Monday, September 30, 2013

Ballgame, Soccer, Parties, MOLLIE MAE

 So Brayden and Karter play each other in their first soccer game.  I am anxious to see how "well" that goes haha!!! We may have to break up a fight on the field.

 I all of a sudden got worried about Kman starting Kindergarten next year, so each night when Heidi does her homework I make Kman practice his name :)!!
 This past week was the letter "U" at preschool.  It wasn't as difficult as I was thinking it would be.... thanks to my "thinking outside of the box" husband LOL! He would message me lists of U objects he could take.

His teacher posted this picture of him on the playground :).... love seeing daily pictures of him.
 Monday he took an Umbrella:
 Tuesday was Utensils:

 Almost every afternoon last week the kiddos had picnics outside.  They would play their hearts out and dress up and have performances each day.  I tried sneaking down there to take pictures, but they ended up seeing me before I got there.


Love this!

Sophie performing
 Commercial Break hehe----- I made my first smoothie last week.  It was rather yummy :)!!
 I also made my sweet 10 month pregnant friend, Kayla, a chocolate cake LOL!  They invited us over for supper, so that was the least I could do.
 Wednesday he took Uncle KyKy :)

 He was the first one for the week to take "Uncle".... so that was nice :)!!

That same morning.... at like 10:00 (maybe??) my little garbage gut was eating a corn dog and boiled peanuts.  Not to mention she already had an oatmeal cookie.
 Papa & Nana had been vacationing in Washington and they came in Wednesday evening.  Soph could hardly wait to spend time with Papa... so Thursday I dropped her off while I took groceries home.  When I came back she had been playing babies..... and named both of her babies Kayla LOL:
 And most of you know that Karter man loves to tie something up.... objects, people.... he doesn't care.  I recommend not getting in his path if you see him with a rope.

 I didn't get a picture, but Thursday he wore a "USA" shirt... so that was his U and Friday he took his Daddy's old "uniform"..... he was so excited about taking it since it was his Daddy's.

 We took Presley with us to the pep rally.  I am so in love with her jeans and curly hair :)!!

 At the pep rally I kept trying to take a picture of H & P, but Kman wanted to be right in the middle of it LOL! They were not having it.

 When we got home from the Pep Rally, Heidi and Pres went straight to Heidi's room.  All of a sudden Heidi screamed bloody murder!!! 1 of her gold fish had died.  She was so heart broken.  Not only did 1 of hers die, but both of Kmans did??? So weird??? And then yesterday her other one actually died.  Kyle said they only have a life span of about 6-8 months?  Sophies are still truckin' along right now.

Of course we had to provide them with the proper burial services :)......

 Friday night we went to the football game.  We love to cheer us on some Bobcats :)!! The kiddos have the best time playing with all of their friends.

Brayden, Stella Kayte, and Kman

 I forget what Stella Kayte and Sophie were doing here.....

This baby girl cheered her heart out when we first got there!
 It didn't take them long to crash when we got home.... or the big kids I should say LOL!! I was talking to Kyro and he wanted some pictures....

Soph was being a night owl!!
 Saturday was an absolute GORGEOUS day!  They played outside until time to go to Heidi's friend's birthday party. 
 We had to get a Roll Tide picture for Kyro :).....
 Kman and his friend, Avery, playing air hockey at the skating rink.....

 They LOVE birthday parties at the skating rink.... I just embrace myself for the skated on and stepped on toes while helping them skate.

They announced it was time to eat LOL!! I guess he was starving.
 After the party we helped my Mom unload some stuff and then both the babies CRASHED!  They took a super good nap before we headed to the pond to celebrate my cousin, Drew's, birthday!

 Bubble Action!!!

Frazier and Soph
 "Scary Story" time....

 Heidi took charge of my camera and boy howdy do I have lots of selfy pics of her and her KyKy...

 I couldn't help but smile as I went through them :)....

She even captures me and Soph :)

Birthday Boy
 HAHA Her face pure looks scary doesn't it??? JK! 
 Yesterday was another beautiful day!  After church we came home and had lunch and then spent majority of the day outside.  Right before time to go back to church, I caught Kman dancing on Kyle's toolbox.  I had to snap a picture.  He is so handsome!! Looks just like a miniature Kyle to me.

 And y'all..... today a miracle happened :)!! We prayed for this baby girl long before she was conceived.  So exciting to welcome.....
Mollie Mae Tisdale
7 lbs 2 oz
19 1/2 " long
Big Brother Brayden

Her Beautiful door hanger she had made
 Kay had a C-section, so we had to wait in the waiting room for a while before they moved her to a regular room.  Sophie was pretty patient :)!! She started getting very ancy after about an hour.....

Brayden tracing Sophie's hand while we waited...

Love this :)
 Praise the Lord both Kayla & Mollie Mae are doing well!  I love her slick head.... she does have some really light peach fuzz though :).....

Welcome to this CrAzY World Baby Girl!!

I had to get back to get Karter Man from Preschool, but this Baby Girl and I are going to have a sweet Bond :)!!! I know lots about how to spoil Baby Girls!!