Sunday, June 5, 2016

Another 1st....

 The firsts have of course already started. Tyler had a birthday just 7 days after we buried Mom & he was dreading that very much and I was too. He ended up having a very nice birthday. We celebrated him with a day at the lake. We have had school functions and activities, I had my first "let's facetime Babee" moment not many days after we buried her..... just SOOO much goes on that I feel like she should be here for or I need to call or text her about. 

BUT...... yesterday was a date that Tyler and I both dreaded & I know her brother and sisters did too...... the first month. June 4th marked exactly a month since Mama went to be with Jesus. It has been an incredibly hard month. Learning how to live each day without her (we saw her every day & she and I would talk on the phone or text majority of the day), realizing that her absence is a reality, the constant pain in our hearts, the tears that flow at times you don't expect...... are all so very difficult figuring out how to "deal" with. 

I was SO relieved when my Aunt Becky texted earlier this past week asking if we wanted to have a beach day Saturday (yesterday.... the 4th). Without much thinking I said of course! Doesn't take much to talk us into a beach trip. I knew by doing something it would help keep our minds occupied and prevent us from being at home moping around because of what day it was. 

When we got up yesterday morning, it was storming. Ordinarily I would have been like let's just stay home today.... no need to get out in the weather. But that didn't even cross my mind. I pulled up the radar (which is something else Mama always did.... she was my "weather lady"... she would send me the forecast daily) and it said the rain should be out by lunch. We loaded up and headed south. Had the best day just being with family and hanging out. I was very thankful she thought to get us away for the day. 

We decided to eat first. We went to Seaside, walked around, and ate lunch.

Kman liked that he matched the manikin.

Photographer Heidi took this :)!
 After lunch the sun came out and off to the beach we went.
Heidi, Sophie, and Brandon

She had to have her sandwich after only being at the beach about 45 minutes. Baby girl loves to eat.
I snagged this one from Brandon's snap chat :)!

I loved this of Heidi, Sophie, and Meme
 Heidi and MeMe wanted to go to Destin shopping when we were leaving, but I am so thankful they changed their minds. Or Cindy did rather.... Heidi still thought she needed something from Vera Bradley.... spoiled thing :)! I really wanted to stop at Ed's to eat because I knew that was what Mom would do. When we went to the beach with her, it was a given that we were going to eat here....
 and it just so turned out that my Uncle Bruce & Aunt Donna ate there too for Mama. They were gone by the time we got there, but stopped by to see us before they left town. Jamie Leigh took a video of us eating and I tried to screen shot :)..... the best I got.....
 Mom's favorite milkshake from there is the blue berry, Sophie (which talks about Babee NON STOP) wanted to get the one Babee would get...
 ... and off to the house we went. It was a great day. I thought about Mom all day & thought about what happened a month before, but being in one of our "happy places" just seemed to make it better. We all talked about her & shared memories. It was nice. Just miss her so much.

Lastly.... Heidi took this picture of MeMe on the ride home. I think it is absolutely beautiful.