Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Elf Fun- Sharing all the silly stuff they got into....

 We had so much fun with the elves this year.  Yes that was plural :).... we started off with one last year, then I brought in another and then another joined.  Thought with more the kiddos would be extra good??? BAAHAAAAA Not a chance.
Anyway.... hope you enjoy...
Jing has some crazy handwriting.  He is our original elf :).  Our second elf is Buddy, and then a girl elf named Bells came mid December.

Before the AU vs AL game....

Then they drove the barbie car to the barbie house and were chillaxin'...

They were way too tempting on our end table.  Soph and Karter took that opportunity and ran with it.  They touched them all over LOL!!! So they went on strike! (Strike 1)
They were gone for 3 days before returning....
The kids loved them being in the fridge drinking their icees.
One of our Christmas Countdowns was to make paper snowflakes, so the elves started to miss their snow and decided to have fun with them.  Sophie did too LOL ( video a few clicks down).

I was outside and came back in and Soph had the fan spinning round and round and round LOL!

The next day they had turned our milk GREEN and were relaxing on the barbies couch.
I didn't get a picture of them playing with Karter's toys in his room before he took it upon himself to move them! HAHA!! So Elf Strike 2 went into effect.....
Once they came back, they were in full swing.... zip lining in the living room.
Then they rolled Heidi's tree in her room LOL.

This one was too funny to me.  They were fishing in the kiddos' bathroom.

Well Kman and Soph thought it was the neatest thing ever.  I happened to walk by and saw them playing with the fish and string.  So I grabbed my phone and videod them.... not expecting what happened to happen.... watch the video.
Sorry for the scream :).... I scare very easily and it caught me off guard.  I immediately was thinking of how I was going to have to break every elf rule because I had to get Bells out and wash her, etc. 
She got to hang out to dry :).

And this was right before they left..... Jing had a little accident on one of my cookies :/...

I thought the elves did an amazing job on this goodbye poem :)...

So anyway... they gotta get their A-game on to do bigger and  better things next year :).

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Soph- The Flu, Santa Visit, & Family Fun Night

Yep.... you read right.  My Sophie Girl has the flu :(.  She started running fever yesterday morning, so I took her to the DR and she tested positive.  I opted to not give her tamiflu since she is under 3, but went ahead and started the other 2 on it to hopefully prevent them from getting it.
For some reason the pictures didn't come through the other day when I posted about our first Christmas gathering at Kyle's aunt and uncles.  So these next several pictures are from there :).  The kiddos were so excited to start opening gifts.

 I LOVE this picture of Heidi and Kyle. 
 HAHA I should have gotten a video of this, but I didn't.  Sophie and Karter love to play with the clothes basket.  They usually play "puppy" or tell me they are "hiding".  Well Sophie all of a sudden decided to just sit on the basket after Karter got under it.  She was LOVING it... and of course he was screaming LOL. 
 Tuesday afternoon we took off to Destin.  We love the Santa at Bass Pro and really wanted the kids to see him.  So we started off by eating at Hard Rock and then headed over to Bass Pro. 
 This was funny to me.  While we were in line to see Santa, Karter was more interested in the truck and boats.  He was like, "forget Santa.... this looks funnnnnn".
 The babies were not real fond of Santa.  Sooooo Kyle made us all get in the picture :). So a family photo it became. 
 We just made it a fun family evening :).... we didn't even stay gone late.  Made it home before Heidi's bed time :).  Me and Kyro "had" to get us a Frappe from Starbucks for the trip home though :).
 Okay so on to Sophie.. she has been feeling croupy since Sunday.  She was so just whiny and irritable Sunday that she stayed with Kyle's mom while we went to church.  Sunday night she went to the sanctuary with us, so she really wasn't around many kids. 

They couldn't see her until yesterday afternoon at the dr office.  She has still been "active", just not "Sophie active". 
 While we waited, I had to get a picture of her to show how she was acting.  She was just sitting in my lap almost the entire time as we waited.  For those of you that know her, know that is sooo not Sophie's deamenor. 
 But look her....  she really didn't look like a kid with the flu in this picture....

 JUST LIKE HER DADDY..... has to plunder in every drawer and cabinet in the room.
 After her appointment, she and I rushed back to town to get the medicine and hurry home.  We had family fun night at church last night and my Daddy came over & watched Soph so that Kyle and I could still take the other 2. 

Sophie was so cute.  She was wondering about Papa being at her house and I told her that he was going to stay with her for a little while and I asked her what they were going to do.  She said "play" and I asked what they were going to play and she said, "bah-bies" (aka barbies).  So I told dad that and he laughed LOL... he said I think not.... of course Heidi said, "we have boy barbies" hehe!

Anyway... here are a few snap shots from FFN....
 That's Kyle bent down with the striped shirt on.  Heidi didn't want to do this game, so we watched from afar.  He had to bend down, but vaseline on his nose and a cotton ball and carry it across to the stable.

 Thanks Hayley for taking our picture :)....

 Anyway, we got home and started a movie and didn't go to bed until after 11.  I recommend it for all to see.  It's called, "To Save A Life"..... really good movie. 

We went to bed about 11, and Soph woke up at 11:18 to be exact.  So I told Kyle I was just going to go sleep with her.  Heidi slept with him so that they could get a good nights rest.  Me and Soph.... well not so much.  She just is a sick baby girl :(.  She was up and down all night, tossing & turning, making sure I was still there, etc.  She woke up with a fever so I gave her tylenol and it is just now kicking in, so she is getting somewhat active again. 

This was a picture of her sitting with me this morning and watching Max & Ruby.  Her nature is NOT to sit still and watch any kind of TV.  Very thankful that we are able to be home with her though while she is sick. 
Anxious to see how today goes.