Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

We had a great weekend.... it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside.

Let me start by showing some pictures from the end of last week :)!

Of course Heidi had to take this one of Soph and I on our way out the door to go to Kids World.

You know I don't even remember when I took this picture. But I thought it was sweet.

Friday night my mom took Heidi & Karter to the rodeo in Andalusia. They had a BALL!!!! Heidi has talked about it and talked about it.

My beautiful Sophie!!

Kyle worked late again Thursday night. That seems to be the going rate lately. So here are some kiddo shots from our evening at home :)

She takes time to put all the cards in order..... just for Karter to mess them up!! *L*!

so yeah.... Sophie isn't all about her hat on her head!!!
Okay now back to the order *L*!!! While the other two kiddos went to the rodeo, we went to Santa Fe with my family. A little strange only having a baby with us :)!

I love getting Frazier and Sophie together. He is such a happy fella!!! Always smiling.

Sophie is used to having a big brother and sister!!

It's so much fun to watch them two!

Saturday Kyle helped my mom most of the day... they only took a break to go to Cookies with Characters. Here are the girls before we left :

Hannah Montana:

Big Bird was Karter's favorite!!



When we got home, we quickly changed and went back outside to play.

HAHA yes.... he has two sisters :)

So this was the Sponge Bob balloon that Karter had to have!!! Bye Bye!!! Poor Heidi thought she had it tied on the stroller :( but it wasn't. Karter actually didn't seem to mind that it blew away.

He is such a cutie to me :)!

While we were outside playing.... we had a little visitor :)!!! The kiddos love Amanda!!

He thought he was something else standing up riding the 4 wheeler.

LOVEEEEEE this picture!!!

Sophie kept having a fit to sit on the 4 wheeler... so I sat her on it... and her hand accidentally hit the button.... she rode that thing all around... not even realizing she was the one doing it *L*!

She thinks she is bigger than 8 months!!

It started to get a little cool...... so we called it a day & went inside.
I guess we wore Karter out.... he couldn't even finish his chicken before falling asleep!!!

Saturday we thought we would try Karter on the couch. He slept great!!! But after last night, I think that's just because he was so tired Saturday night.

Please be in prayer for Maebelle Davis. Her husband passed away around 5:30 Saturday evening. He had been battling Alzheimer's for sometime now.

They were like our 2nd grandparents growing up.

Tyler came home yesterday morning to see Ms Maebelle. She is a sweet, sweet lady.

KyKy got to enjoy playing with the kiddos alllllllll afteernoon :)

I hope this week is as good as last week :)

Oh.... yesterday afternoon My mom, Tyler, the girls, and I were in the playroom.... and no joke.... Sophie stood ALONE for about 3 seconds.... Mom and Tyler are my witnesses *L*! She was standing up with me holding her and I could tell she had great balance, so I let go and she just stood there like she has experience *L*!