Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Storm Leon 2014

 This week has been interesting :)!!  It has been 4 years since we have seen snow in L.A.  (Lower Alabama for those of you that don't know the lingo ;-) ).  We knew the storm was coming... and thankfully our heater decided to stop working before it came.  I was glad Dad was home to fix it for us.
 The kids were amazed at the "ice falling out of the sky".... hehe.... so they had to run out and touch it real fast... hence the no coats... it was seriously long enough for me to snap a picture and back in the door they were.

I snapped this right as Dad & Yana were leaving.  They weren't here but a couple hours and his truck door had already frozen shut.
 Dad & Yana brought lunch and supper over so we wouldn't have to get out :)!  And that was before all the road closings.... so the kiddos enjoyed playing with Papa....

 The next morning we could hardly wait to get outside and play.....  
 We were surprised when it was all hard ice... no snow...

Ice skating behind Papa :)

Throwing ice.... just couldn't see it because of the light background.
Oh in case you are wondering, Papa walked over from his house to play in the ice with us :)!

Even Ellie had to join in on the fun....

Heidi was amazed that the mailbox was frozen shut.

Standing on the dogs pool.... of ice....

They had fun box sledding :)....  Try to watch the first part of this next video without laughing.... haha...
 Our house was so messy... just from being inside and playing.... so I had planned for us to stay warm and clean up some... but the kiddos were wanting to walk back with Papa pretty badly.... so I told him the mess would be there when we got back... and he said, "they won't remember the mess, but they'll remember walking"... so that's just what we did.

Our street....
 When we got to main street we were so surprised to find lots of people there sledding down the hill (roads were closed).  It was awesome.  Firemen, policemen, everyone was having a good time.

 That video is water steadily flowing under the ice on the roads.... very cool.
Such a good Big Sis

He almost fell asleep on Papa's head....
 The walk is 1.4 miles one way.... but we made it :)!! And it was lots of fun I must say.  As soon as we got to Dad & Yana's, Soph got cozy in Grandmama's lap.

They were "reading" the paper.
Soph helped make stuffed peppers

Soph brought this to me and I thought it was so awesome how kids imaginations work.  She made sure I was very careful with it too.
 We headed back to the house before it got too dark :)....

This is funny to me... she was screaming, "FASTER FASTER"... haha... I just caught her in mid word...

She finally decided to walk
So no school for 3 days this week.  Today seems to be back to somewhat of normalcy.  It was a very nice few days for us all to remember.  I hope the kids will very much remember the neat walk over the messy house :)!! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throw Back Thursday to 1980s....

 I was so surprised this week when an old family friend dropped by and brought some old pictures of me they had.  I enjoyed looking at them so much. 

Daddy & Me

Mama & Me

My friend, Chasity, & Me

Daddy again...

This one reminds me of Heidi now...

Mama again...

One of my birthday parties

Cousin Levi :)
 Funny thing about him dropping those pictures off is last week I had started going through different drawers and trying to organize and throw away what we no longer needed and such... and came across LOTS of old pictures of Heidi. 

Grandmama also has a picture slide show that goes on her computer... so got some from there... 
Baby Soph

I remember this like it was yesterday.... we were at Sams :)

I mean how sweet..... and precious... at Kids World playing

The sweetest baby girl....

 Lots of Amanda :)..... she loved her Manda...

Grandmama & Heidi

Sophie actually wore that sweatshirt just the other day.

Heidi's 1st Bahamas trip

When she got her ears pierced....

Her 2nd Halloween

She was a HUGE Mama's girl

Shelly Kate got her ears pierced at the same time.

Hank & Heidi
Shelly Kate & Heidi

Heidi had tear duct surgery at 9 months... so her eyes in most of her baby pictures are real glassy and runny.

Tea Party with Uncle KyKy

Hank & Heidi

Such a good uncle


Hank & Heidi
KyKy, Heidi & Hank at 1 of the Messer boys' ballgames

 Pictures are so fun to me... and so full of memory triggers.  I remember when I had Heidi that several people told me I wouldn't take as many pictures of children I had after her, I am proud to say I have very much proved them wrong :)!! The only problem is that "back then" I  had a "regular" camera, so I had to get each film roll developed in order to see what was on them.  Now of course I have a digital camera, so I am WAYYY behind on developing the pictures.  I really need to do that.