Friday, April 24, 2015

More Recital Practice and Family Fun

This girl has Sass wrote all over her.
 Monday at recital practice they offered the girls a skittle if they smiled the entire time.  Needless to say all you have to bribe Sophie with is food or candy. She smiled the entire time....

Needless to say when they finished dancing she got a skittle!  The teacher was handing her one in this picture so you can't see Sophie.
 After practice we came home to eat supper and head to Karter's game. 
Family photo opportunity :)!
 Kyle and I worked in the yards all day Tuesday.  It was a GORGEOUS day!  When the kids got home from school they wanted to put their swimsuits on.  They played in the water hose on the trampoline until a fight arose ( as usual ).  While I was cooking supper they decorated some things they got for Easter.  They actually got along great while doing it.
 My Dad ended up surprising us as we were finishing dinner.  He got home from work a lot earlier than usual.  The kids were beside themselves.  Of course as soon as they see him they want him to play with them.  So there were several rounds of racing around our building :)!  Very fun night!
Driller, Jaycee, and Heidi watching them race.
 Wednesday night was Sophie's "Recital before the recital". 
 She was so excited and did so well :)!  I am ready to watch her perform this weekend :)!
She has always been a dancer.  When music comes on (no matter the genre) she will break down.  Even if she is sitting "still" her shoulders will shrug. 
So while she was supposed to be sitting in her chair while the others dance, she just couldn't.  She had to get up and dance to every song that came on.  I couldn't help but video some of her moves.......

My Dad sent me this picture of pretty Heidi at church Wednesday night :)!
It has been a great week.  It is going to be a busy weekend full of ball and recital :)!  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dentist, Recital Practice, Wedding Shower, WEEKEND FUN!

 All 3 kids had dentist appointments on Thursday.  I was really glad Kyle was home to go with me.  We just room hopped between all 3 :-)!

 After the dentist we had to go buy Sophie some new ballet shoes.  Somehow we managed to misplace ONE shoe a couple weeks ago and have had ZERO luck in finding it. 
 It has rained and rained and rained for several days!  The kids played in it....  A LOT!!  They get stir crazy inside for long periods.  So why not?  I love this picture I snapped of Karter and Sophie :) and then wouldn't you know Timehop had one of them in the rain a year ago just a couple days later.  I love the comparison. 

Always goofing!
 Saturday morning Sophie had recital practice.  She loved putting on makeup :)!  This picture makes me laugh.....
It is hard to tell, but she had a baton "hiding" in between her legs.  I didn't pay much attention until Heidi and my Mom pointed it out.
 She did great..... I love watching all the little girls dance...

After practice we had my cousin, Abby's, Around The Clock Shower.  It was a fun shower to decorate for.  Mom helped me get everything together.

Sis of the bride, bride, mom of the bride

Hostesses minus Sara
After the shower, the girls and I came home to unload the car and then we headed to Dothan with MeMe. 
We had a great time. 
We ate supper at Conestoga (which I haven't eaten at in YEARS) and then headed to Old Navy and Pet Smart.
MeMe captured this gem.  She was trying to get a picture of Sophie and Soph started posing. 
Sad truth: all of our parakeets died last week.  They lasted 9 whole days :(.  The first one died Wednesday morning (Karter's Birthday).  It was Heidi's bird, Sky.  She accidentally stepped on it the night before so it wasn't much of a surprise when she died, but it completely devastated Heidi.  She was pitiful.

The very next morning Moe and Elsa were dead.  We aren't really sure what happened to them.  We are thinking either they were handled too much or possibly ate some fibers from our rug and weren't able to digest them.
The kids were pretty sad, but surprisingly got over it pretty quick.  They did not waste time asking MeMe for replacements. 
Pet Smart is right beside Old Navy.  While we were in Old Navy, the kids & MeMe went to Pet Smart..... "to look at the animals".  While I was checking out they each came in carrying a box with a parakeet in it. 
So we now welcome......
Cotton, Box, & Rainbow
Heidi named hers Cotton (the white one). Karter's is the yellow looking one.  He named him Box.  It makes me giggle because the lady at the store put them in in a box and handed them to the kids saying, "Here's box 1.... box 2..... box 3......" so Karter thought his bird was named Box.  Sophie's is the green one and she named her Rainbow. 

They are MUCH louder than Moe, Elsa, & Sky.  We plan to keep them outside.  They are just inside for the time being. 

Saturday was followed by great services at church. 
And before we knew it Monday had arrived.  Weekends really go by so fast. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Science Party & Girls Day Trip to the Beach

 I don't know about y'all, but I love finding pictures on my phone that the kids take.  With that said, there are LOTS of selfie pictures on my phone that Heidi took.

 This post is full of pictures!  

Several weeks ago on a Friday night we went to Heidi's friend (& cousin), Megan's, science party.  It was really REALLY neat.  Even Karter and Sophie had a good time. 

 On the way home Heidi accidentally broke a glow stick and then (non accidentally) slung it all over the car.  I'll admit it was pretty hilarious and a "glowing mess". 

Megan's sister, Carrie Beth, has the coolest bike.  The kids loved it!

Once we got home and everyone had baths, they crashed.
 The next morning Karter went with his friend, Luke, to the beach to celebrate Luke's birthday.  He had been counting down the days until time to go.  Since he was going to the beach, us girls and MeMe decided to go too :)!!  Karter wanted nothing to do with us, so I just stayed in contact with his Mom throughout the day.  

We started the day with a yummy lunch....

Chasity sent this to me of the boys at Fishbowl.  So fun!

They love playing at The Commons :).....

 While we waited on MeMe to check out, we had a mini selfie session.... the girls would say what kind of face to make....

 Before the day ended we went to Build-A-Bear.  I couldn't even talk Karter in to coming with us and building something.  So they dropped him off at my Mom's on the way home :)! 

We had a wonderful day!  We got home kind of late, but it was all worth it.  The girls had a ball with us and Karter had a ball with his friends!