Thursday, June 28, 2012

Walmart & God At Work....

So I wanted to start my blog with this short clip of Sophie at Walmart talking to this dear sweet lady behind us in line.  They carried on the best conversation.  Which Soph spoke to everyone in the store already... but this lady and Soph were neat to watch and listen to. 

Anyway she just talked and talked to us the entire time we were checking out.  Well while the lady was still ringing my stuff up, I offered to put this ladies groceries on the "thing" so she didn't have to get out.  For some reason before anything had ever been said, I had already thought.... I really should give the cashier some money to go towards her purchase. 

Well she had rung up my last item and the sweet lady started to panic.... she couldn't find her wallet.  She said it was laying in her cart, but was now missing.  She kept saying over and over, "Please don't let this discourage you from being nice and helping someone out.  I know you didn't take it".  The thing is I never even saw her with her wallet.  She was confident that she didn't leave it in the car.  Anyway I went ahead and told the cashier to ring up her groceries and I would pay for them.  In the mean time, the lady told us that a guy did help her get her milk (she had 2 gallons and two 1/2 gallons) and arrange it in her buggy.  She didn't think he stole her wallet, but he was the only other one before me that messed with her groceries. 

Well the cashier was almost finished ringing her stuff up when a man walked up to me and said, " I got it from here.... I am her son.  I thought you were still doing your groceries and didn't realize you were doing hers".  Almost like I made him uncomfortable?  I told him what was going on with the wallet.... and felt I had no choice but to walk off at that moment. 

I was almost able to buy her groceries and to be honest, I was feeling really good that I was going to be able to do this for this lady.  I know by him walking up at the very end  that for whatever reason God didn't want me to.  I really felt like this was a "God thing".... because the weird thing is.... before her son walked up to us, I hadn't even seen him standing around. 

I am anxious to know though if she found her wallet.  That bothered me the rest of the evening. 

Anyway..... I still hope to one day surprise someone and bless them with a free meal or free groceries. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


UHHHHH I HATE cavities.  Before I ever had a cavity, I used to think of them as something digusting and "un-clean".  I can remember being so embarrassed when I had my first one because I felt dirty?!?!?  The funny thing is.... I never had a cavity until I had kids.  I think I have had 4 since Heidi has been born.  Not sure the reasoning?!?!? I haven't changed the way I brush my teeth *L*.... most days I brush them at least 3 times a day. 

My entire life, my teeth have been my "pride and joy" so to speak.  I used to only drink clear liquids because of the chance of them staining.... if I thought they were getting even almost stained, I would do the Crest white strips.  If I drink dark liquids, then I drink them through a straw.  So strange I know.... but to me a person's teeth really "says" a lot about them.

Anyway..... I had a HORRIBLE experience the first time I had a cavity filled.  Ever since then, I have been completely terrified and the thought of a cavity makes me cringe.  I used to LOVE going to the dentist, but now I just hold my breath everytime I go that they will not tell me those horrifying words. 

Well guess what......????? I had a "small" cavity filled last week and today I had to get a "bigger" one "corrected".  The one today has been leaking?!?!?!?!?  So they had to "plow" more than usual.  They know I am a big chicken when it comes to getting a cavity filled, so today when she used the word "plow" with me, I told her that was sooooo much better than HOLE!!!  I told my dentist and her aide last week that I would much rather give birth everyday than get a cavity filled and that's the truth.

BUT let me tell you..... things have changed since I had my bad experience.  OMG you know what.... I forgot that they didn't turn the massages on in the chair today.... hmmmmm.  Last week she hooked me up with some "gas" and asked me if I wanted to turn the massage on..... haha hello..... YES!!!!  Look I felt like I was floating in the air.  I was sooooo relaxed.  I am sure I could have conquered the entire World.  I felt NO pain.  I could hear the drilling and feel the vibration, but no pain.  I am not a napper, but last week and today, I just lay there with my eyes closed and it was just such a carefree experience *L*!! 

Now that's not to say that I don't mind getting a cavity anymore.  I still have the exact same feelings about them as I did before.  But I won't be dreading it and losing sleep over them anymore :)!! 

Sure would be nice if we could somehow figure out how to get that chair and nitrogen machine in the house and I might could learn to be a napper :)!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sophie's 2nd Birthday

Well.... My Sophie Girl turned 2 today.  My these two years have really gone by faster than I thought. 

This baby girl has brought so much laughter, love, joy, and utter chaos into our lives.  She will make you laugh almost every second that you are with her.  As crazy and in all honesty.... chaotic.... our lives have been since she joined our family, I cannot imagine her not being part of our lives.  She is definitely what made The Colquett 5 whole..... after all.... The Colquett 4 just doesn't sound right :)!!!

There are lots of little videos with this blog.  I do apologized for their sideways-ness.  I recorded them on my phone and I forget to turn it sideways when I'm recording :)!!

Heidi was soooo excited this morning to give Sophie her gift :)!!! As you can tell.... Sophie LOVED it!

Her friend, Emmie Kate, made her a beautiful card for her birthday :)!! Soph was soooo proud of it, but for a litlte while she was fussing with me telling me her Daddy gave it to her *L*!  And she wouldn't open it.... she finally opened it and was okay with the fact that it was indeed from EK and not Daddy :)!!

I did this on a cool new app I downloaded... insta frame.... something like that anyway.  Think I might like it :)!!
This afternoon I took her to the DR for her 24 month check up.  She has gotten to where she HATES to go to the DR.  She does okay until they call her name *L*!! Then she starts to panic and does not want to get weighed or anything!!!!

There were some older girls and a little boy in the waiting room with us...... and the "Colquett" in her couldn't help but stare at her :)!!

She actually got sweet in the waiting room :)!!! She kept kissing her sweet Momma *L*!!

So this is a small glimpse of what goes on when we go to the dr....

And right after of course she's happy as can be.

She still isn't on the chart for weight.  BUT she is still steadily rising and going along the "scale" just as she has been, so he isn't concerned.  Just a petite little tiny :)!!! 

After the DR appointment we ran by WalMart to pick her stuff for tonight.  I got the icecream cake from WM and let me tell you.... it was soooo yummy.

Once we got home, we popped the lasagna in the oven and shortly after our sweet families arrived. 

The video of us singing to Sophie was too long :( So it cut it short to put on here, so it's cut the end off.  I am sorry.
She loved her new owl that MeMe gave her. 

And she and Kman both were loving her new Big Wheels from Papa and Nana. 

She even let her brother have a turn :)!!

She not only enjoyed her piece of cake.... but others too *L*!

Right before bath, she decided she needed some cheese.  She and Karter love to eat shredded cheese.  Anyway, she would take the cheese and sprinkle it in the tea and then drink it and sorta spit some out. 

She is something else :)!!

She is very much that special gift frtom God that I used to stay confused about, but now I am finally understanding the purpose of surprising us with children so close together. 

What's going on in this girls 2 year old Life:

* She talks NON STOP and speaks VERY well... can just about carry on a conversation with anyone.
* She wears a size 3 diaper, but is VERY close to being completely potty trained.  Pull Ups fall off her.
* She is still mean as a snake.  She just doesn't means things and sometimes it's like she doesn't even have a conscious.
* She also has a very sweet side.  As long as she is getting her back rubbed then she s happy.  And trust me, when Sophie is happy.... EVERYONE is happy :)!
* Loves to drink milk
* Loves fruit
* Wears a 12 month - a 18 month in shorts/pants
* She loves to read
*She weighs 21.9 lbs
* She is all about shoes
*Loves to swim
* HATES to brush her teeth
*Still gets up usually at least once a night.  It's rare for her to sleep all night.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wonderful Few Days- Slumber Party, Confetti Crate, Family Day, & Cupcakes

We really had an awesome weekend.  Friday was a tiring day at work.  I was give slam out by 5:00 *L*!! 

Heidi had her very first Slumber Party to go to.  She was beyond excited.  It was her friend, Oki's birthday party.  How much fun?!?!?!?!?

After work I took Heidi to Oki's house and then the babies and I went to the house :)!!  We weren't home real long when we got the call to see about going to Andalusia to see my cousin's new baby.  So that we did :)!!  And we ate supper at DQ :)!!!

I have to share with you this picture I took of Sophie when we got home Friday.  A couple outfits for the girls came in Friday and when I pulled Sophie's out, it looked GINORMOUS!!  That's because they were.  I got a 2T because I had intentions of her wearing this this fall.  Well ask you can see I guess she'll have to wear it next fall *L*!

 I was so thankful that my friend Kayla is actually Oki's moms neice... so she stayed with them and would send me random pics :)!

 Here's the birthday girl and Heidi :)!!
 Heidi told me this morning that she did almost cryand had to fight back her tears :)!!!  She said she really missed me.
Saturday after we rode to Troy to this AWESOME store... The Confetti Crate.  They take all sorts of things and make something out of nothing.  I went after this awesome guitar I bought from them (they are on FB too).  My plans are to hang the guitar in our living room since we are still in the updating stage ;)!!

After we visited the store we had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays :)!! Had to get a few snap shots of the sweet kiddos.

Is this not the absolute coolest guitar you have ever seen?? They originally had 2... but sold 1 :(!! I was hoping to get both to hang.  It is actually really heavy, so I have to figure out how exactly to hang it.

We got back into town pretty early Saturday afternoon.  Heidi decided to go home with Babee for a litte bit... so while Karter napped, Sophie and I goofed off ;)!!

Ohhhh LOL I almost forgot... Heidi bug took these next 3 pictures and actually instagrammed them too hehe!!

I am super excited about Sophie's Owl Themed Birthday party.  Of course I've been working hard on it :)!!! So thought I'd show you a sneak peak of my work....

Homemade fans :)!! Supposed to be like over 100 degrees, so they'll come in handy.

Water Bottle Labels.... on waterproof labels :)!!
Okay so that's all of the sneak peak *L*!! You'll have to wait for the rest.

So today Heidi stayed with my mom and brother.  She has been wanting to get her sewing machine out and take it to Babee's to learn how to sew.  She's wanting to make barbie clothes.  How cool right?? Anyway.... at Oki's party they all made pillows as their party favor and Sophie fell in love with Heidi's pillow.  Being the most wonderful big sister that she is, she wanted to make Sophie a pillow for her birthday.  So she and Babee went to Singer and she let Heidi pick out the fabric she wanted and taught her how to sew :)!! Heidi said it was SOOOO easy hehe!!!  I guess I'll have to have my 6 year old teach me how :)!!

The finished product..... We wrapped it tonight, so she'll give it to Soph in the morning :)!!! She is VERY excited.
 Here's the birthday eve girl..... she has been in one of her "I'm the only person on the planet so only pay attention to me moods" tonight. 
 She is very excited that tomorrow is her birthday.  She has talked about it all night and about the cupcakes we made for school :)!!  She would say over and over.... "It's my birthday..... morrow" hehe!  She's definately one of those that I feel like will make sure everyone knows it's her birthday and will want to be the focal point for the entire day *L*!
So even tonight was good.  Had a very hectic day at work, but then being able to come home and spend time with my wonderful children (whiny or not) is very rewarding.  We cooked supper and ate together.  Since Amanda helped me recover my cushions, we have only eaten at the table :)!! Every meal!!  I LOVE it!  While I cleaned the kitchen, the girls cleaned the playroom and Kman cleaned his room. 

Tomorrow night our families are coming over so we can celebrate Little Tiny turning 2 :)!!  These past 2 years really are kind of a blur.....????? Wonder if that's common???? Hmmmmmmmmmmm