our first home and not "visit" it. So here it is..... I do not miss the neighborhood, but I very much miss the inside of the house. I loved the layout and would have been perfect for my kiddos.

We can hardly go on any road trip without stopped by Cracker Barrell... that's just sorda our family tradition *L*!!!

So the 2 year old was still awake and the other two were out like a light. HAHA.... Karter was barely hanging on though.
Well I am off tomorrow. Sophie is getting tubes and I am very excited. I am so ready for her not to hurt anymore. We have to be in Enterprise bright and early at 6:00!! So Heidi and Karter are staying with my dad tonight.

Oh and 3 chickens have died and 2 more are barely hanging on :(!! I hate it for the kids.... they get attached and then they die. My dad said they sell medicated seed.... so I think I am going to check with the Co-Op and try to get some to help the baby chicks. The ducks are precious!! Kyle is really excited about those.... he is ready to take them to the pond.

Anyway.... I'm hoping to get a lot of stuff done tomorrow for Heidi's party this weekend. Hopefully Soph will feel okay. Heidi did after her tubes anyway.