Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh what a night....

I'll start off by saying that Kyle didn't get home until right at 9:00 tonight!! WOW!! That's the latest he has worked in a long time. Soooo it was just me and the kiddos all night. But all in all we really had a good night being just us 4!

My mom picked the kiddos up from KW today.... and they went and rode the gator for a little while.... I got home about 530ish i guess... and the got here about 6. While they were gone, I washed a load of clothes, unloaded and loaded the dish washer, and swept and mopped the hard wood floor. I was hoping to get vacuuming in and cleaning under the kitchen sink, but that had to be pushed to another day :)!! Anyway... mom dropped them off because she had to go to the funeral home.

So.... the kids and I went outside to play for a little while. I was holding Sophie and Heidi decided to practice hitting the ball off the tee. She did really good BTW! Karter would walk up to her and then he'd go after his own ball.... he even "hit" it a couple times with the bat. And I kept telling Heidi... be careful.... watch your brother... do NOT swing when he's around. Well I don't know why I turned my head... but I did... so I actually did not see it happen, but I heard it.... it sounded like she hit the ball.... "PPPPIIINNNNGGGG" and then I heard screaming and I heard Heidi immediately saying "Me sorry me sorry me sorry.... me say me sorry....." She whopped Karter upside the left side of his face/head. Of course it was an accident, but it scared me really bad.... I jumped up and ran and picked him up because I'm thinking we're about to have to go to the E.R. .. I told Heidi to grab my phone, camera, and burp cloth. And anyway we ran inside and I "threw" Sophie in her swing so I could check Karter out. Thankfully he was and is fine!! There was a mark... but by the time he went to bed I didn't see anything. SOOO that was pretty exciting.

Then the kiddos wanted something to eat... easy night tonight.... Heidi wanted a grill cheese and Karter got fish sticks. I guess he had too much of a snack because his fish sticks wound up on the floor instead of his tummy!

After they ate I bathed Sophie and once I got her bathed I stuck them two in. Sophie fell asleep in my arms while we sat in the bathroom with them. Karter has gotten to wear he doesn't love his bath.... once he gets in he almost immediately starts pointing to the towel wanting out. HEHE Last night I got Sophie out and had her all snuggled in her towel on the rug beside me while I bathed the other two.... well I generally get Karter out first since he begs and anyway I snuggled him up with his towel beside Sophie while I got Heidi.... well that joker stood up and got out of his towel and started peeing!! Pee'd Sophie, her towel, and of course all over the floor. I started screaming for Kyle and caught the rest of the pee with his towel *L*!

I layed Sophie down and then fixed Karter some milk... and he, Heidi, and I snuggled in the recliner finally.... and he let me rock him to sleep :) Motherhood is wonderful :) I LOVE it!! Even the challenging moments... but I do have to say it's a lot easier with Kyle here to help me.

Heidi was super excited to see her daddy walk in the doors! She jumped out of the chair and ran to him! It was really sweet. But anyway... we are all finally settled in for the night... maybe it'll be another good night!

*** OH I took some pictures of her practicing ball, but my camera died in the midst of things.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teeball has started

These pictures were actually taken last night after dance...... and before what we thought was tee ball practice... little did we know she didn't have it.... once the games start she doesn't have practice. Kyle turned Sophie around about the time I was going to snap... but she was just sitting there watching Heidi eat :)!!

Joanna got Heidi some glow in the dark sticks.... so she and Karter were playing with them in the hall..... oh and I am happy to say that he has been very good at daycare 2 days in a row :)!! NO BITING!!! YAY!!!!
Kyle was even enjoying the glow sticks :)!!
These pictures were actually taken in the dark.... he was making different letters with the sticks... and Heidi was naming them. Actually a pretty good learning tool :)!
Karter LOVES to play "Where's Karter?".... he's all about hiding and us finding him... he thinks it's so funny!

SOOOOO tonight was tee ball!!! It went exactly how I thought it would. She cried and boo hoo'd.... she did not want to do it alone... so Jay let Tyler go out on the field with her for a little bit and then Kyle made him come back and made Heidi do it by herself. She finally warmed up a little towards the end.
Sophie girl ended up falling asleep with my dad and sleeping through most of the game.

Karter had a ball!!! He wanted to get out on the field and play so bad :) So maybe he's our little ball player?!?!?!?

Babee and Karter

Heidi and Tyler

Kyle actually told Heidi last night that if she was ugly that she would have to sleep in her own bed.... she said (without skipping a beat) "Well me will just stay with someone else then" HAHA!! Smart cookie! she's been begging him to let her sleep with us... she said she wants one more chance *haha*!

He was all into it!

After the game Kyle and the kids went out on the field and ran around the bases.... Karter DEFINITELY enjoyed it better than Heidi.

Kyle and the two youngest are actually still in this position :) except his shirt is almost dry now *hehe* and Karter has already spit the paci out!! Nothing like the feeling of having your children asleep in your arms!

Monday, September 27, 2010

3 month beauty

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Sophie!! She smiles ALL the time!! She's so easy to get to smile... all it takes is a little talkin' too! She's the sweetest little thing!!

It's so hard for me to believe that she is 3 months already.... that means that I have known her for a year.... how about that?? Sounds odd!

A little bit about her and this point in her life:
* Wears a size 1 diaper still
* Still wears 0-3 month clothes... and some 3-6 month clothes
* LOVES to get a bath
* HATES taking medicine.... not a hypochondriac like her brother *haha*!
* She's not crazy about her paci
* She LOVES her lovie.... she keeps it cuddled up real close to her
* She still sleeps on her stomach
* She drinks anywhere from 2-4 oz of a bottle at a time... I fix 4 but 9 times out of 10 she won't drink the whole thing
* She loves to be held facing outward
* She LOVES to "talk" to you
* She also really enjoys her swing and bouncey seat

Sophie is the easiest baby I've had.... and I really thought Karter was (as far as sweetness). She is usually always so pleasant. Karter pays her so much attention now :) Each day I can see where I am really going to like their closeness.... it was SUPER hard in the beginning getting used to having "two babies".... but honestly it's getting easier and easier. He's getting older... and maturing... and oh my gosh saying words left and right... so that helps! Plus my sweet helper... Heidi... is wonderful! Sometimes I don't know what I would do without her. She's got to be the best 4 year old sister I know!!

My life is good.... actually wonderful. I Love my little family.... our home is full of laughter and smiles.... that's how it's supposed to be!! The kids play and play and play together... Sophie just observes :)!! I thank God everyday for blessing me the way he has! I am writing this while laying my cheek on Karter's snoozing head :).... I rocked Sophie to sleep.... and I'm about to snuggle with Heidi!!

PS Tomorrow is teeball!! I sure hope she participates!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another weekend gone

After my not so good week last week, we had a wonderful weekend. Weekends seem to really come and go too fast!! The older I get the faster they come and go. Friday we just stayed home.... I wanted a day to just stay here and enjoy my family. I cooked a yummy supper.... bar-b-que chicken, green beans, wild rice, mashed potatoes, and corn bread. I have only cooked like that a couple times since Sophie's been born. It's just easier to fix the kids something and if I eat supper I might eat cereal... but I generally don't eat supper.

So Friday Karter got in trouble again at school. He tried to bite a little girl again and he shook her. I told his teacher to do whatever they have to do to make sure he knows that is not okay. She said that they can't "make" the kids bite him back... but I think that's what it's going to take to teach him that's not nice. I am anxious to see how this week goes. Heidi also missed school Friday because we had a ROUGH night Thursday night with her coughing and she actually threw up all that mess and I didn't want her to go to school like that. So she stayed with Nana at the church!!! She really enjoyed that because she got to play with Oki.

So check out Kyle's truck.... AKA.... Clunker.... The artist said it looked better like this *haha*! She definitely couldn't blame this on anyone else..... the guilty culprit put her name all over it *hehe*!! Literally!! We're working on her "e's".... she still writes them backwards... but she'll get it!
Karter is always "checking" on something.... or trying to "work" on it.

To have such a temper at times... he can be so sweet too!

Sophie's first 4 wheeler ride

She really enjoyed it!!

I was going through my pictures to download them and noticed that Kyle took this one.... the kiddos were sooo tired. We had played hard!! Kyle got called out twice Saturday and twice today. Thankfully for his sake he didn't get called out during the game. Speaking of the game.... he was soooo loud! Which he always is... but the 4th quarter of this game.... he was unbelievably loud. We were down at his moms playing outside and we could honestly hear him down there. I was glad they pulled it off though.... he was an ILL camper there in the beginning.

Karter was trying to turn Sophie's swing off.... I tried to get a picture, but of course he stopped as soon as I went to take a picture.

This afternoon after church we went to my Uncle Victor and Aunt Kathy's house to celebrate my cousin Drew's birthday.... 32 I believe! We had a good time just being around family!

This is my Aunt Jeanna and Sophie

She is so alert now.... and she wants to be held facing outward.... she likes to see what's going on.

Sophie, Aunt Jeanna, and Frazier..... he is 3 days younger than she is :) they look and feel like they are both about the same size. The thing that boggles my mind is he is drinking right at 8 oz a time now... and I do good to get Sophie to drink 3.... and he still is little!

Sophie's cheeks look huge compared to his.

HAHA Karter was getting mad with the doors.... they weren't doing what he wanted them to do *L*!
They were amazed (mostly Karter) at the garbage can. I call it the lazy man's can!! You just put your finger over the open button and it opens automatically... then it'll close by itself too... Karter thought it was a neat toy *L*!

***All that's "PLANNED" this week is Dance, teeball practice, and then hopefully her first tee ball game! I really hope she'll participate! I have my doubts though.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh my sweet love... this was actually taken yesterday morning before "school". She is sooo sweet! She officially has thrush.... AGAIN!! :(

So just when I really thought today was going to be a great day.... we got to Kids World this morning and I usually always take Sophie to her class first... just drop her off and then I go back in there last... so we dropped her off and then took Karter to his. Well I was in there talking to Mrs Lori about Sophie when one of Karter's classmates came in and her mom asked if she had been bitten yesterday.... well my mind immediately starts turning. When the little girls mom left I asked Lori if Karter had been biting... she got a little grin on her face and said "Yessssss.... he bit 3 yesterday... and one of them he drew blood"....DREW BLOOD!!!! OMG!!! She showed me the little boys arm and today it was a bruise. I felt so bad!! He is complete opposite of Heidi. She never did bite!! Kyle on the other hand.... was a biter so his family says. I told her and Pam to do what they needed to do... pop him, time out, whatever it took. Pam said they are going to try keeping his paci in more because "they" generally won't bite if the paci is in. Lori said there are 3 in Karter's class that are biters... Karter being one of them. And it's always over a toy... he'll FIGHT for what he wants.

So that was all this morning... well I had planned all day to leave work at 3:30 to take Sophie to the Doctor at 4:15. Well at 1:15 Kids World called me and said Heidi threw up. HERE WE GO!!! So I left and went to get her. Pam said she was pretty sure it was from her coughing... which I figured that before I even got there. She said she just called me because it had gotten EVERYWHERE!! And it smelt awful! SO now my plan was all changed... had to re-group. Since I knew Heidi didn't have a virus or anything I took her back to work with me and my mom came and got her when she got off and took Sophie to the Dr for me. Sophie still weighs a little over 10 lbs... my mom couldn't remember the exact ounces. Dr E gave her some medicine for the Thrush (this time the ulcers are in her cheeks and gums) and some nose drops to help with her congestion.

So thankfully in the midst of it all I didn't forget to go pick up Karter at KW *hehe*! When I got there to get him there was a room full of other toddlers sitting in the floor watching T.V..... well Karter was behind the TV messing with the chords. SURPRISE SURPRISE! So I got him and we went and got Soph's medicine. Kyle of course had to work late. The kids and I played outside until he got home (I was in and out trying to do supper).... when he was about to pull up, I went to make sure Karter wouldn't go in front of the van.... and well guess what... he was playing in "dirt".... when I got over there it wasn't just dirt... it was a blooming ANT BED!! He was just picking the dirt up and throwing it down. Thankfully he didn't get bit! I'm telling you.... he is something else!! Before that he was "tasting" Kyle's truck tires.... eating chalk.... etc etc.... Maybe it's just the boy thing?? IDK!

I finally finished supper..... we had breakfast! So we ate and Heidi and I headed to a friends house for a Trunk Show with Southern Style. She had sooo many cute things and very reasonable prices. I could easily go broke!! So we got a Christmas gift and left and still had to go to the store to get formula.

Talk about formula.... 1 small can was $15.25 tax and all. I can get the same formula from Walmart.... HUGE can for the same price. When I was checking out I got to thinking about it... Tuesday I went to the grocery store during my lunch. I spent $13.54 and got 2 gallons of milk, 1.5 lbs hamburger meat, Ragu sauce and yogurt.... and it was cheaper than that 1 can of formula that will last..... hmmmm maybe through the beginning of next week. That just blows my mind... and after 3 kids why haven't I thought about that before??

**** To brighten my day/week I got a sweet surprise at work!! Meredith surprised me with a delivery from Southern Style..... a VERY good smelling candle... just to cheer me up :)!!! How sweet was that? She is awesome!! And my bad week doesn't even compare to what she goes through on a daily basis... but she put that aside to tell me she was thinking about me. I appreciated that more than she'll ever know!! It arrived at just the right timing!****

Tomorrow is Friday... YAY!!! Hopefully we'll have a good weekend! Kyle is on call though :( so he might stay gone the majority of the weekend..... I like the oncall pay check *hehe*! But not when he's gone all weekend to earn it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is it really only Wednesday?

No pictures on this blog!! SORRY! I need a night to vent. This has been a rough week.. and to know there are two more days left of it... oh my! I'm not one to generally wish my life away, but my word this week has been trying!!!

To start with we have auditors this week at the bank. So all day long I am asked a gazillion questions... I have to pull this and that... find what makes up this deposit and that... show how this and that balances, etc. No big deal... it's just added onto what is already there to do.
These are the same two auditors we see often.... so we have gotten to know them. Well Monday one of them (we call her the mean one) said how many does that make you?? Granted she should have known the answer because the last time she was there I was about to pop and "explained" everything then. Well..... I said 3… she said in a very smart voice “Wow what are you 22 and they must be back to back…. Was it on purpose?” And I said “No 25 and my last one was a God sent”… and she said “well I was 25 before I had my first one…. yada yada yada”… then thankfully I was saved by the phone!! HOW NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGG! I would be CRAZY to have had 3 kids under the age of 4 without any being twins and my youngest being 14 months apart. That really got off with me! And WHAT if I wanted them that close?? Ya know?? It's really none of her business. I know how crazy my life is without someone else reminding me. And you know what else... that's why God gave them to me at a young age and not her. I LONGED to be a mother... I've ALWAYS wanted to be a mother and I've ALWAYS wanted lots of kids (just in my timing :) )! Besides... Sophie is you know that Christmas present you get that you wanted but didn't know you wanted?? That's what Sophie is to me.... I wanted her and didn't even know I wanted her.

So then yesterday was the same thing... looking for this... getting that... going through this stack of files trying to find one piece of paper.... drawer audits, etc. But last night was a great evening... so that really helped "cool" things off from the day.

Then today.... oh my today.... SAME stuff with the auditor.... then I got really aggravated with something else that happened at work.... and then daycare called and said that Sophie has cried all day, has had 5 dirty diapers, and they think she has Thrush again.... COME ON...... CAN I CATCH A BREAK??? SOO my mom picked them up for me and brought them to my house to see if we still had some medicine for Sophie from the last time she had Thrush and guess what... we don't!! SO I have an appointment to take her tomorrow to see Dr E about that. Then this afternoon we were outside playing while Sophie napped and Heidi threw up! Thankfully it was just one time... so maybe it was just from coughing. On top of all that my head is pounding!

I haven't just had a "BAD" week in I can't remember.... but to have 3 days in a row be bad.... that just can't be good. What's in store for tomorrow? Hopefully nothing but good things :)!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

6 weeks already

We had a wonderful evening! Heidi's teeball game got canceled due to the rain!! SOOO thankful we got rain! The farmers needed rain so very badly.

Mom got a comforter set that didn't fit her bed, so we tried it on ours... and I love it! It looks great... and we were ready for a change.

I cooked YUMMY Spaghetti for supper with garlic bread... sooo good! Kyle of course didn't eat it :(... but the rest of us enjoyed it. I don't get the chance to cook much anymore... mostly because Kyle doesn't know day to day where he is going to be and if he is going to work late... and I'm afraid to lay something out to cook and then not be able to cook it.... not that it is impossible, it's just a lot harder when it's just me here with the kiddos and trying to cook.

Heidi ended up staying at my moms house. She's at that stage/age where she wants to stay gone all the time it seems. But I am thankful for the relationship she has with all her grandparents. My dad and Grandmama came over to visit too!! My dad, Karter, and Kyle went on a long bike ride... and Grandmama held Sophie while I cleaned the kitchen and swept.

Wondering about the title yet *L*?? Well I got to thinking about it and started getting a little depressed almost.... I have been back to work as many weeks (6) as I was home with the kids. SOOO Hard for me to believe. My children brings so much joy to me. It's so hard realizing that they spend more time at daycare than with me... but that's okay... I try my hardest to make up for that each and every mornings/afternoon/and night. They know their Mama loves them!

Awww just looking at this picture... you can almost smell the wonderful baby smell from a fresh bath! I LOVE that smell.

Sophie and Grandmama had themselves a long bonding time tonight :) She was so sweet for Grandmama. There's a video at the end of Grandmama trying to get her to talk to her.

HAHA Dad was playing with Karter and getting his paci.

Karter was sooo sleepy... so before dad and Grandmama left I had him in one arm and they put Sophie in the other... and they both crashed! Rare moment of them crashing together :)!!
Sophie wouldn't talk to her, but she was in a deep concentration it looks like!

**Oh Kyle got me a blackberry... I have stepped up with technology *L*! I feel SoOO lost using it. I liked my "simple" phone. Everyone tells me I'll love it once I get used to it.... but right now it just really feels like learning a new language. My brother said it took him a week to learn his way back when he got it... so it would take me a month *haha*!

A Little Bit of This ~N~ A Little Bit of That

Our dance carpool started yesterday. Jennifer said she wishes she had a camera in the car just to show the rest of us how funny these 4 were. I called Jennifer to see if Heidi went in dance or not and she had me laughing SOOOO hard!!! She said they have been singing and talking… I said… Heidi did it too?? She said girl… it was really quiet in the car and then Heidi yelled “GIVE ME A B” and she said the other girls looked at her and said “B”… and then she did the O… then Abby Grace said “C” And Heidi said…. NOOOOO B comes next *L*!!

Heidi didn't cry yesterday.... she seemed to have really enjoyed it. I am so thankful for that!

The girls from L-R: Sara Catherine, Heidi, Abby Grace, and Katie

Shelly Kate and Heidi get to be in the same dance class!!

Last night after dance was tee ball practice. It's at 6:30... and usually lasts about an hour... so I thought it would be nice for the whole family to go. BAD IDEA! The two babies did wonderful.... but Heidi cried and cried. She wanted me out on the field instead of her daddy. SO I went out there and she still wouldn't do anything. She wanted me to pretty much be touching her. I told her that she needed to play and participate. She wanted to do this... so I paid for her to do this... and she doesn't have to do it again if she doesn't want to. It was rather embarrassing! BUT I knew it was "ME"... the reason she was acting like that. She was "shy" last week at practice according to Kyle, but she didn't act like she did last night. SO I got Sophie and we left so that Heidi would do better. We stopped by Kyle's Grandaddy's because his mom and aunts car were there.... I thought they might be there for a little while... long enough to let me stay to then go back and get Kyle. It ended up working out okay. They were both ready to leave, so I had to once again "load" Sophie up and she did NOT want to get in the carseat AGAIN. I went to the ballfield and Cindy was going to follow me and leave Kyle her car.... but after we got there they ended up riding with her.... so Soph and I came on home and I started getting her ready for bed.
Her first game is tonight and I am very anxious to see how that goes with "an audience". She is so unbelievably shy and I don't know why. Cheerleaders can't be shy :) ! She says she is going to do it tonight... so we'll see.

OK.... *phew* It's already been a start to the week. I'm going to recap from last week though... since our internet was down for whatever reason since last Friday. Kyle was finally able to get it straightened out last night.... I think something came unplugged or something?

Last Thursday night we had a ROUGH night!! Finally about 4 AM I got on the couch to sleep and Kyle brought Heidi in there with me about 5 when he got up... and this is how she was when I went to wake her up!!
Friday was of course Bobcat Day at Kids World. My mom made the kids shirts and Sophie's outfit. I LOVED Karter's saying "Colquett" on the back :)

Sophie's was adorable... and there are yellow ruffles on the back, but of course by the time the day was over she had messed up this outfit and was changed... so I didn't get a picture of that.

She was super cute though and had a yellow bow in her hair with a football on it :)

My little Opp Bobcat!

Heidi wanted a group picture.... but Karter didn't!!

He had been up for A WHILE and was already sleepy by the time we were ready to go.

Saturday morning Heidi and I got up and went to Andalusia to get her ballet shoes... then when we got home Kyle left for a dove shoot. He didn't get in until after 9 Saturday night. We enjoyed the day though. Some of our church friends from Venezuela were down and I got to meet Ami... she's one of Tyler's friends that he met there. She is SO sweet and speaks and understands English VERY well. She is actually moving to Canada in January to study Latin and French... so she'll have English, Spanish, Latin, and French... how about that? She is studying journalism... so she said knowing all those languages would be very beneficial for her career. She loves America! She said it is so different here than it is there... and there are lots of blond hair blue eyed people!!! She thought Tyler was the only one *haha*!

Saturday afternoon Cindy and I took the kiddos for a stroll. There was a bird down the street she had been wanting to see... so we walked down there and then walked to Amanda & Jonathan's. You talking about a workout..... that double stroller is hard to maneuver.... GREAT workout!

This was Karter Sunday.... he was "driving" while KyKy was buckling Sissy in!

He is JUST LIKE his Daddy and has to push every button!! And his tongue is out.... so serious concentration.

Beautiful Heidi

Sophie was hanging out with her Daddy while I did some quick laundry.... he was wrapping a dove to "train" Josh (lab).

Karter really didn't care too much about the Dove.... he will one day I am sure.

Jon Wesley and the girls came over... and they really had a good time...

Karter of course was content as could be....

He actually had a good "eating" weekend.... there's no telling how much chicken he ate all weekend. Sunday afternoon he enjoyed peanuts.... AND tried Watermelon... but that was funner to play in.

*** I can't get it to cooperate... so the watermelon picture is off key a little and below these Sophie pictures!

She was so relaxed that she just fell asleep laying on my leg.

Here's my sweet Soph Sunday night.... she was soooo sleepy and ready for HER bed! This is the first time in a while that she hasn't slept all night. She had a bottle and then spit up majority of it at the ballfield and didn't want another one until 2am. But she drank it and conked back out.

Tonight after we got home Karter and Heidi played and played.

This morning Karter was laying all over Heidi… just hugging her…. Really enjoying his Sissy time… it really made my heart melt. Things seem to be getting easier and easier with him being 17 months old now. He understands so much and I can really tell how much he has matured over the past 3 months. Words can’t begin to describe how much I love him. He just all of a sudden started saying stuff, understanding stuff, doing stuff….. he almost lost that “baby feel” over night. When he was 14 months old and even 15 months… it was tough… real tough… but now it’s still a lot of work… just easier. Would I do it over again??? HMMMMM haha it’s still too early to tell that…. if I could have my SAME Sophie…. I would probably have wanted her years later… just to enjoy my Heidi and Karter time. But with him older I’m starting to be able to enjoy them both.

This week had a tough start.... My whole Monday just seemed to have been off. Hopefully that's not to say what's to come.

I'll end with this... Heidi and I always read together at night and then we say our prayers. Well the other night we were praying and I prayed for Karter to get better... it was right after mom took him to the DR... and Heidi said "Me already did that".... and I said Really??? And she said "Me already prayed for Karter to get better.... there was a shooting start tonight and me wished for Karter to get better"... I thought that was the sweetest thing I had ever heard. I really don't remember ever talking to her about shooting starts... and "wishing" upon them. But for her to "use her wish" on her brother meant a lot to me.