Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Even Stay at Home Moms Have Bad Days....

So that video is exactly how my day on the job went yesterday.  


..... Just one of those days......

As a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), I am busier than I ever was when I worked a full time job.  I just get to be busy now with the best little people ever.  Although they absolutely drive me completely crazy some days, I have never ever regretted staying home with them.  The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. 

But.... let's face it..... everyone has a bad day.  Even at their "real" job.  
Some days are better than others.  
Some days the household runs very smoothly.  Somedays it doesn't.

I found this cute website of 11 Things Stay At Home Moms Are Tired of Hearing.  I thought they were all funny..... and true.... so I thought I would share....

(1) What do you do with all your free time?
HA! WHAT free time?  

(2) It must be nice not to have to work.
I am very thankful that my husband works hard and provides for our family so that I can stay home with our kids and be involved with their schools and other things.  I thank him ALL the time.

(3) When the kids get older do you think you'll get a real job?
There are people that get paid to clean houses, wash clothes, watch kids, feed kids, feed animals, iron clothes, cook meals, run errands, volunteer at the school, etc. I get paid with memories, hugs, and kisses.  I would say this is a real job.  

(4) Oh, so that's why your child is so clingy and needy.
This really isn't an issue for us.  They all love me and I love them, but other than prying Sophie off my leg for Sunday School and Discipleship Training, we really don't have this problem.  

(5) Do you have to ask your husband for money?
No I don't.  

(6) How does it feel to have wasted your degree?
I didn't even use my degree when I worked at the bank.  

(7) Weird.  I assumed your house would be super clean.
Ha!  I clean, they mess it up.  I am CONSTANTLY cleaning.  When I first started staying home I really did think my days would consist of happy thoughts, brownie making, everything clean and all the laundry constantly caught up.  HA!

(8) When do you plan to return to your career?
This is exactly what I want to do.  We prayed about it for a while before just "jumping the gun".  We both knew this was where God wanted me.

(9) I could never do what you do.  I would die without adult conversation.
This does get hard sometimes, not really so much conversation as it is interaction.  

(10)If you had a job you would understand.
Oh I had a job.  I do understand.  It was so much harder juggling a full time job, 3 kids, daycare, school activities, etc. all while Kyle was away for a month at a time with work.  

(11) Well since you don't work could you do w,x,y, and z for me today?
HAHA!! I'd be happy to.

Today is going to be a good day :)! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Festivities

We were all glad to see that our three elves made an appearance.  The kids were so excited when they found them and the note they left. 

Sophie was in the Andalusia Christmas parade.  She had such a fun time and I was very proud of her for being such a big girl.  I was extra nervous about her riding it without her big sister, but she did great.
 We had Christmas at MeMe's the first of the month.  The kids always have a good time getting together with their cousins.....

 This past Sunday afternoon Karter and Sophie were in the preschool Christmas musical.  They did such a good job!!  All of the little performers :).....

 We also had Christmas with Kyle's Dad, aunt, and uncle.......
 Kyle and Karter went hunting before we celebrated.... hence the face paint :).....
 This past Wednesday night was Family Fun Night at church.  Sadly Sophie and I had to miss with her running fever.  Karter and Heidi went and had a wonderful time.  They had a World Champion Juggler put on a show. I was really looking forward to seeing. 

Yana and Kayla kept me posted with pictures and videos :)....


 I think I have also forgotten to tell you all that Heidi got a rabbit for Christmas.... from MeMe.... Buttercup.  That thing is spoiled rotten!!!  This was her chilled on her back Wednesday night after they got in from church....

Sunday at church they split in groups and raced making each other into a snowman.

Kyle and Karter building legos :)

I missed all of the class parties this week due to sickness, but thankfully my friend, Amy, sent me some pictures....

Now we are looking forward to the next 17 days (Not that Karter is counting or anything) off from school. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mom Pictures (semi-update), Soph Sick

 I am sure you are wondering what a semi-update on Mom and Sophie being sick have in common.... but you'll put it all together soon :)!! 

All of our parents are wonderful grandparents and when they have to be away from the kids it is torturous.   It upsets Momma so much when she can't be around the kids & she doesn't like them seeing her so sick.  While she was in the hospital we would facetime with them while they were with whomever, or if I was home with them, then we would facetime with her.  (We facetime my Dad a lot too when he is at work..... what did we ever do before technology was so awesome?).

Hospital selfie of course!
Tyler of course noticed this on the tea handle at Moe's while we were at the hospital and knew right away the tune to it..... "Hold up wait 2 minutes let me put some sugar in it....." The lady said when she just puts an empty cup on it people take the cup off and still try to use it.  Go figure.  So she decided to come up with a cute phrase to put on it.  Rather catchy I think!
 Okay...... so Friday night they started Momma's chemo.  It took about 3 hours for the pre-meds and then I forget how long for the chemo.  We weren't sure whether to call this Treatment #7, or #1 for the second part..... so we are just going with #7.  We will always know #7 started the second round. 
 I have to say that Tyler and his crazy self told me that one of the chemo's was red.  I WAS PANICKING!  I did not want her to come out looking pinkalicious.  Thankfully the bag was red, but not the actual drug.

She was finally able to come home Sunday evening.  Aunt Donna went up and stayed with her Saturday night so Tyler could come home and she brought her home :)!
(I love snap chat)
 She hasn't been doing too well since being home.  We feel like it was a mixture of the chemo plus coming out of the hospital after being there a month.  She was on pain medicine and nausea medicine in the hospital around the clock, so now her body is having to adjust to being off the pain medicine.  She is still having to take the nausea medicine because the nausea is so bad.  Praise the Lord she is better today.  She was supposed to have her 8th(or 2nd) treatment today, but she was just too weak to do it. 

The beginning of this week was very difficult for all of us.  Momma was really.....  not good..... and to see her like that was awful.  Anyway, I won't go in to all the details..... just Praise the Lord she is feeling better today.

Alright on to Sophie girl.  She threw up at preschool Monday.... and started running fever Tuesday.  She has an awful cough and bad runny nose.  I was so afraid it was the flu and with Momma and her immune system being so weak, I knew I needed to get her checked.  Thankfully she tested negative for the flu.  She has fluid on her ear and lots of junk in her lungs.  He prescribed her two medicines and said I needed to keep her away from Mom until at least Friday.  THAT. HAS. BEEN. HARD!!!  It is hard for me to not just go check on her like I usually do.  BUT I do not want to risk her getting sick. 

Here were some pictures I took of Miss Impatient while we waited in the doctor office......

 Yesterday she was soooooo cuddly and calm.  I hated so badly she was sick, but I enjoyed that side of her so much.  We did lots of snuggling.  At one point I even started ironing some clothes and she crawled up in my bed and went to sleep.  That was her second nap for the day.  Not like her to take 2, let alone to go to sleep willingly. 

This was last night.  I had Sophie kind of behind me on the couch laying on me and Karter in front of me.  I had to pretend I was Spider-woman to maneuver my way out so I could put them to bed.  I couldn't resist a picture once I got up.
 I let Sophie sleep with me because I have been having to get up with her at night with her fevers and it is just easier with her right there.  Well, Karter and Heidi wanted to sleep in there with us on the floor.  So I made them a nice pallet and they slept so good.
Sophie is so much better today.  She ran fever most of the night, but so far none this morning.  Momma has already called me twice...... and just with her voice I can tell she is so much better.  HUGE improvement from Monday. 

Today is a good day :)!!! Mom and Soph are both on the mend!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Morning Came Early for Us

 One thing about Oil Field life is you learn to celebrate things early or late.  This year we celebrated Christmas early :)!

The kids always write Santa a letter and ask him to come early or late depending on Kyle's schedule. 

Our "backyard neighbor", Trey, and Heidi came up with the idea of camping out "on the fence" (the ladder Kyle built them to cross over) to try to catch Santa.  I loved the idea.  I remember always trying to catch him growing up, and I knew this would be a night they would never forget.  They had blankets, snacks, ipads, and were convinced they saw him in the sky.  I was completely exhausted just from going back and forth to the hospital I guess... so I crashed pretty early.  I was thankful Trey's Mom, Tina, kept a close eye on them and made sure they were taken care of. 

 They even came to our house a few times to see if he came while they were out there......  he never did.... but they had a nice little rush trying to see.

They loved their note and the fact that Trey's name was in it :)!
 Our spunky Sophie was sneaky!!  They were all so excited to tell us to check our stockings.  So I got it down and was feeling of it and knew it felt weird.  I opened it up to find a baby diaper and dirty sock.  I laughed and laughed.  Sophie started laughing and said, "I did that!!!". 

All three of them received a backpack the Christmas before starting big school.

Every year for Christmas all of our parents come over and we do a big Christmas breakfast.  This year wasn't quite the same :(... Mama and Tyler were in the hospital and Dad was at work.  Yana thankfully took the plunge and still cooked us all breakfast. 

This boy loves Legos
 That evening we went to Enterprise to eat and look at Christmas lights.  It was a nice ending to the day. 

Now on to the rest of our Christmas Festivities.....