Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kyle..... ALL About Kyle!!!

Well I don't think it is a secret that I miss Kyle like Crazy! This absence thing is definitely making my heart grow fonder. Today has been 2 weeks. It has without a doubt made me appreciate him more and really shown me how much I love him and really depend on him. I'm learning to be more independent.... which isn't necessarily a bad thing :)!! For example....today during lunch I went to the store in my dress and carried out a bag of chicken feed *L*!! Karter spit up that stinky spit up tonight on himself, the counter, and the floor.... well sweet Kyle usually handles the throw up situations.... so I'm learning :)!

Kyle seems to really be enjoying his new adventure. He is missing his Dr Pepper though :)!! He said it doesn't taste the same over there... so he's having to drink coke.... oh ANDDDDDD He has started drinking some coffee *haha*!! I told him before he left he probably would start liking it and he laughed at me!! I told him when I get him from the airport that I'm going to greet him of course with the biggest hug ever, but also with the biggest DR Pepper I can find :)!!

He has met several people from around here... Small World!! He even works with a guy that gets his taxidermy done from Kyle's brother, a guy that graduated with Kyle's sister in law, someone that knows his good friend.... it's just crazy.

Last night they found an American restaurant, Sharkey's, that he said was great and exactly what they all needed. I guy from San Fransisco runs it... and apparently does pretty well. He said that there were no Korean's in there and everything was in English. He got a double cheeseburger and a Dr Pepper :)!! The bad thing is.... he is in Pusan right now for the helicopter training, so they'll be heading back to Busan either tomorrow or the next day. I get so confused on the time difference and when's today, tomorrow, now, later, yesterday, etc *L*!!

The helicopter training he said is pretty neat. You sit in this thing like a helicopter with 3 other guys... they take you, flip you, and dunk you in a pool and you have to get out of your seat. The first time you do it you have to hold your breath 15 seconds before you can release your seatbelt. I would FREAK OUT.... you hear me???? I WOULD FLIP!!! Even knowing what was coming, I still think I would panic... and I mean 15 seconds doesn't seem that long, but knowing you HAVE to do it would be hard to me.

Anyway.... I miss the handsome booger.... so I had to do a little blog about him. Here are some pictures that he has taken and sent to me. I hope you enjoy as much as I did (NOT *L*!!! I am sure you won't....)!!!

This is actually a "Food Court" there. He really is liking the food. He said it isn't much different than ours.

One of his classrooms..... I think I might would fall asleep in these chairs.

Check out the propeller on the boat.... holy cow!

This is the kitchen on his rig.... all stainless!

Inside the boat...

Lots of mountains there.... and everything is soooooo green!!

OK.... this lady actually takes Eels and slaps them on the concrete, chops them up and people cook and eat them.

How would you like climbing these stairs??

McDonalds..... Kyle loves him some Mickey D's *L*!!

Okay these are some pictures of his apartment. I am very impressed I might add. It's not what I had visioned. He has a housekeeper.... so I am sure he is getting spoiled. She will do his laundry and clean for him. Oh wait.... I do all that for him :)!!! And I cook too!! So I have one up on her *haha*!!

Okay the next few pictures are from the hotel he is at now for the helicopter training. They are the view from his room. he said this hotel is unbelievable. It is a 5 star hotel.... and there has been a Bentley there every day.

So anyway.... like I said before, it helps so much by being able to facetime and Skype. Not sure what i would do without that helpful technology. It always puts a smile on my face to hear either one ring. I am SOOOOO ready to have 5 straight weeks with him. Before he left he was my chauffeur :)!! He took me to work, picked me up for lunch, and at the end of the day I think everyday but one while he was home. Wonder if he'll do the same when he comes home *L*??

I tell you... I also have a greater respect for Army Wives and Widows. I honestly do not know what I would do if I knew he wasn't coming back. Know what I mean? I don't think my heart could take it. That's the only thing that seems to get me by day after day.... just counting down.

Anyway.... I love you Kyle if you are reading this!! And I am so ready to see your smiling face. MUAH!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Seriously..... Each Day Is New! Always Exciting!

Well I started to blog last night.... I got one video uploaded and a few pictures and that was all my poor ole eyes could handle. I was SOOO tired yesterday. I have no idea why!! Part of the time I felt like I could hardly keep my eyes open.

Anyway.... thought I would of course do my usual weekend blog :)!!

I put this lemon mouth *L* picture of Heidi on my blog last week, but I forgot to put one of her twin :)!!

So last Thursday Heidi got to go with Amanda to the OMS Pep Rally and Football game. She had a ball!!!

Here's my little cheerleader....

So that afternoon I only had Karter & Sophie. It is AMAZING to me the difference in the 3 of them and having 2 of them. And like I have told so many people, it's not the having 3 kids that's tough... it's the ages.... 5,2,1 that's tough. BUT when it was just the two of them together, they were so easy. They are so close!! I've never had twins, but this is as close as it gets for me. They get along so well when it is just them. We played and played and played outside :)!!!

So sweet.....

My Sophie Girl LOVES to play in the dirt!!!

Sophie will normally point to her eye or yours and say "Eye".... so I kept trying to get her to do it and of course she wouldn't since I was videoing *L*!!

My Alabama Boy.... Just for his Daddy :)!!!

Look at this PRECIOUS and BEAUTIFUL dirty face :)!!!

HAHA Karter has gotten to where he doesn't mind taking a picture.... he of course wants to see it right away *L*!! SO he and I got cRaZy with the camera!! Just being silly.

For supper they enjoyed hotdogs.... They ate 1 1/2 hotdogs each!! I'm telling you.... Soph eats like a horse to be so little. She will eat and eat and eat!

Thursday evening Our friends Kayla and Brayden came over for a visit.

BOBCAT Football has begun :)!! So every Friday we will wear our Bobcat colors and show our team spirit!! I never could get a good picture of Sophie... but she had on a bobcat shirt :)!

I joked Friday that I had to go back to work after lunch to rest.... During lunch I unpacked the rest of the luggage from last weekend, put the suitcases in the building, looked for tile, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, washed a load of clothes, folded a load of clothes, swept and mopped ALL of the floors, and somehow managed to eat a bowl of Frosted Flakes *L*!! OH and the best part…. I mopped in heels !!!My lunches are the only time for me to clean and straighten.

My dad picked the kiddos up from School for me Friday since it was his early day and that night we went to Howard's and ate supper.

Heidi and Papa were "balancing"!!!

Saturday morning, the kids and I went to Heidi's friend, Sara Catherine's, "Tangled" themed 5th Birthday party. The kids had a blast!!!

Here's Rapunzel Karter *L*!!

He got shy after everyone was talking about how cute it was!!! haha

Beautiful Heidi:

Here were most of the kids at the party.... Sophie was getting out of dodge *L*!!

And Karter made this photo....

Such a handsome little Man!!

They had 2 pony's at the party.... SUCH a hit!!

Heidi is such a good big sister... always thinking about her small siblings!! They were enjoying a little swinging with her help!

Heidi and her friend, Katlyn.

She loved this....

Sweet face....

After the party, Sophie fell asleep.....so I took she and Karter Man to Papa & Nana's house and Heidi and I ran to Kids Unlimited in Elba to pick up some things.

When we got home..... Kman thought he needed to drive :)!!! Thankfully this time I was standing right there.

Saturday afternoon the kids enjoyed playing in their little pool. They had a BLAST~~

HAHA Look how big Soph's belly looks!! By the way she is practically running everywhere she goes.

My other two blessings..... Gosh my children make me so proud!

She was loving it....

HAHA Karter had to get a picture taken....which explains the close up!! I couldn't resist putting it on here.

Sophie loved being a "Big Girl"!! And she really is getting that way.

That afternoon they ALL decided to take a nap!! SO RARE!!! Okay you know how "scary" I am.... well Heidi was asleep on the couch and I was getting a picture of her asleep... she was asleep when i was looking through the camera and I snapped the picture and when I looked at it her eyes were open!! (left picture)!!! SOOOO Wicked right??? OMG! freaked me out slightly.

Karter was OUT!! And so was Sophie... I guess she slobbered all over the bed.

Saturday night I took Heidi to the OES pageant! THANKFULLY she did NOT want to do the pageant and I didn't try to encourage her to do it. So K & S went to Ino's Annual Carnley Barn Peanut Boil so I could take Heidi to see her friends in the pageant.

Here are some picture of my baby girl and me before it started *L*!!

Beautiful Kindergarten Girls.... I LOVE all the Heirloom Dresses.

Here's Heidi's friends: Kinleigh, Liz Ann, and Megan.

Heidi's friend, Abbie Grace, won Kindergarten Beauty.

We took Ash and Sara Catherine home afterwards.... Poor SC had a busy day and was tired!!! Amy and Rylee sat with us.... so I had to get a picture of the girls!! Look happy huh??? *L*!!

Saturday night Heidi and Karter got to Skype with Daddy. They loved it. Karter just likes to press buttons and we lose him often *L*!!! He also got really upset because he wanted his Daddy so bad! It made it hard for Kyle to hang up with us. It was so sad. HUGE alligator pills. He loves and misses his Daddy. Not a day goes by that he doesn't talk about him. Momma picked them up for me today and she said her DVD player in her car isn't working right.... you can't see it, but you could hear it... and Karter said, "My Daddy can fix it, but he at work". How smart is that :)?

You can see Kyle in these pictures :)!! I have been REALLY impressed with technology and being able to see him everyday. That has helped tremendously.

You honestly could not imagine how crazy it gets here *L*!! There are rarely any "down" moments. Try getting a shower with all 3 awake *L*!!! Yesterday (Sunday) morning in just 2 1/2 hours until we left for church (8:30) so much went on. Heidi got a shower with me.... well our shower is in the corner... and it just a squared tile shower. Well Sophie was already dressed for church and she kept climbing in on one side... so I had to put her out and she'd get mad and then Karter was opening the curtain on the other side.... so water was spraying out of both sides.

Then I was blow drying Heidi's hair and feeding Sophie a cinnamon roll at the same time. Karter was playing under the bathroom sink.... While doing H's hair, I started smelling something.... well Karter had sprayed the Scrub N Bubbles or whatever it's called EVERYWHERE!! All over his church clothes and under the sink, etc.

Over all I think we all did well and left the house about 8:40am.

After church we ate at China Wok, and then came home and played in their pool again. Heidi enjoyed playing in the water hose and babyoil.

I gave Sophie some older bread to geed to the dogs and much to my surprise *L* she decided she'd just eat it. Poor dogs!

And then last night at church, I felt like something was pinching my finger... I looked down adn noticed my ring was completely broke! I am so sad!! These are my babies... they assure me how great my husband is. We have no idea how it happened... they are platinum and platinum is supposed to be the sturdiest that is out there. I am going to take them to the jewelers tomorrow to see if they can fix it. It really needed to be swapped around when saltered back anywho... the first person that did it for me did it backwards :(!! OH AND last week I lost one of my little diamond earring studs that I wear in my 2nd hole :(!

Anyway I am so sleepy!!! Gonna hit the sack and hope for a good night :)!! I need more energy during the day.

Oh.... tonight we took it easy and hung out here. Mom stayed for a while and then of course Karter wanted to go home with him, so he did. The girls and I ended up riding with Amanda to feed her horses :)!!!

Very good afternoon / night! 17 more days to go until we see Kyle!! I am so ready to hug him it's not even funny.

Oh and Heidi actually made her first appearance in the nurses office today. She wasn't feeling well, but she said the nurse told her she didn't have a fever and her throat wasn't red. So that was good. I just hate she wasn't feeling well :(!!