Thursday, January 31, 2013

Going Through Kyle's Phone Pictures......

 Yesterday during the storm that rolled through our internet was messed up for a little while.  Kyle needed to order something online & was going to pay through paypal, but he couldn't figure it out LOL..... so I had to do it.  When I got finished I started going through all of his pictures on his phone and just reminiscing.

This is one of Sophie and her friend, Evan, at church.  Evan had played so hard until he literally lay down just like that and fell asleep.  It was so cute because Sophie would go lay beside him and just stare.

 One of our many trips to Lowe's......
 The only AL game we went to this year..... and it rained :)......
 LOVE my Heidi Bug.....
 This was at Wonder Works this past summer when we went to the  beach.  I was laying on a bed of nails.

 My sweet girls.....

 Sweet Karter Man.....
 This baby girl stole my heart before she even got here.  I am so thankful for her.

 Karter looks so young to me here...... maybe it's the long hair?
 Heidi's hunting trip with her Daddy......
 These two are so close.  They may fight constantly, but the thought of Karter starting Preschool in the fall without her makes me enjoy these days that much more.
 At my friend, Lindsay's, wedding....
 HAHA one of the times Heidi dressed me up when we were playing.
 Our trip to Disney......

 The homecoming parade...... I'm seeing a pattern here.  Sophie always has me hold her.  She is even sitting in my lap as I type this.  She is like a leech.  I can't seem to peel her off.
 One Sunday in church probably 1 1/2 years ago. 
This is why I love taking pictures so much.  I love looking back and seeing how everyone has changed.  Plus each picture takes you back to that particular moment.  Love my little family so much :)!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day at the Park & Dentist with 4 Kids... 5 if You Count Kyle

 Yesterday was a great day.  HAHA Any day that Kyle is not in the deer woods during hunting season is a good day LOL!!  We took our friends daughter to her dance class, played at the park for a long time, took them all to the dentist (Soph and Emmie Kate didn't get theirs cleaned {in case you were wondering}), came home & they played up a storm while I prepared supper.  I'd say it was pretty fabulous.

I wanted to start off by showing you a few pictures of the night before :)!!  Kman stayed with Babee and KyKy.  I love technology now a days because they are able to send me pictures and vice versa of what is going on.

Love this picture of Charlie watching Kman get a bath :)....
 Then we started sending silly pictures back and forth.

 I wish this one weren't so blurry, but I love these pictures of Tyler and Heidi in the photo booth LOL...
Okay so on to yesterday..... while Emmie Kate was in dance, we took our kiddos to WalMart to get Icees  and snacks.

 Of course we got sweet Emmie Kate one too :)...... she was so excited.
 Most of you that know Kyle know that he is just a big play toy.  He loves to act like a kid.  The kiddos had so much fun yesterday with him playing tag, chasing them, hiding from them, etc. 

 I got one in action of him running to a new hiding spot.....
 Finally got Emmie Kate to pose for a picture LOL..... if I would mention taking a picture, she would turn in the other direction.
 Kind of hard to see, but that is Heidi hiding under all that stuff.

 You know Little Tiny was all about smiling for a picture haha!
 There is no telling how many times I tried to get a picture of her and Emmie Kate.... when EK would see me and the camera, she would turn in the other direction.

 Trying once again to get a picture.....
 And this was the closest I could get.....

 Once we left the park, we took Karter and Heidi for their dentist appointments.  Kman has a small "sugar bug".... aka cavity.  BOO!!  I know it is from all the juice he drinks though.  Although we dilute it A LOT, there is still no telling how many cups he drinks a day.

Here is a picture of Kyle and EK while they watched Heidi getting hers cleaned.  EK took a quick liking to Kyro.
 HAHA I love this one of Soph and EK just steadily watching Karter getting his cleaned.
 When we got home, I cleaned and devained   2 lbs of shrimp.  I told mom and KC that I would rather clean them because I know how clean they are LOL!!  Call me crazy.  We soaked them in Italian dressing and grilled them.  So yummy.

I made the best grits I have ever made last night.  I added salt, white pepper, creole seasoning, and a pizza blend bag of cheese.  I added that kind because it was a mixture of cheese.  Usually we have a ton of grits left over, but last night there was not a drop left.  That in itself ended the day with a BANG :)!!!

PS: Karter and Heidi slept in her bed ALL night!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!  That is the first time..... like ever!  Soph of course was up who knows how many times. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Fun, Stalker Kyle, & Jammin' Sophie

Friday I had the idea to soak our oven eye things with water, vinegar, and baking soda. It  practically ate the scum away.  Just a little tid bit of interesting info.
 I guess ole Kyro has been missing me haha!!  As I was getting ready Saturday morning, he sat in the bathroom with me practically the entire time.  Playing music on the jambox, and downloading new music, etc.  I called him Stalker Kyle LOL!!!  I told him I liked him hanging out in there :)!!! Made me know he wanted to be with me.

 He was transferring the songs he had downloaded to the hard drive in my car.  Apparently it helps to do it and concentrate if you hold your tongue out LOL! Oh and he fixed Sophie's hair and was so proud.
 We took the kiddos to the beach Saturday to run around and we ate at Fudpuckers.  Very nice Saturday.  Karter and Heidi rode down with mom and Tyler, so Soph had us all to her self.

 The food was so delish!!  I got the popcorn shrimp with chicken and shared with Sophie and Kyle ate a good bit.

Mom ordered some crab dip as an appetizer and you talk about yummy..... I could eat some right now actually.
 Tyler was sneaky sneaky and got them to sing to me :)!!!!  Thank goodness all they did was sing.  I purposely did not want to go go to Joe's Crabshack because I did not want to ride around the room on a stick horse or stand in my chair and dance or something like that LOL! 
 Soph enjoyed my icecream :)!!
 Love this picture of me and my man........ such a handsome rascal!!! So thankful he shaved.
 The kids LOVED all the alligators at Fudpuckers.  This was not even all of them. 
 And then off to the beach we went.  Poor Karter Man was enjoying himself when the girls got ready to go.  Tyler said Karter told him they were looking for Penguins.  HAHA!  The girls got wet and I guess the sand started irritating them.

The kiddos had a great time.  I'd have to say Babee and I did too.  We just sat and watched them all enjoy it.  Very much looking forward to summer beach visits :)!!!