Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sophie- dentist visit

Okay so I wanted to start the blog off with a video just showing you how much this kid can TALK our ears off.  Like she seriously never hushes?
Anyway.... a few weeks ago I started noticing Sophie's teeth turning brown.  Well it really bugged me.  Especially because I was afraid they had "died" and plus I'm a stealer of white teeth.  Well it started like on the front two teeth, came from the roots down.  Well then I noticed it spread throughout all the teeth.  Even the bottom. 
I brushed them, I scrubbed them, I even tried to scrape it off with my nail.  Nothing worked. 
I finally called the dentist this week, and they got her in right away.
This is a picture before we went in.... see the brown gradually coming down?
And here are the sweet babies as we waited to go back :)....
Thankfully they were just stained.  Some teeth are just weaker than others, and Sophie's are one of them.  She was able to polish her teeth right on up and she has a brand new smile now :).  Since they cleaned them yesterday, we are now on a 6 month visit :)... and if they turn again before her appointment, they told me to bring her back in and they'll polish them again.

Sophie did amazingly well.  She had to lay on me of course, but she was so sweet and still.  After about 20 minutes she got ancy and needed to be her  normal self LOL..... so here she was as we waited for the Dentist to come check them out....
And.... WAH-LAH..... the finished product :)......
After the appointment, we went to Sonic to get them a treat for being so good. 
I sent the picture to my mom and she asked if Karter was okay.... LOL... I said he was.. just in his I dont want to take a picture mood.... well not even 2 minutes later, this was him.... LOL...
And last but not least.... another video of Sophie on our drive yesterday.....

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best Soph Video Yet & Much Random Catching UP

Okay... so I dare you to watch that video without breaking as smile :)!  She is so "special" LOL.... keeps us laughing and she doesn't even try.
Soooo while Kyro was home, I cooked a DELICIOUS shrimp dish (thanks to pinterest once again LOL).....

 Oh and Heidi had bookfair week a few weeks ago and each day was something different.  Crazy sock day was one of the days.... LOL!
 Pajama Day was another and that is by far our favorite :).  She loves to just wake up, brush her teeth, fix her hair and head out the door :).

 We picked up Heidi's friend, Oki, on PJ afternoon :)!!! Little Tiny had to get in the picture with them as I was taking it haha!
 And that Friday was wear your favorite team day. 
 And as you know, we have been in the process of "re-doing" a bedroom each time Kyle comes home.  I promise to post pics as soon as I get each one completed.  Anyway, I have spent MANY nights on the computer trying to find things for the rooms and on ebay one night I accidentally ran across this for Karter Man's room and I could not resist buying this for Karter's wall. (Although Sophie has already managed to pull the "r" off of hero *sniff sniff*)

 And he actually slept in his bed almost a complete night :).... almost....
 Oh my stars.... so me and my love went shopping one day to finish up our Christmas.  We had a wonderful day.  He took me to see Taken 2 and HOLY MOLY that was a good movie.  We neither one remember a bad word being in it.  I was on the edge of my seat practically the entire time or either starring at Kyle so I could tell by his expression when that scene was over.

Well on the way home we just happened to ride by Krispy Kreme and the hot sign was on :)!! Well I don't know about you, but our car just sorta automatically pulls in when the sign is on. 

We happened to be on the way to see our sweet friends that had just had a baby so of course we got some to take to them :)!

HAHA I had to take a pic of this blazing fire.  The babies loved it.  We love sitting outside and building fires on cool nights.  Something about it just relaxes us.
 While the fire was going KC grilled he and the babies some deer wrapped in bacon.  As you can see they were eating it up :).
 Oh and goodness I don't know how I managed to leave these off of my Thanksgiving blog, but these go along with the box sliding pics :)....
 Karter and Heidi before the box flew over her LOL.....
 Heidi and Luke Rylan.... and Sophie Girl watching closely in the back ground.
 Brother and Sister Race....
 And I was going through the paper a few days ago before chunking it and guess what??? I found Heidi's name in the paper for making all As :)!!!! YAY!!!!!
Anyway.... I am still trying to find my camera chord so that I can upload the Polar Express pictures.  I am so sad that I have misplaced it :(!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Operation Christmas Child- Shoebox Packing

 What an amazing sight... right?? This year our church took up donations to pack 1000 boxes.  They estimated about $25 per box to fill it so our goal was $25,000.  What an awesome God we serve :)!! We were able to pack 1200 boxes with the money that was given AND had enough of the goodies left over to fill 100 more boxes. 

That is sooooo like God :)!! Shows up and shows out :)!! 

Here's Heidi before we left :)..... she wanted to try on her eye lashes she got at the book fair, but decided to not wear them to pack shoe boxes LOL!

 Words cannot even describe the experience.  It was such a rush and such a wonderful way to teach our children about giving to others.  All 3 of them joyfully filled each box.  Well.... I say joyfully :)... there was a tape measure that Karter really wanted, so we had to take a moment to explain to him that a little boy that doesn't get to play with his Daddy's tape measure was getting that one to play with.  He seemed okay after that :)!

I tried to get pictures as I could, but it was so non stop that it was a little difficult. 

Here is a picture of my Dad, Sophie, and Heidi starting the line to pack a box.

 And I found Mr. Colquett in another line packing his and Karter Man was trailing right behind :)...
 Karter and Heidi digging in the box to grab a goody to pack theirs with....

 And check out this beautiful sight...... still gives me chill bumps.
One day I would love to be able to go to help distribute these boxes to the needy children.  Can you just imagine how priceless their faces are?  They are so thankful for such a small box with things in it that we all take advantage of every day. 

What a blessing this was :)!!!  Hope to continue it year after year.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Morning!!! I am still here :)!!! I tried blogging of course several days ago and it wiped the slate clean, so I haven't tried again until now.  I'll give her a whirl :)!!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We started celebrating Thanksgiving a week ago so that Kyle could enjoy it too. 
Per my moms request :) I made my Coconut Dream Cake (thanks to Pinterest).  And trust me, it is a 6 layer coconut lovers dream cake.
 We started off the beautiful Thanksgiving day in Gantt at Yana's parents :)!  Karter Man was and is all about the ipad.... so Papa had to carry him out.... ipad in hand LOL for pictures.

 And the family picture I got..... surely one day Karter man will laugh about this and say.... why didn't you make me take it away?  Well I just wasn't up for arguing at the moment :)!! That's why!!

 Our beautiful girls...

 Another pinterest inspired recipe.... pumpkin dip.  It ened up being really good.  Seems the longer it chills, the better it gets.

 HAHA Soooo I had to get a picture of Karter doing what he loves doing.....  But you know I was telling Kyle's mom, he loves movies as much as his Daddy.  Kyle can recite just about any movie you name.  He is constantly saying lines and then will say, "What movie was that from"......
 Thanksgiving afternoon we went to my moms family gathering and enjoyed another wonderful dinner.

And with our multiple families it just continues ::)!! So much to be thankful for.

Saturday we celebrated The Wyatt Thanksgiving.  It's always crazy fun LOL!  My dad has 4 other brothers and 1 sister.... so they did all sorts of "dangerous" fun things growing up and have carried it over.... so it is always fun to see what they decided to do year after year..... hence the video a few clicks down :)!

Papa swinging Sophie.....

 You know.... being the "oh how fun" mom that I am.... I thought they were just raking up the big leaf pile to jump in...... WRONG!!!

The reason for the leaf pile LOL:

And what I later found Sophie and Karter doing.... they found more than 1 use for the icebox :)....
 Better access to the snacks....
 Andddddd...... even a little box sliding down the hill :)....
Sorry I didn't finish my days of Thanksgiving and what all I was thankful for.  You can blame it on my lack of patience and this silly thing randomly erasing everything I have done.  But just know I am thankful for everything and anything :)!!! I love my life and I am so thankful for everyone in it.

PS: We went to The Polar Express last night and as soon as I can find my camera chord I will share pictures.