Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Need a Good Soph Story???

Sophie has done SOOOOO much lately that I had to do a blog just about her and her craziness so I wouldn't forget :)!!

* Yesterday in the school line I felt something "breeze" by my head.... it was Sophie's shirt.  She decided to strip in the school line and use a sour cream container (her popcorn was in) as a hat.

* I know this will embarrass her one day, but this blog is all about real life "stuff" LOL... she had already stripped (thank goodness) at Dad and Yana's pool today and told us she had to poop.... on her way inside, CAPLOOP.... right on the pool patio.  Dad and Kyle saw it as "at least she didn't go in her panties" LOL!!!

* She is sooooo hard to figure out how to discipline.  She doesn't mind getting spankings, time out, naps, whatever..... she DOES. NOT. CARE.  EX:  Tonight before supper at Dads, I was dressing her (still) naked butt and she pinched me 3 times.  I spanked her bare bottom all 3 times because she has been told over and over how ugly that is.  I told her she cannot pinch Mommy.... so she proceeded to smack me in the face instead.  Yep... go ahead and laugh... even my Grandmother did.  So she got another spanking and then put in a time out chair in a room by herself.  When Grandmother and I went to check on her, she was upside down in the chair.

*  The other day I was mixing up Kyle's birthday cake and I heard some "clinging" in the mixer.  I thought it was the beater hitting the bowl.  Nope.  As I was pouring the batter into the pan, I spotted my two "screw" things that go on top of my mixer unscrewed and dumped in the batter.  Soph admitted the entire thing.

* She is extremely witty and says stuff all the time that we just go.... "Where did she come up with this"?

* Karter mostly pees outside.  I'm sorry, but we let him..... boy thing I guess??  Anyway the other day Sophie went flying past me in the kitchen... next thing I knew Karter was screaming.  She dumped a huge cup of cold water on him while he was in mid stream.  Of course he screamed.  Wouldn't you?  But that's one of those.... why??? Why would she even think of this?? She just turned 2 in June.

* Ohhhh here's a good one.  Last Wednesday before church she choked on a grape and threw up everywhere.  Well I got her carseat all clean and her another bath and just washed the "throw up" off on the grass.  Well Thursday we were walking inside and she was chewing on something... she opened wide so proud that she found something... and yep... she found one of her regergitated (sp?) grapes and enjoyed it.  By the time she showed me, it was too late.  She had already digested most of it.

* She talks about football NON STOP!  She is obsessed with Football, Opie, and Cheerleaders.  It truly amazes me.

* Omg like I said she makes it sooooo hard to discipline. I sat her and Karter down a few weeks ago and told them that they had to be sweet today. No pinching, hitting, or biting. In the middle of me talking, Sophie burped sooooo loud!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!

* She was getting in trouble for something and I told her "Sophie, you do that one more time and you are getting a spanking".... so guess what???  She took the nearest pillow, covered her butt, and said "You can't find it"..... OHHHHHH YES SHE DID!!

* This morning while I was at the school making copies, Kyle said she told him that she was going to take a nap.  LOL.... he said okay, and she went and layed on the FLOOR and went to sleep. 

 * Today at my dads, she also got a pure thrive when she pushed Karter back in the pool as he was coming out.

* Just last week she kept spitting on her hand and rubbing it on the wall and the couch. GROSS!!! She got 3 spankings before she quit and got upset.

* She gets upset almost daily in the school line because she wants to ride the school buses.  She does not understand that we just cannot go hop on the bus.  "It would be real fun" she'll say.  So I guess when she gets to school she may ride the bus home while I pick the other 2 up from school LOL!

* Last week on the day my dad got home we left to get Heidi earlier than usual and so we had been gone for several hours and when I got home, I found a paint can turned over and almost completely dried paint on the carport.  Sophie never admitted it, but neither did Karter.  So I can't completely say it was her because I am not 100%, but I have a good idea that it was indeed her.  And the thing is... even if you accidentally knock it over, just say, "Hey mom I dropped the paint can and paint is spilling".... ya know?  But I guess that would make our job easier huh? LOL!

* I could go on and on about her.  Today in a span of about 5 minutes her right hand not only was a telephone, but also a gun.  She talked on her "hand phone" to someone just like it was a real someone.  She also went around "shooting" Hank and Heidi with her "hand gun". 

* She will be completely potty trained for 2 days in a row and then just decide she doesn't want to be and go through 5 pair of panties. 

*She is also determined to buckle her on carseat buckle oh and she really likes for you to sing "The Wheels on The Bus" as she uses the bathroom :)!

*And of course she still gets her nightly/daily rubs or back scratches.  She has gotten to wear she will request them at anytime of the day.  She requested a foot rub in the school line today.

But this baby girl is so special and keeps us laughing ALLLLL the time.  She has such a unique personality that I can already tell will get her far in life.  She takes nothing off no body and will give someone crap in a New York minute.  She is also very loving.  She will give you the biggest hugs and the biggest kisses you have ever gotten. 

 She is soooo wild LOL!! What other 27 month old do you know that can hang on to a rope swing without falling off, hanging upside down, while begging you to go "high"???  I know our other 2 at this age has nothing on her! 

 Hope you enjoyed some of her adventures :)!! I am sure there will be many many MANY more to come :)!!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

dot mom Conference in Birmingham

This weekend I had the honor of going to a dot mom (purposel lower cased FYI) Conference in Birmingham with several lovely ladies from my church.  We had a wonderful time and learned sooooo much about how to be better wives and moms :)! 
Melissa Greene was the Worship Leader.  She was once part of the group, Avalon, and was unbelievably good. 
They have several different breakout sessions you can go to and ironically Kayla and I had the same 3 in mind :)!! So we got to stick together.  The first one we went to was "10 Tips on How To Never Pay Full Price Again".  The second one was, "Maintaining Your Marriage in the Midst of Mayhem" and the last one was "Easy Ideas for Teaching God's Word to Your Children and Grandchildren".
 I know it is hard to see, but one of the Special Guest speakers was Korie Robertson off of the show Duck Dynasty.  If you have never watched the show, I would recommend it.  It comes on A&E and will start back in October.  They are very Christ centered and do not mind sharing that with the World.

 Of course I am a stickler for "famous" people LOL!! SO had to get my picture taken.  I had on flats and she had on heels which made her even taller than she really is.  She is such a humble and beautiful person.  I really enjoyed meeting her.
 And I don't know if any of you follow her, but I got to meet Kelly Stamps.  She has the blog "Kelly's Korner" ( that is truly a blessing to read each day.
 On Saturday, one of the guest speakers was John Croyle.  For those of you that do not know him, that is Brody Croyle's dad (Played with Alabama and now is pro).  He did an amazing job speaking.  He has a kids ranch and he seriously saves and changes kids lives. 

He actually played football for Bear Bryant.  SO that was really neat to know :)!
 The conference was over Saturday afternoon and homeward bound we were :)!  We ate at The Cheesecake Factory in Birmingham before heading home and Oh-My-Goodness that was seriously soooo delicious!!  I got Chicken Alfredo and no joke..... it was I think better than my most favorite, Olive Garden.  It was some kind of fine :)!! 

This is a picture of my sweet friend, Amiee, and I at The Cheesecake Factory.
 I had an amazing time just being around other women and "MOMS", but I missed my family like crazy.  You know sometimes we get so zoned in to our own little Worlds that we tend to forget there are other moms out there that are just like us :)!  I know I do anyway.  It was nice to know there were other "crazies" out there haha! 

In the Teaching Your kids about God class there was a mom in there that had a 5,4,2, and 9 month old.  She made me feel much better about my life LOL! 

Next year the conferences are in TN and TX.  Don't think I will be able to ride the bus that far, but if you are given the opportunity, I would highly recommend trying to figure out how to get there.  You will leave feeling refreshed and replinished. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pep Rallys, Ball Games, & So Much More....

I thought I'd start you off with a laugh from the one and only...... Soph!!!  She pure torments the cats.
 It really seems that since I have become a Stay at Home Mom, my life and every day activities are so much busier.  Come 8:00 at night I am ready to settle in for the night LOL!  I'm a tired Mommy haha!
I have several days worth to catch you up on.
We had a huge Yard Sale Saturday was a week ago.  Huge success, but so much stuff left... so we'll have another one in a month or two with lots of new stuff.
The entire week before the YS, the babies and I spent most all day outside getting things ready.  Well they had come inside at one point during the day and I walked in not real long after to find Sophie asleep in the recliner "guarding" the remote to the TV....... pretty smart I might add LOL!! See it?
She and Karter also managed to spray paint each other pink at some point during the week preparing for the YS LOL!!  See it on Soph's leg?
Baahaaa I guess this kid was "exhausted" from being out in the heat..... wait.... nah..... this is just how she rolls...... she requested a back rub while she ate lunch haha!
My sweet friend Kayla also participated in the YS, so she and her handsome son, Brayden, spent a lot of time here during the week.  Well that Thursday Sophie wanted to go home with them.  Brayden is obsessed with Sophie LOL!  So I let her go home and play with B for a few hours before Heidi's dance.

Oh my goodness..... how could I almost forget???  2 Wednesday nights ago after church the kids and I hit a deer :(!!  It was so scary!  I have never (knock on wood) wrecked or ran over a dog, only hit a bird.  It was such a hard hit & pitch black outside.  It happened about 8:15 in the middle of no where.  It scared me so bad that I screamed and I scared the kids.  It's all kind of humorous now..... they were sooooo mad at me for "scarying them" like I did it on purpose.

Here are a couple pictures of the deer hair.  Thankfully I didn't kill the deer on impact.  Once I got my composure back together, we turned around and the deer was gone.  Sadly I have $2,000 in damage to my car :(!

This was the kids after the accident..... (which of course every time we go pass "the spot", Heidi says, "here's where we wrecked")... they could hardly wait to go down to MeMe's and tell her what happened. 
Well that Friday I took the kiddos to the Pep Rally :)!!  We had so much fun.  I am so thankful to be able to do these things with them now.  We went by the middle school first to get tattoos from Babee that she had gotten for the babies.
Sophie was so proud of hers.....

Sophie loves going to the "peppy rally" as she calls it, but is terrified of Opie, the mascot.
Heidi's friend, Trey.
That night we went to the football game and had a great time. 

Oh my goodness.... that night, I don't know if Opie just had her completely terrified, but Sophie was up most of the night.  She stayed up a long time wanting to watch the show, Friends LOL!!! Check out the video of her watching it.

Well that next day was the Yard Sale.  So not only did I have to get up super early, but Sophie hardly slept any and of course got up at the break of dawn too. 

Mom brought me a Dt Mt Dew and I was good to go LOL!!  It rained initially when the YS started, but that didn't stop us or people.  Thankfully we have a covered part on our building, so we moved as much as we could under it.

Later on that day, Karter and Brayden were in Kyle's shop playing and Karter stepped on this fish hook.  It bled pretty bad :( and I am sure was sore, although he didn't complain.
That night after the yard sale, Babee kept the babies so that Heidi and I could go to the Elementary School Pageant so she could watch her friends. 
HAHA we were being silly before we went in.
Our sweet neighbor, Meri Beth, was also there.  Isn't she beautiful?

That next day at church was pretty eventful.  We live in the south, so there are cow pastures all around.  Well there is a huge one beside the church.  Anyway, while I was getting Sophie out of the car, Heidi and Karter were over (I didn't realize they were at the fence) on the grass, when all of a sudden Karter started screaming bloody murder.  He had touched the electric fence.  Now if you ask any guy at our church, they will tell you how powerful that fence is.  So I am thankful that he just touched it and didn't grab it.
I had the honor of keeping Sophie's class during "big church"... and she and her friends wanted their pictures taken :)!!  Over..... and over...... and OVER..... LOL!

Look at how Lady Like Little Tiny is...... ahhhhhh.....

That afternoon was very much relaxing.  Both babies napped, and Heidi and I were able to "chill" and watch TV. 

Monday morning I braided Heidi's hair for school.  Her little sis that thinks she has to do everything big sis does, had to have her hair braided too :)!I think it is pure sweetness.
The babies look forward to every Monday morning LOL!!!  The garbage truck is their highlight of the day. 
That afternoon when I picked Heidi up, we went and got a "snow ice". 

  Heidi was doing some of her reading homework while we were there and I was trying to video her to show her Daddy because I was so proud of her, but her bashful self was too shy.

Baahaaa okay.... so Sophie got a hold of my phone and was playing with it.... and NO LIE... when I got it back, this was what was on my screen.  I almost had a heart attack.  I was so afraid that she "liked" something on FB and of course everyone would think it was me.  I hope this isn't a sign for the futre :/.....
And I had capture this rare moment.  Karter had fallen asleep and Sophie was holding his hand :)!
Well Tuesday was Fall Picture day at school.  Wasn't our little Heidi the prettiest little thing?? :)
Tuesday was also the day of Sophie's first hair cut. 

Hard to see the light blonde hair in the bag.....
That afternoon I went to the school to make copies, so my sweet cousin that Soph talks about non stop, Jamie, came and watch the babies.
Well when I got home, the babies took off outside and next thing we knew, Sophie had her face glued to the front windows looking in LOL!  It was the funniest thing.
And then we just sat outside and the kids played and played.
haha I looked up and the girls were in the tree stand and Karter had his "gun" at them..... just daring them to come down baahaaaa.
Well Wednesday the babies and I took off to Troy with Kayla to this awesome store, The Confetti Crate.

Before we went, Sophie Tornado completely destroyed my closet in a matter of 3 minutes.
We had a wonderful day.  Kayla was looking for stuff for her new house, but she left empty handed while I left with this GORGEOUS lamp.... and a beautiful mirror thing.

As you know we are slowly redoing things in our house.  Little here and a little there :)!  I am still looking for a table to go right here.... want an antiquey table.... anyway... that's still in the works :)!
For lunch that day the babies and I went to McD's :)!!  They love that place LOL!  We had to pick up Kayla's hubby's truck, so she had already left to take that home.

Baahaaaaa OMG this was the funniest thing EVER to me.  That night before church, I had already given Sophie a bath and Karter was in it at this time.  Well I was sitting in there with him & Soph was in and out.  Well she leaned over the tub to grab a toy and about that time, he sneezed..... baahaaa.... it scared her so bad that she slipped and fell in head first, clothes and all in the tub.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  I wish I had a video of it.  The shock on her face was completely priceless.

Well Friday was Kyro's birthday.  Sadly since he was at work :( we couldn't celebrate with him, so we still celebrated (& will again).  Sophie was "helping" me bake his cake.

After we did his cake we got out to run some errands and both babies completely conked out.  That is soooo rare!!!  Of course Little Bit woke up as soon as we got home, but Karter got him a good nap in.
Here they are at the Pep Rally :)!!!  I love this picture of them all actually being nice haha!

OMG.... so after the pep rally, Mom and I took them to eat before the game... and then we went to her house.  Look at how Sophie carries the cat.  She just picks it up and then goes and chunks it on the grass.  That poor cat!!!
Well we had such a good time at the game.  The kids were so well behaved.  We only had one mishap when Sophie fell down the bleachers and scraped her chin and leg :(!  Other than that, they night went rather smoothly.  Baahaaaa except when Opie (whom Soph already has an issue with) was trying to through one of those little footballs to someone and it slipped, so she nailed Sophie in the chest..... haha the look on Sophie's face and then Opie's expression was so funny.  No joke... the football has "Love Opie" wrote on it HAHA!

Soph and her friend, Stella Kayte.

Sophie and her friend, Caroline :)!

Karter was wanting me to get a picture of his tattoo :)!
After the game we carried the cake we made for Kyle down to his moms.  I put candles in it and we sang happy birthday and the kiddos blew the candles out.
   Of course I had to video it to send to the Birthday Boy!

Saturday was a pretty calm day.  We only had 1 birthday party, so the rest of the time we just hung out at the house. 

That morning I had gone outside to take a picture of my maternity clothes to show my friend, Kim, and when I was coming back inside, here is what I found Sophie doing.  She had locked the door and was enjoying eating her breakfast corn dog while watching me beg LOL!
Heidi and Presley at their friend, Izzy's party.
That afternoon Kim and her daughters and grandson came over.  We really had a great time just sitting around, talking, and watching the kiddos play.  Her grandson Collin is such a cutie :)!

Sunday afternoon KyKy took Heidi Leigh to watch Finding Nemo 3D :)!!  She said it really wasn't that good, but KyKy loved it LOL!
And KyKy ended up staying with us Sunday night and all day yesterday.  We had such a wonderful time.  We haven't done that in a LONG time!!  Of course, the kiddos loved it.

This video of Sophie cracks me up..... you gotta watch it :)!

Baahaaa sooooo my bestie, Amanda, came over and showed Soph how to stick the ball up her shirt.  Well when Amanda left of course Sophie stuck it in her shirt and got so upset when she couldn't fit 2 balls up it like crazy Amanda did LOL!

And well...... as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I turned around to notice that Sophie was adding as much pepper as she could to our butter!!!!! 
Baahaaaa after I got the butter away from her, she decided to go to the table and finish off the macaroni LOL!!

And I'll leave you with 2 videos of the girls riding the Roller Racer down the hill.  Soph had to do it since Big Sis did it..... of course :)!!