Friday, November 22, 2013

Operation Christmas Child... Samaritan's Purse

 Our church has taken up shoe boxes for years for the Operation Christmas Child.  But last year we started packing them as a unit.  We packed 1,000 last year and it was phenomenal.  The rush, the excitement, the joy, just so many emotions are going through your head as you sit there and pack these for these children that don't have anything. 

This year, our church decided to double last year.  We packed a little over 2200 boxes and raised close to $38,000 to go towards it.  HOW AWESOME IS OUR GOD?? He is the One that gets ALL the glory!  I think I saw somewhere that it took us 55 minutes to pack that many boxes.  We pack for about 15 minutes and then Brother Garry will have us all stop and he prays over them all.  And as we pack the boxes, we pray for the child that will receive them. 

Here are some pictures to share from this years event....

 The truck was ready and waiting to deliver the boxes to Atlanta to the Distribution Center.

This was before it started.....  I had to get a picture :)

Look who showed up :)!! The kids were so excited.  Sophie even liked them :)))! (Remember she was terrified of Minnie)

Thanks Nana for the picture :)

 We packed them socks, shirts, tooth paste, tooth brush, brush, comb, toys, stuffed animals, sunglasses, crayons, colored pencils, pencils, erasers, all sorts of goodies :)!!

 Is this not just an absolutely amazing and beautiful sight?
 Ch 4 news also came.  Heidi was so excited because they filmed her as she packed her boxes.  I had everyone on stand by to watch for her to come on the news.  Sadly we missed it at 6 because we were at family night at the book fair.  I was so afraid I would fall asleep for the 10:00 broadcast (and did....), but thankfully my mom recorded it on DVD and Yana recorded it for me on her phone (video at bottom).  This picture is hard to tell, but that is her.
For more information on Operation Christmas Child, click here.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baby Hog, Family Fun, Creative Letter I, Dress Up Week

 Well to start the week out I really hate that Mollie Mae's Mommy and Daddy were sick, but we got to babysit while they went to the doctor.  I didn't complain one bit.  Well except the fact that Sophie is a HUGE baby hog :)!! 

She was such a doll.  And seriously the easiest baby.  If we were guaranteed one that easy, I might could talk Kyle into that #4. 

 Tuesday morning we headed to Lowe's.  Tuesdays are Crossfit days.... WHICH BRINGS ME..... Kyle has joined me the past 2 classes.  I LOVE him going with me :)!!  Still getting up that early stinks, but we are glad we went once it is over.  Anyway, after class I generally take a shower and depends on what is going on whether or not I put makeup on.  I forgot that we had talked about running to Lowe's so I didn't bother putting on makeup when we made the school run.  Needless to say, Kyle better know I love him because I went to Lowe's without makeup which is totally out of my character.  I don't necessarily like a lot of makeup, but I will put on just a little if I am going out.

Soph had herself a good time while we looked at stuff.  She even talked us into some Reese's haha.
 It is also Book Fair week, so they dress up each day.  Tuesday was Rock Star day.  We finally got the "bee hive" to somewhat of Heidi's satisfactory after an upteen dozen tries.

 We also had family pictures that afternoon, so we were running all day it seemed.  Once we got home from those, we did a family homemade pizza.  I used turkey pepperoni this time and I couldn't tell the difference.  Heidi of course turned her nose up when she heard that and decided she didn't like it.

Happy Kids makes a Happy Mommy

 Heidi went to grandparents night at the book fair with Nana and Meme met them and brought her home.  Not long before she got there I walked into the living room and Kyle had got my sewing machine out.  I was completely shocked, but glad because the poor thing has been in the original box since I had it.  He was determined to "fix" some bedroom shoes he has.  Turns out they were too thick to sew, so he "fixed" a tank of mine haha! 
 When MeMe got there she had to assist and show him how to get everything started :)
 Yesterday Kman had to miss preschool.  He had a check up to make sure his lymph node had gone down.  All is well in the cat scratch disease department :)! 

After the doctor, we took a trailer load to the dump.  In South Alabama those are fun times for kids LOL!  We always let the kids help "drive" once we are in the dump. 

 While we were at the doctors office, Kyle was just playing around with the kids and "checking" them out like the DR does.  Well he came across this spot on Sophie's tooth.  It was brown and like a hole.  I immediately thought cavity, but then we just had 2 fillings done on her the last time Kyle was home, so I thought well I guess not because those 2 were the last of them.  So then we thought chipped tooth? Rotting? We didn't know.  I called her dentist, but they couldn't see her.  Thankfully my dentist could check it out.
 I was completely FLOORED when she told me not only was it a bad cavity, but she has 6..... SIX.... more cavities.  HOW IN THE WORLD??? This child has the most sensitive teeth.  She KEEPS cavities... sugar bugs.... whatever you want to call them.  I am obsessive over clean teeth, so trust me... we brush at least twice a day.  Sometimes more.  I am constantly paying the dentist it seems.  And it is not cheap I must say. 
She gets easily bored and decided she needed to put lotion on her leg while we waited to go back.
 I called Sophie's dentist back and we now have another appointment to get them filled.  GEEZ!

Okay... so this week is the letter I.  Well I am so non creative.  I'm like.... let's take an ice scoop, ice scream scoop, idk... something to that nature.  Oh no.... Kyle has to go chop up one of my Styrofoam tall pieces that I use for parties.  Without asking might I add.  BUT.... he did make a pretty awesome igloo for Karter to take :)!!

And Karter loved it!
 Tuesday he made him an Island out of the same piece.  And yes he painted the cardboard and Styrofoam. 
Today was an Injector :)
 Today was also Pajama Day for Heidi.  BEST DAY EVER LOL!  I had to get this top picture of her pouting because Karter got to ride up front in Daddy's truck on the way to school.  She was so mad when I told her I got her picture.  I'm not sure about this 7 1/2 age..... she has gotten SUPER sassy the past week. 

Uncle KyKy stayed with us :) Here he is with his sleepy heads.
And last but not least, it was not only pajama day, but apparently twin day too hehe! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Fun

 We love when Daddy is home and we get to spend weekends together as a family.  He is a good sport :)!! He goes to parties, or where ever just to be together.

I forgot to put this picture of me and Kman on the dr blog.  It was the day before KC came home, and he was actually texting me while we were in there, so we sent this picture:

 And this chica right here has got her Momma's sweet tooth.  You give us anything sweet and we can sit, eat, and be Merry ALL DAY long LOL!  Sweets are my weakness.  We caught her sitting on the counter eating the bowl of candy one day last week.  I was in our room ironing and apparently she was getting a belly full.....

Had to share this.  This was our "family photo" at the wedding Sophie was in.  If KC was in it I seriously think I might would use it as our Christmas card.  Truly explains in 1 picture how things are with us.
 Last week was letter P.  We took a Pizza Pan... I told him that was a double pointer hehe!

 Pencil.... (& yes it was FREEZING that morning)
 So we had fun with the letter P :)!! He loved taking the pickles to share with his class mates.

Sophie has gotten into this "drawing" thing.  She likes to draw her family.  She drew me and her in this one.... I LOVE how her 3 year old self sees us to draw us.  We even have shoes :)!! And eye lashes!

And how precious?  Uncle KyKy captured this one.
 Kyle got a new shaving kit Friday night and he could hardly wait to test it out.  He let Karter do a test cut while I ran to the store LOL. 

 Friday night we went to eat with The Tisdales and made a Wal-Mart trip.  Fun times!!

Cute buggy full :)
 Saturday morning we got up bright and early and was at church by 7 for Prayer Breakfast.  The GAs (Girls in Action) were staying afterward to bake cookies and deliver them to some elderly ladies and earned a badge. 

Here is my GA before we left with her vest on :)....

 Saturday afternoon we went to one of Karter's friends birthday parties.  It was football themed and they loved it.  Instead of playing on the bounce house with the other girls, Sophie Lynne was right in the middle of those boys playing football.

 While we were at the party, Heidi went home with Oki from the GA festivities.  Sam sent me this cute picture of the girls after they caught a butterfly.  Heidi was so excited. 
 We took it easy Saturday night.  We grilled steak and ribs and just enjoyed more family time.  Full of laundry and football haha!  Kyle is a huge Bama fan, but he thoroughly enjoyed the Auburn game.  During the last bit of it, I was outside with the kids by the fire and playing football.  He would run in and out and tell me I had to come see this replay haha!.....

Those girls were so silly.  I Love in the video how "over powering" Sophie is for attention. 

Yesterday we ate lunch at Moms after church and hung out there all afternoon.  We ended the day with supper at Pizza Hut (buffet) and then a movie at home :)!! Now we are ready for the week.