Friday, August 30, 2013

Playtime, Dentist, BEST Book EVER, Go Bobcats!

 Wednesday Dad suggested maybe that we get Oki after school and let the kiddos swim before church.  Such a sweet Papa :)!  The babies had to get some Sugar Bugs fixed at the dentist, so he picked them up for us and they swam until we got there.
 The babies did so good getting their Sugar Bugs fixed.  BTW Yes they really do call them that.  They are like pre-cavities.  So they "fix" them before they become an actual cavity.  Crazy Kyle is like..."Why do they have to do that if those teeth are going to fall out anyway?" HEHE!
 I didn't get any pictures of Sophie getting hers done, but Kyro got these of Kman.

Bless him... see how straight and stiff his arms were? Like he was afraid to move.
 Okay.... most of you know for a month now I have been doing Crossfit twice a week.  I really wish it was more a week than that, but hey I'll take what I can get.  Anyway,  a lot of the women in there wear the Polar Heart Rate Monitors and I think they are so cool.  Since my Dad is in very good shape and sticks with it, I bought him one for his birthday.  He let me try it out for yesterdays class :).... here were the results...
Neat right???
 So I do believe Kyle and I will be making our own purchase of one very soon :)!

I saw this and busted out laughing!! This is sooo me!
 Okay and on to the best book EVER!! Well besides the B-I-B-L-E of course!!!! Is Tony Evans', Kindgom Woman!!!!  I started reading it in the car line when school started and I just about can hardly wait each day for the car line so that I can read.  If you are asking why I don't read it at home, it is because I don't generally slow down to read.  I do my Bible study during nap time and that's my slow down time. I highly recommend every woman reading this post to order this book.  I  have wrote and underlined so much in here.  Almost every page probably.  I promise you won't be sorry if you get it.
 YAY!!! Today officially starts The Colquett's "wear bobcat colors on Fridays".  I forgot last week since it was the jamboree.... so that doesn't count hehe.  Heidi's sweet Babee made her this cute outfit, so we had to get a picture to send to her. 

Oh and my little shoe Diva wouldn't wear tennis shoes with it because "they didn't match"! BOY OH BOY!

So now I am on a mission to figure out what shoes Heidi wore last year with her cheer suits.  Seems that all the pictures I find of her last year in her cheer suit cuts her feet off.  I know she didn't have keds & she didn't wear her current tennis shoes because she got those at Christmas.  So any of my great memory friends that knows or has a snap shot, please send my way LOL!  

I will end with a little Sohie video to show her randomness.  She makes up songs most every day and just sings her heart out.  At the end she sings about Mollie Mae which should join the World next month.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1st Week of School, Lake, Preschool, & More

 Last week was a successful first week of school.  Hard to believe that 1 week of school is already complete.  I am such a baby.  I keep thinking.... we only have 2 more years left at the elementary school and then middle school.  Can't I just put a brick on her head and stop her from growing?
3rd day of school... checking on animals before leaving
 I love to give teacher gifts here and there.  Thursday Heidi took Mrs. Sasser a bucket full of smarties :)!! Of course the saying came from Pinterest.... but I thought it was a neat little pick me up after a chaotic week.
 Friday she took Mrs. Sasser an infinity scarf and a pair of earrings.  Here is the note that was in the bag...
 We could not have been more happier Thursday in the school line :)!! We were that much closer to seeing Kyro.  The babies wanted to send him pictures while we waited :)....

Don't mind the scraggliness.... LOL! That's how we roll when we have no where to go.
 As you know, the rain just never seemed to want to ease up.  (Finally it has this week... whoop whoop).. Well last Wednesday I believe it was of course it was raining.  I was looking for the cat food EVERYWHERE!! Much to my surprise, no child has seen it.  Long story short, Thursday me and the babies went to get groceries and buy cat food.  I came home to start a load of clothes and then when I went to put them in the dryer..... look what I found..... HOW ABOUT THAT???? I knew right away who the guilty party was.... Karter Man!

Enjoying feeding the chickens pnut hulls
 Thursday night I had a meeting at the school, so mom kept the kiddos.  :)!! Kyro got home not long after, so we flew home to get him and go eat Mexican with Dad, Yana, and Tyler :)!! Heidi had my phone, and the next day I noticed what they were doing.  She and KyKy were texting while sitting next to one another LOL!

SO happy to have his Daddy home! Kyle was riding the scooter and Karter was "surfing".
Friday after school swim :)!
 Friday night Heidi had a spend the night party at her friend, Allie's house.  She had a blast! While she went there, Soph went to eat with my Dad and Yana.  It is rare that it is just me and my boys, but it was :)!!! It was very nice to spend some one on one time with Karter Man.  They grilled pork chops and we just hung out.

Of course we seem to make ice cream a lot... which is why I can't get the pounds off hehe.  Butterfinger is Kyle's favorite, so that's exactly what we made.

I sat outside with them as long as I could.  The mosquito's always get a good meal off me.
 Some sweet pictures from the spend the night party that Allie's mom sent...

 Saturday morning we got up early to get Heidi and head to the lake.  Fun Fun day on the lake :)!!

This video cracks me up.... she is so loud!!! Did not want us to leave her haha!

Me, Heidi, & Kyle
 Heidi thought she wanted to try knee boarding, but then decided not....

Love this little man...

 Love how high Karter looks in these two pics.

 We left the lake, headed home to drop the boat and change and then headed to the church peanut boil :)!  Been the first time in a couple years that Kyle has been home for it. 

 A friend of mine sent this to me and I just love it....

This seriously cracked me up!
Papa, Grandmama, & Heidi (oops cut her out) playing after church Sunday night.
Monday's lunch at Cheddar's :)
Monday was super busy!  I had a Dr appointment Monday in Dothan.  We made a day of it.  Ate lunch, car shopped, and headed back for Heidi bug.  As soon as we got her, we had to head to dance.  It was Kyle's first time taking Soph... so had to get a snap shot :)!
 Monday night Papa and Nana watched the kiddos for us to run to a preschool meeting.  We are all so excited about Karter starting preschool.  I am sad, but I am excited because he is beyond excited.  Anyway, we went to the meeting with the chance to win a free week!!! NOTE: I NEVER win ANYTHING!  BUTTTTTT We won :)!!!!  I was so shocked when she drew my name.  What a great way to start hehe!
She and Nana were playing with the phones.  Sophie wanted to take selfies while Nana took some of her taking selfies haha!

 And I cannot help but brag a minute.  Kyle most always spanks my tail at Words With Friends.  I am too impatient to sit there and try different things to get more points.  I generally play a word and lets move on.  I was overly excited when I played my highest point word EVER on HIM of all people.  HAHAHA He has yet to play me back.

Yesterday was a kind of try to catch up on laundry, clean out the building kind of day.  Until that afternoon :)!! Got busy... Kyle helped my aunt and uncle move. 

 The babies were being so sweet (& YES they will ALWAYS be considered "The babies" even when they are in high school).... that I had to get a picture.

Gonna be a HUGE adjustment next week when he starts Preschool.  She is NOT going to know what to do. Me either!

1 of my most favorite pics.  Just blew up the previous pic and tweaked a little.  BFF for sure!
 Y'all... OMG!! If you are sensitive to the sight of snakes, just end reading now.  Yesterday afternoon, my moms friend, Jody, went to his pump house at his camp and found a total of 28 timber rattlers.  One Momma and 27 babies all in a pile.  He shut the door, called someone to come out there just in case something happened and then killed them all with a stick.  Still creeps me out thinking about it.  I am pretty sure I would have died on the spot.
 Last night we took a break from moving and had dinner at Papa and Nana's.  The kiddos love playing dress up when they are there.  Had to get a picture :)!!

And to end the blog with me dweeb moment.  Noticed the date on a box.... Kyle's birthday :)!! I'm crazy obsessed with dates still.  Some things never change.