Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Man that Kissed Heaven & Went to Hell

Brother Rick Coram has been leading our revival again this year.  I absolutely love to hear him preach and look forward to him each year.  I know revival is tiring because of the kids being in school and us getting out late every night, but it is only for a few days.  And I'm not really sure why anyone would want to chose to miss it..... my heart and soul needs reviving.  Leading up to it I can honestly say I was dreading the late nights and it being school nights and all 3 kids being in school, but I know that was the Devil putting the doubts in my head.  I am beyond thankful that I didn't let that stop us from getting full of the Holy Ghost.

Last nights message was powerful. 

Before he began he wanted us to understand that he fought God for a while about doing this sermon.  He didn't want people to think it was a doubting salvation sermon, but rather a reassuring sermon. 

The title of his message was, The Man that Kissed Heaven and Went to Hell.  He is referring to Judas.  One of the 12 disciples. 

Matthew 26:24 confirms that Judas is in Hell.  The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born
              * In other words Judas would have been better off if he had not been born because he now resides in Hell. 

~ I want to be sure my name is in The Book.  Not the Bible, but Jesus' book.  The Everlasting Book

Matthew 26:49 Judas went to Jesus & kissed him.  But yet he is in Hell.  He was faithful to Jesus.


3 Things about Judas we need to know:
(1) Judas was a committed follower.
     - A lot of people put a mask on every Sunday.  They go with the motion.
     - 2 reasons we know he was committed:
          (1) He was a part of an important association.  
                * He was 1 of the 12.
                *Matthew 26:47 And while he yet spake, lo, Judas, one of the twelve came, and with him    a great multitude with swords and staves, from the chief priests and elders of the people.
                 * In other words you can be a deacon, preacher, choir member, trustee, etc. AND STILL MISS HEAVEN!
          (2) He had an impressive reputation.
                 * Matthew 10:4
                 * John 13:29 talks about Judas holding a bag.  By him holding the bag meant that he was treasurer.  He was trusted.
                 * Nobody thought he was lost.  If he had of gotten saved, it would have shocked the disciples.  They all thought he was saved.
                           ~ Every time a faithful church member gets saved it shocks folks.
                           ~ If Judas was in church today, he would be more committed than a lot of Christians.  He wouldn't miss church because it is late, or because he has heard Bro. Rick preach numerous times (I hear Brother Garry preach every Sunday morning, night, and Wednesday night but yet never get tired of hearing him), or because he would rather do "his wants" over hearing the word.

  (2) He was a close friend to Jesus.
     - We all have friends that hurt us, but no friend ever hurt another the way that Judas hurt Jesus.
    (1) He walked with Jesus.
               ~ He heard every sermon Jesus ever preached and still missed Heaven.
    (2) He saw the greatest miracles that ever existed.
               ~ He didn't just hear about them, he actually witnessed them and still missed Heaven.
    (3) Judas worked for Jesus.
               ~ Matthew 10:1,5,8 Jesus said 12..... not 11..... Judas was one of the 12.
               ~ A lost man can preach and people get saved.  The lost man isn't saving the people.  The Holy Spirit is speaking through the lost man and saving them.  It is possible.
              ~ We're saved by what He did on Calvary.  Not by our works. 


              ~ You know you're saved because there's a difference in Devil confusion and Holy Spirit conviction.
              ~ What a complete tragedy to be a close friend to Jesus but not spend eternity with Him. 

      (3) Judas was a complete fake.
            - Matthew 7:21-23
            - Matthew 27:1-10 
                     * He was so upset about his choices that he committed suicide (vs 5).  He hung himself.
                     *Suicide didn't send him to Hell.  Him not trusting Jesus sent him to Hell.
                     * A man that was that close to Jesus still chose to reject him and not spend eternity with him.



 Y'all!!! I wish everyone reading this could have been in the service last night.  It was indescribable how wonderful it was.  During invitation 20.... TWENTY..... people got saved.  One of them was a very dear friend to me that has taught Sunday School and has been a huge mentor to me for a long, long time.  Just shows you that it is NEVER too late.  Don't let your reputation and position in the church stop you from going to Heaven.  Sometimes you may think you are saved, but did you REALLY accept Him? Did your life change?  Can you take someone to the exact spot where your heart was changed forever?  Sometimes the motions of church get us so wrapped up that we miss Heaven.  We kiss Jesus every week, but yet still miss Heaven. 

Are you a true believer or a Judas?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Moms Treatment / Weekend Fun

 Mom had a treatment this past Thursday.  My Aunt Donna took her and sent me this picture of her getting some good sleep.....
 Her port wouldn't work at first.  She has never gone 4 weeks in between treatments, so her skin had grown over the opening. It's kind of like the skin on the back of your ear when you don't wear earrings.  It's a flap and when the needle goes in and syringe pulls out it sucks the skin back on and then it grows until next treatment.  She had to get a shot in the stomach because her white count was low :-(.  Her CA125 is up, but we knew it would be.  We won't know until after this next treatment if this chemo is working or not.  Her magnesium was also low so she had to get a supplement for that.  

So far these treatments have given her a terrible headache (he gave her a prescription for that this time), fatigued, taste is off just like before, mouth sores, stomach aches, flushed, basically all the same stuff she is sadly used to.  BUT she is a champ.  She has worked everyday despite how she feels.  

She really is remarkable to go through all that she does with minimal complaining.  


This weekend we bird-sat Piper :)! We went Thursday night and got him.  He helped Kyle drive on the way home :-)......
 Friday morning the kids were so excited to get to play with him before school.....

 Mom came by after work Friday and stayed for a little bit.  Karter really wanted to spend the night with her, so after supper & a bath we took him out there.  I knew Mom wasn't feeling well, but she really wanted him to stay too.  She loves her grand-babies! 

She was in the bed when we got there so we just sat on the bed talking to her.  Soph crawled right up next to her :).... I couldn't help but take pictures.

 We waited until KyKy got there before we left :). 
KyKy sent me this picture of Kman on the ipad :).
 Saturday morning we got up and went out with Kyle while he fixed the chicken/rabbit pen from leaking.  Piper loved being outside with us....
 Not long after we were outside, Dad & Yana came over.  We got ready, went and got Kman, and headed to Gantt for the day.  We had a blast. 

Dad & Yana

 Kyle and Karter

 For whatever reason Sophie does not like to tube.  You would think with her being so "out there" that she would be a little dare devil.  But..... she would rather just ride the boat, dance, and hop in the water EVERY time the boat stops.  I got her on video dancing at one point.....

 Karter got brave on the tube with his Daddy..... started doing "tricks".....

Hard to see because of it being shaded, but this was Kyle, Heidi, and Karter.

Yana in yellow tube and Dad/Heidi on other.

Heidi, Karter, & Me

Kyle still loves to knee board and ski.  Just so happens that after this picture I video'd him..... and watch it til the end.  Perfect timing :-)!!!

Was a beautiful weekend!  We were sad to send Piper back home last night, but he was oh so happy to see MeMe again.  It was the sweetest thing. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weekend Fun... Anniversary, Picking Peanuts, Piper, Racing, Parties, etc.

Sophie and her BFF.  She was "dressing" Grandmama up.
One day last week (I forgot to put this on my previous post) Soph learned how to "whip & nae nae" in P.E. ;-)!

Friday night Kyle and I went out for our anniversary :)!  11 years.... hard to believe we have been married that long and we dated 4 years before that.  We went to the movies (We watched Vacation and DO NOT recommend it.  The language was TERRIBLE and it was nothing like National Lampoon's Vacation.  I regret not getting up and walking out.  It. was. that. bad.), after the movies we went for sushi & donuts.  Such the romantics *ha*! 

The next morning we went and picked peanuts (we later picked them off the vine, cleaned them, and boiled them).  Sophie actually enjoyed it :)......

After we got peanuts, we went to Momma's and then headed to Kyle's Moms house to hang out by the pool all day.  

Kyle is very much attached to Piper, so Piper hangs out with him most of the time when we are around him.  He even road with us to McDonald's.....

Sophie wanted to ride to MeMe's with Babee and KyKy in his jeep :).  She loved it.
Kman and Soph playing with Piper....

Piper and Momma

Heidi worked on learning how to blow a bubble.... she practiced and practiced and I have numerous videos on my phone of her recording herself as she practiced :).....
She finally got it on the ride home :)....
That night the girls and I stayed home and the boys went to "The Races".  Karter absolutely loved it.  He was so wired when they got home and told me every detail.  My cousin's husband races, so he let him go to the pits afterward and sit in his race car.  

You can tell by his smile that he was on Cloud 9.
Sunday after church we went to The Messer's to celebrate Walker's big 18th birthday. 
Sophie loves Walker

Piper even came to party :)!
We had my cousins' little girls party Sunday afternoon before church.  It was a busy partying day. 

Before we knew it, Monday was back around and it was time for school.....

The trio walking in.

Little miss looking all growny and stuff. 
We had parent night last night so the kiddos hung out with Dad while we went.  They had so much fun.  We got there earlier than we thought so we were able to enjoy dinner with them.  Sophie was so crazy.  She was definitely entertaining us....
So far this week has been a great week.  Still praying this "greatness" will continue throughout the year. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

First Week of School..... Success

 The first week of school was a huge success.  All 3 kids seemed happy and excited to go every morning.  That's not to say that they weren't tired and ILL every afternoon (ha), but thankfully they looked forward to going each day. 

The Monday night that school started the kids face-timed with Nana (Not sure how she got cut out), Grandmama, & Charlie and then face-timed Papa about their day.

 Papa came over Wednesday before school started :).... Sophie had him read her a book before we left....

I don't even remember what night this was, but he was happy about the sleeping attire he picked out.

I had to snap this picture.  He looked so big to me as he walked down the side walk....
 Thursday was Amanda's birthday.  I took a cookie cake to the class that afternoon to celebrate.
 I loved watching Sophie and seeing what she does throughout the day.

 Sophie has done great..... So Amanda says. The first couple days she had to adjust to the "eating schedule".  She would get hungry and go to Amanda asking her when snack or lunch time was.  Bless her.  She eats a good breakfast, but she just loves to eat. 
She said do a silly face!
 We waited in her class after school for Karter and Heidi to get in there.  Karter loved being back in there and reminiscing on his year there.  Sophie was "re-showing" him where everything was.  I just sat back watching & taking pictures :).
I write on the kids napkins everyday.  Sophie wrote me one before school Friday.  It is a keep sake :)... translation at the bottom.
Needless to say after last week I am very much looking forward to a great school year.