Wednesday, July 30, 2014

4 & 5 Yr Ck Up, Finding Oscar, Party, Eds, etc.

 The first part of last week our beloved, Oscar, went missing.  Tyler got Oscar when he was 8 years old and he has been a part of our family for 14 years now.  We were devastated.  He is getting super old.  He can't see well or hear.  We honestly thought he had wondered off to die.  The kids were so upset.  We looked and looked and the next morning Tyler and Heidi looked everywhere again.  I put a "Help us find him" on facebook and lots of people shared it (Thank you to those that did).  Finally that afternoon we got a phone call from someone that lives somewhat close to Mom. He just wandered up to their house through the woods.  

I laughed and told Mama he was like an Alzheimer's patient.  He had no clue where he was or how to get home.  Now he is back in the nursing home :)!!

The kiddos (& all of us) were VERY happy!!!

Giving Heidi kisses when we got him.

Mom & I were sitting outside when Heidi came and told us we might want to check out what Sophie did.  She was so excited about him being home that she made trails of food for him on some cloth napkins.

 Anyway, those of you around Sophie any amount of time know that she is and always has been an entertainer.  This girl LOVES to sing and perform.  Especially in fans........

Love that big smile!!  He was in KyKy's pj pants.
 Kman's friend, Blaine, had a birthday party with a big slide :)! The kids had so much fun....

Soph jumping her heart out on Blaine's trampoline.
 Friday night we went to Ed's with MeMe.  It was her first time going :)!!  Karter decided we needed a photo shoot to celebrate......

 Sunday afternoon nap........
My sweet sleeping boys!
 Swimming at Papa & Nana's.......
Love this action shot of Dad!

Everybody doing toothpicks (except Sophie apparently *ha*)
 Thursday I took the kiddos to the doctor (Kyle was on his way home....).  Sophie had her 4 year check up and Karter had his 5 year check up.  I refused to tell Sophie about the shots (bad Mom I know)......... I let the nurse tell her.  You cannot imagine the amount of drama I saved by not telling her ahead of time.  Mad is an understatement.  She said as she was crying, "I AM NEVA COMIN' BACK HERE AGAIN". And her 4 year old self means it.

I snapped these pictures before the shots came....

Sophie is a growing girl.  Her stats:
Weight: 34 lbs
Height: 3'3"

Kman is coming along too... his stats:
Weight: 41 lbs
Height: 3'8"

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dad's Early Bday Celebration at the Beach

 We celebrated Dads birthday early and spent the day at the beach this past Saturday.  Despite the yucky water & high waves, we had a great time.

The water was incredibly sea-weedy.... the yuckiest I think I ever remember seeing it.

Red flag all day.

The first start of the day was pretty cloudy.  The guys enjoyed playing frisbee and throwing the football.

I was taking a picture of Dad and Tyler and a nice older gentlemen walked up and asked if I wanted him to take one of all 3 of us :)!!

Her favorite spot was on Papa's shoulders.

I love this one.  A wave must have just crashed over us.... Dads laughter tells all.

 Burying Karter Man time.....

 We left the beach mid afternoon and got ready to head to dinner :)!! Dad chose Pompano Joe's :)!!
They loved the big aquarium that was close to our table.

All three of our kids have always loved lemons!

Dad & Heidi playing "dots".

My deliciously spicy Mahi-Mahi.  

Sophie loved Papa's Chocolate Bday Cake :)!
 After we ate, we had a fun time at Miracle Strip.  The kids are like me and could live down there if all of our family would move with us :)!
 It really was a Miracle... they all 3 got to jump at the same time :)!...

Love his huge smile!

They love to watch the other kids jump.

...... yeah I didn't see the "Don't get on the fountain" sign until AFTER I captured this.

Sophie had them dancing as they came around :)!

I took this to show how wrong the sunscreen went.  Kind of hard to see with the glare, but his whole left eye was a huge red spot.  Thankfully it has gone away now.

 They loved the slide.... 

It really was a wonderful day.  We ended it with ice cream at Marble Slab and shaved ice :)!