Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Been A Great Week.

Today is Tuesday and so far it has been a great week. I was so afraid Heidi was getting sick... and was just really praying it wasn't the flu. The flu is going around soooo bad. So many of her friends have it or have had it. Thankfully she hasn't ran fever. She just complains with her head hurting mostly... and her stomach.

Anyway... this was her yesterday at my work before my mom came by and got her:

So this was last night.... Soph was out and I was trying to get Kman to record a video to send to kyKy *L*!!

My funny little man....

Today was of course dance day and my day to drive ;)!! It is so fun to drive and just listen to all the things the girls talk about and the giggles they make. It's as much memories for me as it is them :)!! Poor Katie Bug has the flu :( So she wasn't able to go today.

My sweet Momma picked the babies up today and had supper cooking when we got home :)!! It was super yummy.

My sweet Daddy and Grandmama came over tonight and anyway... Dad took Soph on a walk and when he got back he was hungry *L*!! So he, Kman, and Soph enjoyed a bowl of Sherbet. Aren't they cute sitting there eating?
Oh.... gosh.... check out this necklace Heidi's bff gave her. Is this not the sweetest thing ever?
HAHA Soooooo when we got home from dance, somehow a huge grasshopper flew/jumped in. Heidi was trying her hardest to catch it.
Here's the video of them trying to get it :)!!

And sweet Sophie....

Anyway.... Soph went home with Dad and Gmama. She jumps at the opportunity to go with them :)!!! Papa likes it too *wink wink*!

Hopefully everyone's tomorrow will be great!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I Love About Sundays.......

I LOVE Sundays!! I love the fact that our children don't even have to ask questions. They automatically know that on Sundays we get to go to church twice! I love picking their church clothes out Saturday afternoons/nights. I love telling Heidi to make sure she puts some money in their tithing plate. I love that they (usually) make sure they have their Bibles before we get in the car. I love that we usually go eat lunch with our family (today was an exception :) ) and then have the entire afternoon to just chill and hang out. I love eating at Kyle's parents house on Sunday nights. The kids look forward to it and so do I. Soooo much to love about Sundays! It's a day that we get to worship God around other Christians.

I am so thankful to be a part of Ino Baptist Church! What an Awesome church! Brother Garry did an amazing sermon this morning on marriages and Brother Wayne did a fabulous one tonight. Marriages are hurting ALL over. The Devil cannot stand a family that is together. There are so many marriages that I know that are struggling and I pray so hard for them every day. A lot of marriages just aren't centered around Christ in today's World and they are failing left and right. If you think about it, how many marriages do you know where the husband and wife were faithful Christians, in Church as much as possible, in God's Word, praying, etc.... that failed? Something to think about huh?

Anyway.... tonight we sang the song above and I LOVE that song! I love to hear our Choir sing anything.... they are amazing. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.

After Church service each Sunday, we go to see Papa and Nana in The Zone. Nana happened to have some Little Debbie cakes and Soph had to have the other 1/2 to one. Well.... she ate it up and she was sooooo mad when it was gone and Nana wouldn't give her another one (because it was lunch time). So I had to take a picture of her eating it..... this baby girl eats non stop!!
This was her this afternoon..... she is such a silly little girl.
Okay.... so I thought I would share stuff from all last week since I was a big time blog slacker. I just get so tired.... AND I have to admit.... some nights zulily.com gets me pre-occupied.

I had to take this picture of Kman on the way to school one morning. I thought he was just holding his grits, but nope.... he had them pretty much eaten by the time we got to school *L*!

So Tuesdays is Dance Day!!! My friend, Jennifer, posted this picture of the "Dance Girls" and put how this is what she loves about Tuesdays. As soon as she put that it hit me the memories our girls are making. They get to look forward to each Tuesday. Every Tuesday this year they get to be together in the afternoons and play at Katie's house until the "dance ride" arrives.

Okay so my sweet coworker, Beth, started blowing these huge bubbles one day last week. Well of course I'm immediately thinking to myself, gosh I can beat that. HEHE!!! Sooooo here's the start to my bubble that hasn't happened yet :)!!

I also had another sweet visitor :)!! She really is so sweet (in public). So polite. Minds soooo well. She liked making the fan blow in her hair :)!
Wednesday night before church, mom texted me to see what we were doing, so I took a picture of Sophie trying to climb in her bed to show her *L*!!

I thought this was so cute. It's hard to tell, but she's in a little stroller. Heidi was pushing her around and she was loving it.
And we tried to do the sock bun curl again, but she does so much wallering in the car that it was mostly down by the time we got to church.

I thought this was sooo sweet. Kman was all snuggled up on me Thursday Morning.
These are a little bit out of order *L*!! This was from Tuesday night. We ate supper at Dad and Yana's and Sophie was making Grandmama do her foot massage *L*!

And this was one night.... so funny to me. Heidi was snoozing away in my lap......

....... and then Karter fell asleep sitting straight up.

Look at him all snuggled up next to me again the next morning :)!!Anyway..... my friend Whitney invited me to go see "The Vow" Friday night. I've heard how good it was. If you have not seen that movie, I HIGHLY recommend it. It was sooo good and of course I had lots of tears flowing :)!!!

Anyway.... Momma took Heidi to get a pedicure and some new cowgirl boots. They had a good time.

The babies had a good time at Papa and Nana's too :)!! They helped Papa make coffee grains :)!!

Saturday night we took off to the Rodeo. The kids LOVE horses.... and Heidi and Karter went last year. Sophie would get so mad when the horses would run out of the arena. She kept saying, "I wanna ride..... I wanna ride". I guess she was still remembering us riding the elephant *L* She thought she could ride these too.

Here we are before we go.....

Momma and the girls....

We are ready for it to start when they are :)!! See how Kman is studying it so hard?!?!?!?

Karter and Sophie got bored during the team roping and steer wrestling... so I was trying to entertain him with the camera.

Is she not the most beautiful cowgirl ever :)????
Okay.... he was really hurt here. I was trying to help him get in his seat and his side hit the handle :(!!!

Pretty girls.....

So anyway we had a wonderful weekend. Ready for what the week may bring us.

Today is Monday. Our SS teacher gave us a new outlook on Mondays. Instead of dreading them, just be thankful that God gave you another day. It's another opportunity. Know that you are blessed and thank God for it.